Highschool DxD RIAS

Highschool DxD RIAS
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First real try. More sex in the next part if you guys are nice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I got out of school 2 weeks ago, and I am so siced for summer.

Driving down the Bay Way, I'm in my family's Honda we just got after I got my license. Its like 78 degrees out and no clouds. I live for summer, and when summer comes, we go to Ocean City. My names Sam by the way. 6 foot 160, dirty blond and blue eyes. Slight muscle tone. Im not too bad. I love girls. And I love the beach. It's me, my friend John and my step-sister's cousins Molly and Paige. We're playing some sweet road music, and John's cuddling or some shit in the back seat with Molly.

We've got like 2 hours of road ahead. I got two and a half months of summer with a ride now, plus i'm meeting all of my step-sister's hot cousins and friends. My mom, step-dad and step-sister Maria are in the Tahoe an hour ahead. They thought we were behind put we had to stop for a smoke break 5 minutes from our place.

Another good thing bout summer is the freedom, so im happen i brought my bong. Rolling stoned isnt too bad going down a highway, and we left late so we wouldnt hit too hard of traffic. I see the shore line coming up in view, meaning we were fifteen minutes away. John trying to smoke up quick but no ones smoking up this car anytime soon. The parents are suspicious, and my ma has a mega nose, especially with cars. Well, cars only.

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She doesn't care about much, but rolling high is pretty much that, coke, and underage binging are the only things she hates. My step dad's pretty chill. He's a bro and we drink at home every weekend. This is the first time since he married mom that we're going to the beach.

Hopefully well chill on the beach every day. We're unpacked now, and it's like 430. Mom says drop all and head to the shore. Surprising to us, my step-family is all on the beach. My step dad and his two brothers dump 24 packs into a giant cooler.

I love my step family. We chill in the best sand in great sun drinking beer until dark, where we go to my rich car dealer uncle's place on the sand and have pizza.

Im nowhere near drunk cause i took it easy, but my plastered dad tosses me the keys to go back home with John.

However, we take Paige and two of my step cousins, Janey and Lara. Paige is a friend of mine from school as well as Maria's cousin, who is bangin, and Jane and Lara are tanned with amazing bodies, all still in suits. My honda's chock full of sexy right now besides the dumb fuck Johnny, who without missing a beat pulls the ounce from under the seat and prepares his pipe.

Pulling into our place, we go onto the porch to smoke.

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We're all feeling good, and John's trying to get some action already. He's clear because hes not related to anyone, but im step cousin to these guys. "You don't know?" Paige asks. "Know what?" I ask. "You know like how chill we are?" I love her family because how chill they are, so yeah I know. "Yeah." "Well, we fuck. Our family. Our male cousins aren't here, but we fuck. All of us." "Wa--Wait.

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You mean-" "Yeah." "Is it like orgy fest or less-" "Anything." I love this family too much to not take part, and im not blood related. "What are we waiting for?" John being the horny fuck he is is half naked, but the girls are set to head upstairs.

I wonder where they're going. I empty the pipe out and stick my shit in my car. I was kinda nervous going back up expecting anything. I was kinda ready but I couldn't find them. I thought they would be like in the living room or something. I could feel my heart pounding. What if I suck at sex? What if I can't get it up? What if Im too small? I head upstairs and hear the shower running. I head in the bathroom to find John getting sucked off by Lara, and Paige and Janey are undressing each other.

My shirt's on the floor and Paige steps into the shower with Janey. It's a big shower with room for us and then some. There's a little bench on the inside, with shower heads pointing in all directions throughout.

It's on but it's not rough, it's a pleasant shower. Im nude, and I look over to John. He's doin Lara doggy while she's bending over the toilet.

Going in, I stand on the corner wall to get a bj from Paige. All the feelings of being her bro become wanting to be her boyfriend. Wow, I love her ass. Seeing her crouched sucking me off was amazing, looking into her eyes. Janey took turns, and she was pretty good at it. She was enthusiastic and probably had experience in her times with her cousins. They both look real sexy in a shower.

