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Mi rico culo en cuatro
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Hailey stomped across the yard leaving Deepti to her pleasures with the collie and went to the kennel area to seek out the mastiff and take him to the cottage. She could feel the tension inside having watched Deepti getting fucked five times with nothing for her. Hailey's thighs rubbed together as she moved as they were wet from the juices that were running down her inner thighs after soaking her knickers through. Just before she entered into the holding kennels Hailey stopped and leaning against the doorframe with one hand, reached under her skirt and almost tore off her sodden underwear.

After stepping out of the garment Hailey screwed the damp material into a ball and went into the holding area, such was the lust raging through her body she was ready to let the mastiff just take her on the floor of his cage like a bitch in heat. As she got to the cage Hailey paused and poked the panties through the bars to the mastiff who after a couple of sniffs took them between his teeth and started to chew on them to extract the taste.

All the cage doors were key code locked and Hailey punched in the code to open the door but the light stayed red instead of turning green. "What the fuck," growled Hailey and punched the code in more slowly, making sure she had not made a mistake. Still the light remained a steady red and Hailey ground her teeth in frustration then she heard a voice behind her.

Spinning round Hailey saw the young kennel maid they had employed to help look after the dog's welfare standing there looking embarrassed. Her tiny 5' frame shivering with fear and her bright blue eyes either side of her button nose were wide open as she stared at Hailey's angry demeanour.

She almost looked younger that her 18 years, as her blonde hair was pulled into pigtails that hung down either side of her innocent face. "I'm sorry Hailey," she stammered in her harsh lisping accent, "but Deepti has changed the codes on all the special dogs saying that she should be the only one to handle them." So far young Lena hadn't taken part in any of the dog fun and it wasn't in her job requirements though she was fully aware what was going on.

She had in fact watched Deepti a couple of times taking care of the special dogs and found herself spellbound by what she saw.

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Lena was still a virgin for humans and dogs and it was Julie who had asked Hailey to employ her and look after her and keep her out of harm's way. "Well that takes the fucking biscuit," stormed Hailey trying to decide whether to go back to where Deepti was getting fucked or find another outlet for her frustration.

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Praying that Craig had gone out somewhere Hailey decided to go back to the main house and seek comfort with Sam, their family Labrador. As she walked back to the house Hailey took out her phone and dialled Julie's number from memory, listening to the ringing noise that indicated the phone was overseas.

As soon as Julie answered she launched into a tirade, getting more and more worked up as she spoke "It's totally wrong. I own the kennels so I should get whatever dog I want. Deepti has no right to change the codes.

I think I might just send her away." Hailey ranted on for a few more minutes and realised that during that time Julie had said nothing down the phone, then finally running out of steam Hailey paused and waited. "Sorry love a little busy here," Julie said quietly and then as Hailey listened a series of distant sharp cracks could clearly be heard, followed by much louder bangs closer to the phone.

"Christ Julie, is that gunfire?" Hailey said breathlessly down the phone. "Yep," Julie laughed, "the locals have no sense of humour, you shoot one lousy politician.

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anyways best I phone you back later." Hailey found herself staring at a dead phone and she tutted under her breath as she slipped it back into her bag. When she got to the house Sam was curled in his basket but leapt eagerly to his feet to greet his Mistress. Catching a whiff of Hailey's naked pussy, he began to push his snout under her skirt, sniffing and trying to lick.

Hailey giggled and pushed him away, before calling out, "Craig are you home?" and as she called, she moved from room to room to check the house was empty. Sam followed faithfully, sniffing and still trying to get to the source of the aroma, until finally they ended up in her bedroom. Satisfied the house was empty Hailey unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor and allowed Sam full access to her aching pussy.


Lying back on the bed Hailey opened her legs and groaned as Sam's long rough tongue lapped and delved into her pussy sending her into orgasmic bliss. Ruffling his head as she urged him closer Hailey moaned.

"Oh yes Sam, you will never let me down, will you?" then arched off the bed as the first orgasm ripped through her. Hailey's needs had become more carnal and demanding now, and was delighted to see that Sam's angry red cock was jutting down and starting to drip.

He wasn't anything like the size of the mastiff but Hailey needed dog cock inside her and quickly. As the lust tore through her body Hailey moved to all fours, sticking her ass in the air as she growled, "Yes Sam, make me your bitch again, fuck me, I beg you." Almost like he understood her, Sam mounted Hailey and began to thrust and with a few trial jabs until he found the opening he was seeking.

Hailey gave out a deep guttural moan as Sam slammed home and began to fuck her with frenzied strokes. Such was the force of his actions he was actually moving Hailey round the bedroom until finally he had her pinned against the built-in wardrobes. Hailey looked into the myriad of mirrored doors and could see herself reflected back a dozen times giving a multitude of views of her being fucked.

With an extra hard thrust Sam forced his knot into Hailey's pussy and at the same time slammed her head against the door. The last thing Hailey remembered before she passed out was the sight of Sam panting over her shoulder as he pumped her full of cum.

Hailey wasn't sure how long she had been unconscious but it was her husband's voice that woke her from her daze and she could hear him shouting for her from downstairs. Sam had clearly finished with her as he had dismounted and was lying in the corner looking very pleased with himself. Looking at her reflection Hailey thought to herself there was no doubt she looked like she had just been fucked and if the was any uncertainty then the copious amount of cum leaking from her pussy was the confirmation.

Grabbing her clothing that was strewn round the bedroom Hailey rushed into the en suite and locked the door behind her, before turning on the shower.

Ten minutes later Hailey emerged from the bathroom to be greeted by her husband Craig sitting on the edge of the bed talking to Sam in a playful voice. "Have you been looking after your Mistress boy?" said Craig as he ruffled Sam's fur affectionately and Hailey had to start towelling her hair to stop Craig seeing her guilty face.

"It's great that Sam is so devoted to you Hailey," said Craig, "not like those wild dogs at the kennel." "Well it's time for him to leave the bedroom," laughed Hailey, "don't want him watching us while you fuck me, do we now?" and as she said it Hailey slipped the towel down a little to flash her breasts at Craig.

"I need a shower first," said Craig quickly jumping to his feet and almost running to the en suite before Hailey could say anything. As she listened to her husband singing in the shower Hailey leaned close to Sam and whispered in his ear, "Next time don't be so rough we nearly got caught." Sam just looked at her with his tongue hanging out, panting happily and wondering if he would get to fuck his bitch again soon.

***** A week later Craig was sitting in his office cursing the drive as he twirled it in his fingers and wondering if he should arrange another session with Deepti when a thought suddenly hit him.

He remembered a guy called Rich from the IT department and the drunken boasts he had made at the staff Christmas party. He recalled how he leered at a bunch of young girls in the office as he said, "There is no password I can't break and no website I can't hack, so I will be able to look at all your naughty pictures." The girls had dissolved into fits of giggles denying they had any naughty pictures but some of their looks told a different story.

The boast had stuck in Craig's mind and sitting down opposite Rich in the staff canteen he struck up a conversation in what he hoped was a friendly manner. "Hi Rich," Craig said smiling, "I was just remembering how clever you are at all this IT stuff and was wondering if you could help me out of a bit of a pickle I have found myself in." Rich looked at Craig and raised an eyebrow as Craig went on, "you see the thing is I have this password protected flash drive that has some important corporate documents saved on it and I have.

err. forgotten the password and will be in lots of trouble with the big bosses if I don't sort it out." "Sure, I can help," said Rich still shovelling food into his mouth as he talked so little bits sprayed onto Craig's suit, "let me have a look for you and don't worry I won't charge a fortune." Rich laughed at his own joke with his mouth wide open giving Craig a full view of his half-eaten lunch. Trying not to show his distaste and resisting the urge to brush his sleeve free of food Craig handed over the dog shaped flash drive.

"The thing is," said Craig, "these are confidential company documents so can you promise me that you will just crack the password, change it to something simple, then let me have it back without reading the documents." Rich tried to keep a straight face as he nodded in agreement and pocketed the drive wondering to himself what goodies would be contained on the drive that he might be able to put to good use.

***** The last week had been one of frustration and annoyance for Hailey as she had been unable to enjoy time with Sam as Craig was working from home. The kennels were even worse as every time she tried to get near one of the dogs, she would have her plans thwarted by an ever so polite, but obstructive Deepti or Lena.

It was this reason she had summoned Deepti to her office with a view to laying the law down and showing her who was boss round here. Hailey sat in her office staring at Deepti and trying to look firm as Deepti repeated, "My instructions are very clear Miss Hailey, I am to fuck the new dogs and then hand them over to Miss Michelle when she gets here.


She then will take the right dogs back to the island and hand over the dog that is to remain to you, then will you be able to do with that dog as you wish." Deepti leant back in the chair and folded her arms and looked down at her feet as Hailey considered her next move. Hailey was desperate to have the mastiff and scared that Michelle would take it to the island, so depriving her of the most magnificent dog cock she had ever seen.

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For the last hour she had pleaded, cajoled and ever threatened Deepti in an attempt to get her to give her the code for the mastiff but Deepti had steadfastly refused. "Julie isn't here," pouted Hailey, "and she doesn't run things round here. I bloody do." At her last words Deepti looked up a little worried and spoke quietly, "they are not good words Miss Hailey." Hailey just snorted with derision as she picked up the phone and dialled an internal number.

"Hello," said Lena timidly into the phone when she saw the call was from Hailey, the boss. "Have we still got those two dalmatians? The ones that aren't the special ones," said Hailey drawing out the word special in a sarcastic tome while staring at Deepti.

Then without waiting for a reply went on, "Take them down to the breeding room at once and stay there, it's about time you learnt what goes on here." When Hailey got to the breeding room Lena was standing there with the two dalmatians on their leads sitting there quietly on either side of her.

"Haven't you even got them ready?" Hailey snapped as she quickly undressed and threw her clothes in a heap in the corner of the room. "Got them ready?" Lena stammered blushing from the roots of her blonde hair.

"Yes ready. you know aroused. hard. ready to FUCK ME." Hailey shouted the last two words at Lena who was biting her bottom lip trying not to cry. Hailey squatted down on her haunches and as Lena went to leave Hailey said curtly, "stay there and watch, you might bloody learn something." Hailey's emotions were in overdrive as she crouched between the two dogs working their steadily emerging cocks in each hand. Hailey could almost feel herself drip onto the floor as the two cocks swelled even further coating her hands with their pre-cum.

Looking at Lena, Hailey laughed as she said, "can you see how wet my cunt is? Would you like to touch it?" Lena just blushed and shook her head as Hailey went on, "Maybe you would prefer to be down here sucking on one of these lovely juicy dog cocks?" Lena remained silent as although she was just 18 she was still a virgin and never been with a man or woman let alone a dog.

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Giving up on getting Lena interested Hailey turned her full attention to the two dalmatians and deciding one was ready, turned and pointed her naked ass in his direction. The dog took one sniff and knew what was expected of him and rose up and gripping Hailey's hips humped at Hailey's ass cheeks. Reaching between her legs Hailey guided him to her pussy and then moaned in pure pleasure as the dog started to fuck with pace and vigour.

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Hailey winked at Lena before bending her head under the second dog and sucked on his cock gently to keep him interested. After a couple of minutes Hailey had to release the dog in her mouth for fear of hurting him if her teeth scraped his cock as the first dog was going frantic.

Hailey looked up and saw that Lena had left the room, "Oh well her loss," she mumbled as the first dog increased the speed and ferocity of his strokes. Hailey loved the way his claws dug into her hips as he pulled her onto his cock, almost like her husband would do.

Then panting as she worked the other dog with her hand she moaned, "you are next lover." With a yelp the first dog forced his knot into Hailey and began to pump his seed inside and Hailey could feel her belly swell as hot seed sprayed into her womb.

The first dog pulled away causing Hailey to moan with a small amount of pain and a lot of pleasure and she released the second dog willing him to take the first dog's place. Her hopes were realised as the second dog moved quickly to replace the first, rising up and if anything, fucking Hailey harder than the first. She didn't even need to guide him home as her slippery pussy made it easy. Hailey bucked and pushed back to the dog who, feeling in danger of slipping off, did what comes naturally and nipped the back of Hailey's neck.

"Oh fuck yes," Hailey groaned out loud, "to all dogs I am their bitch, but not to any others, now fuck me." The knot slid home and Hailey orgasmed onto the dog cock as the sensation rushed through her body like a runaway train.

As the dog lay across her back, panting as he slowly pumped his cum into his bitch, Hailey said out loud to the empty room, "I think it's about time I took a bit more control round here," then as another pulse and tremor ran though her, "but no control with you my doggy lovers." ***** Rich swore profusely as yet another decryption programme failed to crack the drive's password and sighing to himself Rich knew there was only one course of action he could take.

Reaching for his mobile he looked up a number in his address book and dialled. "Hi Jules, how's it going?" said Rich in a smarmy voice after the phone was answered in silence.

"If you call me Jules again Rich I will come to your room as you sleep, cut your balls off and feed them to you before you wake." said Julie in a calm yet icy cold voice causing Rich to realise he had perhaps taken a liberty too far.

Keen to ingratiate himself again he quickly explained, "You always said to call you if I was ever approached by that Craig guy in accounts for anything and if I did it would be worth my while." The phone was silent for a moment before Julie said carefully, "What have you got?" "I have a flash drive in the shape of a dog which I recognised as one of yours, password protected, which I haven't touched of course," said Rich as he waited for Julie to respond.

"I am assuming you haven't cracked it," Julie laughed down the phone and before Rich could reply went on, "If you had then I doubt you be stupid enough to ring me. Follow these instructions carefully." With that Julie reeled off a string of numbers which was clearly an IP address and Rich navigated to it and then inserted the flash drive as instructed. As he watched the screen his computer was controlled from outside and there was a series of whirling 'beach balls' on the screen as files were moved about.

"Well, well, well," said Julie down the phone with amusement in her voice, "how very interesting indeed." Then the phone went quiet before Julie spoke again, "Write down this password. Numbers32:23. Now give it back to Craig and say nothing of this call to me. There will be a … gift.

for you in the next few days and thanks, Rich, you did the right thing." Rich listened to the phone go dead and looked at the password and the flash drive still embedded in the PC. He shrugged to himself as he clicked on the file and entered the password when prompted but what came onto the screen made him stare open mouthed in disbelief.

He chuckled to himself and said into the empty room, "you are one crafty fox Jules I will give you that." ***** The next day in the office Rich sauntered up to Craig's desk and said, "Well I cracked the password as you wanted." then seeing Craig's eager face went on, "but it will cost you. fifty quid." Craig paid Rich quickly and pocketed the flash drive before he stared at the password that Rich had scrawled on a note pad.

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"Numbers32:23" what the hell is that said Craig curiously, "and what made you pick that. Rich laughed nervously as he said, "I was reading the bible as I was working and it was open to that page, so I chose it, does it matter?" That evening Craig stayed late at the office and he made sure his door was locked before he inserted the flash drive and entered the password when prompted.

"Now we will see what secrets you have been keeping," muttered Craig as the screen flashed into life.

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To his utter shock Craig found himself watching a video of him masturbating into the bushes outside Marge's window. As that scene came to an end it was replaced with a scene of him masturbating watching Deepti being fucked by a large dog. Like a rabbit caught in the headlights Craig continued to watch as the third scene showed him fucking Deepti in the ass as the dog was turned inside her pussy.

At the precise moment he grunted on screen as he pumped into Deepti's ass his phone started ringing with a withheld number. Still staring at the screen in horror and without thinking, Craig clicked accept and heard Julie's voice at the other end, "Hello Craig darling, I think we need a little.

chat. don't you?"