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Watch online boys sexy porn videos is spunking to a stiff and swift
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Three Girls. The girls spent the next few weeks trying to get to know Jenny. They were in only one class together so they tried to focus on getting to know her there. Jenny was a shy girl and very quiet. She didn't play net ball, was an only child living with her mother and was quite good at drawing. At lunch and recess she spent most of her time in the library. As the class they shared was art they thought it was good to focus on that.

They soon found that Jenny drew in most of her free time. That became the opening. Tammi invited both herself and Heather over to Jenny's house to look at her work. Jenny was pleased that she now had two new friends with the same interest. She didn't have many. She knew that she wasn't Miss popular and when most people talked to her they tended not to look at her face.

She had quite a pretty little rounded face and as she got older she would probably get larger around her bum but at present she was nicely balanced. She had soft dark hair about the same height as Tammi, large full breasts, a small waist and big full hips. Rubenesque, a sweet fifteen year old blooming beautifully.

She was pleased her two new friends wanted to see her drawing. They offered to take her horse riding, but Jenny said she would rather draw the horses. They settled on a date and time at Jenny's house, Saturday morning while her mother was at the shops. "Your room is beautiful, and a four poster bed.

Ever been tied to it Jen?" Heather gave Tammi a withering look. They had decided not to talk about sex until they were ready and this was the most forward they had been so far. Tammi realised and apologised. "Sorry Jenny, that wasn't ment to sound quite the way it did." Jenny shrugged it off and laid out her best work on the easel and desk. "Your holding back at school aren't you Jen, these are fantastic, is it all yours?" Heather asked.

"Yes they are and yes I am. Miss Dunstan wants abstract work. In the beginning of the year she was a bit critical of my work, said it was too realistic not enough imagination so I've just been doing ten year old stuff for her since." "Wow!" Tammi said. They had wanted to see Jenny's tits and there they were in a detailed self portrait sketch in her portfolio. "Jenny this is beautiful, your beautiful, Heather look at this!" There Jenny was from the waist up nude.

Her self portrait really showed the you girls talent. Her pretty face, the line of her neck and shadow work on those breasts of hers highlighted their shape and size. "Your breasts are beautiful Jenny." Tammi couldn't help but say.

Heather looked at the work and turned to Jenny. "You like portraits, I can tell. You've put an amazing amount of work in this one haven't you?" "I'd like to do more but its hard to have someone sit for you." Jenny said.

"Could we?" Tammi said. "You could do a nude if you like we'd like to." "Well I do prefer the gentle curves of the body than all the textures and folds of material, but" but Tammi had already taken off her pants and knickers and sat on the bed.

"Come on Heather." Tammi called as she took of her top and bra. Jenny wasn' t stunned she was ecstatic. She had not one but two nude models. Within minutes the girls were lying on the bed together while Jenny got her equipment ready.

"Would you mind if I directed a pose for you. I'd like to take advantage of the window light." Before long Jenny had the girls in a semi lesbian pose with Tammi's hand placed on Heather's hip quite near her pussy with one of their breasts touching the other girls and looking into each others eyes. Tammi smiled at Heather and licked her lips. "Oh Heather, I think I love you my girl." Tammi said and then added more quietly with a wink "Todays the day I think!" Heather smiled as well.

They were here hoping to see Jenny's boobs and within an hour of arriving they had seen a picture of them and were now nude in front of her in a very provocative pose chosen by Jenny herself. "Yes I know the posing is a bit risky but I think it will make for a better picture" Jenny said. After about half an hour of silent work Jenny said to take a break. They came over and looked at the work. It was well on the way.

"Jenny," Tammi said "I know we volunteered to pose nude", Jenny looked and wondered if she was loosing the first models she'd ever had. "Yes?" she said. "Well I'm starting to feel a little self conscious and was wondering," "Oh, you want to stop now, I understand it was fun for a while but being nude for too long can put you on edge." "Yes, but I remember what the movie stars do when they get anxious, they make everyone else on the set get undressed too.

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Would you do that for us?" asked Tammi. "Is that all, are you sure, Heather is that all right." Heather clasped her hands together and jumped up and down making her tits wobble as she did. "Oh yes please Jenny, I think that will work fine!" and she started to undo the buttons on Jenny's blouse. Tammi dropped to her knees and attacked the button and zip of her jeans as Jenny unbuttoned her cuffs.

