Bound Balls Whipped and Slapped

Bound Balls Whipped and Slapped
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I had to investigate the meteor when it crashed out back. What rode it down changed my lifeI looked down into the hole at the rock. As I bent over for a better look I felt it snap out and enter my ear. It moved deep into my brain where it made itself at home.

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I provided a safe home warmthfoodand companionship for it. It gave me power to mentally reach out and control othersit was great. The first thing I did was test my abilitiesI could reach out for hundreds of miles across the planet and control another being humansanimalsyoungold it didn't seem to matter.

I could control multiple beings at once it was easy. I watched the price is right and reached across the country to set up a special live broadcast for the next Friday. The next thing I did was control Manuela Arbeleaz and made her wear a string bikini on Friday's show.

This would be funshe had just announced that she and her husband were going to have a baby and she was showing a baby bump. I had her come down to the bidders row where two large men had been called down and two attractive women. Manuela stood between the two women and they grabbed the wrists of both her hands they forced her to bend over and used there free hands to untie her bikini top and bottom.

Now she stood displayed to the audience they used their legs to force her legs apart. Then one of the large men pulled out his massive cock and rammed it into her pussy until his balls touched the lips of her cunt. Manuela sobbed begging him to stop that she was marriedshe was pregnant with her husband's babydon't do this to her.

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He just laughed and began fucking her as hard and fast as he could. The audience watched as the outline of his dick could be seen moving up and down on the skin of her abdomen when he ejaculated and pulled out the other man took his place and fucked her until he also unloaded his sperm into her womb. Other men in the audience came up and took herin all seventy two men raped her including Drew Carey. Since it was all caught on a live broadcast her multiple orgasms were seen by many including her husband who filed for divorce.

I used my abilities to control others to give Manuela the win in the divorceshe got the two girls and a nice alimony settlement as well as child support.

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I then influenced her to move to where I lived and join me in a large home that I had been given in which to live. The first of my harem was now here and others would soon arrive.


Next to arrive was Victoria Justice, then Jenna Ortega and Madisyn Shipman that made four beautiful young women in my harem. I wanted one for every day of the week so I worked at bringing three more women to me. The next young woman was Vanessa Hudgens and then Perdita Weeks. Finally the last to join my harem was Selena Gomez. Seven beautiful, talentedsmartyoung women that I could control and make them do any perverted sexual act that I desired. My harem became known for its sexual exploits they were caught on video often at the local mall.

Often I would send them out to the mall dressed in similar outfits. A very short black silky skirt with one slit up to the waistband.

A pair of dark silky stockings and a pair of black leather knee high boots. Finally a sheer white silky blouse that buttoned up the front. The first time I sent out Madisyn and Jenna out to the mall dressed in that outfit they attracted a lot of attention. The girl friends of the men they caught the attention of soon taught them a lesson. They forced them to the mall's tattoo parlor who's owners boy friend was one of those following them around the mall.

They put them into two chairs out front where people could get their tattoo's done publically.

They strapped Madisyn and Jenna into the chairs after unbuttoning their blouses and unbuttoning them in the back and pulling up their skirts to the waist. This exposed them completely to the onlookers. The tattooist invited two young men to come up and squeeze one bonbon each young woman so her aureole would expand and then with cries of pain accompanying the tattooing of their aureoles she made them dark reddish in color then put metal rings around each nipple keeping them hard and aroused in appearance.

Then she did the same to each of their clients which brought each of them to orgasm in public. The young men helping her were rewarded with the first taste of Madisyn and Jenna's juices as well as getting to fuck them first where it was discovered that they were still virgins. The last thing the tattooist did was untie them one at a time had them held down on their bellies and forced their ass cheeks wide as possible so she could tattoo thick black rings around their assholes.

This procedure hurt themthey screamed and begged her to stop but she didn't. She then tattooed across their ass cheeks " I wanted it so I put a ring on it". Sobbing with the pain from the tattoo's and being fucked by forty plus people they slowly left the mall but the videos live on. They returned to my home and unless I compel them refuse to go out in public any more.

I next sent Manuela and Perdita out to a flea market where the women grew tired of the flirting with their husbands and boy friends and stripped them naked then auctioned them off to the highest bidder.

Surprisingly the one that bought them had them forced onto their hands and knees and then brought in two massive mastiffs who mounted them.

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Fucking them publically first in their vaginas then up their assholes. When finished the guy took his movies andhis dogs leaving the exhausted pair of women there displaying their gaping holes to all of the people. gathered around them. Finally gathering the strength they left the market returning home.

They too refused to go out into the public without me forcing them since what had happened to them could be watched on the internet.


It was Victoria and Vanessa's turn and even though they begged and cried I compelled them to dress and go to the local store. They got a cart and started in produce where they again flirted with any men around. The women became infuriated with them and grabbing them stripped them naked and began masturbating their anuses and cunts with various sized produce.

Victoria got feel what a carrot in her asshole and a cucumber up her vagina felt like. Then when they orgasmed they offered the onlookers the items they used to fuck them with.

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Vanessa had her asshole ravaged by a long banana and her pussy had an eggplant thrust into it. Then they had their holes stuffed with small produce items like peanutsbrussel sproutsfingerling and baby potatoes until no more would fit. Then the women super glued their anus and vagina shut and released them.


The two managed to waddle out of the store and call for a rescue squad to take them to the local hospital. The staff took great pleasure in ungluing their body parts and removing the various edible items of course the removal process brought the two women to multiple climaxes. At some point this whole thing was combined and released onto the internet as a porno. When they were released from the hospital they returned to my house and also refused to go out in public unless I compelled them.

This left Selena but I did not do anything to her which made the six other women angry and this made them go out one last time into the public. They went to one of Selena's concerts and in the middle of one of her songs they went up on stagestripped Selena naked they held her in place as each one fucked her with large strap on dildos in both her holes and forced her to lick their assholes and pussies. When she was to tired to move they left her on the stage naked and wide open as her abused holes slowly returned to their normal size.

The problem was some of the audience decided to partake in what was on display and Selena was raped by an unknown number of people before the police and security forced their way to her and stopped it.

It probably goes without saying but I will say it anyways. I ended up with seven pregnant womanit was almost guaranteed to be the end result after being raped by so many men. It's a good thing I have a large home and access to money because each had one girl but two had twin girls so now I live with nine female children and seven women.

I love my harem.