If we stay awhile here, were definitely fucking here again. Both girls are licking my dick, and I love it. Janey eats my balls, which she does like a veteran. They get up and put me on the shower bench thing. There is plenty of room on this thing, so Janey gets on me boobs facing me. Her boobs are bigger than Paige's, but she' s not as physically sexy as she is. She fucks me real good, alternating speeds, her tight pussy is amazing when she rolls her pelvis.

She starts bouncing, and I'm ready to cum. "Shit-" Janey gets off me and the hot water forces a huge shot out of me. Solid 4 roper. Paige is down, so she tries to get me up by sucking me again.

Shower shots wipe me out normally, but Paige is fineeee. She turns off the side jets, and lays on the bench. I thought she could be more creative, but I think something is wrong.

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I come over to fuck her, but when I approach, she winces. "Careful. Virgin." I'm shocked. She never fucked her cousins before. I love it, and Im her first. Her pussy is cute, and she wraps her legs kinda around me. I slowly go in, and it takes a little out and in, finally surprising her and breaking her. She winces and screams, and we chill for a bit for her to stop crying. "That wasn't too bad. Have you done that before?" "Maybe." Janey gets out to get with John, so it was just me and Paige.

We got to spend time with each other finally. We got out of the shower and dried off, and went to the living room after we got dressed. I kinda just held her as we lay across the couch. We watched a movie and kinda drifted off.

I woke up in the same way with her. She was snug against me half awake too.

It was about 1030 when I woke up, so I went to the kitchen, got some OJ, and put a glass for her on the coffee table. I went looking for John and the girls. He was asleep by himself. I think the girls were tired of him. The house was empty, just us 5. What should I do for the time until they're awake? I thought. I went out to the car to fetch my stash, went back inside, left the pipe in my room, and made "brownies." Delicious and fun.

Half an hour later the brownies were done and all the girls found their way to the kitchen from the smell of chocolate. I shelled them out to let them cool, and when they were good we had our fill and I stashed the rest in a bag. I kept the seeds for my project. The rest of our people walk in at around two when were just about chill from our brownies. John barely makes it back in our room unseen in his birthday suit just waking up. I run in to check on him. "What the fuck happened to you?" "My dick wouldn't quit." "Ahhh enough said." I got my suit on to go back to the beach.

We were all going, but my mom said we were going somewhere special. She needed someone to carry umbrellas, so I volunteered to put them in the back seat, so I could only take one passenger. You would think this would be dumb, but fear not. Paige volunteer to ride shotgun. John was pissed.

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"I'll go with Sam." Said Paige. "Deal." I replied.


"Son, get the big cooler from the back. We're gonna be there until dinner." I put the cooler in the trunk, and started the car. I was excited just to be with Paige, alone. Even if it included driving for half an hour. Driving down we just talked about school, our friends, the drive up, and last night. "I'm still sore from the break." "The best way to help it is more sex. No lie." Well, maybe I was lying. I think she was horny to, she wasn't too reluctant to the thought of fucking out the pain.

"Do you like shower fucking?" She asked. "Yeah, but it's hard getting hard again. Showers really drain guys." "You had no trouble last night when we did it." "Well, you were helping me. It's hard not to get it up if you're doing the work." "Really? You think I'm hot?" "Oh no. More like drop dead sexy." At that note, as we hit the highway, she unzipped my water-able shorts and pulled out my dick. Boom, road head. She started rubbing me, but she was uncertain of what she was doing.

"Am I doing good?" "Yeah, just keep it like that." I was at a decent hard when she leaned over and starting licking my tip. I shuddered in pure joy. "Shiiiit. You're good at this. Don't st—OHH." She was across the front seat giving me head. God it was nice.


The constant hot on my dick was amazing. I didn't want it to stop, but my gps warned me we were a mile from the turn. I leaned into it so I could cum. "Shit. Shit. Do you want cum in your mouth?" She didn't hesitate at all.

Just a block from the turn, the climax was an explosion. The draining of my nuts was the greatest thing ive ever felt. I rolled down her window, she was pointing at it franctically. She spat out the jizz, and the guy behind us started honking.