Heather took the blouse and placed it on the back of the chair then moving it behind Jenny. Jenny had a deep green matching bra and knickers. They were discreet, lacy and very sexy. "Jenny you underwear is to die for, how does a fifteen year old get such hot clothes." Jenny now sat on the chair as Tammi removed her shoes and jeans.

"Good or bad it's my breasts. My mother said it's very important to have good well fitted underwear when your a big as me." Heather now unclipped Jenny's bra and watched in awe as her full boobs were freed.

Jenny now cupped them saying "She said they may start to sag if I'm not fitted properly. I think you girls are lucky having such nice pert breasts, mine get in the way sometimes." she complained.

Tammi whose face and mouth were level with Jenny's breasts said "I think they are beautiful. Very feminine, and" she said as she now held one in her hand "very firm. I don't think they will sag." She held Jenny's right breast in her left hand and gave the nipple a tweak. "Oh hang on they are a bit sensitive." Jenny said so Tammi apologised. "I'm sorry." and kissed Jenny's nipple. It immediately became erect tightening her aureole and raising it into a circle of hard bumps. Jenny smiled and stood up.

Tammi grabbed the waist band of Jenny's panties sliding off her last bit of clothing. Tammi ran her hands back up Jenny's thighs and standing now left her hands on Jenny's wide hips. "You have such lovely hips as well, school uniform just doesn't do you justice." Tammi lent forward and embraced Jenny's naked for pressing to her own.

"I'm glad were friends." "Yes I am too" Heather put in hugging them both kissing first Tammi then Jenny. Heather now looked down on their breasts as they were pushed together Heather being slightly taller had her breasts pushed up slightly by Jenny's full chest. "Wow what a push up bra this is." giggled and once more kissed Tammi who returned it warmly. As they broke the kiss they both started kissing Jenny.

Jenny now had two hot naked friends passionately kissing her and each other as they pressed their naked forms against her.

Jenny who was such a quiet girl moaned softly and dropped her hands to the girls soft buttocks squeezing them gently before breaking away. "Oh well, I hoped that made us all a bit hot.

Please can we resume our positions." Jenny struggled to say. "But Jenny couldn't we kiss you a bit longer I'm not quite at ease yet." Tammi said. "You let me draw you both and we'll do anything you want after." Jenny said.

"Does that include break time?" Heather said "Break time will be the best, it will keep you looking sexy for the picture." Tammi and Heather resumed their poses.


It was hard for them now. They were suppost to be looking at each other but they wanted to gaze at those tits that had brought them there in the first place.

"Break" Jenny called after what seemed forever. Tammi moved her hand down to Heather's snatch and kissed her. For the last half hour they were looking at each other and it was a relief to move. It was even more relief to have Tammi's hand rubbing Heather off. They kissed and tongued each others mouth briefly before they went over to see the picture. They were as horny as hell but a girls vanity had to be satisfied before her deep urges.

"I'm rather proud of that." Jenny said. "And so you should be. We look marvellous. Doesn't it get you going Tam?

You're brilliant Jenny." and Heather hugged Jenny's naked shoulders and kissed her. Jenny slipped her the tongue. "Oh Jenny does that mean we can have some fun now?" "Well I think the picture is sexy because you've made me feel that way.

You both have been trying so hard to keep that pose for me so yes let's have some fun. What shall we do first, scrabble?" Tammi laughed and pulling Jenny up led her over to the four poster bed and lay her down. Tammi and Heather smothered her with kisses and worked their was down to those precious breasts. Tammi and Heather with a nipple in each of their mouths looked at each other and winked. They got what they wanted and it wasn't as hard as they thought. Jenny sat up and pulled Heather's hips towards her face.

Heather moved for her and Jenny plunged her tongue into the blonde fanny. "O my God!" Heather called. Tammi sat up and looked. For all the kissing and fingering they had done neither girl had ever gone down on each other.

Tammi now felt a bit jealous that Jenny their newest initiate broke the ice for them. "Mmmm Jenny, thank you." Tammi moved from Jenny's breast and spread Jenny's legs. She hesitated for a moment, spread Jenny's pissflaps exposing her clit and started tonguing. "OH Tammi why haven't we done this before?" Jenny replaced her tongue with her fingers and asked "You two have done this before?" and not waiting for an answer let out a moan and licked Heather's cunt once more.

