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Horny milf stevie lix gets freaky with gardener
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The past five years have been hard. Jake was home a total of two years, the other three he was deployed, one deployment lasted eighteen months and that was the worst one. She hoped he'd never have another long one like that. She could handle the nine months to a year but she hoped never again would he leave her for a total of eighteen months. It was too much for her.

After she and Anna graduated high school they went to the college closes to the base. They finished and graduated with bachelor degrees. Anna and Henry now lived close to the apartment her and Jake rented out. So her and Anna now hung out a lot more along with the dog her and Henry had gotten two years ago, Monster now had play dates with the dog.

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"Riley are you ready," Anna asked her. Riley looked up and stared at the mirror in front of her and saw Anna standing behind her and smiling. Riley gave a shy smile in return; she was ready but she was very nervous, she's never been so nervous in her life.

Not even taking final exams made her this nervous, she felt sick to her stomach, yet so very much filled with excitement. Anna wore a beautiful red dress that Riley let her pick out. Riley wasn't the type to tell her what to wear like regular brides do. So she told Anna to pick a dress but it had to be red. So Anna picked out a red dress that lightly hugged her curves, the neck line was a sweetheart and it was gathered in the middle where a rose covered it and then it flowed to the ground.

It was simple, but she made it look like it was more. "Yeah, I guess I am," she breathed out as she pushed the chair back and stood. Riley's dress was so puffy; she hoped she wouldn't trip over the damn thing.

"God, you look beautiful Riley." Anna beamed with excitement as she walked over to Riley and fixed the creamy tulle. Riley made sure not to get a white dress because she wanted a cream one, and she was happy that she found one and had it customized to fit her body in the right places.

"Thank you," Riley laughed. "God, you're so lucky you got married two years ago." Anna snorted, "Hey, you were the one who wanted to wait till you finished school, remember?" "You shouldn't be bending down; Henry would have a fit if he walked in here and saw you like that." Riley told her. "Well then he can have a fit, I'm damn tired of him over reacting about everything.


The other day I wanted to get up and make a sandwich and he told me to sit down, I practically didn't have a choice with the look he gave me." Anna sounded annoyed as she stood up and started fixing Riley's hair and dog tags.

She always wore those, and especially today. Riley laughed, yeah that sounded like her brother. "It's not funny," Anna whined. "Seriously if he doesn't stop then he's going to start sleeping on the couch." They both looked at the door when someone knocked.

"You better keep your mouth shut because I know that's Henry," Riley told Anna. "Come in," she yelled. Riley watched the door open and then saw her brother walk in, he was wearing his dress blues and he looked so handsome in it.

He still looked the same as when he did years ago, just much older and with a more muscled body. "Hey baby," Henry said as he walked over to Anna and gave a kiss on her forehead. Riley watched him as he bent down and kissed her swollen belly, which only made Anna smile, she watched as he rubbed it and whispered and then gave her tummy one more kiss before standing up. "Your wearing flats, Right?" he asked Anna.

Riley tried not to laugh when Anna rolled her eyes and said, "Yes, I'm wearing flats, anything else?" "Watch the attitude," he told her. "Well what do you expect you won't let me wear stilettos, Riley gets to wear them," Anna pointed at Riley.

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Riley snorted, "I'm not eight months pregnant." "So what, I can walk just fine in them I could show you if you would let me wear them." Anna said.

"Your not wearing them, now drop it," Henry firmly told Anna.


Riley watched Henry turn his back to Anna, she laughed as she saw Anna stick her tongue out. "I know exactly what you did and when we get home you're getting it." He muttered, which only made Anna cross her arms over her chest and roll her eyes. "So this is what married life is like," Riley said. "No, this is what married life is like when your wife is eight months pregnant with crazy hormones running through her body." Henry laughed.

"I guess I should prepare for that," Riley sighed as she walked to the full length mirror. She had to admit she looked beautiful, the sweet heart neck line had a least an inch thick of small diamonds that went along the line. There was a design right beneath her breasts in the middle and then it changed as it went down to her waist line, then there was another thick inch of diamonds that went around her hips.

From her hips was nothing but tulle, a princess dress, she thought. The bodice hugged her curves just right, except there was a bump where her flat stomach used to be, it was there and it was noticeable.

She stared at the small bump as she turned to her side and cupped it. Her little baby girl was in there. Riley sometimes wondered why she was so tiny and not big like Anna was at fourteen weeks, it looked like she had a small hill on her. But when Anna was fourteen weeks her stomach was bigger and more rounded. "You look fine," Anna beamed. "I wish I looked that tiny at fourteen weeks, now look at me." Riley turned and looked at her huge stomach; she looked like she was ready to have the baby, only she was just eight months.

"I look like a freaking whale," she accused. "No you don't baby," Henry told her as he grabbed the red bouquet of roses from the cherry wood dresser that sat up against the wall.

"Come on Riley, its time, we should have already left." Henry softly told her as he handed her, her bouquet. She looked at Anna and noticed she already had her bouquet of white Lily's that were wrapped together in red ribbon. "God," she murmured as she started walking towards the door. "It will be fine, you'll get over this and after this you'll think there was no reason to be nervous." Anna smiled as she looped her arm around Riley's.

"Yeah, right," Riley said while she rolled her eyes. She doubted that because she was so nervous right now. They exited the hotel room they were getting ready in and walked down the hall to where her wedding was being held.

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As Riley walked closer, she could hear the slow music playing, the traditional song she wanted. She saw the hundred people they had invited, sitting in the rows that were there.

There were tons of people waiting for her, she thought as they walked closer. She tried not to think about that, she was already as nervous as she could get. They were only feet away from walking down the isle. She saw her other two brides' maids waiting eagerly by the door, ready to walk down the isle, in similar dresses like Anna's only theirs hugged their body of course because they weren't pregnant like Anna. Then she saw Jake's two other friends, waiting and talking, in their dress blues.

Which meant Jake was already out there, waiting for her. She watched Henry walk over to them and talk to them, they nodded and walked over to Riley's brides maid and looped their arms with theirs and looked back at Henry. He nodded and Riley watched as the first couple walked out of the door.

A minute passed and then the next couple walked out of the door. Another minute and then Anna left, leaving her alone with her brother.

God, she was going to walk out that door Riley Marie Pierce and walk back in as Riley Marie Clyde. She was going to be married and she sudden couldn't wait to be. She was engaged for so long she didn't think people were even engaged that long, five years Jakes been waiting patiently for this and she was finally doing this, finally walking down the isle. She felt Henry loop his arm around hers, she looked down at their intertwined arms and then looked up at him and let out a deep breath.

Henry smiled shyly at her, "You ready?" he asked her. "Yes," she simply said as her lips formed a smile. She was, she thought.

She was ready to marry the person that she loved the most, the person she planned on spending the rest of her life with and she was doing it for herself not because there was a little girl in her tummy. Riley turned her head and sighed as she took in what was waiting beyond the glass doors. It looked so beautiful outside, she thought as her and Henry started to walk. When she passed though the open glass doors her heart started racing, god she was finally doing this.

"Thank you," she suddenly blurted out. Henry laughed as he tightened his arm against hers. "I would have done this anyways, you wouldn't have had to ask, I'm happy you want me to give you away." he told her as they walked through the tall palm trees.

It was like an isle, with palm trees on both sides of them, they continued walking, Riley thought it was too far as she noticed how much they've barely walked. She still had a long way to go till she stood in front of Jake, but she was happy at the pace her and Henry were walking.

They were coming to the end of the tall palm trees and now Riley could clearly see everything and it looked beautiful. The first thing she noticed was the isle she was going to walk down, white silk covered the isle from the last row to the arch way that was covered in red and white roses.

It was where Jake was now standing, his lips turned up into a shy smile as he watched her approach closer. Riley took a deep breath as everybody stood and turned to look at her as she was just feet away from touching the white silk that was covered in red rose petals. The rows looked nice, the chairs where covered in white material, with red silk material tide into a bow on the back, and there were nine rows of chairs on each side of the isle. Riley couldn't believe they invited that many people, people they've grown to love over the past five years and the most important one was sitting in the front row, her mother.

