Japanese maid hardcore group sex

Japanese maid hardcore group sex
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When I was 11-years old, I liked to spy on my big brother and his friend by using my little sister's baby room monitor.

I would hide the transmitter in our bedroom, and then listen to them over the monitor from our treehouse in the backyard. My brother and his friend were both 14, and they would talk endlessly about how they played with their dicks, which they referred to as jacking-off or beating their meat.

They also talked about cumming, which my 11-year old mind confused with coming. Coming where? I would think. But after a few weeks of listening, I figured out that coming and making sperm come out of your dick was the same thing. They both seemed to use the word sperm and come in the same manner. I heard my brother's friend use both words in the same sentance.

"By the time my cum stopped squirting, I was covered with sperm." My brother's friend said.


Listening to them say these things would always make my dick get hard. They would described in great detail how they played with their dicks and stroked them until cum shot come. Since I couldn't make any sperm yet, I didn't see any point in pulling my dick out to play with it. I assumed that penis play for an 11-year old was limited to squeezing it through my pants.

But an older guy named Walter would teach me otherwise. He was 17-years old and lived down the street from us. Whenever I would see Walter out in front of his house cutting the grass, or washing his van, I'd always stop to talk with him. He was always nice ever sincer he and his parents moved in a year ago. There where other older boys on my street that I had known my entire life, but none treated better then Walter.

Most of them went out of their way to be mean, but Walter treated me like a friend. Hell.he treated me like royalty! I had just got done listening to my brother and his friend for nearly an hour. They talked all about jacking-off, hard dicks, and squirting come until his friend went home. I got bored and went to go ride my bike up and down the street. That's when I spotted a giant tool box next to Walters van.

I didn't see Walter, so I decided to coast up his driveway and wait a few minutes to see if he'd come outside. But when I pulled up next to the huge toolbox, I saw his legs sticking out from under van. "Watcha doin' Walter?" I asked. "Hiya Chico! - who's that with you? He said. "Who? - There nobody with me." I said. "Oh, okay. So what's happining sexy?" Walter said. "Oh my gosh! Don't call me that.

You called me that a few days ago too, how come?" I said. "Because you are sexy. You're gonna be driving the girls crazy. Do you have a girlfriend yet?" He asked. "NOWAY! - YUCK WALTER!- Girls are stupid!" I said. "That's true, but if you won 2 free tickets to Disneyland, who would you go with, a girl or a boy?" "A boy!" I said without having to think about it.

"Why a boy and not a girl?" Walter asked. "Helloooo! - It's Disneyland! - Anything is more funner with a boy then with some stupid girl." I said. "I couldn't of said that better myself!

- You know what Chico? You're smart and sexy!" Walter said. "Oh jeeze!" I said feeling warm on my face and neck. The fact of the matter was that I liked it when Walter called me sexy. But I didn't ever want anyone else to hear him call me that. I suspected that Walter didn't want to be overheard either by the way he looked around before saying it.

I guess you could say that I had an innocent boy-crush on Walter even though I didn't understand the mechanics of it all. Walter said that I was the coolest kid on the street, and no matter how many stupid questions I asked, he never got tired of answering them, or annoyed by me asking them.

That's what some people said about me, that I was annoying but not Walter. And today was no different as I sat there on the ground, handing tools to him. I was intrigued by all of the hairs on his legs. I had seen his legs before, but never from this close up.

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He even had them above his knee, and all the way up until his shorts covered his legs. "Walter?" I asked "What? my little sexy Latin buddy." Walter said, but only loud enough for me to hear. "How come your legs are so hairy?" I asked. Walter started to talk about body hair, and how every boy grows hair on different parts of his body, and not just ontop of his head. He even talked about pubic hair, and how it sprouts around every boys dick sooner or later.

He even talked about his own pubic hair and how he started getting hair around his dick before any of his friends. My dick was starting to get hard as explained how the first place that a boy will notice hair sprouting, is around his dick before he gets and on his legs.

"So everytime you see a boy sprouting hairs on his legs, it meants that he already has some growing all around his dick." Walter said "Really? - My brother has a little hair on his legs. So that means he has hair on his dick, doesn't it?" "Yep! - I guarentee it!" Walter said. I had been looking Walter's hairy legs ever since I got there, and at some point, I put the palm of my hand on one of his legs to feel the hair.

It felt much softer then it looked. He didn't say anything to me when I started, and I assumed that he tell me to stop eventually. So, I just kept rubbing while I waited for him to say that I had felt his hairy leg enough, but he didn't.

The longer I waited, the longer the strokes became as I rubbed my hand up and down his leg. And the more that I did that, the more my dick had to fight for room inside of my pants.