"Oh we've kissed and fiddled before but not this, mmm this is divine. I'm glad you thought of doing this Jen." "But I thought this is what lesbians do. I assumed you had to do this." Jenny "I'm sorry I phrased that wrongly this is magical mmmm." Tammi had just hit the right spot for Jenny.

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Tammi now moved around for Heather to have access to her snatch. She looked up briefly. "Heath come on don't be a hog!" Tammi spread her legs and opened her lips "Right there when your ready please." The girls were now in a lusty lesbian circle, each one liking each others snatch.

"Jenny you have got moist haven't you?" Jenny just moaned. Yes she was moist, but that started when her friends started to strip now she was dripping. Jenny had become so horny. It wasn't a feeling she was familiar with, not like this, not so deep.

Jenny was first to come up for air, "Can we change ends, swap you know?" amongst a fit of giggling and shifting the three girls moved around. Jenny now went down on Tammi. "Mmm, this is different." Tammi was hairier than Heather and had meatier piss flaps. "This tastes different." "Same here" muttered Heather between tonguings. Heather now had Jenny's gash in her mouth. Gash was the best way to describe it. It was very deep and meaty. She paused for a moment saying "I wonder who tastes the best?" Jenny paused also "Well how would we find that out, we can't lick ourselves?" Heather moved up to her beautiful friend and started kissing her, licking her mouth and probing Jenny's mouth with her wet pussy juice coated tongue.

"Mmm, I like that way." "We'll have a taste off and see who has the sweetest pussy juice." said Tammi. "You and Jenny sit on the edge of the bed and I'll do you both, then Jenny can taste Heath and me and work it out." Heather and Jenny smiled and sat on the edge of Jenny's four poster bed.


Their naked thighs pressed together as they held hands, spread their legs and waited for Tammi. Tammi sat on the floor in front of them admiring the view. She was head height with two sweet young vadges. She looked up their lovely legs to see Heather's blonde lightly haired pussy and Jenny's hairier fuller lips, following up over Jenny's round hips which looked even more so compared to Heather's slim form.

Heather's beautiful perfectly shaped smallish tits to Jenny's full fun bags, Tammi making a note to herself to see what it would be like to rub her wet cunt over them. Tammi started to finger the two cunts and move in to tongue Heather first.

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Heather groaned, Tammi moved then to Jenny's snatch. "Mmm, sorry Heath I think Jenny's got the edge here!" "Your opinion, let's swap." said Heather. With that Tammi sat next to her new lover and tongue kissed her.

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"Mmm" moaned Jenny "I like that." Heather wasn't sure if it was her licking or Tammi's kissing that did it for her. Heather licked and sucked Jenny's cunt. The more she sucked the more meat came out! Heather now had a mouth full of pissflaps and was strangely fascinated by the amount she had pulled out with her mouth. Jenny groaned with pleasure so Heather kept sucking and munching.

"Tammi," Heather between licks "come down here and eat this." Tammi moved down.


"Where did all that come from?" she exclaimed and hungrily went down on Jenny. Tammi and Heather licked and kissed each other until Jenny climaxed. She squealed and closed her legs. "Oh girls that's enough for me." The time had come for them to clean up before Jenny's mother came home.

The quickly each used the bathroom to wash some of the girls juices off before they were sprung.

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It was one thing to have smelly fingers but quite another to be that pungent. "We didn't decide whose juices were the best." said Jenny, "We didn't change like you said Tammi." "There'll be other days." Tammi replied. "Are you a virgin Jenny?" asked Heather. "I've never been with a boy, and I've never put anything inside me. It felt nice having your finger in me though.

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What do boys taste like. I mean we're different ourselves but are boys different as well?" "We're both virgins too, and we know some well trained boys if you'd like try a bit of cock." said Tammi. "We're almost virgins don't you mean." Heather interjected.

Tammi snapped her head around."I don't think we need to count that! It was fun but I don't think we need to bring that up." said Tammi "Let's not shock the girl too much." "Tell me please, what secrets should we be keeping from each other after what we've just done with each other." Jenny loved her new relationship with the girls.

She had dearly wanted some friends and how much more friendly can girls be with each other she thought? "Well," said Tammi "I think it's time to make a girls pact.

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What we do together stays together, we don't tell anyone. We won't talk about the past or things that didn't involve us." "So does that mean you won't tell me?" Jenny asked.

"We'll show you, now is it agreed?" The pact was sealed with a kiss. Boys may have done it with blood, but girls did it with spit exchanged in a most civilised and pleasurable way.