She smelt the amazing aroma of the red and white roses as a light breeze blew against her face; she smiled as she focused her attention on the one person she loved the most. Barely aware of anything else, she stared at him.

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Jake looked handsome in his dress blues as he stood there with his hands behind his back, his usual stance. She laughed low as she watched him roll his shoulders back, guess she wasn't the only one nervous. He kept his smile though as she approached closer, she was mere feet away from him and soon Henry was going to give her to him. The next steps Riley wanted to take eagerly but Henry wasn't budging, he only laughed as he quickened their pace.

Then finally Henry kissed her cheek and placed her hand in Jake's, Riley stared down at their hands as they intertwined, she looked up at him and smiled then turned to Anna and handed her, her bouquet of red roses. Then her eyes roamed down to his uniform, it was different then the last time he wore it. There were ribbons on the left side of his chest, eight to be exact and Riley hated that he had a purple ribbon just like her brother did.

She wasn't going to think about that right now. Right below the ribbons was a marksmen badge; Riley knew how hard he worked for that. Her eyes roamed to his broad shoulders and down his big arms, where his new chevron was, he just made sergeant, there was also another bar added to the one he already had on his forearm.

Her eyes went to the gold buttons on his dress blues, they were really shiny today, she thought. She smiled as her hand automatically went to her stomach; she'd been doing that a lot lately. She looked down as she felt Jake's hand cover hers.

She hoped he would still be home when she delivered. God why was she thinking about that at a time like this? She stopped and looked up at Jake as the priest said, "Do you have the rings?" She watched Jake as he whistled, and looked where he turned his gaze.

She couldn't believe Monster was there, at the end of his grooms' men, she hadn't seen him earlier because she only had her eyes on Jake.

Riley laughed as she looked at him, Jake had him dressed up, he had a white collar around his neck with a bow tie on it and he was caring something in his mouth. Riley watched as he ran up to Jake as he bent down, Monster dropped a small box into his palm and walked back to the end of the grooms men. So that's why Jakes been spending so much time with him, for the past month Jakes been spending time with Monster everyday for two hours and Riley had no idea why, now she knew and thought it was quite cute, he spent so much time trying to train him to do this.

She watched as Jake opened the small box and took out the rings and handed them to the priest. He did more talking and then gave Jake her ring and told him to hold her left hand and to repeat after him "I, Jake, take you, Riley, to be my wife. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life. I, Jake, take you, Riley, for my lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part." Jake softly told her as he looked her in the eyes; he slipped the ring on to her finger and then brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her.

Riley new she was already crying, she couldn't help it and now it was her turn. She took Jake's ring and held his left hand and repeated what the priest was telling her. "I, Riley, take you, Jake, to be my husband.

I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life. I, Riley, take you, Jake, for my lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part." She whispered to him, she had to stop a few times and swallow and she cried.

The priest said a few more words and then she and Jake said I do. The priest pronounced Jake and her husband and wife and then Jake pulled her close to his body and kissed her. It was their first kiss as husband and wife and it was wonderful. The feel of his lips against hers, Riley let out a low moan and then Jake pulled back and looked at her as he laughed. Riley sighed, she wanted him, has wanted for desperately for the past three days.

She hasn't seen Jake that long because she had last minute things to take care of and then she had her bachelorette party.

But she blamed it on the baby most of the time; she was really horny at random times. She turned around and smiled as everybody cheered, she and Jake started walking down the isle. She was so happy, all her nervousness gone, Anna was right all along. She tightened their hold on each others hands as they continued walking. She was married and she couldn't believe it, she should have married him right after she graduated high school.

She laughed as they got to the end of the isle; they were now heading to the ball room where they were going to enjoy the company of their family and friends. After that Riley didn't know where they were going because Jake wouldn't tell her. For the past four hours, she and Jake had danced and ate cake and enjoined their company. Everybody congratulated them as well as given them gifts, and wished them luck with their marriage. They took plenty of photos with everybody and now it was time to leave.

