Ariana Jollee taking an Ass Pie

Ariana Jollee taking an Ass Pie
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Surely Sarina didn't want to keep my dick locked up for more than when she was around. "What about my wife?

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She can't find out about this." I protested. "I know I told you this before, your bitch wife doesn't matter. I own you and I will do with you as I please. Would you rather found out about this," She nudged my caged cock, "or would you rather she found out about you fucking her daughter?" There was nothing I could do.

I was dammed no matter what. It was a decision of choosing the lesser evil. I had to figure a way out of this whole situation. I was a slave in my own house to my own indiscretions. She had me lay on my back with my head near the couch. "You're gonna learn s lot today so pay attention fair. She coveted my face with her feet.

"Clean my soles thoroughly with your tongue, white boy. It does not matter how dirty my feet might be, my desires and self-worth are all that matter. Suppress your pathetic base urges and dare not show any sign of disgust or resentment. Apologize to me, to make certain that I am aware that this is an honor and a privilege for you. Thank me for that. Swallow the sweat and dirt, and don't forget to clean thoroughly between each toe.

Humble yourself. Show me that I am valued, revered as a true Nubian Goddess. There is no room for ego or pride in your life anymore.

It is all for me. Surrender to your true feelings." As she spoke I followed her direction, taking time to clean her. Going further than the previous times cleaning my cum of her feet. Just like worshipping her ass, I started to get into my role. Her words were almost hypnotic. The more I submitted myself to the role, the harder my dick got. The metal chastity cage prevented me from a full erection. That just fueled my desire to worship my new Goddess.

It was an ugly cycle. After an hour of slowly, tediously Licking and sucking on every part of her divine feet my mouth was dry and my tongue sore. My cock hadn't softened the entire time; a cage was sticky with precum as evidence. "You're learning bitch." The Black teen pulled her feet off my face, "Now go make us lunch." She turned on a TV show I was unfamiliar with that had an all Black cast as I left the room.

I returned a short time later with a couple frozen dinners I had heated up.

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I sat down next to her. The plump Black Goddess sighed in disappointment, "You're going to have to work on your cooking skills, and white faggots don't belong on the furniture or deserve dishes." My plate of food was snatched away as I moved to sit on the carpet. Sarina scoped all the food into a dog bowl on the floor that hadn't been there before I went to make food.

She started picking at her meal with a fork occasionally talking a bite. "By trying to sit on the couch with me or eat food with dishes and silverware you are saying that we are equals.

You couldn't even measure up to be a Real Man, what makes you think you're even close to being the equal of a Real Woman. You are a slave, not a person." All the while I silently watched as she belittled me. Pointing with her fork, "What's wrong faggot? You expect me to eat this shit while you won't?

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Eat." I moved to pick up a bit of chicken with my fingers. Sarina made a disapproving noise. It took me a second to realize what she wanted. I got on all fours and took a tentative bit of food in my mouth. I waited to make sure I guessed correctly them took another bite. "You see faggot, whites, especially males are worthless. You are property. You are animals. You are slaves.

The only reason to keep you around is for the pleasure and entertainment of the Superior Black Race." The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent worshipping Sarina's feet or ass or serving as s piece of furniture. My favorite was when she sat on my face. She called it her throne. I could smell her divine pussy but her underwear, and the blackmail, prevented me from doing anything about it. Needless to say I stained against the chastity device most of the time.

The whole time she talked about what she called the Black World Order. How one day the world would be ruled by Blacks. That the other races, whites more so, would be slaves to their Black Gods. She 'educated' me on the white man's place and how to behave. What was expected of me. She did give allowance for how I could behave while my wife was present, at least until she found out about my status as a slave. Most of it sounded like a bunch of BS.

But it's not like I had much choice in the matter. I had become her slave through my poor choices. I doubted I would be free of this slavery any time soon.

So I listened.


Early afternoon came, Sarina ordered me to get dressed. By her direction we went to her home, making me park a couple blocks away. No one was home at her place. Upon reaching her bedroom she ordered me to strip naked again. I was trepidations about being nude in the bedroom of a sixteen year old girl. What if her parents came home? I'm sure her father would kill me or at very minimum kick my ass and call the cops.

