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Blonde frauen ficken
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Incestuous Bedtime Tale (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Three: Daughter's Incestuous Surprise By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Avalon Young September 2037 It was my first day of college and I was horny. I had my suspicions why, my hand rubbing at my belly as I snuck through the hallway. My heart beat fast. I felt so wicked. I should be in class, but. It was all so boring. There were better things to be doing than sit in class.

I had this itch in my pussy that I needed to scratch, and there was only one way to do that. My heart pumped hot blood through my veins. A professor stepped out of a classroom.

I put on a bright smile and nodded to the teacher, a woman in a bronze blouse. She gave me a smile, assuming I had some reason to roam the hallway during the middle of class. I wanted to whistle in delight as I moved across the campus. Since my daddy worked here, I felt like I knew this place already.

I had come here as a child all the time. Maybe that was why I found the first day boring. Or maybe it was because I was horny. Could I use that as an excuse as to why I was skipping a class? "Sorry, but I had to be fucked by my daddy because I was just too horny?" I grinned as I said that aloud, my hands rubbing at my belly.

This wicked heat surged through me. It had been a month and a half since I'd lost my virginity. It had been a wonderful summer break. I skipped in delight, my hair fiery hair swinging about my face. My skirt swished. I reached the athletic building. I felt real wicked as I sneaked into the boy's locker room to find my daddy's office. If I knew his schedule, he should be in his office.

He didn't have a PE class to teach right now. I licked my lips as I entered this forbidden room. It felt so naughty. Boys changed here. I bet they would love to have a nubile, eighteen-year-old girl wander in here while they were showering. They would all like to do naughty things to me. Too bad for them, I was a daddy's girl through and through. I reached the door to his office. I could hear a chair creaking in there. I smiled and then I pulled off my top, baring my round breasts constrained in a purple bra decorated with white polka dots.

My breasts jiggled as I reached behind me. I unhooked the fastener. I dropped it down to the ground. My titties were out, in the boys' locker room. A wicked heat rushed through me. I wiggled back and forth, just so aching. I needed to do such naughty things. I wanted to have a pussy full of cum before my next stop. I dropped my bra. I imagined a boy wandering into the locker room and finding a girl's pile of clothing out here.

I'd bet he'd wonder who my daddy was fucking. Me! I unzipped my skirt and dropped it down my thighs. My matching panties hugged my crotch. I thrust my thumbs into the waistband. I stretched out the elastic band then shoved my panties down, baring my shaved pussy. Mommy did that for me before my first day of college. She was the best. I was glad that we were both Daddy's little girls. I wanted to have my own incestuous daughter.

A third generation bred by daddy. I would raise her to love her daddy, waiting for her to become an adult so she could lose her virginity to him. He'd be old, but I knew he could get it done. I stared at the door, knowing this was where Clint had given Daddy the advice to seduce Mommy.

If he hadn't, I wouldn't be here. That was so amazing. This naughty rush shot through me. Then I realized that I never had my bedtime story finished. How did their date go? I was about to burst into the door and enjoy Daddy when a wicked idea appeared in my mind. I scooped up my clothing and darted from the door. I stashed my clothes behind a bench. I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks.

I ran into the shower area and turned one on. The hot water sprayed over me. I shuddered as it landed on my naked flesh. The spray coated my eighteen-year-old body. I hummed as I ducked my head under, letting the water soak my red hair.

My nipples tingled as the spray splashed on them. My rump clenched. My hips wiggled from side to side. It ran down my body to my pussy, coating my flesh. It was just a treat. The door to Daddy's office opened. "Who's showering?" I trembled as I heard him emerge. His footsteps approached the shower area. My pussy clenched. This hot rush shot through me. I ran my hands up and cupped my breasts, squeezing them. His footsteps paused.

I knew he was looking at me.

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"Ava?" he asked. "What are you doing here?" I glanced over my shoulder at Daddy. He had on the tight, white t-shirt that coaches always seemed to wear and blue shorts.

His chest was broad. He had red hair, a shade similar to me, though he had speckles of gray mixed in there. His green eyes flicked up and down my body. I giggled and squeezed my titties, my hips wiggling as the water rolled over me. "Ava?" Daddy asked, approaching. "You should be in class." "I bet you always wanted to fuck a girl in here," I said, my heart pounding.

