Hot tranny Michelle X fucks her partner

Hot tranny Michelle X fucks her partner
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Things changed when we got home, mum and dad no longer had to hide their sex games and mum showed me her wardrobe of kinky fun stuff as she called it.


She also dressed as a maid around the house during the day and in whatever rubber or leather items dad chose for her in the evening. They had sat me down knowing how sad I was that I had left granddad, but they promised that now I was a woman all be it still 11, but 12 in one week they would treat me as a grown up as long as I acted that way.

We spoke about sex and mum even offered to show me a few tricks if I wanted to join her and dad in there games at anytime. All I asked was to be allowed to be naked at home and to buy and wear my own choice of cloths, which was agreed and mum asked dads permission to take me shopping for my birthday. I went upstairs and got all my cloths out only keeping the items that I liked, getting rid of nearly all the baby little girl items but not quite all, as while I was doing this I had caught a glimps of myself in the mirror and realised that the top was now a little tighter and this made my very small but growing breasts which I had not noticed while away as I was always naked stand out and the nipples to be easily visible, also the skirt thou already short barely covered my arse cheeks where they met my well tanned legs and of course no bikini lines, I decided then and there no more panties.

I kept in touch with granddad by phone, the internet was not big at that time, and would often masturbate for him while we talked, on one of these chats mum had come into my room wanting to talk to granddad as she talked she put her fingers along my wet slit and fingered me to an amazing orgasm telling granddad everything she was doing which made me even wetter.

I always cried when I got off the phone but also as per granddads orders masturbated yet again thinking of him touching and fucking me. For my birthday they asked if I wanted a party etc but I asked to be taken to a nice restaurant after the cinema, and so all arrangements were made.

The day of my birthday I woke expecting presents at the end of my bed but nothing, I got out of bed and for the first time since I had asked I had slept naked and now walked out of my room with nothing on and downstairs into the kitchen. I stood in the doorway waiting to see what might be said but mum and dad just looked smiled and asked how the birthday girl was feeling.

I smiled and walked over to dad and sat on his lap for a kiss and cuddle making me feel nice. Mum brought over my cereal and asked why I kept looking around, I asked if there were any cards from granddad and she teasingly said that she was sure that she had just heard the postman.

I was off like a shot and there on the mat was a whole bunch of cards, I went back into the kitchen to show them, but as I was about to open the first, dad said I had to finish my breakfast first I was about to protest when he said its what granddad would have told me, they had me hook line and sinker knowing I would never disobey granddad, I told them that was unfair and stuck out my tounge which we all giggled at then I gulped down my cereal.

Each card had was from my poker buddies with a 20 note inside and a naked photo of them and a quick note wishing me well, I opened the last one and looked around then dashed back to the front door no more cards, mum and dad came running after me just as I burst in to tears.

Theres no card from granddad I said between sobs, they looked at each other and said that there was and it was on there bed. They let me go and I raced up the stairs and into there room and got the shock of my life, for there was granddad sat up in there bed having a cup of tea, I screamed and was on him in two steps my arms around him and my lips locked onto his. Eventually I broke of my kiss and they explained he got in late last night and that's why they sent me to bed early and he was staying for a couple of days.

As they were saying this I got the covers down over his legs and grabbed at his cock begging for him to be inside me like he had promised over the phone. His cock grew in my hand and I helped it along by sucking the head into my mouth, he reached around and fingered my slit which was already leaking juices, as soon as he was hard I looked up and asked if he would fuck me, he moved down the bed and I sprang on top of him lining up my pussy and pushing back I pushed nearly half of it in on the first try, I cried out at the sudden pain but nothing was going to stop me fucking my granddad on my birthday.

I widened my legs and pushed my hands against his chest getting his whole length inside me then rising up and down quickly, he told me to slow down but I begged that all I wanted was to feel him cum inside me right now we could do it slow later. I heard a laugh from my left and watched as mum took the whole of dads cock into her throat, then dad said they think the surprise worked, granddad rolled us over and said he wanted to hear how much I wanted his cock.

Straight away I told him how desperate I was and how much I loved his cock in my pussy and kept this up as my face screwed up in an amazing orgasm telling him how much I wanted him cum inside me tipped him over the edge and he slammed into me releasing everything into me producing another orgasm.

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Grandad lay on his back sweating when mum walked around the bed and lowered her mouth to his cock and was just about to clean it with her tounge when I shouted at her to leave him alone, it was my cock I was the only one allowed to clean his cock, im his slave. Grandad smacked me on my arse shocking me, and said that I was only his when he said so and as punishment I was to sit there and watch my mother clean him up.

A grin went across her face as she lowered herself down and kept eye contact with me all the time she slowly licked up every bit of spunk and juice. As I watched tears came down my face, I looked at granddad who smiled and opened his arms and gave me a cuddle reminding me that men ordered and women obeyed, I looked up apologised but new I was going to make my mum pay for that. We went and showered together but granddad not letting me get him hard was frustrating and as we were going to go to the shops I asked granddad to help me choose an outfit.

I showed him the short skirt hoping he would say yes but he got out a loose fitting summer dress.

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I was unsure why until he pointed out that walking normally it was fine, but from the sides my growing breasts were clearly seen when I raised my arms and also it flowed over my bum showing I was wearing no panties and as it was thin material when I sat down I could easily pull the dress upward or open my legs without to much trouble, I kissed him and we went down stairs ready for the mall.

When we entered mum said about going up on the escalator but granddad wanted to go up in the glass elevator, when we entered he pushed me to the glass front and told me to stand with my legs slightly open and as the lift went up he gently pulled my dress up a few inches and told me to look at an oldman by a chair below.

The guy was looking straight at me as we went up to the next floor, as the button was pressed for the next floor granddad looked around and then told me to open my legs more and smile at the man, as I did granddad lifted my skirt a bit more until my pussy was obviously exposed. The man looked around then back at us and smiled and then squeezed his cock with his hand. Just as the lift got to the top granddad leant down and gave me a kiss and still in sight of the man ran his finger over then into my lips and then dropped my dress as we left through the doors.

I asked if he knew the man which he didn't but started telling me how to spot the behaviour as to who would be interested in someone like me. We carried on shopping and granddad looking out for people to show me until we went into a store where I knew some nice bikinis were. As I picked up one I liked I noticed granddad step a side as a good looking man in his 40s went past and granddad said he thought it would be nice for me to go to the changing rooms at the rear of the store a bit louder than he needed to, when mum pointed out some only a few meters away he again loud enough for the man to hear that they were a lot more private and winked at me.

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We went over and he told me to go to the end one around the corner as they were in an L shape, I got changed and granddad stood in the doorway with the curtain open and mum waiting outside, as I looked a smile went across his face and he started talking about this and that and then the man appeared and went into the next room after giving me a quick look.

Grandad smiled again and asked if I wanted to have some fun, he again slightly louder than he needed to told me to remove my bikini and he would be back in a minute with another and not to worry about putting my cloths back on, as soon as he was gone the mans curtain opened and he stepped out in just a pair of speedos and looked at himself in the full length mirror as he turned around and saw me he apologised and asked if I wanted my curtain drawn, I looked at him and smiled realising what my granddad had just set up, then replied why.

The man stammered a bit then said some girls would not want a man to see them naked, I smiled again and said it was ok I enjoyed being naked especially around men, which was true. Um well yes I could see why men would want to be naked near you, you are very beautiful. Thank you you're nice too, as this was happening I could see the bulge in his trunks getting bigger, when he noticed what I was looking at he got embarrassed and made excuses to get changed.

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I waited a few seconds and went into the corridor where granddad was hiding, he whispered that it would make him happy to listen to me suck or even fuck the guy right here, I smiled gave him a kiss and went back to the mans changing room and walked straight in. There he was cock in hand wanking, as soon as he saw me he stopped like a statue. Don't stop please I want to watch you. The man asked about granddad and I told him that I had told him of what I was about to do and he was keeping the coast clear for us.

It took him by surprise and he stuck his head out the curtain, granddad just said its ok shes very good. The man turned and I put my hands on his cock and took it into my mouth, he just stood there looking open mouthed and as I took it deeper he started to moan but not move.


I then saw the curtain move back and both mum and granddad stood there to watch the petrified man as he stiffened up and shot his load into my mouth which I swallowed as much as I could. I gave his cock a quick clean, then mum moved down kissed it aswell then ran her tongue across my cheek licking up the dribbles of cum. Grandad told me to dress as he talked to the man and when they joined us outside the man introduced himself as paul and asked if he could buy me the swimwear as a birthday present and maybe be able to come visit me sometime so he could see it on me.

Will that be ok granddad. Mum invited him for a drink and asked about his home life. Divorced, no kids and living on a mates couch as he had no job at the moment just living of his savings, all the time I sat next to him holding his hand not wanting to let go telling mum not to be so mean and asking granddad for help.

She also asked about other young girls and he admitted to liking but never touching but when he saw me he couldn't stop himself.

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She kept questioning him about stuff and then talked to granddad. After a minute she asked if he was dominant or submissive which amazed me but when he replied submissive my heart sank. Men say, women do was what granddad kept saying, but then the big bombshell, mum told him that it was obvious that I was a dominant female and if he was willing to make me his mistress he could come to ours straight away. My poor paul didn't know what was happing but he obeyed when he had to carry the bags and was eager to obey when he was to undress me and redress me in the changing rooms.

Finally we got home and he put my cloths on the bed, he undressed me and I told him to meet us down stairs once he had put my cloths away which were many and all brought to show off.

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Chapter 5, training my slave under granddads guidance