I looked out the rear view, and I saw the mother fucker clapping, pointing at me in celebration. I raised my fist just to signal victory. Approaching the beach, I thought, why the fuck are we driving half an hour out to the beach? Then I saw boobs. Then boobs, and then some more boobs. Nude beach. "What the-" Blond and brunette thin model chicks with amazing tits sun bathing and drinking beers and fruity drinks.

This was summer paradise. I parked the car, and immediately took my t-shirt off. Just my awesome shorts and flip-flops. I got the umbrellas out and dumped them next to my ma's coolers. The cooler I brought to my dad's car's trunk so he could dump the ice and beer. "I got this. Go get some sun." He said. He winked at me in a way I was skeptical of: did he know I got road dome?

I went over to Paige and Maria who were taking their shorts off, then their shoes. They lay down with their bikini tops on. Paige wore a sexy blue striped white bikini, and Maria had a purple-white one on.

"Ahem. Nude beach." Maria shot me an ugly look, but Paige looked at me funny. She bent forward while sitting, chest against her legs. She motioned to me to take her top off for her. Maria was even more pissed, so she moved way ahead to my family's area. John came running over. "Sam! Fuck you. I had to sit next to your bitch sister. Felt like I had no room even in the Tahoe." Maria was not fat. She had a nice body, but no butt.

Not for me. I unstrung her top as John sat down, and he was staring at her. She looked amazing. She was wearing shades, and her hair was straight-ish with just enough curl in it for the beach.

The sun hit her face perfectly. I loved this girl. "I have to go puke." Said John. "Thanks." Said Paige. She looked into my eyes as she layed back down. I just sat there looking at her, admiring her. I just had to ask. "Are we going out?" "Are you asking me out?" "Am I?" I leaned down over my towel to give her a gentle peck, and she returned the kiss, and we just made out. I looked over to the family, who were making their way to the water, besides my dad, who was just chilling there with his cigar.

This cigar really made it funny. I had to double take a second, because the paper looked cut. He was holding it funny too. I smelt the same stink as I had the past night. My dad was lighting a blunt.


I was so proud. Paige and I walked up holding hands, and I asked: "Dad, what are you smoking?" "Whatever it was under the seat in your car." FUCK. "Can I share? I won't tell mom." Haha. My dad smoked too. Love my dad. "Sure. Paige and I are gonna hang back there." "I won't peek." "Okay." We walked back to our spot and layed down next to each other to tan.

Our towels overlapped so we could be close, finally she put her arm across me and we just napped for a while. She fell deep into sleep, and her sunglasses were falling off, so I took it off her for her and put them aside. My step dad pulled out a pipe to smoke a bowl. I walked over. "Sharing time." I said. "You know the rules." He replied.

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He let me take the first hit, it was my money. "Ahh. Where were you guys last night?" He took a rip, handed me the pipe, and said "We stayed at your cousin's place. I was trashed and your mom got sick. How was your night?" I smoked, and said "Ehh. We all watched a movie." "I bet." When the bowl was done, I walked back over and fell asleep. Weed puts me to sleep. I woke up as the sun was done being bright. Dinner was an hour or so away, I saw Dad pull out the portable grill.

My aunt surprised us with a shit ton of raw shrimp and other fish. Cookout on the beach. Delicious.

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"Hey." Paige walked from behind me, leaned down and kissed my cheek. She was carrying soda for the young ones. I took the pack from her, and she layed back down.

She still looked good with my shirt on. I was glad the nude rules were over at sundown because the kids were here. They don't need to see privates. I greeted all of them and walked back. John was showering off sand, but he was sunburnt like a motherfucker. I laughed my ass off. "Fuck- AH! You- stupid- SHIT." The food was served about an hour later, and when it was done, Paige, John, Janey, Maria, and I went for a walk along the water. "What happened to you John?" asked Paige.

"Hell." He said. I brought him some 'medication' to help him. For the asshole he was, he was my bro. Gotta help the bros. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What should happen next? Comments and rating please.