Naked and hot gay boys fucking An Appreciative Boy Gets A Lift

Naked and hot gay boys fucking An Appreciative Boy Gets A Lift
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Helen woke up slowly with the sum streaming through her bedroom. She was eleven years old and her shoulder length brown hair fanned out on her pillow. She yawned and as she turned over in the double bed her outstretched arm brushed against another body.

At first she assumed that it was her twin sister Rachel but as the last of the sleepiness left her brain she remembered that her school friend Susan had stayed over. As the full memories of last night flooded back to her she felt her little cunt tingle and she sniffed at her fingers. Helen and Susan had fucked their brains out last night and at about two in the morning they had both collapsed exhausted onto the bed and pulled the covers over themselves. The smell of Susan's cunt clung to her fingers and her face and she knew that she badly needed a shower.

Helen's movements had wakened Susan and she wearily opened her eyes. "Morning sleepyhead," Helen said with a smile. "Morning," Susan responded returning the smile that quickly grew into a wide grin as she remembered last night. She sat up in the bed allowing the covers to fall onto her lap. "God, you were great last night Helen," she said. "I've never cum that much before." Helen gazed at Susan's tits that were just starting to develop and noticed that even as they were speaking, her nipples were starting to harden.

"Yea you were pretty awesome yourself," Helen replied with a giggle, "And if you don't cover yourself up soon I'm just in the mood to jump you again." Susan lent over and kissed her friend and jumped out of the bed. "I'd love you to jump me," she said, "But right now I really need to pee." Susan was the same age as Helen and her twin Rachel, and the three of them had been firm friends since they started school.

It was about two years ago that the twins confessed to Susan that that had been fucking each other regularly and Susan was soon involved in their sex. It was during one particularly lively session a few months later when Susan was staying over, that she casually remarked that it was strange that none of the girl's family ever came to find out why they were making all the noise as they screamed their orgasms.

Helen and Rachel looked at each other for a few seconds and then explained that not only did the rest of the family know that they were fucking each other, but also that the twins often fucked with their parents, sister and brother.

Susan's eyes grew wide and she gasped, "No fucking way." "Way," both her friends replied together. That could see that Susan was turned on with the idea by the way her fingers were flying in and out of her cunt and they suggested that she might like to join in. That was the start of Susan's introduction to the rest of the family and although she had already had just about everything from fingers to a carrot inside her fuck hole she soon found that there was nothing better than a large stiff cock.

The twins parents, Mike and Janice were both 30 years old. Mike was a company manager who played left field for a local amateur team and trained regularly to keep his well muscled physique and his tight, tight butt that first attracted Janice to him.

He was dark haired, stood 5 foot 10 inches tall and weighed just over 200 lbs. Janice worked in advertising and was well suited to the job. Her clients loved her sparkling personality and striking good looks. She was only an inch shorter than her husband and her frequent visits to the gym kept her 34C - 22 - 33 figure in perfect condition.

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Her long blonde hair was poker straight in a feather cut that framed her face and highlighted her cheekbones. Their family consisted of John who was the eldest at 13, the twins at 11 and the youngest was Amy who was only 8. Susan didn't bother putting on any clothes as she padded down the hall and into the bathroom. Mike was sitting on the toilet reading the morning paper and preparing for his daily dump. "Oh hi Mike," Susan said. "I didn't know anyone was in here." "That's okay honey," he replied putting down his paper and looking admiringly at her young body, "But I may be a while." Before she could reply, his nose began to twitch and his face broke into a grin.

"You smell like a hooker young lady. I take it you had a good night?" He could feel his prick begin to harden and it was pressing uncomfortably on the porcelain bowl of the toilet. Susan immediately noticed his discomfort and she grinned as she replied, "God yea.

Helen made me cum so much. My cunt cream was pouring out of me. Look at how red I still am." She pulled her cunt lips apart and Mike groaned as she exposed the pink interior to him. His cock was now becoming sore and he had to raise his butt from the toilet seat to free his straining shaft.

As it popped free, he sat back down as Susan walked towards him. "Mmmm that looks nice," she said as she dropped to her knees in front of him. After a few gentle strokes of her hand, she bent forward and sucked the head of his cock into her soft mouth. "Oh fuck," he gasped in a low voice as her little tongue began to tease and probe at his piss hole. As she bobbed her head up and down his prick, Mike's nostrils were filled with the smell of sex that clung to just about every pore of the girl's unwashed body.

With his cock glistening with her throat slime, the child stood up, straddled the toilet pan and lowered her wet slit down onto his throbbing cock. She shivered as her hungry hole was filled and groaned, "God, I love the way you stretch my cunt. Fuck me Mike. Fuck me hard and make me cum." She buried her face in his neck breathing in his male scent as he grasped her ass cheeks and lifter her on and off his cock.

"Fuck, do me harder," she gasped. Ram your cock up my cunt." She was very tight but her juices were providing plenty natural lubrication and Mike shafted her as fast as he could. Her little clit, already battered and bruised from last night's exertions, was rasping over Mike's shaft and driving Susan towards her orgasm.

"Nearly there," she breathed in his ear. "God, I'm so close." She suddenly squealed loudly and buried her face deeper into Mike's shoulder. He felt a sharp pain as she bit the tender flesh of his neck and then she began shaking and shuddering as a powerful climax ripped through her.

Mike took no notice of her orgasm and clenched his teeth as he worked towards his own release. He could feel her hot cream run down his shaft and drip from his balls as his cum approached. Susan had recovered and when he gasped that he was about to spurt, she jumped off his cock to finish him with her lips. Her mouth was wide open and her hand jerked up and down on his prick that was slimy with her juices. A low moan and the tightening of his butt told her to clamp her lips over his cock and a few seconds later he sprayed five or six powerful jets of hot spunk into her mouth.

Her experienced mouth sucked every last drop of semen from him and she then stood up and raced back through the corridor leaving Mike sitting on the toilet with his prick shrinking and all thoughts about having a shit were forgotten. Helen had fallen asleep again waiting on her returning from the bathroom and was wakened by a long kiss from Susan. Her eyes fluttered open and she eagerly responded to the kiss. As she pushed her tongue between Susan's lips she was surprised as spunk poured into her mouth.

They pushed the thick slimy liquid back and forwards for a few moments before sharing it and letting it trickle down their throats. "That was great," Helen said breaking the kiss.

"I love spunk for breakfast." She licked her lips and asked, "Dad's. Right?" Susan giggled and nodded her head and then clutched herself between the legs. "Shit, I haven't had a pee yet," she said dancing from one foot to the other. "Let's go and wake Rachel up," Helen said grinning at her friend's discomfort.

"She'll drink the piss right from your cunt." Rachel would normally have joined in their fucking last night but she had complained of a headache and her mother had given her a couple of pain killers and packed her off to bed in the spare room. Janice was downstairs making breakfast.

She had just come from the shower and was wearing only a tee shirt that just covered her pubes with her long hair wrapped in a town perched on the top of her head. Amy was sitting at the breakfast table having some cereal when her brother walked in.

"Hi John," she said and then giggled as he rumbled her hair and said, "Morning Goofy." Amy used to spend hours in front of the TV watching the Disney Channel and Goofy was her favourite.

The nickname had stuck with her ever since. He was dressed in Nike tracksuit trousers and a thin workout top. As he crossed the kitchen to kiss his mother good morning, Janice felt a slight tingle between her legs. She was turned on by athletic looking males and her son was every inch the athlete. The kiss was warm and deep and she couldn't help but remember him as a baby in her arms.

