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Gay clip of Kody And Blaze Fuck
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Stewardess Cindy Ch 10 Humour & Satire Original story by Frankel Cindy and Sindy were glad to have a break. They had landed in Sydney, Australia and were looking forward to a week on the beach and shopping. Cindy thought it was the best thing for Sindy.


Finding out her mother was a terrorist had been a terrible shock and she thought they really needed some time out to forget the whole thing. Their boss had booked them a room in a hotel overlooking the beach and all he asked in return was that they make sure his testicles were in no danger of exploding.

"Silly man," thought Sindy. "That can't happen on the ground." But he had been so worried about it that they had to suck all the liquid from his penis over and over again until there was absolutely none left. Sindy and Cindy stood naked on their balcony waving to hundreds of young men who were all so friendly and waved back at them, some even using binoculars to see them more clearly.

Sindy and Cindy hadn't realised that it was summer in Australia in January and so they simply had nothing to wear. Even their underwear was really meant to go with warm clothes. "What are we to do?" asked Cindy. "I think we have to wear clothes in Australia." "Maybe we could say we are going skinny dipping," said Sindy. "That might work at the beach," said Cindy. "But I wanted to go shopping in the city. I don't think they have swimming beaches there." "In the taxi I saw a shop that said Nude girls live xxx," said Sindy.

"Maybe that is a shop where nude girls can buy clothes." "xxx, though," said Cindy. "Sounds like they only have large sizes." "We could get a bra then, or bikinis, we have xxx sized breasts." "I don't think it will work," said Cindy.

"We have to get there first." "What about we wear towels?" said Sindy. "We could say we are going for a shower." "Perfect," said Cindy. "Nobody wears clothes in the shower! You are getting to be even smarter than me." Sindy and Cindy put on towels from the hotel bathroom.

Unfortunately they were too small and could only cover part of their bodies. "What about you cover your breasts?" said Cindy. "And I cover my bottom. That way, between us, we are totally covered." "Good thinking," said Sindy.

"That way neither of is naked. It's like the half-full glass or did someone already drink it?" "I think you mean half full or half empty," said Cindy. "Maybe we should wear shoes at least.

We could put our high heels on." The girls each put on a pair of black high heels and Cindy wrapped her towel around her breasts and Sindy wrapped hers around her bottom and they walked out of their hotel room. When they made it down to the lobby, Sindy realised her heels gave extra bounce to her exposed breasts and also to her sister's naked bottom.

"Look how we bounce," said Sindy. "Let's see who can bounce more." Sindy began to jump a little with each step and her breasts jumped with her. Cindy jumped too and while her bottom jiggled she couldn't compete with her sister's breasts. The girls laughed as they bounced from the hotel, watched closely by a group of Japanese tourists.

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They ran over to a taxi rank and jumped into the first cab in the queue. The taxi driver looked old and a little confused to Sindy.

The girls sat in the back seat and the driver looked at them with his mouth open and a little bit of drool came out of his mouth. "We want to go to the city, please," said Sindy. "You can't run around like that," he said finally, but was still unable to take his eyes from Sindy's chest. "You're naked. You'll get arrested." "But we're not naked," said Sindy. "We're like a half full glass of water.

You can't see it because it's water and someone already had a drink." "Are you American?" he asked. "How did you know?" the girls said. "Lucky guess," said the taxi driver. "How are you girls going to pay? I don't see any money under those towels or even a credit card." "Money," said Sindy. "I knew we forgot something!" Cindy thought and thought.

"Maybe we could provide another service," said Cindy. "You mean like a favour?" asked the man. "No, like we could give you something instead of money." "Like a drink of milk!" said Sindy. "It is ever so hot. You must be very thirsty!" "If I was thirsty I'd have a beer," said the taxi driver.

"Now get out of my cab!" "There's no reason to be rude," said Sindy. "All my passengers say I have the best breast milk they have ever tasted." She reached for the door but the driver quickly reached over and locked it.

"Did you say breast milk?!" he said. "Of course, silly," said Sindy. "it's not like I'm holding a can of milk." "Bottle of milk," said Cindy. "It comes in bottles." "Are you offering to let me suck your tits for a trip to the city?!" "How else would you get the milk?" asked Sindy.

"Both of you?" he asked. "Well, not both," said Cindy. "I would need to suck your penis to get the excess milk out. Sindy always over feeds and I always have to get the milk back out when it fills the testicles." "So I can suck her tits and you give me a blowjob?" asked the taxi driver.

"Only way to do it safely," said Cindy. "We have to give blowjobs all the time. Testicles can blow up so easily!" "Ladies, you have a deal," he said. "Yay!" said Sindy and Cindy. They went to climb into the front seat but the taxi driver stopped them.

"Not here," he said. "Somewhere more private. I know just the spot." He turned the ignition on and drove out of the hotel taxi rank. The girls got lost as he drove them through the busy and winding city streets. Eventually he stopped in a dead end laneway on the city's edge. He parked the taxi and climbed into the back seat with the girls.

Sindy could see the hot weather had made him build up a thirst as his mouth dove straight down to her breasts and began sucking ever so hard. Knowing there wasn't a moment to lose Cindy unbuckled his pants and took out his erect cock.

