Hottest Shemale Cumshot Ever from Supergirl

Hottest Shemale Cumshot Ever from Supergirl
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Author's note: This is an interracial porn story. There's a plot, but not an overly complex one. If you aren't a fan of white girl/black guy(s), then it may be a good idea if you read something else, maybe in a different category. This story takes place right as my other story, Ashley's Story, was ending (in the month of May).

All characters are over 18, are fictional, and were written for entertainment purposes. Gisele's Story Chapter 1 It was done. I was finished. College was over! I was so happy to graduate, to be done with all the studying, work, and stress. I was sitting next to Ian on the couch, snuggling tightly, with a man I loved or thought I loved. A man I wished loved me in return, but sadly, I felt he didn't and never would. It was bittersweet too.

Ian was leaving for the summer to work on an oil rig right around the time I would start my internship. "Elite Magazine eh?" he asked. "Yep. This internship could turn into a job there," I said, hoping for the best with the Atlanta-based magazine publisher.

Ian put his arm around me, "Good. This sounds like a great opportunity for you." "Yeah, I know," I replied, feeling fortunate to land this internship, wanting to prove my worth. "Maybe you'll meet a nice guy," he said. I hated when he suggested that. I only wanted him, but was too afraid to tell him. I've wanted him since I began liking boys.

I shrugged, "Maybe." I sat up, looking in his blue eyes, short blonde hair. "What about you? You going meet anyone?" "Maybe," He shrugged. "Maybe for the summer. I'm sure New Orleans has a nice selection of ladies," he chuckled. He was leaving for New Orleans in a few days to work on the oil rig in the Gulf mainly checking to see if things were up to code and there'd be no more mistakes and oil spills.

"You could have any woman you want," I told him. "Ha, yeah right. Who knows," He pulled me in for another hug. "Do enjoy your summer and internship while I'm gone. If you land a job there, you're more than welcome to keep living here. You'd save money too." "I'd love that. I really appreciate you letting me stay here while I was in school. It's helped a lot.

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My dad is thankful too," I told him. "Glad to help! Now, let's head out to dinner to celebrate," Ian stood, extending his hand to me. As much as I wanted a lovely dinner-date, ending with a night of love making to the man I loved, I knew it wouldn't happen it would never happen with Ian. I pushed my sadness aside and enjoyed every second with him before he left ***** A week before Ian left, I was getting a few groceries. At the store, on the isle containing magazines, I picked up the newest issue of Elite Magazine.

I've seen one before, I heavily researched the website, I was familiar. I flipped through it and sure enough, each and every article, whether they were about cars, music, movies, even the advertisements, had a black male model posing with a white woman. I thought it was a coincidence. I got to the fitness section of the magazine. Hugely muscular black males were in each photo of the article with them a toned, sexy, smiling white woman. Her hand would be on his six pack abs, or she'd be kneeling in front of him, or his hand would be on her fairly large and muscular butt.

I shook my head, shrugging, putting the magazine back on the rack to continue my grocery shopping. That night, after making dinner for Ian, like I did every night he was home, I mentioned looking through a copy of the magazine at the store; joking I might be the only white girl there. "Hope I don't come across too dorky," I joked. "Ha! They may get you to pose in the magazine.

Or better yet, meet a nice black man and date him. I'm sure your father would hate that!" Ian joked. He was right, my dad would hate it if I was dating a black man. But there was one thing my father would hate even more.

"Shut up!" I playfully said, swatting at his shoulder. I grabbed the dishes, cleaning them like usual. We spent the next few days together, just hanging out, I lost count of how many times I wanted to grab and kiss him. Dropping him off at the airport, I tearfully said goodbye. He said he'd let me know when he landed. Arriving at his home, I called my mother, saying hello, cleaned things up a bit, and picked out some clothes for the start of my internship the next day.

Stepping out of the shower the next morning, I let the towel drop, passing in front of the mirror. I stopped myself, doing a double take at my naked body. I was 5'9", a fairly athletic looking hourglass figure, long blonde hair. I grabbed my decent sized breasts, they weren't super huge, but were certainly a handful. Turning around I looked at my ass, "Not bad," I thought. The image of a dark skin hand resting at the rise of my butt cheeks flashed in the mirror.

It was similar to how some of the women posed in the magazine I looked through. I giggled and shook my head, while changing into my modest, work-appropriate dress. Chapter 2 I was greeted that morning by two women: a tall blonde, maybe late 30s named Devin, and an even taller Latina woman named Fernanda.

Both women were wearing sexy, tight cocktail dresses, showing off their legs, their curves, their cleavage these were dresses I'd expect to see women wear at a nightclub, not to a workplace. Both women were very polite. Fernanda seemed friendlier of the two, smiling more, not as serious and as down-to-business like Devin was. They led me through the various offices and cubicles to a small conference room. Looking around I noticed the employees were all women.

I found it curious that they were all white as well. I guess I wasn't going to be the only one there. Fernanda, most likely of Latin American decent, was the only non-white woman there. I also discovered I was very overdressed! Of all the employees I saw on my way to the conference room, they were all wearing similar short dresses.

We walked by a small photo studio. I saw two blonde women with very large, muscular butts, wearing thongs, with a black man kneeling in between them. He was grinning smugly at the camera, his hands on each of their ass cheeks, just barely pulling them apart.

A petite red head photographer was in front of the models a few feet away, taking their pictures. "Have a seat," Devin smiled, gesturing to the conference table. I sat across from her and Fernanda. Devin did most of the talking. She informed me I'd be working under her in the marketing department for June. In July I'd be working under Rob in talent relations, finally, in August I'd be working primarily under Fernanda in project management.

Fernanda chimed in, saying that I'd be doing some traveling to Miami were she was based, to assist with various projects there. It all sounded very exciting. This would be experience outside of just marketing which is what I got my degree in. I knew a broad range of skills may look enticing to employers. Hopefully, I would do a good enough job that Elite Magazine would hire me when my internship ended in August. After another brief tour of the floor I'd be working on, Devin led me to my cubicle.