She had spent hours sucking on his small soft cock and drinking down his piss. He had learned from a very early age not to wet his diaper but to wait for his mother's soft and warm mouth to suckle on his little prick. All this flashed through her mind in a few seconds and as he broke the kiss she could feel that her cunt was juicing up and she had become very horny.

"Have you seen your father lately?" she asked huskily.


"He promised me a quick fuck this morning but I haven't seen him for about an hour." "Forget it mum," he laughed in reply. "I saw him about half an hour ago in the toilet fucking Susan's brains out. They were really going at it." "Bastard," she grumbled and then said slyly, "I don't suppose you'd like to give your horny mother some spunk would you baby?" She walked into his arms as she was speaking and continued, "I need fucked John.

Fill my cunt with your big cock. She pulled her tee shirt over her head dislodging the towel and shaking her damp hair free. She was naked and sat on the table and spread her legs. The outer lips of her well used cunt were swollen with lust and the were gaping open slightly to reveal the pink interior. Small beads of her juice were just beginning to appear as her son bent down and drew his tongue over the full length of her slit.

She gasped at his first touch and moaned as his rigid tongue speared through her outer lips and began lapping at the inside of her hole. Little Amy quickly lost interest in her cereal and watched her mother being licked out. Not wanting to be left out, she scooted beneath the table to where her brother's prick was bulging inside his track.

She eased the elasticised trousers over his hips and giggled as his thick cock sprang out almost poking her in the eye. The 8-inck shaft was sticking straight out of his body and she crammed as much as she possible could into her little mouth. Her sisters had taught her that she was too small to be able to take a cock down her throat and that she should concentrate on the head and the piss hole, as that would give the man the most pleasure.

The little slut had learned her lesson well and her little tongue darted around the stretched foreskin and tasted the drops of pre-cum that were oozing from his hole. John's lips were now glued around his mother's clit as she lay back on the table and pushed her sopping cunt into his face.

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"Of fuck yes," she gasped. "Bring my off baby. Suck on my big clit." He pushed his index finger up her fuck hole for a few seconds to cover it with her lubrication and then jammed it knuckle deep into his mothers asshole. He knew that she loved her shitter to be stimulated and she was very quick to respond to his finger fuck of her back hole. The orgasm that had been slowly building inside her suddenly exploded through her body. Her back arched high off the table and a harsh cry was forced from her throat as she shuddered and sprayed her cunt cream into her son's face.

John was now very conscious of his young sister's mouth. She was becoming very good at giving head. Too good in fact, and he knew that his trembling mother wouldn't be very pleased if he shot his load of spunk down Amy's throat. He reached down and gently pushed her face away from his crotch and gasped, "Enough Amy. Leave something for mum." As Amy scrambled out from below the table, he grabbed Janice's legs and pulled her towards the edge of the table.

With her ass just on the very edge, her dripping cunt was at the right height for his cock. Little Amy bit her lower lip and jammed two fingers beneath her dress and into her fuck hole as she watched her mothers cunt lips devour John's shaft inch by inch.

Janice was just beginning to recover from her climax when she felt her son's prick stretch her cunt walls apart. She opened her eyes and gasped, "All the way baby. I want to feel your balls banging on my asshole as you screw me." He sank into her hole and remained still as his shaft was bathed in her wetness.

"Fuck me John," she whispered. "Hard and fast. I want your spunk inside me." He began slowly at first, getting faster and faster. Amy's fingers were flying in and out of her cunt as she masturbated furiously. Her little immature clit was a hard button and as her fingers rasped over its surface, she convulsed and trembled as her cum raced through her.

Her mother and her brother were much to interested in their own pleasure to notice as she collapsed to the floor with her fingers still embedded in her slit. Janice was about to cum again. She wrapped her legs around John's waist and crossed her ankles behind his back to pull him further into her body. "I'm close John," she said, "Very close. Keep doing me baby. Just a little bit more, Just a little. Oh god, here I cum. Fuck I'm creaming." Her body spasmed and the muscles in her cunt walls milked John's prick until he couldn't take any more.

With a powerful lunge, he buried himself inside his mother's body and blasted his boiling hot spunk against her cervix. Janice's head was thrashing from side to side and her body was continually shuddering as she felt the jets of semen coat the inside of her tube and it was many minutes before either of them could open their eyes and begin to recover. Helen and Susan were glad to see that Rachel was feeling better.

As they barged into her room, she was lying on top of the bed with her short night-dress around her waist. She was holding one of her father's porn storybooks in her hand and the outer lips of her cunt were glistening with her juice as she gently fingered herself. "Hey, you must be feeling better," said Helen jumping on the bed beside her twin. "You missed some great fucking last night," she continued. "Yea, I know, "Rachel laughed in reply.

"You smell of cunt." Helen giggled and said, "I know. I haven't had time to shower yet. I thought we could help Susan first." Rachel looked over to Susan who was standing at the foot of the bed hopping from one foot to another. Rachel got up on her knees and held out her arms to her. As Susan lay down on the bed, she groaned, "Please be gentle. I'm really bursting." Helen and Rachel bent Susan's body at the waist until she was lying on her back with her ass in the air and her knees pressing onto her developing tits.

They both slipped two fingers into the girl's wet fuck hole and gently pulled her open. Her little piss hole opened up in front of their eyes and Rachel breathed in deeply as her nostrils filled with the smell of her friend's horny cunt. Holding Susan open, Rachel said, "Okay Susan, do it as slowly as you can." The sensation was exquisite as Susan released her bladder in short bursts that let little trickles of the piss flow into her cunt.

Because her hole was almost upside down, the urine pooled at the bottom of her cunt against her cervix. As more and more trickles oozed out of her piss hole, the level of her urine rose until both Helen and Rachel could dip their tongues into it and lap eagerly at their friends liquid waste.

Susan was squirting out her piss quicker that the twins could drink it down and it soon overflowed her cunt lips and ran down her body, between her little tits and down the side of her neck. She couldn't bend her head forward enough to get her tongue into the stream of urine and she had to be content with scooping the liquid up with her fingers and sucking them clean.

Both Helen and Rachel had drunk their fill and they started to bring their friend off. Helen moved around to tongue Susan's asshole while Rachel glued her lips over her clit and sucked the hard button into her mouth.

Susan's shit hole slowly relaxed and Helen's stiff tongue poked through her anal muscle and lapped at the inside of her bowels as Rachel's whipping tongue produced the most delicious feeling in her clit. "Fuck, that's good," Susan gasped.

"Keep going, I'm nearly there." As her orgasm exploded inside her, her body shuddered and convulsed so much that the piss that was still in her cunt spouted into the air and splashed down on the twins faces and hair.


Rachel allowed Susan's shattered body to collapse onto her bed and smiled at Helen. "I think we all need a shower now." Helen nodded her head in agreement as she sucked Susan's fluids and piss from her fingers and licked her lips.

It was quite late in the morning before everyone had showered and dressed and there was a feeling of excitement in the house. The children were going to visit their grandparents who lived on a farm about two days drive away. Susan's parents, who were very strict and religious and would have been shocked to learn of their daughter's sexual adventures, had given their permission for her to go with them. Susan had never met Janice's mother before but she had met her father Tom.

He had been in town a couple of months ago on business and stayed with the family for two days. She had been first introduced to him when she followed the twins in from school and found the girls mother on her back with her fathers cock pounding in and out of her cunt. The twins had quickly pulled off their panties and went to join in by thrusting their little slits into their grandfather's face. Later on that evening, Tom had fucked Susan for what seemed like hours and the little slut lost count of the number of orgasms she had.

She was looking forward to repeating the experience. Just after mid-day, they piled into the Chrysler Voyager and set off.

There was little to do on the tedious journey except play childish games and try to make the time pass quicker. They had planned the trip to spend the night in a motel and everyone was glad when they parked up for the night and checked in. The kids were allowed to play in the floodlit pool whilst Mike and Janice sat in the bar where they could watch them through the window. Although they had the pool to themselves, they were forced to wear swimming costumes in case one of the other guests would see them naked.

Their parents had taught them to be extremely careful. Behind closed doors they could fuck each other's brains out, but in public they must act like normal children. Even with this fact ingrained into them, Janice smiled as she watched them.

Helen was sitting at the side of the pool and Rachel was standing in the water with her arms folded on the tiles at the pool edge. She and Helen were deep in conversation and from the way John was standing behind his sister, it was obvious to Janice that his cock was in one of Rachel's holes. She hoped that fact wasn't obvious to anyone else who was watching. Thankfully, Susan was swimming up and down the pool and disturbing the surface of the water as she went, so it was highly unlikely that anyone could see Johns cock sink into his sister's cunt.

The next day and night were uneventful and on the morning of the third day on the road they were at last close to Janice's parents house. They turned of the highway and for the next three miles bumped over a dirt road until Helen suddenly cried out and pointed out of the side window. "There it is. We're here." They all turned their heads to look at the sprawling farm house at the bottom of the hill with its neatly fenced fields that was home to Ann and Tom, Janice's parents.

Janice gazed at the house with obvious fondness as the memories of her childhood flooded back. It was here, at the tender age of six, that her father had popped her cherry under her mother's watchful eye. Her sister Jill had watched enviously as Janice had her first real fuck but as she was only four at the time she had to wait for another two years for her turn. She also remembered how her mother had introduced her to animal sex and she thought of her first horse, Star.

To a young child, the horse shot gallons of hot spunk that drenched her entire naked body as she crouched beneath its body jacking him off.

Janice was driving the Voyager and didn't even realise that she had braked to a stop as the pleasant memories flooded her brain. Mike leaned across and touched her arm causing her to jump. "You're miles away," he said with a grin. She smiled back at him conscious of the wetness that was seeping into the crotch of her knickers and put the vehicle in drive and rolled down the hill. Tom and Ann were on the porch to greet them as the car drew up.

The back doors flew open and the twins ran to greet their grandparents, jumping onto them and wrapping their arms around their necks and their legs around their waists. Little Amy wasn't far behind and she launched herself into her grandfather's arms just as he dropped Helen back on her feet.

Ann and Tom were both 47 years old and very fit from the massive amount of work that it took to keep a farm operational. They raised beef cattle but the fields around the house were filled with horses and a few dairy cows for their own needs. Two enormous barns stood about 100 yards away from the main house that served as the stables and storage space. They were still holding onto the girl's as Janice folded herself into her father's body and kissed him deeply with her hot tongue dancing with his in his mouth.

Mike was giving a similar greeting to his mother in law and he also gently squeezed her firm tit and could feel her rock hard nipple press into the palm of his hand. After they eventually disentangled themselves, Anne pulled her grandson towards her and was delighted when he immediately turned his face up to hers and kissed her the same way as his father. Not wanting to be left out, Susan ran into Tom's arms and rubbed the hardening lump in the front of his trousers and she remembered how it had felt deep in her cunt.

"Let's go inside and be comfortable instead of standing around in this heat," laughed Tom pulling his face away from Susan's eager mouth. They all trouped down the long corridor of the air-conditioned house and congregated in the huge sitting room at the back of the house. As they stood around laughing and talking, a huge black German Shepherd bounded into the room with his tail wagging furiously.

"Calm down Shadow," Ann shouted as the dog ran from person to person licking the hands that reached down to pat him. As the animal began settling down, Rachel was hanging on her grandfathers arm, Mike sat down on one of the sofas and Janice's eyes were fondly gazing around the room that she remembered so well from her childhood.

It was in this very room that she had first tasted her father's cock and she vividly recalled her mother finger fucking her to get her loose and wet enough for her first fuck. She was startled out of her daydream by Susan's long moan. "Ooooooohhhhhh, that's nice," the little slut said. Shadow's nose was under her short skirt and pressing into her panty covered slit. Even from where she was standing, Janice could hear the loud sniffs coming from the dog's nose as he tried to find the source of the delicious odours wafting from between the girls parted legs.

There were a number of dogs on the farm but Shadow was the only one allowed in the house. The others were working dogs and stayed in one of the barns.

Susan reached down and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side revealing her little bald slit to everyone's view. Shadow cocked his head to the side and immediately began lapping at the child's cunt. "Hot little bitch, isn't she?" Mike remarked to his mother in law who had sat on the sofa beside him and was staring intently at her pet's tongue as it forced its way into Susan's body.

Susan's bent her legs at the knees to allow the big dogs snout to push into her cunt lips as his long tongue lashed about inside her body. "Oh fuck, he's in me," she moaned. "God that feels good." Ann nudged Mike as she watched the dog's cock begin to grow and asked, "She may be hot, but do you think she could take that?" Mike bent down to look at the thick red shaft that was swelling out of Shadow's sheath.

It was already over 7 inches long and still growing. "Fuck yea," he replied. "She likes being stretched." All of the others were sitting around watching Susan perform and the child closed her eyes in preparation for her climax that she felt was very close. Shadow's nose was pressed right on top of her tingling clit as he lapped at the juices that were flowing out of his bitch.

Without further warning, Susan's climax suddenly exploded inside her and she cried out as she shuddered and convulsed. She allowed herself to fall to the floor and moaned as the animal followed her down with its tongue still imbedded in her streaming sex. Shadow lay on his side to get better access to the cunt cream that excited him so much and forced the girl's legs further apart with his head.

Janice was sitting on her fathers lap and she could feel the bulge in his trousers pressing into her ass. She shifted to the side, unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hardening cock. Her slit was dripping its juice into her panties as she watched Susan cum and she purred like a kitten as she felt her fathers fingers slide up the inside of her legs and rub the damp material of her underwear into her slit. Susan's quivering body had had enough stimulation and she pushed the big dog's head away and sat up.

"Enough boy," she gasped. "I need a rest." This was her first look at Shadow's prick that was now completely erect. "Fuck, what a cock," Susan gasped as she crawled round to the dog's side.

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She gently stroked the soft hair on his belly as the dog remained on its side and looked at her expectantly. With a soft whimper, she lowered her pretty face to the animal's belly and rested her cheek on the soft hair. Her young lips parted and she took his cock into her wet mouth as Shadow raised his head from the floor to watch.

Her eyes closed and she started fucking her mouth up and down on his prick. She squeezed her fist tightly around his shaft and jacked his prick as she sucked him off.

"Mmmmm," she moaned hotly as his prick aroused her even further. She snuggled closer to the animal and took more of his cock into her mouth. Her hand shifted to his big hot balls and she fondled them gently as she fucked her mouth up and down the length of his rigid cock. Both Rachel and Helen had their fingers inside their panties as they sat and watched their friend perform. They knew that Susan was a good cocksucker but this was the first time they had seen her demonstrate her skills on a dog.

Shadow's hind legs flailed the air as he tried to fuck the girl's mouth and he writhed and whined as the girl sucked him off. Susan's burning clit was screaming for attention but there was nothing the preteen girl could do.

She needed one hand to hold onto Shadow's jerking prick and balls while she used her other hand to hold his back legs steady. She grasped his balls tenderly and gently massaged them and drove the animal crazy. Susan moaned hotly and sucked faster on the cock. Her slender fingers worked magic on Shadow's balls and the dog quivered helplessly beneath the greedy sucking mouth. His prick swelled up between her cheeks and, he humped his haunches to make his tingling cock fuck into Susan's hot mouth.

"Fuck, he's gonna come," Ann gasped, knowing from experience that her pet was about to fill Susan's throat with hot dog cream. Shadow's balls suddenly tightened in the girl's experienced hand, then jolted wildly.

Each time his balls shook, a huge wad of thick spunk shot through his cock into Susan's hotly sucking mouth. His balls jerked and jerked and wads and wads of cum shot through his prick. Susan whimpered passionately and gulped fast to keep up with the onslaught. Her mouth filled with rich creamy sperm, and she gulped it down quickly as more and more cum poured out of Shadow's spurting prick and ran out the corners of her mouth.

She couldn't believe how much spunk the dog delivered. She bobbed her head faster and faster and massaged the dog's balls and ate all his cum.

His spitting prick fucked like crazy between her sucking lips, and she swallowed all the slime he gave her. When his cock slowed down, her hand rested lightly against his quivering balls, and she slowly slipped her wet lips f rom his prick.

"Oh shit," she breathed, admiring his shaft. "I didn't know he could come like that." She said it in a low voice, almost to herself, and jumped as everyone suddenly began clapping and cheering. She stood up grinning widely and Helen came rushing over to her. "Way fucking brilliant Susan," she said scooping up a few drips of dog cum that were sticking to the girl's cheek and sucking them off her finger.

"That was awesome." Susan grinned even more and she threw her arms around Helen's neck and they kissed fiercely. Helen could taste Shadow's cock in her friend's mouth and her hot little cunt was dripping her juices into her panties.

Janice's eyes were closed as her father pushed his hand into the leg hole of her knickers while she sat on his lap and he slid two fingers into her wet cunt. She was gently pulling on his erect shaft when she felt hot breath over her hand. Opening her eyes she saw Rachel standing front of them and bending forward at the waist until her face was only inches away from her fathers prick.

Janice moved her fingers away and let her daughter's hot mouth close over the head of his cock and she knew that Rachel's tongue would be lashing across the sensitive tip and pushing its way into his piss hole. Ann had got her son-in-laws cock out of his denims and she knelt on the sofa and bent forward to slurp him into her throat. Her lips devoured him about half an inch at a time and he groaned as the soft tissue of her throat enveloped his shaft.

John crossed the room to his grandmother and he gently pulled her soaking briefs down to her knees. The gusset of the panties stuck to her wet slit until it finally broke free and trailed thin strands of cunt cream. She'd obviously cum very recently and he inhaled her cunt scent as he bent his head forward.

He used both hands to pull the woman's ass cheeks apart and she groaned over Mike's cock as John's tongue rimmed her puckered asshole. Janice let Rachel suck the erect shaft further into her mouth. As Tom continued to finger fuck her, Janice reached forward and pushed two fingers under Rachel's skirt and up her dripping cunt. She wasn't in the least surprised to find that her slut daughter wasn't wearing and panties and the fingers slipped easily up her hole all the way to her palm.

Once the fingers were coated with the young girl's juices and pulled them out and then pushed one finger back in and the other up her daughter's asshole.

Rachel pushed back into her mother's hand and wiggled her butt to encourage the woman to finger fuck her holes. Ann was trying to concentrate on sucking Mike's prick but her grandson was producing the most delicious feelings around her asshole.

He could feel the hole relax and open as his stiff tongue probed at the entrance and finally he was able to penetrate her bowels and taste her shit hole. Now that she was lubricated and open, he replaced his tongue with his finger and he watched her shiver slightly at his touch.

He spat on her shitter and worked the saliva inside before adding a second finger. Ann was moaning and her ass was swinging from side to side as John buggered her with his fingers. His other hand unfastened his trousers and he kicked them off as they fell to his feet.

His underwear joined the trousers and his solid prick was now free. He pulled his fingers out of Ann's asshole and grinned, as her shitter remained open. Positioning his cock at her back hole, he slowly slid his entire length up her shit tube and started to ass fuck her.

Tom pulled Rachel's sucking mouth away from his shaft and said, "I need some cunt." He looked from Rachel's young face to his daughters and shrugged his shoulders. Janice grinned and Rachel let out a cry of joy as her mother turned to her and said, "Go ahead baby. Get his cock inside your cunt." Janice pulled her fingers from Rachel's body and watched as the little girl straddled her grandfather's lap and lowered her tight cunt onto his cock.

She giggled as Tom gave a long drawn out groan as inch by inch her slid into her body. "Oh fuck that's tight," he gasped and began thrusting upwards and screwing the young girl. Janice got up from the sofa and left them to it. She pulled off her clothes while she watched Helen, Any and Susan for a few minutes as they lay on the floor making a daisy chain as they sucked at each others fuck holes.

"Shit," she thought. "I need some cock and there's none spare." The thought had hardly left her brain when she jumped as a cold wet nose pressed into the crotch of her wet panties which were now the only thing that she wore. "Hello Shadow," she said as a grin broke across her face. "Are you ready for some more?" She used her fingers to pull her cunt lips apart and the animal drove his long tongue up her fuck tube causing her to gasp and shiver.

John's cock was pounding in and out of his grandmother's asshole and she raised her throat from Mike's prick and looked back over her shoulder. "Oh god, that's nice John.

Fuck me deep. Fuck my shit hole deep." She turned back to Mike's cock but found that he had squirmed down the sofa and his prick was now positioned directly below her soaking cunt.

She smiled at him and sank slowly down. John followed her down without missing a stroke and the swollen outer lips of her aroused cunt, closed over Mike's shaft and she groaned loudly as he slid inside. Janice pushed the dog behind her, pulled down her panties and bent forward leaning her hands on her knees.

Shadow licked her shit hole and then went back to her dripping cunt. She groaned at the delicious feeling of the animal's long tongue buried deep in her cunt and thrashing about in her fuck tube. Her left hand squeezed her tit and pulled at her rock hard nipple while the fingers of her other hand were furiously rubbing at her clit as she stood with her legs spread wide open.

The dog's nose was pressed right on her asshole as he pushed forward trying to her more of his tongue inside his bitch. She stiffened suddenly and gave out a loud cry as her climax raced through her body. "Oh god, I'm cumming," she gasped pushing her sex back onto the animal's face. "Keep licking me you bastard.

I'm creaming so hard." The animal didn't understand a word she said but he had no intention of stopping. The taste of her hole just got better as her cunt cream flowed into the dog's mouth and he eagerly lapped it up. Ann's eyes were tightly closed as she concentrated on her own cum. Mike's cock felt wonderful in her cunt but it was John's prick flashing in and out of her asshole that was doing it for her.