Walter wasn't wearing any shoes, and before long I was caressing him from his feet, all the way up to his knee cap. But then he straightened his leg out and this allowed my to keep rubbing when I got to his knee, and continue to feel much further up his leg.

Walter didn't say anything about that either, and before I knew it, I was stoking his leg from his ankles, all the way up into the leg openings of his shorts. That's when he moved his foot and placed it right on the area of my pants where my boner was. I was sure that he'd be mad when he found out that I had popped a stiff one. But instead, he started wiggling his toes and proceeded to make it even harder. He was making me feel so good that I started using both hands to rub his leg. From the way we where positioned, it must have looked like Walter's leg was a giant dick, and I was stroking with both of my hands.

It was like I was in a trance and I didn't snap out of it until I heard Walter calling my name. I hadn't heard a single word that he had said since his foot came to rest on my rock hard boner. "Oh sorry! - What did you say Walter?" I asked.

"I asked if like the way my foot feels on your boner?" Walter said. "Um.yeah." I whispered. "Your hands feel great on my leg - Hey! since my mom and dad won't be home for awhile, how'd you like to go inside and check out my bedroom? - We can rubbing each even better in there if you want?" He said. "We can?" I said excitedly. "Sure, I'll even take off all of my clothes so you can play with all places that I have hair." Walter said.

I didn't say yes or no, but quickly got to me feet and waited for Walter to crawl out from under his van.

We never said a word from that moment, until we where inside of his bedroom. Walter told me to turn around while he got naked so it would be a surprise when I turned back around. He must have tore his shirt and shorts off because I don't even think I could have counted to 10 by the time he said "Okay, you can look" It was, and still is the most amazing sight that I have ever seen.

Like a tree trunk towers towards the sky from the forest below, Walter's big fat dick was protruding from a forest of curly hairs at the base of his giant dick. It was about 7 inches long, but to me, at that stage of my life, Walter's cock was huge. "Wow Walter! - Your dick is huge!" I said. He gave me a little show by turning to the left and right, and then completely around in circles. The profile view of his boner is an image that has been burned into my mind that will never be forgotten.

Suddenly, I started to feel uncomfortable. Not by where I was, or what we where doing. It was my clothes that where making me feel uncomfortable. I could remember times when I wanted to take my clothes off, but this was different. I needed to take my clothes off, I needed to be naked for him, and the feeling was urgent.

"Can I take get naked too Walter? - Please! - I got a real stiff one and everything" I said. "Sure you can sexy! - I'm dying to see all of that dark Latin skin.

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Especially the stiff parts" He said. "Okay! - turn around cuz I want to surprise you too." I said. I stared as Walters butt cheeks the entire time that I was getting naked. I couldn't help noticing that from behind, Walter didn't have any hair at all until you looked at the lower part of his legs. But even the backs of his legs where nowhere as hairy as the fronts.

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"Okay, turn around." I said. Walter turned and just looked at me standing there naked. I had seen my dick looking as swollen as it did at that moment. He said that I was beatuiful and picked me up and held me my naked body up against his. He supported me by holding a butt cheek in each hand. He let me slide down just a little, and I could feel my balls come to rest on the shaft of his big dick.

It was like I was tree climbing and straddling one of its sturdy branches. From a mirror on the back of Walter's bedroom door, I could see a profile of us, and how his cock was sticking out passed my tiny butt.

I could see his entire dickhead, and a couple inches of shaft. It looked really cool, but that couldn't even compare to how it felt to have that big warm dick between my legs. We fell onto his bed together and started laughing. But then, Walter layed flat on his back, with his arm and leg pointed towards all 4 corners of the bed.

"Okay, sexy! - Go ahead and feel me anywhere you want" He said. And I resumed rubbing his leg as I had done outside, except this time I rubbed it all the way up until my fingers touched his hairy balls. Evertime I did that, his big thick boner would twitch all by itself. I was hearing the voices of my brother and his friend talking about stroking thier cocks up and down until sperm shot out all over their stomachs.

I gathered up my nerve and asked Walter if I could try something that I overheard my brother and his friend talking about. "But I have to try it on you, because I'm not old enough for it to work yet." I said. "Go for it sexy! - I'm yours to do whatever you want." He said. I reached out and picked up Walter's dick and pulled it away from his belly.

His boner was stiff but not nearly as hard as my boner gets. But his was so fat that my fingers barely made the trip around his cock to touch on the other side. I started moving my hand up and down and Walter really seemed to enjoy what I was doing to his dick. "Wow! - That feels really good Chico. You look so sexy with my dick in your hand." He said.