It was one of the biggest she had ever seen so she guessed there was already a lot of milk building up inside. She wrapped her lips around the head and sucked hard. Cindy knew from experience sucking milk out of a penis was much harder than sucking it out of a straw. She had to really suck hard up and down the entire shaft and even then it could take a long time to get the strange thick and creamy milk out.

The taxi driver rubbed Sindy's tits in his hands as he sucked and licked on her nipples. He moaned loudly as Cindy took his cock deep into her throat. "Oh, that is fantastic," he said.

"You're the world's best cocksucker!" Sindy liked that name. It suited her sister "Cocksucker," she said as the man buried his face between her tits as if trying to get two lots of milk at one time. "That is just what she is. A cocksucker. She is always sucking cocks on the plane. Men depend on her to keep them from exploding." The taxi driver laughed and looked at her, still rubbing her tits in his hands.

"Why are you laughing," said Sindy. "It is serious. No man would be safe to fly if we didn't suck the liquid from their testicles. They would blow up. That is why they call it a blowjob." "Oh," said the taxi driver. "You're serious. Sorry!" He dove back on her breasts and sucked them urgently. Sindy wasn't sure she liked this man now. How could he laugh at such important work. "Look at how well Cindy sucks him," she thought. "So dedicated. Not even I can put a penis so deeply in my mouth." Cindy was getting frustrated.

She tickled and licked the man's testicles and sucked his penis all the way to the base but the milk just wouldn't come out. After a while she took his cock out of her mouth and looked up at Sindy. "Are you sure he is getting some, Sindy?" she asked. "I have been sucking and sucking and still nothing will come out." "I don't know," said Sindy as the man sucked from tit to tit.

"Are you getting some?" she asked him. "Some what?" he asked. "Milk of course," said Sindy.

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"Of course not," he said. "You're not actually meant to be lactating are you?" "What's lactating?" asked Sindy. "Where your milk comes out for a baby," he said. "It should only happen when you actually have a baby." "Don't be silly," said Sindy.

"I breast feed my passengers and pilots all the time. They would have told me if they weren't getting any milk." "And if it wasn't coming out how would I be able to suck it out of their penises?" said Cindy sitting up.

The taxi driver looked from Sindy to Cindy as if trying to work out if they were joking. He began to smile and then said "Of course I am getting some milk. It is delicious.

You're right, though, I can feel it building up in my balls. Maybe if one of you sucked my cock and the other licked my balls it might come out." "Good thinking," said Sindy. "That always works." Cindy got on the floor of the cab and began to lick underneath the driver's balls while Sindy knelt across the back seat and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked hard on the penis while he guided her head up and down in his hands. "Oh, you're an even better cocksucker than your friend," he said.

Sindy blushed at the compliment, but wished she could take his cock out of her mouth to tell him they were sisters. Fortunately Cindy sat up for a moment and said, "She is so good at sucking cock. Even the captain says so. She's my beautiful and talented little sister." Sindy was surprised at how suddenly his cock grew so much harder. "You're sisters!" he said as Cindy began to flick her tongue on his balls. "I'm being blown by blonde stewardess sisters with the world's greatest tits!" Something about this seemed to really please him and suddenly the milk that had been so hard to get out burst into Sindy's mouth.

It came out in torrents and Sindy gagged a little as it filled her mouth. She took her mouth off his cock and let half the liquid drip into her sister's expectant mouth. The girls sat up and showed the driver the creamy milk in their mouths and swallowed together.

"Told you there was milk, silly," Sindy said. "You are such a tease!" The man put his penis back in his pants. "Where are you girls going anyway?" "Shopping," they said. "We need some summer clothes." He climbed back into the driver's seat. "Tell you what," he said.


"I like you girls. How about I become your private driver while you're in Sydney?" "We could never afford it," said Cindy. "A bit of milk twice a day from each of you," he said. "That's all I ask." "You're so kind," said Sindy. "Thank you ever so much!" "But where do you live?" said Cindy. "We can't ask you to come too far just for us all week." "You're right," he said.

"Maybe I should stay with you in your hotel room. That way, even if you wanted to go skinny dipping in the middle of the night, I would be ready to take you." "But we have only got two beds," Sindy said. "Are they double beds?" "Yes," said Cindy. "Then we can share," he said.

"Yay!" said the girls. "Our own driver!" The taxi driver took the girls to Oxford street in the fashion centre of Sydney. He parked the car in a cab rank outside a swimwear shop.

"You girls wait here," he said. "I think I should explain to the owner why you girls are only wear a towel." "And heels!" said Sindy. He smiled and ran into the store.

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"I didn't like him at first," said Sindy. "But now I think he is the nicest man I ever met. Taking us everywhere for just some milk!" "Don't forget the nice things he said either," said Cindy. "He called us great cocksuckers." "What a sweetie," said Sindy.

After a few minutes the driver re-appeared with another man from the store. The man stared at Sindy and Cindy like he was in some kind of trance. "Hello," said Sindy, trying to get his attention away from her breasts. The man came out of his vacant stare. "Oh, um, g'day," he said in his broad Australian accent. "Your driver says you girls need some clothes but can only pay in milk.