"Hi Jennifer," Devin said to the red head photographer from earlier. I nodded to her, walking pass her, following Devin to my cube. "And here we are," Devin said. It was a small, temporary cube, employees from out of town used, but it was close to Devin's office. She went over some paper work with me and told me she'd come get me in an hour or so. I sat, looking through the various forms I had to sign.

I heard Devin run into Jennifer again about eight feet away. "Hi again. The shoot go good?" Devin asked Jennifer. "Very," she replied. "Jenna and Alexis always love working with Rodney." "I don't blame them. Where are they now?" Devin asked. "Oh, they're in the break room, getting out their frustrations - if you know what I mean," I heard Jennifer explain. "They were practically seducing him during the shoot." My mouth dropped as I listened.

"Oh really?" Devin asked.


"You're joining in on the fun?" "Nah. I have to do some touch ups on the photos before I head home. Besides, I'm still sore from the fucking Rodney gave me this morning," Jennifer answered. I heard Devin reply, "Heh, yes he's quite a brute. I think I'll pay them a visit and join in though." They parted ways, Jennifer sitting in the cube next to mine.

I was trying to forget the little conversation I overheard, busily going about my paperwork. I don't think Jennifer knew I was in the cube next to hers, the walls were at least six feet tall. I was almost done with the last form, still replaying the conversation in my head, when I heard Jennifer's phone vibrate.

"Hey there. How are you?" she said into the phone. "Awww, sorry to hear that. You still coming over tonight? I'll take care of you." Take care of you? I wondered who she was talking to. I heard her moan into the phone. "Mmmm, yes I'd love to have that black dick inside me." Jennifer wasn't even trying to be quiet; she wasn't whispering or trying to hide her conversation. "Yes. I love it when you do that. It's been awhile, TJ.

When will you be over? Good, good. My son will be asleep by then. It's a school night." A smile formed on my face, turning my head to listen better. "Yes, yes, he'll be asleep I promise. I told you I was a naughty mommy fucking a black man while my son sleeps in his room down the hall.

TJ, relax, I told you he sleeps like a rock." There was laughter next, "He'll understand then. If I wake him up that is. He knows his mother has needs." "Whoa," I whispered, listening in. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Yes, if it makes you feel better I'll do my best to be quiet so we don't wake him. Ok? Alright, I'll see you tonight. 11pm," Jennifer ended her call to this TJ guy. I quickly finished my paper work just in time for Devin to return to my cube. Her hair was no longer in a ponytail; she looked a little flustered, but had a sly grin on her face.

I can only assume she joined in on whatever was happing in the break room. Chapter 3 Devin went over the daily work schedule for me. I'd join her in meetings, I'd set up meetings, I'd do some market research for her, along with other entry-level type tasks. After the brief orientation, Devin led me to Rob's office. As we approached, I saw the two blonde models, Alexis and Jenna, hugging a huge black man.

He was fairly tall, but incredibly broad too. Each model kissed a cheek; his hands went to their asses, squeezing firmly, the fabric of their dresses bunching up in his grip. The two models left as we approached, giving Devin a wink. "Ah Miss Devin, how are you?" he said. "Good. Getting to know some of the talent?" she asked. "I will be, later tonight.

I got their hotel room address so I'll be paying them a visit tonight, before their flight tomorrow," he said, glancing, smiling at me. "Who is this young lady?" "This is my intern for the summer.

Gisele," Devin introduced me. "Miss Gisele, nice to meet you," He extended his huge dark brown hand. "You can call me Fat Rob." I cleared my throat and nodded. "Nice to meet you." "Devin, take this young lady shopping later today.

Buy her some clothes more fitting for our workplace," Fat Rob handed Devin his credit card. "Will do," Devin smiled, taking his card. "Gisele, you'll be working for Fat Rob in July.

He heads up our talent relations department.

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He finds and hires models, photographers and so on." "I take very good care of our talent," Fat Rob said. "Isn't that right Miss Devin?" I watched Devin slowly eye Fat Rob up and down, a grin on her face. "That's right." "I can't wait to work with you Miss Gisele. I have some very interesting side projects I need help with," Fat Rob told me, eyeing me up and down similar to how Devin did him.

I couldn't help but blush. "I'll come by and see you before I head home," Devin told Fat Rob. I nodded politely and we left. I knew what Devin meant, this was crazy, nothing like I thought it would be. Later that day, after lunch, Devin took me shopping. All dresses, all were short, sexy, and tight. White, purple, blue, black, red, pink, were the various colors. She even bought me matching shoes. Turning around in a skin tight, silvery-gray dress in the store, Devin nodded her head at me.

"I think you'll fit in just fine at Elite Magazine," she told me. "Are you sure? These dresses aren't exactly professional. I want to make a good impression," I told her. "Oh don't worry about that dear," Devin said, taking a step closer to me, glancing to my cleavage, her fingers combing through my hair.

"I have a feeling, with this internship, you'll make a VERY good impression." Not questioning what she meant, deep down knowing, we headed back to the office. I did some filing for Devin, along with sitting in on a meeting. Before I left for the day, I stopped by the restroom. Pausing at the door, I heard something very interesting. I slowly opened the door, seeing Jennifer's red hair up above a closed stall. I could make out Fat Rob's face, grunting, grinning. He was bouncing Jennifer up and down.

I closed the bathroom door, walking back to my cube, knowing that she was straddling him in the stall. "Wow," I whispered. "This is what this place is like." With each passing day, I would learn more and more about the culture at Elite Magazine. ***** Later that night, I called Ian, telling him of my first day. I left out all the sexual details, only going over the mundane things. I went to bed with thoughts of my first day on my mind. I thought about seeing Jennifer's head above the bathroom stall, with Fat Rob standing up, bouncing her on his cock.

I imagined her riding a black guy that night, some guy named TJ. I thought about Fat Rob meeting those two big butt models at their hotel room and having a three way with them just like the other male model, Rodney, did earlier in the day. I recalled Devin arriving at my cube, her hair a mess after hanging out with Rodney and the two models. The women at this place, Elite Magazine, all seemed to prefer black men. I lay awake, staring at the ceiling, wondering if I'd join in on, what seemed to be, loads of fun.