She loved the feeling of having her shitter stretched, and her grandson's shaft was perfectly designed for the job. She inhaled deeply, savouring the aroma of cunt and the pungent smell of dog spunk that hung in the air. The tingling around her burning clit became more and more intense and she cried out as her body shuddered and convulsed in orgasm. "Fuck, that's nice," Mike moaned as Ann's hot cunt cream flowed around his cock and flooded over his balls.

Rachel was bouncing her 12-year-old hairless cunt up and down her grandfather's prick. Her eyes were wide open and boring into his, as she squatted over his lap and whispered obscenities to him. "Fuck my little cunt," she said with a slight smile. "Get it further up me.

I want you to rip my fucking hole apart." Tom groaned, trying to hold back his cum but his slut grand daughter continued. "Spurt your spunk up me. I want to feel your slime inside me." He gripped her ass cheeks tightly and helped her slid up and down his shaft and she dropped her voice even lower and whispered, "Finger fuck my asshole.

Ream my shitter." Tom moved his index finger to probe her little puckered opening and Rachel rammed her body downwards and his finger was forced into her body all the way to the knuckle She was bouncing faster and faster and she cried, "Fuck me you bastard. Fuck my cunt hard and finger my shit hole." Tom could hold back no longer and just as the young girl shuddered in climax, his thick white sperm blasted out of his piss hole and splattered against her cervix.

Janice gasped in disappointment as Shadow moved back and her cunt was suddenly empty. Before she could straighten up, the animal's weight crashed onto her back and the front paws came over her shoulders.

Her eyes flew open and she found herself staring down at the thick red dog cock that was thrusting in the air between her legs. She quickly scooped it up, and the entrance to her fuck hole was so slick with dog saliva and her juices, that the shaft easily penetrated her and drove up her cunt. Janice put her hands back onto her knees to help take the dog's weight and she pushed her ass backwards into the cock that was flashing in and out of her fuck hole at an astonishing rate.

She could feel the dog drool drip onto her bare back and run down her spine into the crack of her ass. Ann was very close. "Fuck me boys," she moaned. "Fuck my holes." Her well used cunt was soaking wet and slack, and it was not surprising that her tight asshole would cause John to cum first. He gritted his teeth and held back for as long as possible and then groaned loudly as his spunk spurted out of his piss hole and jetted into his grandmothers shitter.

The sensation of his semen coating the walls of her shit tube sent her over the top and she shuddered in climax and her spasming muscles milked the cum from his cock. Janice could feel the knot forming on Shadow's prick and battering at her cunt lips.

Her eyes were crazed with lust and she wanted the knot inside her. Every time the dog thrust into her cunt, Janice pushed back and the swelling eventually forced its way up her fuck tube. "Fuck me you big bastard," she gasped. "Stretch my cunt wide." John pulled his spent prick out of Ann's asshole and collapsed onto the sofa beside his father.

Mike looked up into his mother in laws lustful eyes and growled, "Your too wet. I want your shitter." She smiled down at him and heaved herself from his shaft as he hauled himself up into a sitting position. She turned her back on him and squatted over his lap. His cock was slick with her cunt juice and as she crouched, some of John's spunk oozed out of her shit hole and dripped onto Mike's prick.

She sank down slowly and then wriggled her butt to make sure that every last fraction of an inch was up her back hole. As she bounced up and down, John got down in front of them and he stared at Ann's cunt. It was gaping open and he could see her juices bubbling inside and smell her hole. Neither one or two fingers were going to do any good, and he started off by sliding three fingers into her tube.

He quickly added a fourth and shallow fisted the woman while his father pounded her shitter. "More," Ann gasped at him. "Fist me." John folded his thumb across his palm and pushed his hand inside her body all the way to the wrist.

Once inside, he curled his hand into a fist and Ann's gasped as her grandson drove his fist up and down her fuck hole producing the most obscene slurping noises from her cunt. "Fuck, I'm cumming," she suddenly cried and began to shudder and toss her head wildly from side to side. John could feel his fathers cock on the other side of the thin membrane that separated them and when Mike splashed his spunk up the womans asshole, he could feel every spurt.

Both Mike and John stayed where they were until Ann had recovered and with a very loud sucking noise, the boy pulled his fist out of his grandmothers fuck hole and helped her to her feet releasing Mikes prick from her shitter.

Shadow was whining and dancing on his back feet as he gave a final savage lunge to bury his shaft and knot up Janice's cunt, and then stood still as he pumped spurt after spurt of hot dog cum inside her. The knot was a very effective plug and as she was bent forward, Janice could see the lower part of her stomach begin to bulge out as her tube was filled to capacity.

Later that evening they were all sitting around the dining table enjoying their evening meal. Janice was watching her youngest daughter sneak food off her plate and drop it into her lap. She knew that Shadow was below the table and she couldn't make up her mind if Amy just wanted to feed the dog or whether she was encouraging him to lick her cunt.

She watched another piece of meat disappear below the table and she said, "Amy, what are you doing," The startled youngster jumped and replied, "Nothing mum." The conversation around the table stopped and in the quietness, the clear sounds of Shadow's tongue could be heard.

Amy's face flushed red as her mother asked, "Is Shadow eating meat Amy?" "Well, kind of I guess," she reluctantly replied. Janice lifted the table cover and looked beneath the table. Amy's legs were splayed apart and the little slut wasn't wearing any panties.

Shadow's head was between her legs and his tongue was fully inside the little girl's cunt. "Amy," her mother said in exasperation. "I've already told you that you're not to let Shadow fuck you. His cock's too big." The little girl seemed very grown up as she looked squarely at her mother and replied, "He's not fucking me.

He's only licking me out and you didn't say he couldn't do that. So there," she added defiantly. Ann began laughing and said, "She's right you know. You only said that Shadow wasn't to fuck her." "But mum." Janice began looking for some support.

Ann's eyes were twinkling and her face split with a wide grin as she retorted, "Don't you, but mum, me. I remember when you weren't much older than Amy and I found you and your sister in the barn trying to get a horse cock inside you." Her father joined in the laughter as he too remembered the incident and Rachel whistled through her teeth and said, "Wow.

Way to go mum. Did you fuck the horse." Now it was Janice's turn to feel the red flush cross her face and she said, "Quiet Rachel. We're not talking about me just now. We're talking about Amy." Helen paid no attention to her mother and turned to her grandmother, "Tell us grandma.

Did mum and Aunt Jill really fuck a horse." "Well," Ann replied grinning at her frowning daughter, "Not at that time they didn't, but after I taught them how to do it, they used to let the horses fuck them quite regularly. " "You taught them?" Susan cried. "Do you still fuck the horses and will you teach us?" "Now see what you've started," Janice said before her mother could reply.

"These little sluts are wild enough as it is without you teaching them how to fuck horses." Ann nodded at her daughter and replied, "Tell you what girls. I taught everything I know about horse fucking to Jill and your mother.

When she thinks your ready, she'll show you how. Okay." The girls all looked expectantly at Janice who gave a slight shrug of her shoulders and nodded. Everyone seemed to be happy with this arrangement, especially Amy because they all appeared to have forgotten that Shadow was licking her fuck hole, when Susan turned to Ann and asked, "Can we watch you fucking a horse?" Before replying, Ann looked over at her daughter for permission and everyone cheered when Janice sighed and nodded.

She wouldn't admit it, but her cunt was becoming really wet at the thought of watching her mother take a horse cock up her cunt. The next morning, Helen again brought up the subject of horses by asking how many of the animals Ann and Tom owned. "We have two stallions called Star and Blaze and a mare called Jasmine. We normally breed from her in the summer and she's just coming into season now.

