Kitchenboy in for a surprise

Kitchenboy in for a surprise
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Journal entry by Ijaz: 25/12/2028 She's gone. My daughter is gone and I sit here on my diary, writing, crying. I never wrote a diary in my whole life but my daughter did. She wrote down every single feeling, every adventure of her life and every sexual encounter. She was a true nymphomaniac and I played a big part in raising her to be a whore. But she has left me.

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She has made her own decisions and gone. I doubt she'll ever come back.back to her her her iggy. I loved her and I still love her. But I cannot do anything except exhale a sigh of regret sitting in my cold dark patio on this damp and windy December day looking out at the evening sky as the sun goes to sleep. I can see the main road from here. There is nobody there.

Everyone is having a fabulous time in their homes over their Christmas turkey and I sit alone in my cold house. I cannot be bothered getting up and putting the heater on. The whole house is in darkness. I just want to write. Write and keep writing. Relive those beautiful memories with my daughter. Those beautiful, sexy memories and also the bitter memories too. She left her diaries here. All of her diaries and I spent the last four weeks reading them, sitting in this place, this very special place where she would sit on my lap pretending it's a chair and take my dick in her pussy and slightly bounce on it as she looked out of the window innocently and counted the people she saw walk by.

This was our special place I would never forget. After reading those diaries, my love for her increased ten times. And now as I cry for her, I want to also write for her. Only this would make it a fair relationship.

I will start from the beginning. It all started 18 years ago. ****** "Sakeenah, Sakeeeeenaaahhh! It's your uncle Rauf on the phone." Sakeenah could hear her mum scream from her room. She was not going to stop yelling if Sakeenah didn't go and take the phone from her hand. She was just about to apply her lipstick when she decided to just answer her mother.

She came out of her room and looked down the stairs. Right at the bottom of the stairs was the phone. That position was probably a strategy by her mother also as she was the big planner in the house. That phone worked 24/7 and her mother controlled it and with it also controlled the whole family. Sakeenah's own family wasn't big. She had a half deaf mother who would only talk on the phone, otherwise she would have a tasbeeh (prayer beads) in hand. On the phone, she was this completely opposite loud mouthed person who loved to talk just about anything.

Surprisingly, her ears worked fine while talking on the phone. All the gossip and rumours. She had a bigger family outside of their home. A lot of cousins, uncles and aunties. Her mother was a busy housewife. Sakeenah had an older brother who was three years older than her. He went to a far away university to study Physics. It's been three years Sakeenah never saw him. He was supposedly going to come today but who knew?

Sakeenah didn't think so. She flew down the stairs as her mother held the phone. "Hello, Uncle Rauf. How are you?.I'm good. Yeah, I'm getting ready.

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What time you coming around?. It's only 8 in the morning. The party isn't till 2 pm. Yeah, that's fine. Mum made this amazing mince samosas. Yeah, you're gonna love them. I'll see you in the afternoon." She smacked the phone down. "Half of my life will be spent talking on this phone. Why can't we buy a huge farmhouse and everyone can just live there?" "This phone is free.

Only the line rental charge is £16.99 and even that is going to decrease once you get your present from your Papa." Sakeenah grinned.

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"Papa getting me a gift. Is it a mobile? I want a blackberry bold. Please, pleaseee." Saliha put her hand up.


"You'll find out soon when your Papa comes home." Smiling, Sakeenah took her time walking up the stairs. Her Papa was going to get her the best birthday present ever. She just knew. She loved her Papa.

She went back to her room, sat infront of her mirror and put her lipstick on. It was still 8 in the morning but she liked to get ready early. The guests would soon start to arrive and she had to be there. And who was going to make the samosas. Sakeenah. And who was going to look good? Sakeenah. She brushed her silky long black hair which dropped to her waist then gathered them in a bun.

Then she put a hijab (scarf) on covering her hair. Only her cute white face shone through the peach coloured hijab which matched with her white and peach dress. The dress she will wear in a while. After samosas. The next three hours were mixed with the smell of mince and steam and oil. She fully opened the window in the patio so the steam and the aroma would go out. At 11, two guys came with a bouncy castle. They set it up in the back garden. The August sun was shining bright as the two guys erected the bouncy castle and inflated it with an electric pump.

"That looks so amazing," she said to herself then quickly her attention was diverted to the samosas in the oil. It wasn't only the samosas she made. They made rice, roast chicken, chick peas in salad and a lamb curry with some chapattis. All the food was getting prepared by Sakeenah and her mother, Saliha. By 12 pm, Sakeenah looked like she needed fresh make up and her body was sweaty.

Thank goodness, she didn't stand here wearing her birthday suit. She could easily take a quick shower and change. It would take just under 45 minutes. But at five past twelve, her Papa entered the kitchen quietly. Sakeenah turned and looked at him for a second then exploded. "Papaaaa!!! You're here early." She literally ran toward him aiming to smash herself on him but he retreated back then she stopped and looked at the dirty apron she was wearing.

"I'm sorry. Did you bring it?" "Bring what?" Ijaz asked with a smile. He was a handsome man in his late thirties with little grey streaked black hair and a slim body. "Obviously my present." Sakeenah pouted and turned to tend to her chapati. "Happy 18th birthday to my lovely daughter. I bought her two presents. She is going to get one today and the other one a day after. They need to order it." Sakeenah's face glowed as she looked at her father.

"What is it?" "2 pm, darling. I'm starving." "No, Papa. You have got to wait till 2 pm," Sakeenah said. She was quick to reply back. Very clever and confident girl. The next hour was spent decorating the dining table with all kinds of foods. Her mother did most of the work as Sakeenah quickly jumped in the shower and showered without soaking her hair.