"Well, here I am." "God," he groaned. "Your mother never did anything like this." "My mother was a sweet and innocent girl who didn't have two depraved parents that turned her into a sex fiend," I said. I spread my legs apart and leaned over.

"Mmm, come enjoy me, Daddy. Get naked and let's have fun." He groaned, but I knew he could see my juicy pussy. He knew I had a dripping hole that needed his cock. He just had to saunter up and do something about me. I placed my hands against the shower wall, the water flowing down my back to my rump. With a growl, he ripped off his shirt, his chest broad and muscular. He kept in such amazing shape. Then he thrust his shorts down, taking his boxers with them. His hard cock popped out.

My pussy clenched. I wanted that big shaft in me. I wanted my daddy to fuck me so hard. "You can't be doing things like this, Ava," he groaned. "You're going to get us both in trouble." "Today is special," I moaned. "It's my first day of college. That's special. A Daddy should enjoy his nubile, naughty daughter in the shower on a day like that.

So come get naughty with me." He peeled off his shoes and socks, then stalked forward. His green eyes, the same shade as mine, burned on me. I smiled in delight. This was so hot. I was so happy I got to enjoy this.

I bit my lip as he came closer and closer. Daddy fell to his knees behind me. I groaned as he grabbed my rump. Then his face nuzzled into my pussy. I gasped as he just ate me. I leaned forward, arms bending as the water fell down my back. Daddy's rough whiskers rasped on my sensitive vulva. "Ooh, do I taste different, Daddy?" I groaned as his tongue lapped through my folds. "Different?" he asked. He took another lick. "Not really.

That same tangy delight of my sexy daughter." I smiled. "Mmm, okay. Just keep licking me. Ooh, yes, yes." He jammed his tongue so deep in my incestuous pussy. He swirled it around, teasing me, driving me just bananas.

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I gasped and moaned, wiggling my hips, grinding my hot snatch on his face. His whiskers felt incredible. They teased me. Caressed me. Made me feel so wild. I trembled and groaned. His tongue thrust into my folds. I gasped as he swirled around inside of me. I shuddered, savoring the wicked feel of his tongue darting through me.

He lapped at me, teased me, made me feel like I was precious. "Oh, Daddy, I love you!" I moaned. How could I not love my hunky daddy when he ate my pussy like this? "Ava, you're going to get me in so much trouble," he panted. "Damn." "It'll be worth it," I moaned. "Just eat my naughty, schoolgirl cunt. Mmm, yes, yes, feast on me. Whenever you need pussy, Daddy, I'm here." "What a little hellion you are," he groaned and then licked his tongue up through my pussy to my asshole. I gasped as he rimmed my sphincter.

That was so naughty of him. The water poured down my back, making me shudder. My breasts swayed before me, drops beading on my pink nipples. I groaned, my butt-cheeks clenching about his face. I reveled in his rasping whiskers caressing my silky skin. His hand stroked up my right thigh. I shuddered as he reached my pussy.

He stroked through my hot flesh, teasing me, His finger pressed between my folds, sending all these naughty flutters through my body. "Oh, Daddy, yes!" I groaned. "Ooh, you're just so amazing.


Mmm, don't be afraid. Jam that tongue in my butt-hole. Eat out my schoolgirl ass. You're such a pervy coach!" "Damn," he groaned and then thrust two of his fingers into my pussy. I gasped, my head snapping up. The shower spray rained on my face. The water poured down to my neck and sheeted over my breasts. My nipples drank in the sensation as his digits pumped in and out of my juicy twat.

"You want to fuck that hole, don't you!" I moaned. "Yes, you do. You want to fill my pussy full of all your cum!" "Goddamn, what a teasing brat," he groaned and thrust his tongue into my asshole. "Yes!" I moaned in delight. Daddy's tongue wiggled through my asshole. He swirled around inside of me while his fingers buried over and over into my pussy. He felt so incredible. My body shuddered as my orgasm swelled so fast. My juicy twat gripped his digits. The friction built and built, making me shuddered.

My breasts jiggled, water flicking from my nipples. I moaned into the shower's spray as Daddy's tongue made my asshole feel so good. So naughty. The heat melted into my cunt full of his fingers. My eyes squeezed shut as he plundered my rectum. His fingers pressed deep into me.