We've had to separate the mare and stable her in the other barn with the dogs just now, or the stallions would kick down their stalls to get to her." Susan was sitting on the sofa beside Helen and she asked, "How many dogs do you have? Are they just like Shadow." Ann grinned and replied, "That depends on what you mean by just like Shadow. Shadow is a pure breed German Shepherd and the other dogs are mongrels used on the ranch to round up the cattle.

So in that sense their not like Shadow at all. But if you mean would they fuck your brains out if they got the chance, then the answer would be yes, they're exactly like Shadow." Helen and Susan giggled at her response and Ann stood up and said, "Come on.

Let's find the others." The rest of the family was at breakfast and they all sat down to pancakes and syrup followed with bacon and eggs. "God, I'm stuffed," Ann said leaning back in her chair having cleared her plate. "Not yet you're not," Rachel replied, "But I'm sure you will be when you get it on with your horse." Amid the laughter that followed, Ann said, "You're not going to let me forget that, are you?" Helen, Rachel, Susan and Amy all shook their heads vigorously and Mike said, "Actually, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing it as well." Tom reached forward to slap him on the back and confirmed.

"Its well worth seeing Mike. Really hot." All eyes then turned back to Ann who held up her hands in surrender and said, "Okay.

I'm horny anyway and was thinking about asking John for a fuck, but I guess it'll have to be horse cock." She led the family over to one of the barns and they could hear the excited barking of the dogs even before they reached the door. Shadow had been left in the house and as Ann slid the door open, six dogs swarmed out and danced in between everyone's legs trying to get patted or to lick hands in welcome.

"Down boys," Ann scolded the dogs pushing them away and ushering the family into the barn. The dogs followed them and Susan squatted down to pet them. Two immediately began licking all over her face and the other four were sniffing around her panty covered ass and cunt. No one was paining much attention to Susan as Ann led the others over to a stall where Jasmine was stabled.

"This is our mare," she said as the horse snorted and pushed her head affectionately into Ann's shoulder. The woman rubbed her hand over the animal's head as she explained, "She's just coming into season and if I rub her scent over me, the stallions will react as if I was a mare." She opened the stall door and went inside with Janice following her.

Janice gently held the mare's head while her mother's hands caressed the animals flank and reached underneath to Jasmine's fuck hole. The opening parted easily and Ann's hand slipped inside all the way to her wrist. A few seconds later she pulled it back out covered in a powerful smelling slime. She rubbed herself between her legs leaving a glistening trail where her fingers had been.

"What about giving your family a treat Janice?" she asked her daughter. "What did you have in mind mother," she replied with a grin. Ann reached over and wiped some of the horse slime over her daughters cunt and answered, "I'll fuck Blaze and you suck off Star.

You used to be so good at it." Janice didn't reply with words but her throaty laughter indicated her agreement. They all trouped out of the barn except Susan who was still squatting down in front of the dogs.

"Come on Susan," Helen said. "You don't to miss this. Grandma's going to fuck a horse." "I'll be right there," Susan replied cheerfully. "Close the door and I'll be with you in a minute." At the sound of the door closing, Susan jumped to her feet, tore off her panties and threw herself down on the straw in the corner. She pulled hr skirt up to her waist, spread her legs and whispered, "Come and get it boys," as the dogs closed around her.

Ann showed the rest of her family into the other barn that housed to two stallions. Janice rushed over to one of the stalls and threw her arms around the chestnut stallion. "Star," she exclaimed. "God, I haven't seen you in years. Do you remember me boy?" As if in greeting, the horse snorted loudly and pushed his head into her body. Janice giggled as everyone crowed around the stall, and she looked pointedly at her mother.

The smell of the barn was intoxicating to her. The memories flooded back of long hot summer nights spent in the horse stalls with her sister. They would suck and fuck on the horse cocks until their jaws ached and their cunts were swollen open. When their lust for animal cock was sated, they would fall into the hay and suck and finger fuck each other to oblivion.

"Go on baby," Ann urged shattering her daydream. "Show y our children what a good cock sucker you are." Janice smiled and pulled off her clothes before rubbing her fingers over cunt until they were slippery with her own juices and the mares slime. As soon as she brought them to the animals nose the effect was instantaneous. The horse stood rock still with only his nostrils flaring open and closed.

The muscles in his hindquarters then began quivering and his front leg pawed the floor. Janice ran her hands lightly over Star's flanks and then underneath.

The animals cock was starting to drop in response to the mares sex scent and Janice gasped quietly as she watched the shaft develop. She crouched under the horse and reached out to gather up the beast's dangling prick. As she massaged the huge horse cock from one end to the other, it swelled and stiffened even more, and her mothers voice was thick with lust as she said quietly, "You haven't lost your touch baby. You could always get Star hard quickly." The horse began to snort as Janice rubbed herself all over his arm like cock, stroking it against her stomach and tits.

"You've got a beautiful cock Star," she sighed, hugging it to her body and licking the tip. "I'd forgotten how good your cock feels on my skin." Pre-cum ran like thick syrup from the animal's shaft trickling down the woman's stomach. She sat on her heels shaking her hair to the side and lifted the horse's dripping cock to her mouth. As she licked the animals throbbing cock, he neighed and her tongue pushed into his open piss hole, fucking it like a little cunt.

Ann was leaning over the half door of Star's stall and she pushed her butt back and wiggled it.

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"Someone fuck me," she moaned. "I'm so fucking horny, and I need stretched before I take a horse." Blaze was beginning to stamp his feet in the other stall as Tom reached below his wife's skirt and pulled her wet panties down to her ankles. "Fuck her John," he commanded his grandson and held Ann's ass cheeks apart as the boy slid his hard prick up her sopping fuck hole.

All four girls were gazing into the stall watching Janice perform and masturbating furiously. Little Amy had to stand up on the timber rails to look over, making her little butt was just at the right height for Tom to step behind her.

He pulled her panties down and Amy immediately removed her fingers from inside her cunt as she felt her grandfathers shaft push into the swollen lips of her hole. She gasped as she was penetrated and looked over her shoulder to cry, "Fuck my cunt grandpa.

Ram your cock up my little hole." Star stirred restlessly and was dancing on all four hooves as Janice blew his huge cock and her fingers rubbed all over his shaft. She opened her mouth wide, allowing the entire head of the horse's prick to fill it.

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Then she sucked hard, reaching her right arm out and tickling his balls which she could just reach with her fingertips. The animal's flanks quivered as her expert mouth and tongue brought him close to orgasm. Helen had kicked off her panties and had one foot raised off the floor as she finger fucked herself.

The juices were running out of her hole as her father stood behind her with his stiff shaft pressed into her ass crack. Her fingers felt so good up her cunt, that the young slut relaxed her anal muscled to let Mike's cock push up her shit hole. Rachel was so engrossed with her mothers perverted display that she didn't even feel her fathers hand until it had slid down the back of her panties and was feeling her ass.

His finger slid up and down between her ass cheeks, greased by the moisture there. She had three fingers buried up her cunt as Mike's fingers pressed into her puckered asshole and slowly opened her up.

As his index finger eased up her asshole, he began fucking both twins in the shitter at the same time, one with his prick and the other with his fingers.