"Really this is unnecessarily," Riley told Jake as they walked to their room. "Yes, it is. We're not taking a plane in your condition." Jake told her. "I can still fly," she protested. "Why are you trying to argue with me?" he asked her as he kept guiding her to their room.

Riley sighed, she wasn't trying to. It was really nice of him for what he was doing. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to honestly," she softly told him. Jake turned around stopped her from walking; he brought her close to his body, close as he could get her because of her stomach and cupped her face. He kissed her softly, moving his lips against her warm soft ones.

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Riley moaned as Jake kissed her, and again he pulled away and laughed. "I hate it when you do that, why do you have to tease me?" she whispered as she stared at his lips. "Don't deny that you love it," he told her softly. She couldn't because she did, but right now she didn't want it, she wanted him, she needed him.

"I don't want that right now, I need you," she told him. Jake scooped her up and crushed his lips against hers and groaned when she moaned against his lips. He opened the door and carried her inside and then kicked the door shut. Riley pulled back to breath, and felt Jake continue to kiss along her jaw and neck groaning as he nipped her shoulder. "Wait," she panted.

"What?" he questioned as he kissed the top curves of her breasts. "I want to get out of this dress first," she moaned as he nipped the curve of her breast. "Don't worry about that," he whispered as he brushed his lips against her cleavage. "No, I picked something out and I want to wear it" she panted.

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Jake sighed as he kissed his way back to her lips and took them once more before setting her on her feet. "I made sure they put your duffle in the bathroom," he whispered against her neck. He kissed her and then gently pushed her towards the bathroom. He watched her till she closed the door. He looked around the room and sighed, he picked a good penthouse. It cost him a lot but it was going to be well worth it, well for four days anyway then him and Riley would be in Hawaii.

That's where she wanted to go for their honeymoon and he was taking her, well the safe way at least, instead of using a plane to get there they were taking a cruise ship, a very expensive cruise ship. After hanging her dress up on the back of the bathroom door, Riley opened up the duffle and pulled out the lingerie she had bought. She slipped the baby doll on and tied the cream silk material into a bow; Jake was going to like that the tie was in the front right between her breasts.

Then she slipped on her creamy g- string. She looked up and stared back at her reflection, she looked pretty. She cupped her breasts and moaned because they were so sensitive. Then she moved her hands down over her tummy, she smiled as she looked down. She caressed it as she usually did. She couldn't believe she was going to have a baby, and it was going to be girl.

She was so happy when she found out; Jake was as well but even more then her for some reason. She sighed as she walked towards the door and opened it. She stepped out and continued walking towards Jake as she saw him almost naked, he was hanging up his dress jacket. He stopped as he turned and looked at her, a groan slipping past his lips as he watched her walk over to him.

God she looked beautiful, and she was wearing his favorite lingerie he liked on her. Jake watched as she undid her hair and fluffed it out around her face, her dark blue eyes full of desire as they roamed over his upper half body. Jake moved his gaze lower and loved how the halter cupped her breasts, he groaned again as he saw the bow between her breasts, her pink puckered nipples beneath the lace that cupped her full swollen breasts.

He loved how the material was see through, he saw the tiny triangle of lace over her bare mound and the thin string that went around her hips. He loved how it flowed over her rounded stomach. She just looked beautiful and she was now and forever going to be his. Riley watched as he started taking off his trousers, she watched as they fell to the floor along with his briefs. He was just naked now, she moaned as she placed her hands on his broad shoulders and then down his huge biceps, then back up and then down his hard pecks.

She loved his body, loved how his muscles flexed beneath every touch she gave him. Just like now as she kissed his chest. "Baby I want you so bad right now," she softly told him. Riley slid her hand down his chest, down the ridges of his stomach and glided her fingers along his hard shaft. Jake groaned as he slipped his hand underneath the material and caressed her back, he felt her lightly trail her finger over the head, which only made him shudder from pleasure.

She knew exactly where and how to touch him when he needed to be touch.

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She always pleased him in every way and he knew what she was about to do and he wasn't going to let her. "Not tonight Riley," he softly told her as she kissed down his chest.

"Don't ruin tonight for me, please," she whispered as she continued to kiss her way down his abs, she licked those and moaned as she felt his hand slip into her hair. "How do you want it tonight baby," she softly asked him as she kissed around his erected dick. "Anyway baby, you're doing just fine, you know how I like to be teased." He moved what hair had fallen around her face and moved it so it lay against her back, god how he loved her long hair.

Riley heard his breathing pick up as she kissed closer to his balls. She looked up at him and smiled as she gave them wet kisses, she softly laughed as he closed his eyes and groaned.

She felt his hold tighten in her hair as she licked and sucked on them. She kept her gaze on him, mesmerized as she watched the pleasure on his face. She moaned loud and watched his eyes flash open and look down at her. She smiled as she rubbed her hand against her heated pussy, he didn't like that but she was going to do that anyways. Riley kissed and licked up his shaft and moaned while she slipped her hand lower, she moved aside the lace and felt her wetness.

She watched his gaze move down to where her hands were, she moved them back up and rubbed her two finger tips against the head and moaned as she licked her fingers clean. Riley continued her licking and kissing till she got to the underside, she teased it with the tip of her tongue and them saw the pre-cum appear, there was a lot. She gripped him and gave him slow strokes making he groan then she rubbed the head against her lips, she let out soft means as she looked up at him and licked her lips.

It was too much to watch her there teasing him, he already wanted to have her but he couldn't, not without pleasuring her first and making her come.

"Enough baby," Jake softly told her, he gently eased her up by the arms and slammed his lips against hers, both moaning from tasting themselves. She cupped his nape bringing him closer to her so she could deepen the kiss. She whimpered as her nipples brushed against his chest. She was so hot right now, so wet and aching for his touch. She cried out as he thrusted his tongue in to her mouth as he cupped her breasts and kneaded them.

"Oh…Jake," she cried as he rubbed his thumbs over her nipples. Jake scooped her up and walked her over to the edge of the bed where he sat her down. Riley pulled away but he kept kissing ignoring her whimpering as he nipped her neck and continued to the top curves of her breasts.

He loved her breasts; he noticed they got bigger over the years but even more now that she was pregnant, he loved her pregnant though and he was glad that he was going to enjoy watching her stomach grow over the next few months. He nipped her breasts making her cry out; she grasped his head bringing him closer. He groaned as he teased and lick her tight nipple, the lace separating his tongue from touching her actual nipple.

He licked and sucked teasing him and loving her cries as they filled the air, he cupped and rubbed his thumb over her other nipple and then switched sides giving her other nipple the same treatment. He moved his mouth to the silk ribbon that was keeping her baby doll on and untied it with his teeth; he moved his hands to her shoulders easing the lace off.

He looked up at her dazed dark blue eyes and cupped her breasts, she bit her bottom lip as she moaned and looked down at him. Keeping his gaze on her as he flicked his tongue against her pink puckered nipple, he tongued it and nipped the side of it and then brought it into his mouth and sucked hard.

Riley arched her back and cry out as Jake groaned against her nipple. She felt him switch sides and do the same with her other nipple. It was too much, the pleasure, that was the one thing she loved about being pregnant, she had orgasms quicker and they were more intense. "Fuck," Riley whimpered as she arched her back. Jake stopped immediately because he knew what kind of 'Fuck' that was. He was going to make it build. "Mmm, god, I hate when you fucking do that," she whined as she panted.

Jake chuckled as she moaned with each kiss he placed on her red nipples. He moved his hands down to her stomach where he caressed her and kissed her mound. He eased her back so she was lying down on the bed, her legs hanging off. Jake eased his hands down her sides, loving the more defined curves she had now that she had this small hill over her tummy. Jake eased her legs onto his shoulders as he eased off her g-string; he groaned when it just didn't come off her pussy, she was so wet.

He smoothed his hands down her thighs and kissed them as he made his way down to her glistening wet pussy. He groaned as he smelt her aroma, his mouth watered as he got closer to tasting her. He ran his hands up and down her thighs, and then he separated her swollen flushed folds with his thumbs and groaned as he gave her a slow long lick.

"Jake," Riley whimpered as her hands fisted into the bed covers. Oh, god. It was too much, the burning the sensation. She lifted her hips trying to get closer to his mouth and whined because she couldn't her ass was on the edge of the bed. Then she cried out as Jake rubbed his mouth all over her pussy, his tongue rough as he licked her. God, he's never done anything like this before, she moaned deeply. "Fuck," she cried. She was going to come.

"Oh, god, don't stop," she whimpered. Jake groaned against her pussy as he sucked her clit and eased a finger inside her tight entrance, he rubbed that spot she loved rubbed. Riley cried out, clamping her legs together and then apart as they began to shake. Pure bliss was running through her body as she came.


It was building again as Jake kept sucking her clit, she cried out again, it felt amazing as Jake groaned against her clit. He pulled back as Riley's shaking legs started to subside. He stood, keeping her legs against his chest. She was the perfect height, he smiled as he looked down at her, she looked beautiful laying there, her hair crazy, her breasts flush, her nipples cherry red from the sucking he gave them, then the lovely mound she had. He rubbed the top of her tummy and looked at her, her dark blue eyes full of happiness.

He leaned down and gently kissed her lips while he rubbed her tummy. Sometimes he still couldn't believe she was pregnant, but she was and he loved coming home to her and seeing her tummy protruding out of her shirt.

Her stomach was always the first thing he touched when he came home then he'd kiss her, just like he kissed her now. Jake leaned back and gripped his hard shaft and rubbed the head up and down her pussy, making her moan.

"No more teasing baby," Riley whimpered. "You love it," he reminded her, as he rubbed her clit with the head of his dick again. "I do," she panted. "But I just want you too much right now, please fuck me." She whispered. "Don't need to ask twice baby," he whispered back to her as he eased the head down and into her tight wet pussy.

He groaned as he felt her muscles contracting around him, adjusting, sucking him in. He eased out and then gave a shallow thrust, making Riley cry out. "You torturing me," she whined. Jake gripped her hips and eased out till it was just the head and then slammed into her. He pounded into her as he groaned. He looked down at her and loved what he saw, Riley's hands fisted into the bed covers as she bit her bottom lip and moaned, and her breasts swaying as he thrusted faster.

"Fuck me harder," Riley whimpered as she arched her back and bit her bottom lip harder. Jake laughed low; he knew what she was doing. "Don't hold back baby, I want to hear those cries." He groaned again as she tightened around him and then released him, she was getting close again. "Don't worry about who's going to hear you," he thrusted harder making her cry out. "That's my girl, scream for me Ri." One hand let go of her hip and then slapped her ass, making her moan louder.

He slapped her again, once, twice, three times and then the forth a bit harder. "I know how much you love the sting baby," he voice hoarse. God, he was so close now, the way Riley was crying out was really getting to him right now, usually he could hold back till after she came but not this time.

He placed his hand back on her hip and tightened his hold and pulled her hips towards his and he pounded faster and harder, his thrusts shortening as he was getting closer. "Fuck," he groaned. "Riley, come for me baby," he panted. She did after he thrusted two more times, she couldn't hold it back any longer, she cried out his name as her hips moved and her legs shook. She had the best orgasm in her life; well so far, she knew they were going to get better the more pregnant she got.

"Riley," he groaned as he buried himself to the hilt and came inside of her, he could feel his knees starting to feel weak as he came. He braced himself on his hands as he came inside of her; he made sure he didn't put any weight on her. He stayed like that for a couple of minutes as he stared down at Riley. "I love you," he told her before he kissed her lips. "My beautiful wife," he said as he began to nuzzle her neck, then he sighed and kissed her there.