I gasped and moaned, my voice echoing through the boy's locker room. We could get caught at any moment. Wonderful. This naughty delight surged through me. He fucked his tongue in and out of my asshole, stimulating me. It mixed with the silky friction of his fingers in my twat. He buried so deep into me, making my nubile body tremble. "Daddy!" I squealed and came. Stars burst across my vision. Kept my eyes squeezed shut, the water splashing on my face as I bucked and cried out.

The pleasure rippled out of my pussy. Waves of incestuous passion that spilled through my body. It crashed into my mind. My asshole convulsed around his tongue, naughty tingles joining the fun.

He plunged his fingers in and out of my writhing cunt. He stirred up my twat with those naughty digits, sending more and more waves of ecstasy to drown my mind. My entire body felt so warm, bubbling with the taboo thrill. "Daddy!" I howled. "Fuck my pussy! I want your cum in me. I want you leaking out of me!" "Yes!" he growled and rose.

I shuddered as his fingers ripped out of my still-climaxing pussy. My convulsing flesh felt so empty, so in need of being full. I whimpered and threw a look over my shoulder, my eyes snapping open to focus on Daddy. "Fuck my schoolgirl cunt, Coach Young," I purred in a coquettish voice. "Mmm, you're just so sexy, I had to sneak in here and seduce you.

I'm young and fertile." "My little Ava!" he croaked. "You're going to be the death of me." "But you'll go out exploding in my tight, schoolgirl pussy!" I moaned.

"Fair trade!" "Yes!" he growled and buried in me. My spasming twat rejoiced. Another incestuous rush of bliss surged through me. My pussy convulsed harder around his cock burying to the hilt in my flesh. His balls smacked into my clit. That wonderful impact sent a shudder of rapture through me, my orgasm intensifying. Daddy's cock was in me, fucking me at school. What a wonderful way to start my college career.

My pussy spasmed around him. My hips wiggled. I stirred my pussy around his dick, my flesh writhing and spasming. "Yes, yes, yes!" I howled as this wicked passion rippled through me.

"Oh, Coach Young! Such a bad man. Taking advantage of me while I was showering." "You came into the boy's locker room, you little tease," he growled, slamming his huge dick into me. The dick that started me in Mommy's womb. "Just a cock-teasing, little slut," he growled, thrusting into me hard. His hands slid up my wet body as the shower sprays fell on my tits now. I arched back into him, his hands caressing higher and higher.

"You wanted this!" "I did!" I moaned, squeezing my pussy around him. "Oh, yes, yes, Coach Young! Fuck me! Fuck my naughty cunt! Ooh, ram into me! Show me how to be a woman! Yes, yes!" The roleplay only enhanced my orgasm. It was nonstop bliss rippling through me. Every plunge of Daddy's cock into my hot flesh kept it alive. I groaned then gasped as his hands swept up to my round breasts.

He gripped them. Squeezed them. I squealed in delight as his fingers brushed my nipples. Twin jolts of delight electrified my body down to my convulsing pussy. My cunt spasmed harder around Daddy's cock. I worshiped his dick slamming into me. It was the best thing in the world. It was amazing. I groaned, my eyes fluttering as he rammed into my spasming depths over and over.

He kept me cumming. Kept the incestuous celebration bursting through my youthful body. "Such a pervy coach!" I moaned. "Ooh, just fucking your cute student so hard." "When she's a slutty, little brat, I will!" he growled. "I'll fuck any girl that comes into the boy's locker room and shakes a cute ass at me." "What would your daughter think, Coach Young?" I gasped, my body trembling, my mind melting under the waves of pleasure.

"That she should sneak in here and enjoy her Daddy's big cock!" "Yes!" I howled, my pussy convulsing around his dick. "She would love it. You could breed her like you're going to breed me!" "Fuck, Ava!" he snarled and pounded me. Our wet flesh slapped together. This stinging impact of his crotch smacking into my rump echoed.

His fingers dug into my breasts, gripping them tight as he fucked me like an animal. My body responded. I loved it. My daddy was a stud. I howled out as my orgasm intensified. Waves of ecstasy drowned my mind. It was so hard to think, to keep playing that wonderful game as the pleasure just kept coming.

Climax after climax burst through me as Daddy plundered my pussy. He slammed so deep into me. So hard. His heavy balls smacked into my clit. Pleasure burst from each impact, feeding the euphoria devouring my body.

The hot water soaked my tits held in his heaving hands. Water ran down to tickle my clit. My butt-cheeks rippled and my cunt spasmed around his dick. "Cum in me!" I howled. "My little Ava!" he growled. His cock buried to the hilt in my spasming depths. His cum fired into me. Hot blasts of jizz that made me shudder and gasp. Stars burst before my eyes. I groaned as I felt the spurts of his incestuous seed flooding me. My pussy milked him.

Darkness devoured my vision. I swayed beneath the intensity of this moment. I groaned and gasped as my cunny wrung daddy dry. He groaned, squeezing my tits as he spurted the last drops into me.

"Damn, Ava," he groaned. "Oh, damn, that was amazing." "Mmm, I'm glad you enjoyed fucking me, Coach Young. Such a bad, bad man." "So bad," he groaned. He held me, nuzzling at me.

"I just want to keep holding you, but the period will be over soon. You have to get out of here before the boys arrive." I sighed. "You're right. Only you and mommy can see my delights. They're just for you two." I turned around in his embrace, his cock popping out of my pussy.

I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him while clenching my cuntlips closed, not letting any of his jizz escape.


I trembled, buzzing from the intensity of all my orgasms. He held me tight for one glorious minute, our tongues dueling, his lips tasting of tangy cream, then he broke away from me. I panted, wanting to just fall to my knees and suck his half-hard cock into my mouth.

But the boys were coming. And I had another stop to make. I dressed quickly as Daddy did the same. With a pussy full of cum, I rushed out of the locker room. My wet hair clung to me as I hurried through the halls. I felt energized.

That was the best thing in the world. I crossed through the campus, heading to my next stop. I was such a wicked girl to do this. I felt like I owned this campus.

I wanted to teach here. This was where my parents' relationship started. At this college. If it wasn't for that Clint guy fucking all his sisters here, I'd never have been born. This place was special. I reached the school's nurses office and headed in. It was a small room, two beds with a privacy curtain around each. At a desk, Nurse Wilson sat, her light-brown hair falling in a loose mass around her face. She was Mommy's age, still looking cute as she wore her flowery hospital scrubs.

Her daughter, Heaven, was in my grade. She glanced up at me with curious eyes. "It's. Avalon, right?" she asked. "Your Coach Young's daughter." "Yep," I said. "I need a pregnancy test. Do you have one?" The nurse arched an eyebrow at me. "Well, I see your father didn't waste any time, did he?" "Nope," I said. I lifted my skirt and shoved down my panties. "See." Nurse Wilson blinked as she stared at my shaved pussy.

"Um, I see. At school? Well, I can't be one to complain. I had my fun at this campus, but you know it takes longer than a few minutes to know if you're pregnant. It could take hours for the sperm to even find your egg. Sometimes, fertilization happens days later after you had sex." "Oh, I've been having sex for over a month," I said. "Ever since I turned eighteen!" "Uh-huh," the nurse said. "You're going to be a naughty girl, aren't you?" I grinned at her. "Your poor father." She shook her head.

Then she stood up and headed to a counter, a wedding ring flashing on her left hand. She opened a drawer and pulled out a rectangular box.

She handed it to me. "Just pee on the end, and we'll find out." "Is it accurate?" I asked. "Very," she said. "There's a special hormone that you produce while pregnant. It shows up in your blood and urine very early on. In fact, we can tell how pregnant you are by how much of it is in you, but that test just detects for it." "Ooh, neat," I said.

"Thanks!" She shook her head. "You know not everyone approves of what you're doing. You should be careful about who you show this sort of stuff." "But I thought you and your brother." I grinned at her. "Right? Daddy mentioned that." A smile grew on Nurse Wilson's lips. "Yes, my brother and I have been lovers since I was your age.

And, well, he knocked me up at that same age. So I hope your Daddy bred you." "Me, too," I said and darted for the door. I so hoped I was. I wanted to be bred right off the bat, but two weeks after losing my virginity, my annoying period came.