Though I knew I had little room to argue and complied.

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The dark skinned Goddess dug through a stack of newly delivered boxes, "You might want to call your whore wife and let her know you might be late." I phoned Monica letting her know I was going out to a bar with a couple friends. As I lied to my wife Sarina was pulling item after item from her pile of boxes and get backpack. I set the phone down and waited. She handed me a bottle, razor and a towel. "Get rid of all that hair from the head down.

Nadir what you can shave the rest." She unlocked me from the chastity cage and pointed me to the bathroom. I worked as quickly as I could to rid my body of hair.

It gave me a new appreciation for what women go through on a daily basis. The shower was running child by the time I finished. Sarina inspected me and shaved the couple places I missed including the insides of my butt cheeks near my ass.

I stood there as she applied a lotion to my entire body, it smelt flowery. Then she put deodorant on my and toped it with attaching the cock cage back on my manhood. Next was the clothing. I wasn't prepared for what she had in mind. First on was the garter and fishnets followed by a maid's uniform and high heels.

Then came the ball gag. I about jumped out of my skin when the front door slammed shut and a man bellowed out, "Sweetie I'm home." I mumbled into the gag, a sense of panic growing.

I could not be found here. Sarina slapped me hard, yelling,"Remember your place faggot!" The assault brought my panic back under my control.

"Got someone here with you, sweetie?" The unknown man called from down the hall. His boots landing loudly on the hard wood flooring as he approached. My panic was returning. I tried to move away to hide and Sarina firmly grabbed my balls from under the skirt. She squeezed, pulling me back in front of her, "Yeah daddy, I have that worthless white boi I was telling you about over." I was shocked.

I'm not sure which I was shocked more about; her father about to walk in on the perversion that was going on, or the fact that she had told her father about me. A giant of a Black Man stepped into the room.


He was well over six foot tall and had to weigh over 300 pounds. His shirt clung tightly to his overly defined muscular body. I about sit myself as he moved next to me, squeezed my ass and smiled. The sound of Sarina's phone taking a picture drew my attention away from the huge Black Man.

She smiled, "Thank you daddy." She put the phone away. "I'm proud of you Sarina. You're just becoming a woman and you already have two white slaves." He hugged her and looked back at me, "Let me know when this one is trained, I'd love to rape me some white boi pussy." He squeezed my ass one more time and left.

The young Goddess spritzed me with some perfume. Then pulled out a PVC rubber mask that vaguely resembled the face of a Barbie doll. She reached into her panties and played with her pussy a bit and wiped her wet fingers of under my nose. She then forced the mask on me, I could no longer see or speak and I could hardly breathe. Finally she added website I could only guess was a wig. A few more snap shots were taken off me. I was led into another part of the house by my hand.

I smelled and almost tripped several times because of the heels and being blind. Leather cuffs were attached to my limbs and neck. I was then strapped down to a piece of furniture in a doggie style position, my legs spread and my ass exposed.

The room went silent.


I was alone, restrained and dressed as a girl. I want sure what was going on. I was scared. I'm not sure how much time had passed, minutes maybe an hour. Somewhere nearby in the house a shower started. My muscles were starting to get tired from not being able to move. A large rough hand startled me. At once I knew who it was, Sarina's father.

He groped my ass check followed by the other. He groaned; his voice low and quiet, "It's been a long while since I got a fresh piece of faggot ass." His hands roamed up my back and down my legs, slowly sliding over my steel caged dick and ended back on my ass.

He thrust into me, grabbing my hips. I could feel his bulge through his denim pants. He gyrated his hips, pressing harder into me. "I love how white pigs scream and scream when I stick them with my cock. Some pass out from the pain, but all of them come back wanting more." He continued dry humping me, putting more and more weight on me. He reached up and fumbled around with my dress until he found one of my nipples. I screamed into the ball gag as he brutally twisted my nipple.

That must have been the breaking point for him.

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He stepped away from me. The distinct sound of a zipper being opened frightened me more than I would have ever imagined possible for such a mundane sound.