Steamy extreme sexy brunette babes

Steamy extreme sexy brunette babes
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I have to tell you, at this point I was so turned on I could hardly contain myself. I was so ready to enter Melissa from behind. I had always wanted to do this, but had never had the nerve to approach Melissa with the idea. She was the one full of surprises tonight. And I was glad she was. She was into the rhythm of the group now, waiting for me to come into her back door.

I had seen an undergarment that caught my fancy. It was a dildo attached to a rubber panty, but with the back cut out. The rubber garment sent shivers all over my body, as I stepped one foot into a leg hole, and then the other, pulling it up to my waist and wiggling it into place, like a woman's girdle.

The penis was hollow, and just larger in diameter than my personal dick. I was glad for the enlargement, though I thought it would be better used in Melissa's hot love box, than her ass. Still, I was willing to give it a try. I pulled the apparatus away from my pelvis and slipped it over the tip of my ever-hardening pole.

I found the going a little rough and tight.


While waiting for the timer to sound, I removed the enlarger from my penis and took a small amount of lubricant and applied it to my dick, gliding the thing back over my pole until it rested against my pubic area. It was almost like being in Melissa, but not quite, and not nearly as pliable.

I then applied a generous supply of the thick liquid onto my dildo and then to Melissa's bottom end. I spread her cheeks and eased a finger into her anus, carefully moving it around a little, getting her ready to accept the larger invader.

I was able to place two fingers in rather easily, and felt Melissa reflexively open her hole with her muscles. The timer went off, and my two minutes were up.

I moved the thin pole to her massaged hole, and began to apply pressure. The more she moved into and out of Marv, the more she pressed against my prosthesis. I was able to push a couple of inches into Melissa before she signaled me to stop. I did, and just the general movement of the group was bringing me to a stupor.

When Melissa had gotten used to the feel of the dick in her ass, she reached for me with both hands; as I took her hands in mine, she pulled me to her and my covered penis glided on into her, until my hips were pressed against the back of her legs and my pelvis ground against her buttocks. She gasped and shuddered, and then we both fell into the rocking and thrusting cadence of the group.

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The sleeve dildo was moving up and down my dick. I certainly would have been sore, had I not applied the gel to myself. My balls rocked back and forth, hanging loosely beneath my organ, and slapped against Melissa's rump. It would not take long to climax at this rate.

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It was a good thing the time between joining members was short, or I could not have withstood it. There we were, ten people, locked together with sex members, some natural and some unnatural, moving as one. The sounds of slurping mingled with the slapping of the buttocks by pelvis and other buttocks, as we were lost in a world of our own, unhooked from the natural world we left when we entered the door of this house, suspecting a somewhat regular couples party and getting the shock of our lives.

I did not know who came up with the details and ideas for this party, but I liked it more and more as time went on. I seemed like hours, and had just been about fifteen minutes.

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Whew!! There was a tendency to pick up the pace, probably caused by the newcomer, me, but someone slowed it back down, realizing there were still three more couples to be added, should Adam and Yolanda not back out. Carl and Tracy were next. Tracy was a knock-out gorgeous blonde, and had taken a teddy from the rack of clothing.

She held her arms up and let the slinky garment fall to her shoulders, and come to rest on her size 44DD breasts. She pulled the lingerie down and over her breasts. It stopped just above her blonde pubic hair, swishing against her stomach when she moved. Tracy then found a glass dildo, clear in color and tapered in shape, like a bullet; a large bullet. It was nearly two inches around at the base.


It was attached to a belt that circled her waist and then had straps for her legs, like a man's jock strap. She pulled it on and waited to make the next link, holding the heavy penis in her hand.

Tracy applied the gel and moved to my backside. She readied my anus, like the rest of us had done to each other, giving me a gentle massage and caressing my balls at the same time.

I loved the feel of my thighs against Melissa, the gentle bumping of her buttocks against my pelvis, the massaging of my balls by Tracy, and not the least, the feel of my cock inside the artificial sleeve, as I pumped into Melissa's lovely hind end. I could feel the tip of the "bullet" as Tracy moved into position. When the bell sounded, she let go of my balls, and she placed her hands on my hips and with one smooth motion sank the bullet into the bull's eye, not stopping until the instrument was concealed from view and parked into my dark back hole.

I was startled, to say the least, at the newfound pleasure of being fucked.

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I had never even experimented with the idea of having something in my ass, but it was a great feeling. Don't get me wrong; I am an attracted to a woman kind of man. I had no desire to have a homosexual experience. Yet, here I was, fucking and being fucked.

I felt full back there, and I was. It was not a sexual feeling, yet, just a full feeling. I was glad for the tapered end, as it gave a smooth path for the rest of the dildo.

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I was amazed at how easily it went all the way in, and wondered how much more length I could take. It felt like it was three feet long, though I was sure it was only six or seven inches. I could feel the pressure of Tracy's breasts through the teddy she wore, as they brushed my back, up and down, with the motion of the group, while the hem caressed and teased my buttocks when she backed away from me. I was in heaven. Carl took a battery operated butterfly vibrator, and fastened it around Tracy's waist.

It was designed to give her pleasure in her love box, stimulating her clitoris, and it certainly did that, but I can tell you I could feel it also, every time she made contact with my bum, while she fucked me with her glass dick.

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Carl had donned a pair of pantyhose, previously discarded by Tracy. He told me how it excited him, pulling each leg over his toes and feet, up his legs, and finally into place around his butt and to the waist as he tucked his dick and balls between his legs. I must confess, I had tried on a pair of pantyhose myself once, and was very turned on, but would never have dreamed of putting them on where someone could see me.

This experience had broadened my view. Carl was not hesitant at all, but wore them as if they were natural. I could hear the swish of the hose against each leg, when he had walked towards us. I almost wished I had a pair on, too. I wondered what it would feel like to have a garter belt on, with the metal snaps attached to the tops of the silken hosiery and rubbing against my thighs.

Would I dare to try that out sometime? Only time would tell.


The hose kept his cock in place also, while he fastened on a double dick dildo, and gel-slickened the contraption, as he waited to get into the action.

The lower penis was tilted upwards, just barely, and the upper penis was nearly straight up, like the one somebody else had on. (I could not remember names at this point.) Carl made his way to the end of the line, and readied his wife's love holes. First he stooped over and tongued her from behind, plunging his tongue into her vagina and then into her anus.

He fingered her pussy and her anus at the same time, with three fingers in her slit and his thumb up her ass. He massaged her back, waiting his time to enter the escapade. When the timer went off, she was ready for him, and he was ready for her.