Maybe they didn't allow interns to experience the magazine's "culture." Perhaps one had to be an employee first. I slid my hand into my pajama shorts, I moaned, slowly rubbing my clit, closing my eyes. I normally thought of Ian when I masturbated. But this time I imagined myself having sex with a black guy in the bathroom at Elite Magazine.

I had a feeling this internship would be one I would never forget. Chapter 4 The days that followed were more of the same.

I wore my new dresses and shoes. Fat Rob, when he was actually in the office, gave me compliments, always ending them with "Miss Gisele." He called every woman there "Miss" followed by their first name. It was cute and flirtatious, but I knew why he did it. He was sleeping with, from what I could tell, every woman there. I saw a few wedding rings on a few fingers too.

I saw one when I walked in on him and another woman in the bathroom, or witnessed a woman leaving his office, kissing his cheek, or saw two women going on and on about his big cock at the copy machine both had rings on their left ring finger. Devin had private meetings in her office with Fat Rob on occasion too. Walking by her closed door, I heard her grunting and moaning, followed by a loud slap of hand against butt cheek. Fernanda headed back to Miami in the middle of June. On her last day in the Atlanta office, I heard a fairly loud orgasmic performance coming from Fat Rob's office.

I was making copies for Devin and I saw her exit his office, turn, kiss him hard, and grab the bulge his pants were covering. I was surrounded by sex. Every day I heard or saw people in the act. Even the fucking package delivery guy, black of course, was getting blown or ridden when making a stop. I nodded to him on my way out for lunch.

Upon my return, the cute little receptionist, probably right out of high school, was wiping something off her mouth while the delivery guy smiled at me and zipped his pants up. I sat in my cube, alone, desire building, pussy oozing, wanting to taste, to feel the black cock that was around me.

But I did my best for Devin, hoping this could lead to a full-time position with the company. I'd go home and spend most the evening masturbating, thinking less and less of Ian, and more and more of black men.

Curiosity was killing me. Unfortunately, Fat Rob wasn't in the office much. His time there was very sporadic. I figured I'd hardly see him during July when I switched to working under him.

When I wasn't witnessing or hearing sex, I was in meetings with Devin and other staff members, taking notes. Everything was fairly standard right up to the last week in June.

The break room was filled with black male and white female models. Jennifer was there, chatting with some of them, organizing some advertisements she was shooting. I handed her some information from Devin. She smiled, looking the papers over. I scanned the room, my mouth dropping at what I saw.

Sitting on the couch, a muscular black man was naked, a bikini clad brunette was on his side, sucking his tongue, and another brunette was on her knees in front of him. Her head was bobbing up and down. She was giving him a blow job. I couldn't see the man's cock, but judging by her moans, it must've been delicious. There was another black man, his back to me, standing next to the couch. I saw two white hands from the woman standing in front of him reach around his muscular back; hook her fingers into his shorts, slowly pulling them down.

I watched the shorts go to his knees, landing at his feet, his toned muscular ass exposed. "Wow," I thought, my mouth still hanging open. Part of me wanted to go to my knees and kiss all over his ass. It was amazing. I saw those same two white hands belonging to the woman in front of him, grip his ass tightly, while she, I'm assuming, sucked his cock.

The black man moaned and said "that's it, yes" when he looked to the ceiling. "Here you go. Thanks Gisele," Jennifer handed me the papers to take back to Devin, shaking me out of my trance. I was so flustered I got lost on my way back to Devin's office. I made a wrong turn, walking pass an office belonging to an editor, whose name I can't remember.

Her door was open; she was straddling a black man in the chair in front of her desk. "Yes! Yes!" she was crying out, his dark hands squeezing her breasts. I needed to cum. I wanted to finger myself silly in the women's bathroom, but I assumed I'd be interrupted by another employee having sex with Fat Rob or one of the black models. I gathered my composure, quelled my curiosity of the black cock crazed staff, took a deep breath, and found Devin's office. "Thank you so much," She smiled taking the signed papers.

"Got any plans tonight?" "Oh, no I sure don't," I replied. "Well I have a late flight tonight to LA, to take care of some urgent business there. I'll be gone all next week. So I was wondering if you could take care of Ulysses for me while I'm gone," she said.

"Ulysses?" I asked. Was that her dog, cat, bird, or pet iguana? "Yep," She flipped through the papers. "Once, twice, maybe even three times a day." "Who is " her phone rang, interrupting me. Her brief call ended, she wrote down her address. "Be there tonight. It's Friday, no work tomorrow, stay the night," She said with a soft smile.

"Uh, sure, I guess," I said. "Thanks. I really appreciate it," She said, packing up her laptop, getting ready to head to the airport. "I'll let him know you're coming." Chapter 5 I suspected a black man would answer the door when I arrived. What I didn't expect was how ridiculously hot he'd be. I adjusted my hair in the rearview mirror, checked my cleavage my new dress was exposing and made my way to the apartment.

When he answered the door, I froze, my mouth dropped. He wasn't wearing a shirt, only draw-string blue pajama pants. My eyes drank in his muscles, his chest, his abs, his dark chocolate, perfect body. I couldn't speak; luckily he did so for me. "You must be Gisele. Please come in. Devin told me you may be stopping by." He extended his hand to me, I gulped and took it. "Nice to meet you. I'm Ulysses." I nodded in return, too nervous to speak, quickly glancing away from his friendly smile.

"Hey, it's ok, just relax," he told me, leading me into the apartment. "Sorry," I said. Ulysses chuckled, "No need to apologize," he told me. "Would you like some water before we get started?" Get started? I forgot why Devin invited me over.

I was to "take care" of him. "Um, no, I'm good. Thanks," I replied, watching him open the refrigerator, his back just as muscular as his front, a pony tail of dreads lying in between his huge shoulder blades. "Ok, have a seat then. I cleaned up some, hopefully I did a good job," He laughed, gesturing to the couch in his living room.

"So this is your place?" I asked. "Yeah," he answered. "Oh, I thought I was going to Devin's." "Nah, this is my place. She's over here a lot though, so she may as well be my roommate," He said, standing in front of me now.

"Alright," I said, nodding at him. "So you know why you're here and are ok with it?" He asked. Without Devin explicitly stating why she was inviting me over, I knew. I knew that while she was out of town she needed me to "take care" of Ulysses. She needed me to milk his black cock for every drop of semen I could coax out of it. She needed me to service him, to worship him, to give my body to him to use just like Devin no doubt does.