Is that right?" "Oh, no," said Sindy. "We can't pay in milk right away." The man looked disappointed. He turned to walk away when Cindy spoke up. "What my sister means," she said, "is that we can't suck any milk out of a penis until our pussies have been cleaned.

The milk builds up you see." "How do you clean your pussies?" asked the shop owner. "With a man's cock. He has to put his cock inside it and clean until he can find the milk. Our captain usually does it for us." "Perhaps I could help there," he said. "Oh would you?" said Sindy.

"I was a little worried. You Australians are all so helpful!" "I met some other Australians once," said Cindy as she and her sister got out of the car.

"I hid their penises in my mouth and pussy when they were naked in the Middle East. Can't be naked there, you know." "It's not such a good idea here either," said the taxi driver and hurried her inside as he spotted a police car in the distance.

Once they were inside the shop the owner locked the door. There were no customers inside the store so the girls were alone with their driver, the shop owner and his two male assistants.

There were rows and rows of bathers and bikinis in the store. "See anything you like?" asked the owner. "Oh these are cute," said Sindy. She picked a triangular shaped bikini and put it on. The fabric stretched as far as it would go and only just managed to cover her nipples.

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She put on a tight fitting thong to go with it. "How is that?" she asked. "Oh it is perfect," said Cindy. "Great for hot weather. It's almost like you're wearing nothing at all so you won't be hot." "We'll take them," said Sindy. "One each!" "If you clean our pussies, can we pay with milk?" asked Cindy. "Certainly," he said. "How about I clean Sindy's pussy while your driver cleans Cindy.

Then you can pay my assistants with milk." "Yay!" said Sindy. "I never knew milk was in such demand in Australia." The girls quickly positioned themselves naked on all fours in the centre of the store. The owner and their driver knelt behind them and pushed their cocks into their spread pussies.

"Christ almighty," said the driver. "I thought their mouths could suck. Your pussy sucks even tighter." The girls giggled as the men began to thrust their cocks into them from behind.

Cindy and Sindy could see their reflection in a full length mirror and always found they had to laugh when they saw how their breasts bounced while their pussies were being cleaned. "Oooh," said Sindy "Push it in harder.

I want my breasts to really shake! It makes the milk so fresh." The men began to rapidly thrust their cocks in and out of their pussies so the girls' breasts bounced so hard they almost slapped their faces. Cindy always liked the way a good pussy cleaning felt and she and her sister began to yelp as those nice sensations began in their pussies again. "I'm getting so clean," said Cindy.

"I can feel all the milk coming out of me." Sindy and Cindy felt hands grip their hair and they looked up to see the assistants' cocks in their faces. "You haven't even had your milk yet," said Sindy. "Lie down under us and suck our tits," said Cindy. The assistants climbed head first under the girls and began to suck on their swaying breasts.

Sindy could see the assistants' penises getting very hard and she was really worried. "My milk has been shaken so much it will be really strong," she said. "You have to let me know if I have to suck it out!" Suddenly the men jumped up from underneath them and thrust their cocks into the sisters' mouths. "I have had too much," the one with his cock in Sindy's mouth said.

"Suck it for me." The girls were skewered between two thrusting cocks at either end. The assistants pushed their hard cocks into the back of their throats as the driver and shop owner continued to pound into them doggy style. The girls each felt an incredible feeling of pleasure build up inside of them and screamed with delight as the feeling went through their whole body.

All four cocks twitched inside of them. Suddenly the girls were thrown onto their backs and had two cocks aimed at each of their faces.


Thick creamy milk shot out from the cocks and covered their faces. Another shot landed in their hair, then their eyes, cheeks, neck and breasts. The girls laughed as the cocks withdrew and they saw just how much milk covered their bodies. "We better lick it all up," said Sindy. "Can't have it on our faces all day!" Sindy licked her tongue over her sister's eyes and then her forehead, cheeks, neck and breasts.

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She swallowed the milk, then gently gathered what she could from her sisters hair with her fingers and licked them clean. Cindy then leaned over her sister and began to do the same for Sindy. Cindy's breasts dangled over Sindy's mouth as she took the creamy milk from her hair. Sindy decided to see if the milk in her sister's breasts tasted the same as it did when it came out of a penis.

She took her sister's nipple in her mouth and sucked gently at first. When no milk came out she sucked harder but there was still nothing. Sindy began to panic. She tried the other nipple but there was still nothing. "Cindy," she said. "You've been sucked dry. You have no milk!" "What?!' cried Cindy. "Try me," said Sindy. Cindy took her sister's breast in her mouth and sucked urgently.

"You're dry too!" she said. "What will we do? Now we have no way to pay!" Sindy was about to scream when she remembered something. "No, wait," she said. "Remember what the captain said. Milk doesn't come out for us because we already have milk. It knows we don't need it." "Don't worry girls," said the driver. "Your milk is perfect. Now how would you like a cruise on the harbour? I know a man with a boat who would love to take you." "Can we pay with milk?" Sindy asked.

"Girls," he said. "Your milk will pay for anything in this city. Trust me!"