The horse snorted wildly trying to fuck the womans throat as she sucked and jacked him off. Janice's hands became a blur around his cock and suddenly her cheeks ballooned and the horse danced as he fucked his hot cum down the woman's throat.

"Wow, fuck," Helen exclaimed at the scene before her, and before she could say anything else, she groaned loudly as her orgasm blasted through her young body Cum poured from the Janice's mouth, running down her skin like grey slime.

She managed at last to uncork the spurting cock from her mouth and gasped for breath as the huge prick flexed in her hands, drenching her in hot fuck slime. Janice grinned as she directed the animals cum to squirt all over her face, tits and stomach. Thick strands of horse spunk hung from her stiff nipples and dripped into her lap. When the horse had stopped shooting, she milked his cock, sucking on the end of his shaft and slurping down the thick cum as it bubbled out of his open piss hole.

Only then did she become aware of the cheering and clapping on her family and she stood up licking her fingers and smiling. Ann was proudly grinning at her daughter's performance when she suddenly cried out and her body began shuddering. "Oh god, I'm cumming," she moaned driving her dripping cunt back onto her grandson's cock. "I'm fucking cunning." This appeared to be the signal for a mass ejaculation.

As Janice looked around her she saw her husband deep in Helens shitter with his teeth clenched as he pounded her hole. Beside him, her father's prick was flashing in and out of little Amy's cunt and right in front of her, her mother was deep in orgasm splattering her cunt cream everywhere as her son pistoned in and out of her hole. Janice let out a low moan and she scooped a handful of horse cum from her tits and slapped it between her legs forcing the slime up her cunt.

As soon as she touched her burning clit, her body convulsed in climax. As she screwed her eyes shut and surrendered to the delicious waves of ecstasy that were racing through her body, she thrilled as within a few seconds of each other, her husband, father and son shouted their cum and jetted their thick spunk into hot holes.

In all the excitement, no one had missed Susan who was flat on her back in the other barn. A huge shaggy haired black dog that was mostly German Shepherd was obviously the leader of the pack.

As the other dogs skipped about between her legs jostling for position on her soaking cunt, the black dog stood over her face and she pulled his thick red cock into her mouth. At over eight inches long and thicker than her wrist, she had to open her mouth wide to get the head past her lips. She couldn't see past the dog's body to see what other animals were licking her out but one of them had a very long tongue.

It was high inside her cunt and almost touching her cervix as he thrashed about inside her. Another dog's head was below and his snout was pressed into her ass crack as he licked at the entrance to her shit hole. The remaining three dogs fought for possession of her clit and the little slut was in continual climax as the rough tongues rasped over her sensitive sex bud. The black dog was fucking her face like a machine gun and she had a firm grip on his shaft to stop him driving in too far.

There was no way that she could deep throat a prick of this size but her hot mouth and slimy fist were just like a cunt to the dog and he continued to face fuck his bitch. She was shuddering so much that it was difficult to hold on to the black dogs cock and she breathed a sigh of relief as all four paws began dancing on the ground and the animal started to whine.

She suddenly remembered the amount of spunk that Shadow spurted yesterday and as the first jets of dog cum blasted out of his cock, she blocked her throat with her tongue and opened her mouth even wider. Her mouth rapidly filled up with the slime and she kept her fist tight around the thrusting shaft to milk every drop from him.

Some of the other dogs were attracted by the smell of fresh spunk and came up to lap at the spunk as it cascaded down both sides of her face. When the black dog had finished, he moved a few paces away and lay down to lick his cock clean. Susan pushed the other dogs away from her mouth and sat up to find out what animal had been doing such a good job on her cunt.

Her crotch was plastered with cunt cream from her many orgasm as she moaned as the light brown haired mongrel pushed his nose harder into her clit to try and push more of his long tongue up her fuck hole.

She patted the dogs head and reluctantly pushed him away to turn onto her hands and knees. A black and white Collie type dog immediately made to mount her but a swift nip on his neck from the light brown dog put him back in his place.

The light brown animal then jumped onto Susan's back and wrapped his front paws around her waist. On the third thrust, his hard cock speared her dripping cunt and she cried our as the next thrust buried the entire length up her hole.

The black and white dog sidled around to her head and jumped his front paws onto her back. His thick prick waved in front of the girl's face and she opened her lips and slurped it into her throat.

She had to keep both hands on the ground to brace her body against the weight of the two dogs and they both began fucking her faster than she would have thought possible. In the other barn, the family were getting ready to watch Ann take on the other stallion, Blaze. "Give me a hand here Mike," Tom said walking over to the corner of the barn and pulling a sheet from a trolley. Tom's cock had softened after spurting up little Amy's cunt and a couple of drops of spunk were clinging to the tip.

Mike's prick was in the same state as he came over to join the older man and the sides of his shaft were also streaked with his daughters shit. "What's this?" he asked looking at the trolley. The top of the table was about waist height and well padded.

A leather cover was tightly stretched over the top and the whole structure was mounted on four lockable wheels. "I built this years ago when Ann the girls were still living with us," Tom explained. "In those days Ann was always out here with Janice and Jill teaching them to fuck the horses and this trolley makes it a lot easier for them." While the men were talking, Ann led Blaze out of his stall and tied him to a supporting beam in the centre of the building.

The horse was very frisky, as he could smell the scent of a mare in season together with horse cum and female cunt. He pawed the floor impatiently and his long cock was already dropping as Ann's hands ran over his body.

Janice rubbed the big animal's head and tried to quieten him down while her mother stripped. Mike and Tom wheeled the table over and Janice waved Rachel over to hold the horse's head while she went to help her mother. Ann was shivering with lust and she embraced her daughter and whispered, "God I'm so horny. I haven't done this for years." Janice could feel her mothers stiff nipples press into her flesh as they hugged, and when they pulled apart, there was a loud sucking noise as the horse cum that was sandwiched between them came free but held them together with numerous strands of slime that connected their bodies.

They laughed and Ann jumped onto the table and lay on her back. She left a trail of John's spunk across the leather as the semen oozed from her saturated cunt. Mike and Tom positioned themselves on either side of the trolley and manoeuvred it underneath the animal's body while Janice jacked the horse off and his massive shaft was fully exposed. Ann reached up, her fingers clutching at the horse's ribs as she pulled her tits up against his furry abdomen.

Mike and Tom took hold of her legs and forced them wide apart as Janice squatted between the animal's hind legs and lifted his baseball bat cock into position to wipe the dripping tip of it against her mothers slimy fuck hole.

Janice moaned and bucked her hips against the shaft that was as long and thick as her arm. Everyone was silent as they watched expectantly and the woman squirmed, rubbing her cunt against the animal's prick. Her toes wriggled excitedly and the horse's flanks quivered. He neighed and snorted and suddenly thrust forward. The massive cock slipped through Janice's fingers and Ann screamed loudly as the beast's huge cock rammed into her cunt, forcing her to ejaculate John's spunk that was still pooled inside her fuck tube.

Susan was breathing hard through her nose as the black and white Collie fucked her throat. The slimy red cock was flashing in and out of her mouth and the swelling knot battered against her lips. She kept her mouth as tight as possible around the thrusting shaft as she knew that if she relaxed even for a few seconds, the knot would be driven into her mouth.

She had absolutely no control over what was happening at the other end however. The light brown dog was hammering away at her saturated cunt and his knot had long since rammed past her outer lips and was ravaging the inside of her fuck hole. She could only whimper as the animal thrust even faster and turned his head to the roof and howled loudly. She felt the strong muscles inside the dog's cock expand and contract rapidly and every movement shot spurt after spurt of boiling hot spunk up her hole.