I was a substitute while she was away and I was going to do my very best to make sure his balls remained empty. I nodded my head; this was my chance to experience what every employee of Elite Magazine experienced daily. "Good," He said, smiling, undoing the draw string of his pajamas.

He pulled them away from his waist, letting them fall to his feet, his cock springing upward, revealing itself as the pants dropped. My mouth hung open again. It was gorgeous. Perfectly straight, long, as thick as my wrist, dark brown in color.

The beautifully shaped mushroom head was a slightly lighter shade of brown. He had a trimmed bush of pubic hair. It wasn't a wild forest, but landscaped and neat. Then there were his balls. His large, hanging testicles, filled with semen, beckoning me, begging me to empty them, to make his black hose of a cock spray his cum all over me. Ulysses watched me, smiling softly, tugging on his cock.

It went up pass his belly button. Suddenly, I realized while I was admiring its beauty, I was on my knees in front of him, ready to service him, ready to wrap my lips around that black dick, to taste him, drink him, to bring him to his figurative knees.

"I need to get over Ian," I said to myself, watching Ulysses slowly releasing his cock, letting it point directly at my salivating mouth.

I glanced once more up his perfect frame to his smiling face. He nodded, signaling me to begin. I grabbed the base of his cock with both hands, feeling it pulse and throb in my grasp. It was so thick, so hard. Bringing his cockhead to my open mouth, lust, urgency, and hunger took over.

I engulfed his cockhead, sucking it as hard as I could. Oh how delicious it was. I moaned at its taste, my cheeks indenting as I sucked away at it. "Gisele, slow down," Ulysses told me.

I was working his dick like a cock-crazed slut, wanting to feel his semen erupt from the tip, filling my mouth to the brim. "Slow down," He laughed. "We have all week." "All week?" I asked, taking his cock out of my mouth. "Yes. Didn't Devin tell you? She wants you to stay here all week." "I didn't bring anything with me. No clothes, or " I said. "You won't need them," Ulysses interrupted me.

He pulled me up, grabbing my face gently, pulling me in for a kiss. "Take it off," he said, referring to my dress. I took a step back, pulled my dress up over my head, letting it fall to the floor. Not taking my eyes off his, I undid my bra, slid out of my thong, then attacked his mouth with my own.

"Gisele," He pushed me away. "Slow down." I took a deep breath, kissing him slowly this time, my tongue licking at his, taking it my mouth, sucking it much slower than I did his cock. If I was staying here all week, I was going to enjoy this, to savor it. I was going to give his body, his cock, what it deserved a very thorough, attentive, white girl loving.

All those women at the office sleeping with Fat Rob, talking about black cock, bombarding me every day with sights and sounds of sex and here I was; a black cock, one week all to myself. I was going to make the most of it.

Chapter 6 I took it slow. I licked at his neck, down to his chest, flicking my tongue, kissing, sucking at his dark nipple. I licked down to his abs, kissing and sucking each one, dragging my tongue over them. Going to my knees, my hands reached around him, squeezing his muscular ass. I cradled his black balls in my hands, massaging them, playing with them. I took one in my mouth, sucking it while I stroked the powerful cock they were attached to. They tasted delicious.

Covering his hanging, cum-filled nuts with saliva, I licked my way back to his shaft. It was so long and straight. I kissed it, licked it, nibbled it, sucking along the shaft like a lamprey on a shark. After covering his cock in my spit, I grabbed the base with both hands, slowly jacking.

I smiled seductively at Ulysses, "This is quite a lovely dick you have here." "Thank you," He said, running his fingers through my blonde locks. "Are women constantly sucking or riding this thing?" Ulysses didn't say a word, only nodding and smiling. "Are they all white?" I asked. "They are." I moaned, wondering how many white women gave themselves to him, bowing down to his body, in awe of his chocolate perfection.

I devoured his dick, one hand on his abs, the other on his ass, squeezing it, holding him in place while I pushed his cock further and further back into my throat. There was no way I could deep throat it, not yet at least, but I figured by the end of the week I may be able to.

I gagged on it, my drool forming bubbles on it. I took it out of my mouth panting heavily. I wanted it in me. Guiding Ulysses to his couch, I straddled him, kissing him hard, letting him taste what I tasted the taste of his cock on my breath.

Grabbing the base of it, preparing to slide it inside my dripping pussy, he stopped me. "All night," He said. "Can you handle it?" "We'll find out," I replied.

I squatted down, impaling myself on his dick, driving it as deep as it could go. The past month of pent up lust and desire, wanting but not having Ian, everything came out right then. I came on that black dick as soon as it slid all the way in my pussy, landing and pressing against my cervix.

Ulysses held me as I shook, the orgasm coursing through me. My hands rested on his huge shoulders. "The first of many," he told me. I nodded, kissing him again. Ending the kiss, I knew I had a lot of work to do. I would ride his black cock on the couch until I couldn't walk anymore. That's exactly what I did.


I came over and over on it, crying out in his living room. He'd suck my tits, kiss my neck, ran his finger over my ass crack. I kept bouncing, I kept riding, I kept grinding against him over and over, losing count of how many orgasms I had.

Ulysses never came once. "Are you going to cum for me?" I said, collapsing in his arms, a couple hours later. "Eventually. It doesn't take long sometimes, but tonight, I feel like going all night," He answered. He stood up, taking me with him, going to his bedroom. He laid me on the bed, climbed on top, and fucked me. The bed was slamming against the wall; I was moaning over and over, I was cumming again and again. I rose up; I ran my hands up and down his chest and stomach.

He pulled his cock out. It was covered in creamy vaginal juices. I nearly climaxed again when I watched him gather a bit of my fluid up with his index finger and lick it.

He drove his cock back inside me. Another hour passed and we were covered in sweat. He was sitting on his knees, holding me up by my ass, bouncing me up and down on him. When my eyes weren't rolled into the back of my head, I glanced at his face. He was smiling, watching me cum over and over, sweat dripping off his chin, showing no end in sight. "You're beautiful," he said.