"It's called jacking-off, and its supposed to make your sperm come squirting out." I said. "Yeah, I know all about jacking-off and your doing great. You're gonna make me cum pretty quick." He said. "I am! - I doing it right and everything," I asked. "Hell yes!

- You do it better then I do it to myself." He said. I told him that I heard my brother and his friend talking about how good it feel to cum, and that I could hardly wait until I was old enough.

Walter winked at me and told me that as soon as I made his cum fly, he'd show me a little secret that my brother and his friend obviously didton't know about. Well.that only fueled my fire and I started to pick up the pace in which I stroked him. I was going so fast that you could only see a blurry image on my hand, and that started Walter to making noises like soft little Ooo's and Aww's.

"Of fuck Chico! - You're really gonna make me cum! - I'm fuckin close! - Oh yeah! - Get ready! - Oh fuck! - I'm gonna cum!

- I'm gonna cum! - Here it comes! - Oh man I'm cumming! - I'm Cumming!" Walter shouted. As I sat on his legs, I pulled his dick back and pointed it at my belly just a thick rope of creamy liquid came flying out and squirted on me. I actually heard the sound of it splattering against my belly and then an even bigger blast came shooting up in the air. It landed in a long line across front of my body from right to left. It started at the right side of my belly button and went all the way up to me left nipple.

Then another squirt hit me near the first squirt, and the rest just seemed to slpatter out in different direction. That part got all over Walter's stomach and the sides of my legs.

He just kept stroking his fat dick until he told my to stop. He said that it tickles if you keep stroking after all of the cum has squirted out. When he looked up, he was shocked to see that 75% of his cum was all over the front of my body. It looked like more then what came out because it had started to drip downward in more directions then it hit me at. He looked at the tiny amount on his belly and asked my why I had made it squirt all over myself.

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"Because you said that I could do whatever I wanted. I'm sorry!" I said puffing my bottom lip out like I had just gotten in trouble.

"Oh no, it's okay sexy! You didn't do anything wrong, but if you would have told me I could have gotten on top and squirted it all over you. But you still did a great job!

You look so sexy with my cum all over you and dripping every which-a-way. Are you ready for your surprise now? He said. "Yeah! What is it! - Tell me! - Tell me!" I said bouncing up and down. "I know a way to make you feel like your cumming, ya want me to show you?" Walter said.

"Yeah! Show me! - Show me!" I said. I watched as Walter moved to the edge of the bed so his legs hung over the side. The he placed both of his on the matress the long way above his head Then he told me to crawl on my hands and knees over him towards the pillows.

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He grabbed onto my hips and stopped my when my boner was directly over his face and gave me my final instruction. "Okay sexy. I want you to lower your dick towards my face and lay the down and hug those pillows becuase your not gonna believe how good this is gonna feel." He said. Well as soon as I lowered my hips down it felt good. I felt my entire boner being sucked unto his warm mouth. I made one of those noise and didn't even intend to. The feeling just kept getting better and better by the second and I collapsed into the pillows and hugged then tightly.

I uncontrollably made my very first sex noises of my life and that where twice as loud as Walter's. It's amazing how nature works and how I had the instinct to start pumping my hips and fucking his face without being told. There was something that the thrusting of my groin caused a sensation two wash over my body. Then it started to feel better very rapidly and out of my control.

It was like watching a toilet that was about to overflow, and there was nothing that I could do about it. It was too late to grab a plunger, or shut off the valve. The water was too close to the top and was readly to start pouring out over the sides. "Oh wait! - I think I'm gonna cum! - Walter!

- Something's gonna come out! - Oh God! - I think I'm cumming! Oh shit!

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- I am! - I am! - I'm cumming! - I'm cumming! - Ooooo! Ooooo! - Cumming!" I shouted as my hips slammed into Walters face. Then I knew what he meant about tickling after you cum beacuse I was begging him to let me up so I could get my dick out of his mouth. "What did you think about that sexy?" Walter said. "Oh my God! - Is that how it felt when I made you cum?" I asked. "Pretty close! - If you think that felt good, wait until you can't actually squirt cum out." He said.

"But it felt like something shot out, I could sweare I was cumming in your mouth." I said. "No sexy! That's what's called a dry orgasm, and you know what else?" Walter said. "What?" I replied. "I'll make you dry cum anytime you want." He said. "Really, and I can jack-you off and make you come for reals?" I said.

"Anytime sexy!" Well."anytime" turned out to be the very next day, wxcept Walter's mom and dad where home, so we had to take a ride to the park in his van. I thought I knew everything there was to know, but Walter had so much more to show me and to teach me. Starting with out trip to the park the following day. End of part 1: