Ravishing playgirl gets a sensual massage before doggystyle sex

Ravishing playgirl gets a sensual massage before doggystyle sex
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For many years I have loved fucking pregnant women. When I was sixteen I had just finished doing yard work for my neighbors when she invited me in. She was twenty five and more than seven months pregnant and I was almost a virgin. While I was drinking the ice tea that she gave me, I watched her slowly pull her skirt up and spread her legs so I got a look at her pussy.

She saw me looking and laughed and told me that I was blushing. Then she asked me if I had ever seen a girls cunt before.


I told her that I had sex one time before but only that one time. She took my hand and took me to her bed and taught me a lot more about sex. Over the next hour I filled her pussy with my cum three time and her mouth once.

It was amazing. When I was leaving, she told me that I was a real fast learner.

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If had the choice between the sexiest, most beautiful, hottest teen girl in town and her eight month pregnant mother, I would take the mother. The more pregnant the better. If I ever got a chance to fuck a woman after her water broke, that would be the ultimate dream.


I remember when my wife was pregnant with our daughter a couple years ago, I couldn't fuck her enough. The more pregnant she got, the more I wanted to fuck her.

The last couple of months of her pregnancy I must have fucked her a couple times every day and she loved every stroke of my eight inches into her baby holding cunt. I used to jokingly call it feeding the baby. Damn, I hope I get her pregnant again. In the last three months I have fucked three different pregnant women and one of them came back two more days and asked me to do her again.

Two of them were easy seductions. It seems like a lot of husbands lose interest after the wife starts to get a baby bump but the wives get even hornier. That does not match up very well but it works out for me. I go out looking for these horny pregnant women who aren't getting it at home. I look for ones that appear to be at least six months along. Like I was saying, in the last three months I have approached a dozen or so 'mommies to be' and wound up burying my cock in three of them.

The first one I found at a bar not far from home. She was sitting as close to the bar as she could get her belly, smoking cigarettes and drinking rum and coke. She looked emotionally down. The stool next to her was empty so I sat and asked her. "When are you due?" She told me about six weeks. "That's wonderful. Why are you looking blue?" She didn't answer for a minute and then she took a big gulp of her drink.

I motioned for the bartender to bring her another one and one for me too. Finally she said, "It's my husband. Even though my doctor says it's Ok, he doesn't want to make love to me now. I don't think he likes the way I look and one of my friends said that she saw him out with a young girl.

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I think he might be cheating on me." I told her that I didn't think that she could be more beautiful, that I thought that when a woman was pregnant, she was the most beautiful that she ever was in her whole life and that her husband was dumb not to want to go to bed with her every chance he had.

That made her smile. "I would take you to bed and make passionate love to you right now if you were my wife." We did not have to chat much longer before I got what I wanted.

She said, "I'm not your wife but if you really feel that way, I would be willing to go with you and let you make love to me. I really need a good fuck." My name is Tony.

I'm twenty six, 5'11" and 177 pounds. I'm told that I am attractive and I have a thick, cut eight inch erection that never fails to please. I own a small auto repair shop. My office is in back and I have a double size bed in it and a good big shower. I told my wife that it was in case I needed a nap during the day or if I had a job that needed to be done and had to stay overnight to be sure the customer's car was ready for him the next day.

It was really my fuck bed just in case I got the chance. The woman at the bar introduced herself at Donna as she got in my car and I told her that I was Tony.

I drove us back to my shop and took her back into the office. As soon as we entered the office I turned her and kissed her.

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I put my hand on her big belly and she put hers on my cock. Even though it was still in my pants, she could feel how big and hard it was. "Oh, that's nice. I'm gonna enjoy having it in me, Tony." We enjoyed stripping slowly each other. I put her on the bed on her back. A little bit of kissing her neck and sucking on her ear got her going and begging to be fucked but I was in no hurry.

I slid down to her breasts. A woman in her condition has nicely enlarged tits, enlarged and erect nipples and delicious mother's milk. I nursed and enjoyed her rich warm milk. She wiggled around and moaned. I continued down over her belly till I got to her slit. I pushed thru her pubic hair and slipped my tongue between her labia. She jumped when I first touched her clit with my tongue.

Donna reached down and pulled my head tight to her. I spent a couple minutes running my tongue over both of her holes and sucking on her clit till she couldn't wait any more. "Put your cock in me and fuck me. Please fuck me. Now, do it now. I need your cock in me." I positioned myself at the entrance to her fuck tunnel, knowing that it would not be much longer before a baby found its way out that same hole.

I started slow and easy but with her encouraging me; I was soon pounding her hard and deep. I kept up on my arms to stay off her enlarged belly. Donna locked her legs around me, rolled her head from side to side, grabbed at the sheets and screamed thru a hard orgasm. When she calmed down she said, "Fuck, I haven't come like that in so long. I really needed it." I wasn't done yet. I slowed a little but kept making long firm strokes in and out of her cunt.

Finally I could feel my load building and I started pounding her faster again. I bent down and gave her tit a good sucking as I approached my climax. When I came, so did she. I shot string after string of my cum into her womb. Donna humped up to meet my thrusts and screamed out another hard orgasm. She dug her nails into my back. I'm sure that she made scratches. I hoped my wife did not see them. I pulled out and she just lay there breathing hard and twitching.

After a few minutes I took her back to her car and she gave me a big kiss and thanked me before getting out. The second woman, I met in the grocery store. I could see small wet spots at her nipples as her tits leaked. I started the conversation by asking when she was due, just like I approach all the pregnant women that I try to pick up.

Again it worked and I got her to go back to my office. She wanted to get right at it and only wanted me to fuck her anally. That was fine with me.

I got her on the bed on her hands and knees. After getting some slippery pussy juice from her dripping wet cunt to use as lube, I touched my prick head against her anus and worked myself into her butt. She pushed back, anxious for me to enter her. It took a little effort because she had a nice tight ass hole but it wasn't long before I was balls deep in her shitter. I could feel her anal ring tighten around my shaft and the rim of my cock head rubbing up and down in her intestines as I screwed her ass.

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Her belly and her tits touched the bed. I held her hips and pounded her butt. I looked around her side and watched her tits slapping back and forth as I fucked into her.

I love watching a nice big pair of tits sway and bounce while a woman is getting nailed. Her breasts were dripping milk and left a wet trail of milk up and down on my sheets.

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I must have fucked her shit tube for fifteen minutes because each time I got close to coming, I would stop and wait for my nuts to calm down. She started her orgasm and that brought me to mine. I emptied my balls up in her bowels and pulled out. She rolled over onto her back and smiled up at me. She said, "I feel sorry for all those little sperms swimming for all their might, looking for an egg to attach to. But all they are going to find is shit.

Poor little guys." Then she laughed. She told me how much she enjoyed it and suggested that we get together again for some more fun. She had followed me in her car so I did not have to take her anywhere. Number three was a very attractive black woman whose car broke down almost in front of my shop.

She coasted into my parking lot and her car bucked to a stop. I watched her getting out. She had her seat as far back as she could and still reach the pedals. Still her belly was pressed tight against the steering wheel and she had a hard time getting out of the car. Her tits looked as big as a big grapefruit and they jiggled about as she got out.

Her skirt pulled up almost to her crotch as she slid out. I almost but not quite got a look at the point where her legs came together. I smiled as I watched her straighten her skirt and waddle to my front door. "Excuse me, my car just broke down. Could you take a look at it and see what needs fixing?" I told her that it would cost her twenty dollars for me to look at it. She said OK and I told her to sit on the couch while I checked it out. I opened the hood and managed to get it started but it was running very rough.

I pulled it into the bay before it died again. After finding the problem which was not really serious, I went back into the office and told her that I could have it fixed in about an hour and that the cost, with parts would be a hundred and thirty five dollars but that would include the twenty for checking it. "Oh no, that much? I don't have that much with me and my credit card is maxed out. Can you possibly do it any cheaper?" I said that price would be what the bill would be.

She put her head into her hands.

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After about a minute she lifted her head and looked around to see if there was anyone else in the shop. There wasn't. She gave me a little smile and said, "If you would fix it for me, I'll give you a blowjob" and she swayed her huge breasts side to side.

I waited a minute to reply, "I can do it for just my cost for the parts which would be fifty dollars but I would want more than just a blowjob." This time it was me that smiled. "Show me your tits." She pulled down on the neckline of her blouse till her tits popped out. She held them up with her hands. They had to be 38 DD's and they were the color of milk chocolate with big, almost black nipples. "You got a deal. My name is Tanyka." She stood up and walked over to me and pressed her jugs into my hands.

I took her into my back office and sat her on the edge of the bed. I stood in front of her and dropped my pants. She leaned forward and put her black hand around my white cock and slipped her puffy lips over my cockhead. I always loved the color contrast when I was with a black woman. I pulled her blouse and bra over her head and tossed them on the bed. Her huge brown titties hung down on her chest. I pulled her face back to my cock. "OK, let's start with that blowjob." That is when she almost instantaneously changed.

"No, no, I can't do this. I've never been fucked by a white man. Let me up. I've gotta go. I can't do this." I was too far along to stop. I pushed her back on the bed and with one hand I grasped both of her wrists and pinned them to the bed above her head.

With my other hand I lifted her skirt, took hold of her black panties and ripped them off of her. I took my pecker out in my hand and got between her legs. She was crying and she kept saying No. I positioned my rod at her opening and with one long hard shove, buried myself balls deep in her cunt and she abruptly changed again.

Tanyka gasped as my rock hard eight inches rammed into her. I started slamming into her hard and fast and she almost instantly orgasmed. She stopped crying no and started screaming for me to fuck her and yelling that it had been months since she had last had a cock in her pussy.

Her head was rolling form side to side and her hips were thrusting up to match my strokes. She came three times before I unloaded a cockfull of white baby seed into her already pregnant womb.

Tanyka almost passed out and she begged me not to stop. I kept slowly fucking her till I got too soft to stay in. I got up and told her that I had to go fix her car. About forty-five minutes later I had it running better than it had for a long time. I walked back into the office to tell her it was done and found her naked on the bed, finger fucking her black pussy and pinching one of her nipples.

When I walked in she looked at me and asked if I was ready for seconds. I dropped my pants and rolled her over. I buried myself in her snatch from the back and stroked till we both came again. I gave her the car keys. "Yeah, I guess I had better get going. I have to have supper ready by the time my husband gets home." She got in her car without her panties. She told me to keep them to remember her. I could see my cum running down the insides of her thighs.

I never did collect the money I told her she would have to give me for the car parts.

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I am getting together with pregnant woman number four tonight. I found her from an ad she put in Craigslist which just said, "Pregnant woman needing companionship." I answered her ad and after a couple exchanges, she agreed to come to my shop at closing time. She told me that she was seven months along with twins and like most of the women that I hook up with, she said that her husband had lost interest in sex with her but she felt the need for it more and more every week.

After I give her a good fucking, I plan to go home without cleaning my prick and have my wife suck my cock before sex. I wonder if she will realize what the different taste is.

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