The brown dog was still cumming when the Collie danced around on his back paws and jetted his seed into her throat. She opened her mouth fully to let as much of the hot slime run out as possible and her throat swallowed continually to slurp the rest into her stomach. The lips of her cunt were so wet and slimy from her multiple orgasms that the dog failed to tie her with his knot and the animal was able to pull free.

The Collie also pulled away from her face and she gasped with relief and opened and closed her mouth to massage her aching muscles. Just as she drew a long breath into her lungs and felt the river of dog cum pour out of her gaping slit, another dog jumped onto her back and before she could move, his thrusting cock speared her sloppy hole.

"No," she cried. "Oh fuck, no more." The black and tan coloured animal paid no attention to her plea and began shafting her cunt. There were still two dogs that she hadn't serviced and one of them, a black Labrador, lay underneath her and lapped at the sperm that was squirting from her fuck tube as the other dog fucked her.

The Labrador's long tongue rasped continually over her throbbing clit and she screamed as her body was racked with orgasm after orgasm. Her arms collapsed and her head lay on the straw covered floor as she shuddered and convulsed. The last dog was a long haired mongrel and her nudged her face with his nose.

She opened her eyes to gaze at his red cock that almost touched the ground and heaved her body up and supported herself on one elbow as she reached out to grasp the prick. The dog moved closer and she opened her mouth again and sucked the shaft inside. Her little fist jacked furiously at the cock and her cheeks were drawn in as she sucked hard and ran her tongue around the sensitive tip. The black and tan dog thrust into her fuck tube like a piston and her battered cunt was so open and slimy that his knot slipped inside easily.

She groaned loudly around the mongrel's prick as the cock up her cunt battered against her cervix and another powerful climax exploded inside her.

The Labrador's tongue was still glued to her clit prolonging the orgasm and her own cunt cream mixed with the dog cum in her cunt and the slimy liquid splattered onto the floor and ran down the inside of her legs in torrents. The mongrel suddenly began to cum and she pulled her mouth away and jacked him off directing the spray of spunk onto her budding tits and then back to her head to drench her hair and face. The spunk and cunt cream were frothing at the entrance to her cunt quicker that the Labrador could lap it down as the black and tan dog worked towards his cum.

His haunches were driving his prick forward at a furious rate and Susan's breathing was ragged and her head was thrashing from side to side until he suddenly gave a massive lunge to bury his prick up her hole and jet his thick spunk into her body. The lunge tore a scream from the girl's throat and she shuddered again as the hot slime coated the walls of her fuck tube.

The dog withdrew and lay down to lick himself clean and recover and Susan raised herself unsteadily onto her hands and knees. A film of sweat covered her naked body and her wide open cunt gushed its contents onto the barn floor.

Her breathing eventually slowly to a more normal rate and just as she was thinking about hauling herself to her feet, the weight of the black Labrador crashed down on her back. She screamed as the huge red cock began thrusting between her legs looking for her hole and she knew instantly that there was nothing she could do to prevent the animal fucking her. Her cunt was battered and sore. The outer lips were swollen and scarlet from the screwing she had just endured and she hesitated for only a second before lowering her butt slightly and the thick shaft rammed up her asshole.

Her screams were still echoing around the barn as the Labrador buried his entire length in her bowels and shafted her at an astonishing rate. The family cheered as Blaze penetrated Ann's cunt and she spread her legs further apart and cried out in ecstasy as at least eight more inches of his cock slid into the womans sex. She squirmed madly, her eyes wide and glazed as her lust overpowered her.

Mike and Tom spread her legs even farther and her daughter held on tightly to the bucking prick with both hands. The horse had plunged a third of his gigantic prick into Ann's cunt and now began thrusting in and out of her stretched hole. As his cock plunged between her legs, her throbbing cunt drooled hot fuck juice all over it and she clawed at the horse's flanks, her lithe body writhing like an eel, and the muscles in her legs spasmed and contracted.

As the huge horse prick reamed out her cunt, she screamed again and her eyes rolled back into her skull as her throbbing clit rasped over the shaft and a massive orgasm erupted inside her body.

The rest of the family were lust crazy. Helen and Rachel had both cum so often that their cream was running down their fingers that were jammed up their fuck holes and was dripping from their wrists. The men were all hard again and without taking her eyes away from her grandmother's cunt, little Amy dropped to her knees and opened her mouth in front of her brothers cock.

A few jerks later and John's sperm hit the back of his 8 year old sisters throat and she sucked the slime into her stomach. He was so aroused that by the time Amy got back onto her feet, his prick was hardening again. Ann's legs were wrapped tightly around the sides of the animal's body and Tom and Mike had both let go of her legs to concentrate on their cocks.

"Come here baby," Mike said grabbing Rachel and pulling her towards him. He turned her around to face away from him so she could still enjoy her grandmother's performance and stuck his prick between her ass cheeks. "This wont take long baby," he gasped. "I'm nearly there already." The girl bent forward slightly and her father's shaft sank into her saturated cunt. She sighed contentedly and began rubbing at her clit as Mike fucked her. Tom eyes flitted between his wife taking Blaze's massive cock, and his son in law shafting his grand daughter and he reached out for Helen who immediately adopted the same position as her twin.

Tom's cock slid up the young girl's fuck hole and both he and Mike matched their thrusts as they fucked the two girls. The horse began snorting and neighing continually apparently incensed not only with his fucking but also by the smell of cunt cream and spunk that surrounded him. The beast twisted his head, shook it, braying incessantly as he humped, ramming his huge cock up the cunt of the screaming woman. In and out, in and out, slid his gleaming cock.

In and out, in and out, in and out. "Arghhhh," the woman wailed, her body convulsing, shuddering as if she were being electrocuted. Her toes clawed at the balls of her feet, her fingers raked the ribcage of the horse as a massive orgasm ripped through her and her thick cunt cream sprayed out to cover the thru sting shaft and her daughter's hands that were still gripping it.

The horse was almost out of control as he lunged into Ann's cunt. Suddenly he tried to rear up but was stopped by the halter around his nose. His front hooves were about six inches off the floor as he balanced on his hind legs, ramming his cock in and out of the Ann's spasming cunt. His flanks shuddered violently and he neighed madly as his brown eyes rolled and the horse cum raced from his balls up to his open piss hole.

As his cum exploded into the naked woman, she jerked, grunting, gasping. Before he'd pumped half his load into her, his spunk was running out of her ravaged cunt. Both Tom and Mike climaxed at the same time as Ann's cunt was being filled. Rachel and Helen cried out as the hot slime spurted inside them and although they shuddered in climax, they never took their eyes from their grandmother's convulsing body.

Janice dragged Blaze away and his long prick came free of Ann's body with a loud plop and another gush of slime ran out of her hole. Just as everyone was beginning to recover and Ann rolled from the table to get unsteadily to her feet, the barn door banged open and Susan staggered in.

She was naked, and every square inch of her body was covered in dog cum. Straw stuck to her body and from her hair and both her cunt and asshole were oozing slime. As the family gasped in amazement, Susan's face split into a wide grin and she asked, "Have I missed anything?" Ann's fuck hole was wide open and dripping spunk onto the floor as she waddled over to hug the young girl and she answered, "Somehow I don't think you missed anything Susan."