"I love you to Jake," she whispered back, she smiled and she ran her fingers through his dirty blond hair. They both moaned as he slipped out, he got up and went into the bathroom, he was going to do the usual and clean her up. After getting what he needed he walked back into the room and smiled to himself as he saw Riley already under the covers curled up into a ball, she must be tired he thought.

He noticed how tired she was getting lately and knew it was because of the pregnancy, he wondered how long she would keep that up before she actually started staying home from her teaching job, would she still be teaching at the high school at eight months?

They'd have to discuss that later on as she got bigger. Jake walked over to the bed and uncovered her, she sighed as he lifted her leg and wiped her and then dried her.

Then he pulled the covers back over her and went back into the bathroom to get rid of the rags. When he walked back into the room he slid in right next to her and pulled her against his chest.

It was awkward at first because of her stomach but she adjusted herself and then she fit perfect against him. He rubbed her stomach liked he usually did before they went to sleep, it calmed her a lot, he noticed that she went to sleep faster.

"I love you Riley," he sighed against her head. "I love you to Jake," she whispered back. She kissed his chest as she rubbed her thumb over his bicep. Riley laughed softly to herself. "What?" Jake asked her, he was amused. "Who would have thought I would have ended up marrying the boy who lived down the street?" she softly said.

"I knew baby, always knew it was going to be you." he kissed her head. They laid there, content and happy as there breathing became even and they fell asleep. Epilogue Riley woke up again not feeling well, she moved around feeling for Jake and her hands came up empty.

Oh, god. Had he left? She quickly sat up and realized she shouldn't have done that, her head was now pounding; she sat there waiting for it to go away and waiting for her eyes to adjust. She looked out the window and saw that the sun was barely rising, she turned to look at the clock on their nightstand and sighed, it was six in the morning.

Where was Jake? She got out of bed and after using the bathroom she grabbed her dark navy blue silk robe and slipped it on. She opened the bedroom door and quickly walked down the hall and descended the stairs and saw Molly sitting on the couch with a bowl of cheerios in her lap. She ate them with her hand as she watched cartoons on the T.V. She looked up and smiled, "Mommy!" Riley still couldn't believe how much Molly looked like her, she had her dimples and smile, her long wavy hair, same creamy skin tone, but her eyes weren't like hers though for some reason she had Jakes hazel green eyes.

"Hey sweetie, where's daddy?" she asked Molly. Riley watched as her daughter thought about it, "I don't know?' she answered. "Ok honey finish your cartoons then its time for school." Riley softly told her. "Ok, mommy," Molly turned her attention back to the cartoon she was watching. Riley continued walking and stopped and let out a sigh of relief as she saw Jake sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and reading the news paper, he was in his uniform as usual.

"Thank god," she sighed. Jake looked up and smiled at her, he was now beginning to get crows feet but Riley didn't mind, it actually made him look more sexy. "When are you going to realize that I'm not leaving?" Riley walked over to him and sat on his lap, "When your year is finally up," she laughed.

Jake had one more year of service and then he was done, retired at age thirty-one. "Well, I'll be stationed here for the next year, not deployed, I'm not leaving. How many times do I have to tell you that to convince you?" he asked as he rubbed her back.

"Baby I'm trying, it's just hard to believe that you won't be leaving and this morning-," "You thought I left because I wasn't there when you woke up?" he sighed. "Molly woke up early and I didn't want her to wake you so I brought her down here to watch some cartoons." He took a sip of his coffee and then put the mug down.

"I know you haven't been feeling well so I thought you could sleep in for a bit before you had to get ready for work, I even got her dressed and ready." "Thank you," she cupped his face and kissed him. Jake couldn't help himself he slipped his hand under her silk robe and cupped her bottom; he gave it a little tap and groaned as she wiggled her butt against his hard on. "Not fair," he softly told her.

Riley muffled her soft laugh as she kissed him. "We haven't had morning sex in a while." She told him in between kisses. "It's been three days and that's not my fault, its your." He told her as he undid her tie, the silk opened up to him, letting him see her flushed breasts and her puckered pink nipples.