"So are you," I replied. The amount of pussy this guy gets, white pussy, must be insane. He was able to control his stamina so well. As he bounced me I wondered if cocks could become desensitized from having so much sex. Or perhaps he was thinking about something else, something unsexy, controlling his stamina that way. He laid me on my back, pulling out, licking my tummy, making my spine tingle again. "Let's take a break. Want some water?" Ulysses asked.

"Uh huh," I breathlessly answered. Minutes later, he was see-sawing his cock in and out of me, his hand resting on my tummy. My legs spread, wrapped around him, I was writhing around as he worked. He'd pull out, offer his cock to me, I cleaned it of my juices, and he'd continue on, playfully tapping that big cock against my belly before sliding it back in. On and on we went.

I was a shaking, quivering mess of sweat and pussy juices as the night went on. He held my limp body in his arms, thrusting hard up in me. It was so very good; his black rod pistoning in and out of me, stretching me, making me cum, fucking me.

So perfect. Later, Ulysses was standing behind me holding my wrists, slamming into me. I could tell he was getting tired. His thrusts were slower and labored. I loved the sound of my butt flesh slapping against his hips. "Gisele, look," He spoke up; I opened my eyes from my comatose orgasmic state. Looking out his balcony window, I saw it, the dark purple mixed with a touch orange in the sky. The sun was rising. Ulysses pulled out, gently turned me around, and guided me to my knees.

I took his cock, knowing what was going to happen, stroking it, milking it. To hear him moan with pleasure was music to my ears. He went all night, just like he said.

He was now, finally, letting himself cum. And cum he did. That big juicy black dick erupted in my open mouth, my lips closing around the spurting cockhead, sucking the semen out of it.

He filled my mouth, I'd swallow, I'd suck some more, then swallow again. So delicious. When he was done, he picked me up, carried me to bed and collapsed in my arms. I held this black man, this exhausted, sweaty man who I was to care for an entire week, in my arms. He kissed at my nipples, I held him close, we went to sleep.

A few hours later, we were in the shower, his fingers curled inside me as he kissed along the back of my neck. Ulysses picked me up, slamming me against the shower wall, bouncing me, once again, on his cock as the shower steam enveloped us. I drank from him again, swallowing every drop of cum I could. We had a late breakfast, took another nap, followed by, what seemed like hours, of a beautiful 69 on his bed.

I loved his tongue inside me. Devin called later that night, reminding me to stay with Ulysses until she returned. I did as was told. I spent the rest of the week in that apartment, servicing her black lover in her absence, making sure his succulent black balls were emptied daily, making sure his long dark cock was slick with my pussy juices or saliva.

Had I gone black? I had no idea. It seemed like it. I knew one thing; July would be here when Devin returned from LA. July was the month I'd be working with Fat Rob. Chapter 7 Fat Rob fucked me four times my first day working for him. It was insane. His cock was insane, insanely fat that is. There was no seduction. I arrived that morning, hoping I'd be able do what all the other employees were doing, knowing deep down that working for Fat Rob, it would happen.

He moved behind me, "Let me stretch you out," he whispered. I could already feel his bulge poking into my lower back. I spread my legs, hiked up my dress, and bent over his desk. I couldn't help but scream when his thick cock entered me. I gripped the edge of his desk, holding on tightly, while he plowed me from behind. It hurt, I was stretching, my pussy lips wrapping around his meaty shaft, but it was so amazing. He took me to his apartment that night.

My pussy was so sore, but hurt so good. On my back, I sucked at his nipples, while he plowed his huge, fat dick into me. "So that's why they call you Fat Rob," I observed. "You got it. Now wrap those pretty little lips around me and get that cum," he said, pulling out of my gaping pussy. I lay on my tummy, grabbed his cock with both hands, my mouth stretching over the tip and sucked as hard as I could.

His cum tasted so, so good. Just like Ulysses'. My mouth overflowed with semen. Shit, I loved the feeling of my mouth being filled with that warm, salty, fluid. "You gonna make so much money this month. As long as you can handle black dick, you'll be making money for me and for yourself," he told me.

"What does that mean? You'll be pimping me out to your friends?" I asked. "And clients, yes," he answered. He meant it too. For the remaining 30 days in July, weekdays, weekends, I didn't step foot in Elite Magazine's office.

Fat Rob had me working at his various strip clubs across town. I didn't strip, but mostly got drink orders, and was told to flirt with the patrons. I was also for sale - $500 for a few hours, $1500 for the entire night.

Fat Rob gave me 25% of the share. All these black men, these gorgeous, styling, classy, black men purchased me every single night in the month of July. I kept count. Ulysses and Fat Rob were two.

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I had sex with 10 of Fat Rob's associates. For 30 days I had two men pay $500 for a few hours with me 60 men in total. I counted eight days in July where a black man bought me for the entire night; bringing the count up to 80 black men I had sex with in the months of June and July. It was like a movie montage playing in my head - night after night, man after man, fucking me. "Ian who?" I joked, near the end of the month when I undressed for a sexy, older, black man from out of town.

I was back at his hotel that night. I loved their dark brown hands on my light skin. I loved how they grabbed my hips, holding me while I bounced up and down on their dicks.

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I loved the deep moan of pleasure they made when they finally, after hours, ejaculated on my face, or in my mouth, or in my pussy. I loved the rings they wore. I loved the smell of the cologne. I loved how clean they were, making me easily want to slobber, lick, slurp all over every inch of their cock, balls, taint, and even on occasion, a few assholes.

I loved how Fat Rob bought me birth control. I loved how he whipped out his cock for me each morning after I was given my share of money, telling me to "get that cum" every time.

I loved how he or his associates would conduct business on the phone in one of the clubs, while I casually sucked their cocks. I loved how Fat Rob bought me even more sexy dresses. Most of all, I loved how I thought of Ian less and less. Or tried to. Chapter 8 August arrived, and with it, the end of my time under Fat Rob.

I was still under him of course, but in a more literal sense. He was regularly on top of me, slamming away into my black cock obsessed pussy, whenever he felt like it.

Fernanda also arrived in August. I hadn't seen the tall, exotic-looking, Latina since June. I smiled to myself overhearing her in Fat Rob's office. Damn, he was going to town on her - just like he had done to me so many times over the month of July. Emerging from his office, flustered, tired, but satisfied, Fernanda smiled to me, motioning me to follow.

"Don't spend that extra money in one spot!" She joked in her thick accent. I'm guessing she knew Fat Rob put me to work at his clubs during the past month. I wondered if all the interns experienced this too. I followed her to an office setup for out of town and remote workers. We went over some paperwork. She explained to me what she did.

Fernanda was fairly high up in the company, managing many different projects, photo-shoots, and events for the magazine. Like Devin, she seemed like a smart woman I could even admit, sexy as well. Finally back at the office, after a month having continuous sex with Fat Rob, his boys, and many of his clients, I found it nice to back doing legitimate intern work. "Hey," she cornered me after leaving the restroom, before heading home.

"Hi," I said a little startled. "What are you doing tonight?" "I,I don't know," I smiled. She leaned in, whispering in my ear, "I'm looking to have fun while I'm here this week. Come out with me and Devin." "Oh, uh, sure." Fernanda winked at me, kissed my cheek, causing me to blush and left after giving me her phone number and the address of a club to meet her and Devin at.

***** I smiled getting out of my car, seeing a beautiful Adonis of a black man, standing outside waiting for me. I knew him. "Ulysses!" I ran to his arms. "Hi Gisele," he smiled, lifting me up. "What are you doing here?" I asked, happy to see the first black man I slept with. "Devin dragged me out here with her and Fernanda," he said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sure you won't mind hanging with a few nice white women, though, right?" "Nah. My bro TJ is here," he said. "TJ?" I asked, wondering if it was the same one Jennifer, the photographer was sleeping with. "Yeah, well half-brother, actually," he answered. "I see." I followed him into the club. There was a dance floor, bar, tables for eating. I noticed all the men were black. Was it a coincidence?

I wasn't sure. My question was answered when I saw only white women, mixed with a few Latina's like Fernanda, in the crowd. It wasn't a coincidence. I even saw a few Elite Magazine employees; including some of the various models I'd witnessed servicing black men during my first week there.

I then saw Fernanda and Devin, sitting in a booth, taking turns tongue kissing a bald, huge, black man. Ulysses cleared his throat. "Oh hey," Devin said, letting him slid in. Fernanda introduced me to TJ. I sat next to Ulysses. The waiter took our order. I struggled to give mine, because I was distracted by Devin and Fernanda rubbing and squeezing a large bulge in TJ's pants. This would be a wild night. After some chit chat over dinner, the two older women flirting, grabbing, groping at the two black men at our table, Fernanda whispered to TJ.

A moment later I followed him through the crowded dance floor after he asked me to dance with him. Looking over my shoulder I saw Devin and Fernanda trading deep kisses with Ulysses at the table.

All around me people were lost in their own worlds. To my right, a white woman was grinding against a black man, his hand in her skirt, the other grabbing a breast. To my left a younger, short-haired brunette, who looked somewhat familiar, was dancing with a black man. I wondered if I knew her from school, I shrugged and turned my attention to the tall, muscular TJ in front of me. He smelled so good. He looked so good. I wanted to slide his black dick deep inside me, feeling it all the way in, pulsing, pumping cum.

I turned around, grinding my butt against his crotch. Yes, he was hard. I wanted him right there. I scanned the room and saw the same short-haired, brunette, doing something that made me gasp.

From what I could tell, through the crowds, the dancing people, she was on her knees. Then I saw a long, dark object; she was bobbing her head around. What kind of club was this?

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Before I could think more on the matter, Fernanda startled me, appearing in front of me, grabbing my face, pulling it to hers. "We're leaving soon. Take care of TJ first though. We'll be with Ulysses in the car." "What?" Fernanda grinned, reached behind me, slowly pulling up my dress. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Relax," she said. "Take care of him first before we leave." She revealed my thong-covered butt to TJ's bulge.

I knew what she meant.

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I smiled and nodded my head. ***** Five minutes later, TJ and I slammed open the back door of the club, kissing, groping our way into an alley. I wanted his dick. I wanted to milk it dry. He hoisted me up, causing me to squeal, I was upside down. "I want to taste you," he said in his deep voice. He slid my skirt up, well, down actually since I was upside down. The man tore my thong away. It hurt a bit, but I didn't care. When he buried his tongue in my pussy, holding me up by my hips, my legs wrapped around his shoulders, I forgot any discomfort or fear of getting caught I might've had.

He was slathering, slurping all over and in my pussy, I forgot about TJ, it felt so good. I reached for his zipper and button, and while upside down, did my best to pull them down or up. Anyway, seeing he wasn't wearing underwear, I grinned when that big, long dick smacked me on my forehead.

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Clinching my thighs tight around TJ's shoulders, I grabbed the base of his cock and begin licking, sucking, kissing all over it, still upside down.

Several minutes later, after cumming several times all over TJ's tongue and face, he flipped me to upright position, moving my legs around him, straddling him. I was light-headed from the blood rushing away from my head, but I didn't care, I knew what was coming next. I almost came again when he entered me. I grimaced with pleasure when my pussy slid over his length.

Then he began bouncing me. There I was a 22-year-old, college graduate and intern, having had sex with 80 different black men in the course of a couple months, having sex in an alley behind a club with the 81st. I felt like such a whore, a black cock addicted whore. I loved every second of TJ thrusting up into me in that alley. I loved how my cries of pleasure echoed off the walls around us. I loved how TJ asked me if I was on the pill right before he came inside me.

I loved feeling my pussy overflow with his semen. Fernanda drove the way back to Devin's house. Devin sat in the front seat. I was in the back seat in between two hunky black men. TJ was fingering me and kissing at my neck. Ulysses was grabbing my breasts and kissing my mouth. I was in heaven. Later at Devin's house, I stood in her bedroom looking at TJ and Ulysses lying on her bed, nude. Fernanda startled me once again, appearing behind me.

"Devin and I have some business to tend to. They're all yours for now," she said. I was startled once again when Fernanda began removing my dress. "What are you " "Relax," she whispered. "I'm undressing you for them." I had never been fully nude in front of a woman before - wearing towels or underwear in the dorm room after a shower, yes, but never fully naked. "Shhhh," Fernanda comforted me, slowly removing my dress. "It's ok." I nodded, letting her unhook my bra, stepping out of my dress.

"All yours," she whispered again. I watched her leave and turned my attention back to the two black men on the bed. I had no idea where to begin. I felt weak in the knees when I approached them. They were all mine, both of them, maybe all night.

I grabbed a cock in each hand, smiled softly at them, made my way in between them on the bed. They rolled to their side, facing me, grabbed my breasts, and kissed all over my body. The three-way, my first, lasted for hours. Every hole of me was stuffed with cock. The three of us were sweaty, exhausted and sore at least I was.

We decided I'd swallow their cum this time. Ulysses went first, then TJ, injecting their seed into my throat. It was so good, so very good. The three of us became one. Devin had a large, body length, mirror in the corner of the room. At one point in the night, I glanced to it. I saw myself, Ulysses behind me, TJ in front of me, both holding me up. My mouth hung open while TJ kissed at my neck and Ulysses kissed behind my ear. We looked so sexy; dark brown skin mixing with light colored skin.

I watched myself cum. I never wanted it to end. Eventually it did. I collapsed in their arms, lying on top of them, drifting off to sleep. I was woken an hour later by a strange sound. Climbing off the bed, making my way down the hall, leaving the two studs sleeping soundly, I searched for the source of the noise. I arrived at the last room on the left, a guest bedroom. I heard the noise again, a woman moaning. There was some slapping sounds too.

I wondered if another black man was here having sex with Devin or Fernanda. That wasn't it. The door was cracked, affording me a look inside. My eyes widened when I saw Fernanda behind Devin, gripping her blond hair, pulling her head back, slamming into her. Fernanda was wearing something around her waist and hips. When Devin let out another soulful moan, Fernanda pulled back from her. I saw what she was wearing a large, black, strap-on. "Holy shit," I whispered, making my way back to Devin's room, sliding in bed with TJ and Ulysses.

I stifled a giggle and snuggled up to their dark chocolate bodies. Chapter 9 The rest of the week consisted of Devin, Fernanda, and I servicing Fat Rob at the office when he was there, and Ulysses and TJ back at Devin's. I was more and more comfortable with my own nudity in front of women, plus comfortable with Devin and Fernanda's nudity. We took turns sucking cock; I'd taste their mouths on it. I tasted another woman's pussy, Fernanda's, after she climaxed on a cock. By the end of Fernanda's week, I was more than comfortable working black dick with her and Devin.

So much so, that I was excited to go to Miami for two weeks with Fernanda. I was wondering what sort of adventures we'd have. When we arrived at Fernanda's house, it was dark outside, the lights were out. "Come in, make yourself at home," she gestured me to enter. "My son is at summer camp for a couple weeks. So we'll have lots of fun," Fernanda said, undressing. I watched her, not sure what was going on. "Undress and follow me." I complied, wondering if she was going to use her strap-on on me, though kind of hoping she wouldn't.

In her dark bedroom, she turned on the lights. I jumped when I saw a huge black man with a bodybuilder frame, lying on her Fernanda's bed. He was nude of course, and erect. I recognized him. "Rodney?" I asked. "Yes that's him. Now then, mount him, you'll be in here for the night," Fernanda said. I nodded, making my way toward the silent man. I slid his cock in deep, so big, so juicy. I closed my eyes, smiling, straddling him. That's when I heard a chain. Then I felt a chain go around my waist.

"What?" "Shhh. I have to keep reminding you to relax," Fernanda said, getting a second large chain from my left side, wrapping it around my waist too. Both chains were connected to sockets built into her walls.

I wondered what kind of freaky stuff Fernanda was into. She handed the chains to Rodney. He took them in both hands, tugging gently. "Rodney owns you tonight. If he wants you to go faster, he'll tug the chains. You are to ride his cock until he is done with you." I never came so hard in my life than that night.

Chained to a black man, impaled on his cock, used like the white slut I was I was indeed owned by Rodney. He'd pulled the chains harder, I'd go faster.

I'd slack off due to exhaustion, he'd pull the chains, and I'd get to riding and grinding on that big dick. Oh fuck. After a few hours the chains were hurting, making marks on my hips and waist, but I didn't care.

I wanted it to hurt, I wanted to be owned, I wanted to keep bouncing up and down on that big black cock, cumming non-stop. I wondered what Ian was up to. I pushed those thoughts aside he would never love me like I love him. Did I still love him? I knew the answer. Fernanda returned eventually, nude, I barely noticed her sitting in the corner, fingering herself. I wondered what I my father would do if he knew what I was doing. He'd kill me. Screw him, I kept bouncing, cumming, riding Rodney's cock all night.

"Beautiful," Fernanda spoke up after another hour. "His cock is covered in your cream, Gisele." I looked over my shoulder, Rodney's cock popping out of me. She gathered up my vaginal fluids with her index finger. "Lick," she told me, holding her cream covered finger to my mouth.

Without hesitation I cleaned her finger of my juices. She guided Rodney back in, smacked my ass several times, "Keep going!" she ordered me. I slept late the next morning. Joining Fernanda at her small kitchen table, she smiled at me. "Rodney said you were great. You will please him and his brother very well." "Brother?" I asked. ***** "Ah yes! Yes! Fuck me!" I screamed later that night.

Two black men were taking me at once, Rodney and his older brother Ronnie. Rodney was in my ass, Ronnie was in my pussy. They were standing, holding me up, slamming me up and down on their cocks. It was paradise.

The huge, hulking, big, black brothers, mercilessly mangled me. Afterward, Fernanda and I took turns, riding each man to orgasm ours, then switching. Finally they came, finally they spewed their hot semen all over me, delivering two big cum shots to my face. I was so out of it, so orgasmed-out, I barely noticed or cared when Fernanda licked my face clean of their semen. I worked at her office, some, not much.

Most of my time was at Ronnie's luxurious apartment. He had a stable of white and Latina women Fernanda and her sisters. I'd go to work in the morning, learn from Fernanda about her job, go to Ronnie's, undress and join the other women that worshiped him and Rodney's bodies. My last evening in Miami was very special. Rodney was at Ronnie's but they weren't alone.

