Two brunette teens in sexy lingerie

Two brunette teens in sexy lingerie
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Frank wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his glove and continued to prune the Seymour's roses. It was 12:45, and like clockwork, he heard Dee and her friend Tanya wander through the back garden. He peeked out from behind the flowers and saw them walking barefoot to the gazebo with a picnic lunch. Dee wore her customary, lightweight flower print dress.

Her bright smile and golden corn silk hair gave her a goddess like beauty. Her dress hugged her hips and highlighted her perky tits.

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Dee's ha rd nipples pressed against the thin cloth, making it obvious that she wore no bra. She saw Frank working in the garden, flashed him a broad smile, and waved. Frank waved back and pretended to prune the flowers; instead he watched the women.

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With short dark hair and olive skin, Tanya was Dee's opposite. Her full, round face matched her full rounded body. A skimpy halter-top left vast portions of her giant jugs bare; her dangerously short cut-offs exposed wide moonbeams. The pair sat in the shady part of the gazebo. Frank moved around some other bushes where he could watch without being seen. The two women fed each other ripe peaches and plums from the basket. They let sweet juice run down their chins, allowing the other to lick it up.

When they were satisfied, Dee closed the basket and put it aside. With the warm sun on his back, Frank stared as Tanya stood in front of Dee and put one foot up on the bench.

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Her whole broad ass was hanging out of her shorts; the crotch was wedged between her smooth cheeks like a thong. The dark one leaned forward and kissed the goddess hard on the mouth.

It was clear who was in charge today. Frank slowly crept closer. His cock hardened and pressed against his shorts as he watched. The blonde dug into Tanya's crotch and began rubbing her pussy.

Tanya reached out and tweaked a nipple. "Oh, so wet already," Dee, said. "I'm always wet for you, Baby." As they kissed, Dee undid her lover's shorts.


Tanya took her foot off the bench and her shorts dropped to the ground. She stepped out them, turned around and shook her booty. Dee giggled and slapped her ass. Tanya untied her halter, flung it off to the side, and motioned to the blonde to join her in the center of the gazebo. Dee stood and took her dress off. She stepped forward and pressed her firm naked body into Tanya's warm, yielding flesh. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed.

Dee took a half step back, put her mouth to Tanya's heavy tit, and suckled her broad nipple.

The dark woman groaned with pleasure. Dee put one thin pale hand on Tanya's ass and the other into her thick, dark bush.

Frank stopped pruning. He couldn't even pretend; he was totally consumed with watching the women fondle one another. After putting the sheers in his back pocket, he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock.

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A few good strokes and he was fully hard. Tanya stroked Dee's golden hair, grunting as she slipped her finger into her hairy cunt. "Lick me bitch. Get down on your knees and lick me now!" Dee unlatched her mouth from Tanya's nipple.

Her finger still diddling the hairy pussy, she kissed the full breasts and soft belly. She stopped only to tongue Tanya's belly button, making Tanya giggle. Kissing her way to the thick thatch, she kissed and licked from corner to corner. Tanya moaned with satisfaction and put her hands on Dee's head.

The blonde kissed her way down the side of the dark bush, then kissed the inside of her thighs. "Lick me now," Tanya demanded. Dee complied by parting her pubic jungle, spreading her pussy lips, and licking her hard clit. "Yes! Oh Baby, that's it right there." Frank couldn't bear it; this was too thrilling. Transfixed by the blonde licking the brunette, Frank didn't care if he got caught jerking off in the Seymour's garden.

Besides, he lied to himself; anyone would have to be dead not to be turned on by sexual show in the gazebo. He stopped fondling his cock and dropped his shorts around his ankles, leaving his ass naked and warmed by the sun. He started again by grabbing the base of his cock with his thumb and index finger, wrapping the rest of his fingers around the shaft.

With long, firm strokes, going from base to tip, his balls welled in pre-orgasmic clench. He tried to muffle the grunts and groans that involuntarily escaped his lips. Tanya shifted her stance; she widened the position of her feet and bent her knees slightly so that the blonde could better lick her. As Dee tongue-fucked her, she pinched one nipple then sucked on the other.

Her hips rocked and rotated; her moans came in a continuous stream. They all knew that she was close to cumming. Dee worked the dark beaver with determination. She licked hard and soft and faster and faster. Tanya quivered, her fleshy belly and thighs and breasts shaking.

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"Oh YEAH," she yelled. Frank wondered if they had heard at the main house and would be coming to investigate. Watching Tanya pull Dee to her feet and kiss her passionately on the mouth, made him forget anyone who might be coming.

Dee went and sat on the bench, her butt close to the edge. She leaned back, brought her heels up to touch her ass.

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Spreading her knees wide, she bared her smoothly shaven cunt and gleaming wet pussy lips. Tanya dropped to her knees and still naked crawled across the floor to Dee. Tanya placed her hands on Dee's hips. She lowered her mouth to the bald quim and licked as if it were her favorite ice cream.

Dee groaned.

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She wrapped her fingers in Tanya's thick, dark hair and pulled her face to her dripping pussy. Tanya slipped a finger into her cunt; she gently probed and wiggled until Dee squirmed and let out a long continuous moan. Frank felt the sun on his butt and heat in his groin.

His knees began to weaken and his thighs shivered. The muscles in his ass started cramping. He was breathing hard. Cum pushed from his constricting balls into cock; ejaculation was imminent.

Dee's moans were making him wild. Tanya licked the bare slit from bottom to top where she tongued Dee's clit. Dee's head rolled from side to side; she massaged Tanya's head.


"Oh Honey, that's it. Oh yeah, oh more, oh more, oh more. Lick my clitty, oh yeah. Just like that." Dee pulled her heels off the bench and wrapped her thighs around Tanya's head. Frank couldn't take anymore; he stroked his cock hard and fast. Hot cum blasted through his shaft, spurting out the head and splattering the bushes, his shorts, and his hand.


Dee gritted her teeth and grunted loudly. "Oh, oh, oh," she said. Her whole body trembled with orgasmic ecstasy. Opening her thighs, Dee helped Tanya to her feet and kissed her. "Oh Honey, that was wonderful." As Frank pulled on his shorts, he watched the two women get dressed. He picked up his sheers and resumed pruning, wondering if his ass were sunburned.

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Tanya carried the picnic basket and walked in front. Dee stepped out from the gazebo, turned, and waived to Frank. "See you next week," she said with a smile.