She moaned as he cupped her left breast and gently rubbed his thumb over her nipple. He bent down and kissed it, he flicked his tongue over it and groaned as he took her nipple into his mouth and began to suck.

Riley cupped his nape, bringing him closer as she let out soft moans. Then in a few seconds she was covered up again, her robe tied and Jake had his coffee in his hand. Then she heard foot steps behind her and knew Molly was walking towards the kitchen. "I didn't even hear her," Riley whispered against his neck as she rested her head on his shoulder.

Jake chuckled, "You were to busy moaning." Riley lightly smacked his chest which only made him laugh again. "Mommy can I have some chocolate milk," Molly asked her. Riley sighed as she got off of Jakes lap and walked towards the cabinet to get a small cup, she walked to the fridge and pulled out the milk and in not time she had chocolate milk, she handed it to Molly as watched her walk out of the kitchen.

After she put the milk and chocolate powder away she braced her self against the kitchen sink, she still didn't feel good for some reason. She felt Jake behind her and then felt his hands untying her robe once more.

He kissed her neck and his hands roamed over her hips and waist, were he then cupped her breasts. Riley leaned back against his chest, loving the feel of his hands on her. Before she knew it she was sitting on top of the counter with her robe wide open. "Now where was I?" he whispered as he cupped her breasts and brought one to his mouth and began sucking again while he kneaded the other. It felt amazing, his warm tongue on her nipple as he sucked and teased. Then she felt sick, the more pleasure she felt the more sick she got.

She pushed him back and leaned over the sink as she felt it coming only it didn't come. "Baby what's wrong?" Jake suddenly asked her as he fixed her robe. Riley didn't honestly know. "I don't know?" she said as she waited for the feeling to come back. This was the first time she actually felt completely sick the other three days she just didn't feel good and went about her day just drinking water and crackers trying to settle her stomach, only right now she felt like puking.

"Are you late?" Jake suddenly asked. "Late?" she asked confused. "Riley are you pregnant?" Pregnant? She honestly hadn't thought about that. It clicked though, everything made sense and she was late by a week but she thought it was because of stress, apparently not. "Yeah, I think I am." She whispered as she looked into the sink. "I'll find out in four hours anyways, I have a doctor's appointment." She made one two days ago because she didn't know why she was feeling sick, she didn't know why it wasn't going away.

But she knew now it was morning sickness. "I hope it's a boy," Jake softly told her as he touched her stomach. "What?" she said, he wanted another baby? "I hope it's a boy, we already have a little girl and I want a boy." He told her as he stared at her stomach. "I didn't even know you wanted another baby," she told him as she turned her gaze back on him.

"Of course I want another baby, I've wanted one for the past two years but you were still young, you were young when we had Molly and I didn't know if you would want another kid so I never said anything." He told her. Riley didn't know what to say, she wanted more kids be didn't tell him because she didn't know how he would take it, he hated being away from Molly, he missed almost three years of her life and Riley knew how hard that was on him so she didn't ask for another one because that would have been worse.

Not seeing two kids. "Are you sure?" she had to ask. "You have Connor." She told him. "Connor is Henry's boy, a adorable nephew but I want my own little boy Ri." He told her as he looked her in the eyes. "Besides I think its perfect timing, Molly's almost six and I'm almost out." he whispered. It was perfect timing. "What happens if I'm not pregnant?" she asked him "I still want a baby, I want another one and I hoped to god it's a boy." He told her as he leaned in and brushed his lips against hers, he gently kissed her and sighed as he rested his hands on her waist.

"Ewwww!" Jake and Riley both turned their attention to their daughter and laughed as she had a disgusted look on her face, Monster walked in behind her to see what the commotion was about. Riley sighed as she looked at her husband and daughter; her hands went to her stomach, another baby, she thought. Could her life get any better?

She smiled to herself as she stared back at the two people she loved, no wait three people, their was going to be three people she loved, she thought as she rubbed her tummy.