It should have come five days ago and hadn't. So I hoped, hoped, hoped I was pregnant with Daddy's child. With his daughter. I sat on the toilet, thrust the pregnancy test between my thighs. I shuddered and then I pissed on the end of the stick. I groaned as my urine flowed out of me. I leaned back. It was such a wicked delight to take this test. My excitement mounted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Melissa Young "So, what's this I hear about you skipping class?" I asked my eighteen-year-old daughter when she darted up to my car.

Students were streaming out of the main building. They all looked so young. I didn't remember the kids looking so young when I was a student here falling in love with my father. I was picking up Avalon since there was soccer practice he had to coach. Avalon gave me a wicked grin. Her round breasts jiggled in the tight, pink blouse she wore.

Her fiery hair swayed around her face. She had our father's green eyes, not blue like mine, but other than that, she looked a lot like me.

She had my nose and ears, my chin. "Well?" I asked. "I'm pregnant!" she said and then opened the back door of the car and climbed in.

My jaw dropped. "Already, you little minx?" "I wasn't as fast as you, Mommy," she said and, to my shock, pulled off her panties. She dropped the purple, polka dot underwear on the car's floor, her legs spreading wide. Her pussy had fresh cum leaking out of it.

"When I told Daddy, he just had to pump me full of cum. Soccer practice is starting late." "He fucked you twice at school?" I asked.

I'd heard about their shower romp in detail. I remembered being too terrified of doing anything at college. "What a precocious thing you are. And what are you doing." "Why, I want my mommy to lick me clean," she said. "Mmm, come eat my bred pussy full of Daddy's cum." This wanton lust shot through me.

I groaned. There were people around the parking lot.

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We could be discovered. I mean, things had changed in the eighteen years since I started college, but it still felt so wild to do this. Such a risk, but. My little girl was pregnant. Daddy had bred her like me. I couldn't help myself. I climbed into the backseat. I grabbed her thighs. I leaned over and inhaled. The salty scent of Daddy's cum and my daughter's tangy pussy mixed in my nose. "You are such a bad girl," I moaned.

"I know, Mommy," she said, not a hint of guilt in her tone. I buried my face into her shaved, sloppy twat. I thrust my tongue into her juicy cunt, scooping out her tangy juices and our daddy's yummy cum. This was my daughter's bred pussy. I licked and lapped at her flesh. It sent such a wicked thrill through me. My granddaughter and my half-sister grew inside of Avalon. It was incredible.

I ate her pregnant, cum-filled twat with such hunger. My daughter moaned, her slender thighs gripping my head. She clung to me, rubbing her pussy against my lips. My tongue darted through her folds. I licked her. I lapped at her. I gathered up her cum. This wonderful delight surged through me. My pussy clenched, soaking my panties. I was such a wicked mommy for letting my daughter have her way.

I loved spoiling her. "Oh, Mommy, yes!" she moaned, leaning against the back door. Her hands squeezed her breasts through her blouse.

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"Mmm, people are moving through the parking lot." She giggled. "They have no idea you're lapping at my pregnant cunt." I slid my arms around her legs. I lapped at her. I tongued her. She gasped and moaned, her pussy humping against my mouth. She smeared her cunt against my hungry lips, soaking me with the incestuous mix of our daddy's cum and her juices. Her moans echoed through the sedan.

The seat creaked beneath her as she trembled and squirmed. Her breasts jiggled in her top. Her eyes squeezed shut. She licked her lips and then groaned again, my tongue darting to the depths of her pussy. I licked and lapped out her jizz. Voices echoed just outside the car. A pair of friends laughing and joking. They could notice our wicked, incestuous fun.

They could find me eating out my daughter's pussy. I whimpered, that wicked heat surging through my body. I groaned and feasted harder. She whimpered as the talking grew closer. They were nearby. I wrapped my arms around her legs. I pulled her pussy tight against my mouth.

I thrust my tongue deep into her bred cunt. I attacked her. Lapped at her. I loved her. A car door opened closed. Tires crunched as the car backed up, its electric engine quiet. We escaped this time. "Mommy! Mommy!" she moaned, her youthful face twisting with pleasure. "Oh, yes, Mommy!" "Mmm, such a wicked, little girl!" I moaned. "Seducing your mother with that pussy full of your daddy's cum." She whimpered and groaned. Her pregnant pussy humped against me. She gasped as my tongue darted through her folds.

I loved her. Worshiped her. I savored every bit of her juicy, tangy passion as I quested for all of our daddy's cum. My pussy soaked my panties as she moaned. I wanted to touch myself, but I was just so focused on pleasing my daughter. I wanted to make her cum. My tongue darted into her bred depths. My tongue swirled through her sheath. "Oh, wow, Mommy!" she moaned. "Ooh, clean my pregnant pussy. Yes, yes! I love you, Mommy!" "I love you, too," I groaned.

My heart pounded in my chest. "Mmm, your pussy taste so good full of Daddy's cum." She giggled. "Can you taste I'm pregnant?" "Mmm, your pussy does taste a little naughtier," I told her. Then I thrust my tongue into her depths. She gasped. Her back arched as bliss burst across her face.

Then she humped and ground her pussy against me. She gripped my face with her sultry thighs. Her hands squeezed my breasts. She kneaded them. I groaned and feasted on her. I thrust my tongue into her pussy. I wiggled my tongue through her folds. Though I'd run out of cum to eat, it was still a delicious, incestuous treat to enjoy. I fluttered my tongue. My nose brushed against her clit. Her breasts jiggled.

I lapped up to her clit and nibbled on it. She gasped. My hands grabbed her rump. I squeezed and kneaded her. Her body bucked. Her moans echoed through the car. Her head tossed back and forth, her fiery hair dancing about her face. "Mommy, Mommy, yes!" she gasped. Tangy pussy cream flooded my mouth. I reveled in the taste. I gulped all the juices down as she bucked against me.

Her head tossed back and forth. Her fiery strands danced around her flushed cheeks. Her thighs squeezed around my head. "Oh, yes, yes! I'm pregnant! Mommy! Mommy! I'm going to be a mommy!" I pulled my face from her pussy, my own cunt on fire. I panted as I stared at her flushed beauty. I grinned at her. "I am so happy that you're pregnant. This is wonderful news." "Thanks, Mommy." She leaned back against the seat. "Ooh, you eat pussy so well." "I love it," I told her.

I sat up, my heart racing. I was starting to get worried about being caught with her. "Mom," Avalon said, giving me a hard look, "you know, you never did tell me how it went." "How what went?" I asked. I grabbed my purse to grab a wet wipe. I had pussy juices and cum dripping down my face.

"Your dinner date with Daddy. I never got the next part of the story. You and Daddy never told me. You promised to." I smiled. "Mmm, well, you were having so much fun playing with your new toys the next day." I bought her a wand massager for her birthday.

She loved using the thing. "So, tonight, we'll tell you a new bedtime story!" "Yay!" she squealed.

I slipped into the front seat and set the car to drive us home. She joined me in the passenger seat and said, "I'm pregnant and getting a new bedtime story! This is such a wonderful day! College is awesome." I rolled my eyes, "Wait until the homework starts piling up and we'll see how much you like it." She blinked. "Let's not talk about that. Let's just focus on getting ready for my bedtime story, okay?" She sounded so grown up and so childish all at the same time.

A catch filled my throat. She was growing up. She was going to be a mother. Tears burned in my eyes for a moment. I blinked them back as she babbled about the fun she had with her Daddy when she told him about being pregnant.

What a naughty girl. The rest of the afternoon and evening passed in a blur. I drove Avalon home, made dinner, and then we ate as a family. Avalon was bouncing with excitement, pregnant and horny and eager to hear about that magical evening. Three times, we had to make her sit her down and work on her homework. She was lucky not to be in trouble for skipping class, but she had a note from Nurse Wilson.

Jenny was a good friend of mine. We had bonded near the end of our freshman year when we were both round and pregnant, bred by a family member. Her mother had been my gynecologist. Finally, it was bedtime.

Avalon was waiting for us, naked and nubile, squirming on the bed, her round breasts jiggling. She had such a feverish light in her eyes. I turned off the light, slipped out of my robe, and sauntered naked to the bed. Daddy pushed off his shorts and joined us. We slipped around our daughter. "I was so nervous as I got ready for that night," I told my daughter. She latched onto my nipple and suckled like a baby.

I groaned, my pussy clenching at the wicked heat that surged through me. "I had to be perfect. My makeup. My hair. It felt like a real date even though he was my father. I felt guilty about these emotions, but he'd awakened me to what a handsome man he was." "I was sweating bullets waiting for you," Daddy said.

"And then you came down the stairs." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Coach Harrison "Harry" Young October 2018 My stomach twisted and writhed.

I wanted this night to be perfect. I wanted to guide her towards being my lover. I was certain I loved Melissa for herself, and not because she was replacing her mother. My chest felt so tight. I was ready to move on. To have happiness again. Even if it were illegal.

My gorgeous daughter. I'd be crucified if the truth ever came out, but I didn't care. The stairs creaked. My heart beat exploded into a wild gallop as my gaze shot to the stairs. The rustle of clothing. Then her feet appeared. She wore heels. I'd never seen her wear heels. They were black, a single strap around her ankle. Only two inches, but they were breathtaking.

More and more of her slender legs appeared.

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Her thighs were lush and sleek. Then her black skirt appeared. It had a shimmer to the cloth. It swirled about her legs and then clung to her hips. My heart pounded, my cock twitching. The cloth cupped her small breasts. They had a firm jiggle to them, the cloth hugging them. It was clear she wore no bra. The cloth covering her breasts narrowed to thin straps that went around her neck and tied into a knot, the only thing holding up the dress.

Her shoulders were bare, her red hair falling down to kiss her pale skin. Dangling from her ears were diamonds. Her mother's earrings.

I'd given my daughter all of Rachel's jewelry after she passed. All save for my wife's wedding band. I groaned as I saw her face. She looked so adult. Her makeup had transformed her form my little girl into a woman. Eighteen but gorgeous. My heart wanted to fall out of my chest.

I swallowed, the heat pumping through my veins. My stomach roiled. This was really happening. My little girl. She stopped before me, staring up at me with this expectant look on her face. "Do I.?" The trepidation in her voice made my heart ache. "Oh, Melissa, you're breathtaking.

You look like a woman." I grabbed her arms, pulling her close. My thumbs stroked her silky, warm skin. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to just plant my lips on her.

"I can't believe how amazing you look. You're gorgeous, honey. You're a beautiful woman." This wonderful, innocent blush crossed her cheek. She had no idea what I wanted to do to her. How I wanted to pin her to the wall and kiss her.

Love her. I wanted to hold her in my arms and never let her go. How could I tell her? How could I let her know the depths of my feelings without frightening her? I didn't want to scar my daughter. I felt like such a beast for wanting to ravage such a young, innocent creature. Virginal. Sweet. Delicate. I beat down my lust.

"Shall we?" I offered my arm, my black evening jacket over it. I hadn't worn it in years. It was a little tight, but it fit.

She took it, her fingers delicate as they clasped my wrist. She smelled radiant, this sweet, flowery perfume. I breathed in and. It was her mother's favorite scent, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum. It must have come from the bottle I bought right before Rachel passed.

The scent tingled my nose. I fought back the tears. "Do I really look beautiful?" she asked. I cleared my throat. "Honey, you are radiant." "Like Mom?" I hesitated. "Honey, your mother was a beautiful rose, and you. you're a blossoming tulip. You're both gorgeous, but you're not your mother. You are your own woman. I'm lucky to have had you both in my life." She beamed at that.

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Then she leaned up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I felt the heat of her lips on me the entire way to the restaurant. I wanted to keep reaching over and touch her. To caress her legs as she sat beside me, trying to look so adult and yet. there was this hesitation in her. She wasn't completely sure of herself. She was hovering on that wonderful line between maturity and innocence. I couldn't help myself. I casually put my hand on her knee, feeling her warm skin. I squeezed her. "You are just gorgeous." "Daddy," she said, her voice strained.

"You don't have to keep saying that." "Sorry," I said, my thumb stroking her skin, getting her used to my touch. "I'm just realizing that you're a woman. That my little girl has blossomed into a beautiful flower." A flower I wanted to pluck.

She smiled at me, bright and innocent. She had no idea what I wanted to do to her. That this wasn't just a father complimenting his daughter. My chest was so tight on the drive to the restaurant. I kept my hand on her leg and the other on the steering wheel. We arrived at the restaurant, a cozy, Italian delight that had been my wife's favorite restaurant.

I slipped out of the car and hurried around. I opened the door and took Michelle's hand. Her bright-red cheeks dimpled as she smiled. She let out a giddy giggle as I took her arm. "I always wanted to come here," she said. "Mom always talked about how she loved it when you took her here.

Made her feel special." "She was special," I said. "So are you. You deserve this." She pressed closer to me, clutching tight to my arm. We entered the restaurant, our reservation waiting. The maître d didn't bat an eye. My daughter looked so grown up, so he must have assumed she's my date and not my daughter.

That sent a wicked thrill through me. "Follow me, Mr. Young," the maître'd said, a bright smile on his face. He led us through the restaurant. My daughter clung to my arm, trying to act adult even as I could feel her girlish energy animating her. We passed other couples eating their dinner, enjoying their evening. We moved through the restaurant to the back where a cozy table lay. The maître d lit the candle in the center then nodded to us.

The place had a dark, romantic atmosphere. A nervous squirm ran through me. Was it too much? Would she realize it? "This is amazing," she said as I held out the chair for her.

I smiled, my eyes falling down her cleavage as she sat down. I felt like such a perv, but she was mouthwateringly gorgeous. My cock ached in my slacks. I wanted to adjust myself as I headed around the small table. I sat across from Melissa. I couldn't help but stare into her face lit by the dancing candle flame. She had a big grin on her face. She looked around, drinking it in.

She sat straight, her little breasts cupped in her black dress. "This is so amazing," she said, looking around. "I can't believe we're doing this, Daddy." "Me, either," I said, my mouth so dry. "You can get whatever you want. No matter how expensive." Her eyes lit up.

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She glanced at the menu for a moment. "I don't even know where to begin. Mommy used to say that you'd order for her. That it was, um, fun when the guy did it for his date. And, well." "Sure," I said, smiling at her. "I know just what to get you." She smiled again and then her blush seemed to spread down her neck. She glanced at the wine glass, her fingers playing with it. Her digits were so delicate, her nails painted an elegant red. The hue matched her lipstick. Striking. I wanted to reach across the table and take her hands.

The tightness in my chest grew and grew. She was gorgeous. I didn't care that she was my daughter. That she was only eighteen, half my age. She was perfect. The candlelight danced in her blue eyes. "Um, if you want, you can have some champagne," I said.

"I won't tell anyone." She giggled. "Neither will I." We shared a smile. It was so natural, like she'd been my lover all her life. My blood pumped so hot through my veins. Our eyes connected. Was it my imagination? Did I feel this magnetic pull to her? Did she feel it? My hands flexed, wanting to take hers, to say the words beating in my heart.

Then she looked away. She glanced around at the others. I took a deep breath. I needed to control myself. She thought I was just being a sweet father. I couldn't start reading more into it.

I had to go slow. She was just blossoming. If I rushed her, I would bruise her petals. "This is wonderful," she said, her eyes sweeping around.

She glanced at the wall beside us, noticing the carving on the trim. "I feel like I'm your date, not your daughter." "Yeah," I said. "You could pretend, you know. That we're on a date." Was that too far? She licked her ruby-red lips. They were so bright. So kissable.

"Okay. I think that sounds fun. I mean. I feel so grown up and." She looked down at her dress. "I can't believe I'm wearing this. It's so. so sophisticated." "It fits you," I said. "You're becoming a woman.

You are just radiant." Her eyes lit up. She beamed at me. God, I wanted to kiss her. Just grab her hands. Say those words. She had to hear them. I couldn't be a coward. I had to ease her in, and those words. They might just do it. They worked on her mother.

"Thank you," Melissa said. "For this dress. For this evening. I just." She swallowed. "I'm just so glad to see you smiling again." "It's hard not to when I have such a wonderful daughter." My hands reached across the table.

I had to do this. I took her hands. I gripped them.

They felt so warm. Her fingers clenched about mine. Her eyes widened. "You are special, Melissa." "Daddy," she said, her blush deepening. She squirmed. Her breath quickened, her small breasts rising in her blouse.

The diamond earrings she wore glinted. "You're wonderful, too. I just." She swallowed, shaking her head. "This is a special evening. Thank you." "You're welcome." I took a deep breath and squeezed her hands. "I just love you so much. You know that?" My heart thundered against the pressure squeezing about my chest as I waited for her answer. What would she think?

That I was just being her father, or would she realize I meant more. That I wanted this to be a date for real. I wanted to kiss her. To love her. I wanted to hear her answer. To be continued.