I came home from work with Fernanda, finding the apartment empty of all women, except the two of us. What I did find, along with Rodney and Ronnie was 17 other black men, standing around, chatting. They all turned to look at me when Fernanda and I arrived. My mouth dropped. They smiled and started undressing. "Fernanda?" I asked, my heart rate soaring. "Yes. They're all for you.


You're last night here will be one you'll never forget," she answered. I was passed around all night. I always had a cock in both my hands, my mouth, my pussy and my ass. They would rotate five men at a time the entire evening. It was another orgasmic blur. I was jacking two cocks, sucking another, bouncing up and down on one in my pussy and ass until they changed up after 30 minutes or so.

Fernanda kept the men that weren't using me satisfied when I was busy. She was beautiful. I loved watching the lovely Latina work black dick. Near 4am, everyone was tired. I could barely stay awake. Rodney picked me up and gently placed me in the bathtub. I sat up on my knees, wondering was what going on. A moment later I knew the answer.

One by one, each of the 19 in total, black men entered the bathroom. They jacked their big cocks in my direction and blew their load all over me. I was covered in cum. I loved the warm, delicious liquid covering me. I loved how they took turns, blowing it all over me. I loved how it dripped off my tits.

I loved how it ran down my tummy in a river. I loved how it covered my face. I loved how on that night, the amount of different black men I had sex with since my internship started, was 100. Chapter 10 The last two weeks of my internship were spent back in Atlanta. We were taking turns riding Fat Rob again, and, along with Devin, taking turns riding Ulysses and TJ at night. The nights at Devin's were filled with orgasmic cries throughout her home. On Fernanda's last night, the night before my final day of my internship, I stepped into the shower.

Washing semen off my skin, out of my hair, I knew I'd get an offer tomorrow. I knew what my future held at least for the next day. I didn't foresee Fernanda getting in the shower with me a few moments later. I nodded, smiling at her, feeling 100% comfortable around other nude women. She pinned me against the shower wall, "Fernanda?" I asked, slightly nervous now.

"Quiet," she told me. "You are a part of Elite Magazine. We all know you'll be an employee tomorrow. With that, you know how the company works. You know who our target market for the magazine is and you know who we service." I gulped and nodded my head. I felt something pressing in to my thigh. "There's one final rule you must learn," she said. "What's that?" "When a black man is busy, or is with another woman, we take care of each other," she answered.

"Devin is in there with Ulysses and TJ, we are not. We must fend for ourselves," a devious smile formed on her lips. I looked down to see what was hitting my thigh. Once again shock washed over my face. Fernanda was wearing a very large and impressive strap-on. ***** Moments later, we barreled into Devin's bedroom, the two black men she was with pausing to watch us.

Fernanda was behind me, pushing me to the carpet, her strap on cock embedded deep inside me. She fucked me from the shower, into the bathroom, me riding her on the toilet, into the hallway, rolling against the wall, finally landing in Devin's room. I didn't care about anything at that moment. I didn't care she was a woman, I didn't care that we were being watched, I didn't care about Ian.

I just knew in that moment, on all fours, still wet from the shower, a woman was wearing a strap on and fucking me just as hard as any of the 100 different black men I slept with during the summer. I was cumming. When she pulled me back by my hair that clinched it.

I cried out and trembled as waves of pleasure over took me. When I stopped, Fernanda pulled out, unclipped her strap on, tossing it aside. She rolled me over to my back, pounced on me, and kissed and licked all the way down my body. It was happening so fast. When she swirled her tongue all around inside my quivering pussy, I started cumming again.

"My turn," she said, climbing on top of me, kissing me hard. I tasted so good on her mouth. Sliding down my body, she went to her back, her legs wrapping around me, bringing my pussy to her own. Then she started grinding hers against mine. It felt incredible. I couldn't deny the pleasure. I couldn't deny the truth that when black men are occupied, women must take care of each other. I turned, looking to my left, Devin was being double teamed again, oblivious to us.

I rose up on my hands, along with Fernanda, in a crab-like position. Staring into her eyes I nodded and we began scissoring right there on Devin's bedroom floor. "Ahhh!" Fernanda cried out, our pussies vigorously sliding up and down against each other. "That's it, cum for me, like I came for you," I thought. "I'll be glad to take care of you while the black men are busy." I could do this, I could handle this lifestyle.

For how long? I had no idea, but it's what I was doing, it was the path I was going down. I started cumming again, my spine tingling, waves of pleasure washing over both Fernanda and I. We collapsed after climaxing together, out of breath, the sounds of Devin getting double teamed in the background.

We'd join them in a moment, after catching our breath, taking a cock, perhaps one of us servicing Devin if the men were busy. ***** Black cock after black cock continued cumming on and in me on a daily basis. Usually it was Fat Rob's and his associates. But as my employment at Elite Magazine continued, I regularly serviced the models; sometimes, right along with Devin, Jennifer, Fernanda in wonderful group sessions.

We were all a family of black cock crazed women. Shortly after being hired, I moved out of Ian's. I was sad to leave, but I knew he and I could never be together.

He said he was proud of me, wished me luck, and offered to help me move. He was sweet as usual; it made it hard for me to not tell him how I felt about him.

It was Labor Day weekend. I was in my new apartment, on my back, getting fucked, as usual. It was TJ I was with. Jennifer wanted him that night, but he declined her offer something about how she loved having sex or sucking cock while her son was around. I guess TJ needed a break from that. As I felt that big cock pulse inside me, knowing my pussy was about to get filled, I turned to my side, a look of pleasure on my face. I thought of Ian. I would never, ever, stop loving him, but I had moved on.

My dad would probably go berserk if he knew I was sleeping around with a bunch of black men. If things with Ian and I were different and we were together, my dad would no doubt kill me if he knew I was sleeping with his brother Ian. TJ pulled out of me, pumping his cock a few times, covering me with his cum. I will always, deep down, be in love with my uncle. But this was my new life for now.

The end. ******************************** Feel free to read Former Playmates parts 4 and 6, they feature Gisele's mother - Julianne. They take place a year or so after Gisele's Story. Some interesting connections could be found there. ********************************