She changed into her peach salwar kameez and put on her peach hijabi with a nice fancy pin. After that, she did a brilliant job of make up on her face.

She was good at this. Her best friend Faria was becoming a make up artist and Sakeenah would get tips from her. Faria has her own YouTube channel. Sakeenah wished she had a channel. But even if she did get one, she wouldn't know what to put. She didn't even have a computer to start with. Her mother was too strict. But she hoped to get the BBM on her 18th birthday. She would get it, she was certain. The guests were pouring in. Five of her uncles arrived with their wives and small kids.

Sakeenah could hear them downstairs. She was just ready. She looked in the mirror for one last time, gave some final touches adjusting her hijabi then nodded. Everything was perfect. She went downstairs to see everyone talking with everyone.

As she entered, she became the centre of attention and she loved it. It was a strange feeling but she loved being the soul of the party. Her aunties, uncles and cousins wished her one by one. She had a lot of relatives but it was normal for a Pakistani Asian family.

They were all close family. The kids were playing in the bouncy castle outside as the food was served. Sakeenah had to herd them inside and give them food. They cheered and sang the happy birthday song. Sakeenah glared at them lovingly then joined them with the song. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The cake was set outside on a big stand. The guy who set up the bouncy castle stood with a camera in his hand.

Sakeenah cut the cake as everyone sang 'happy birthday to you'. The fresh cream cake with pineapples on it was delicious. The uncles ate the most with their full bellies. Ijaz insisted that they should have tea outside in the garden but Sakeenah wanted to see her presents. Her father told her that after tea, the presents will come. So they had a brilliant session of desi chai (tea) with laughter and biscuits.

Sakeenah sat sipping her own tea listening to her aunties gossip. Then the parcel arrived with a horn of a vehicle. Sakeenah ran towards the gate and saw a white van parked in front of their home. A guy was unloading a couple of boxes.

"It's a computer. Oh my God, it's a computer. Oh my God," she turned back and hugged her Papa. "Papa, you're so amazing." Ijaz hugged her daughter with love and affection. He felt proud to have such a nice and well mannered daughter.

"Now you can do your essays on the computer. I'm gonna set it up for you." It didn't take long for the guests to leave. Sakeenah was the female Flash in washing the dishes and tidying up. She didn't mind. She was the most energetic and productive girl ever. She secretly wished she had super powers. By the time she finished and went up, her Papa had the computer up and running. "Aww, look at the screen. I love it. I wish bhai (brother) would be here to see it." She spoke with a sad innocent face.

"Don't worry, you can talk to him through the computer," Ijaz said. When Sakeenah understood the meaning behind that, she jumped in surprise, "oh my God, Internet. Mum was saying the truth. The phone rental will be half price." Ijaz nodded.

"Yes. I got you a broadband. I told you one surprise after another." "Thank you, Papa. You are so sweet." She hugged him again on her tip toes. He was 6 foot 1 compared to her only at 5 foot 6. He kissed her on the hijab on her forehead. "Anything for my beautiful baby." Sakeenah turned her face to the computer. The screen showed the home screen of Windows XP. "Now what?" "Now we plug the router and the Internet will be connected." He did exactly that.

The green lights on the router, supplied with the package, started flashing rapidly then became steady. The Internet was connected and Ijaz was just about to touch the mouse, the Internet Explorer opened and a page started loading by itself.

Both, only aware of the basics of the computers, watched with interest what was happening. It might be an advertisement, Sakeenah thought as her computing teacher told. But instead, a page from Pornhub opened and a video started playing. A curvy white American girl sat upright facing the camera on top of a muscular man and the man was fucking her pussy from underneath. The moans of the girl were heard through the Creative crystal clear speakers. The girl and the man were outside in a sunny farm on top of a white picnic cloth.

Then he grabbed her throat and turned her over on the ground pinning her down then started fucking her violently. Her screams were louder than before as she fought back the muscular man clearly enjoying a session of rough fuck.

Ijaz was shocked. He was frozen as the clip played for ten seconds then he uttered the word 'fuck' and grabbed the mouse in panic making unsuccessful attempts to close the window. The clip was playing as Sakeenah watched it with her mouth wide open. Never in her life had she seen something like that. A man and a woman like that? What the hell were they doing? Sometimes he would see Faria eyeing a man up and down but that was it. Oh my God, just what the hell? Ijaz managed to lower the speaker and turn the monitor off.

He failed to close the browser.


It wouldn't let him. He didn't understand what happened. He wasn't the expert in computers. "I. I need to check with the guys." He blurted out then exited the room in a shocked angry state. Sakeenah's throat was dry as she sat on her bed looking at the black monitor screen. She swallowed dryly then got up and turned the speakers. The woman's moans could be heard. "Fuck me harder," she said. "I'm gonna cum.

Fuck, I'm gonna cum." Sakeenah pushed the button to turn the monitor on. She was scared she would be caught as the door was ajar. There she was, the naked woman, bathed in the sunlight as the guy kept moving on her. Her legs were spread and her moans stopped, only a look of concentration on her reddened face as she stared at nothing.

Her eyes rolled back a little. The man stopped his movements then suddenly the girl screamed going out of control.

What was happening to her? "I'm fuckingggg cummmmiinnggggg!" She kept saying that and Sakeenah did not have a clue what she was saying. Then the girl smiled at the man as he started his movement again. Their lips met in a kiss. Sakeenah knew this much that a boy and a girl kissed.

She had witnessed it numerous times in the school. "Sakeeeennnaaahhhhh!" Sakeenah's legs gave up as she dropped to her knees. Her mother was calling. She quickly turned the monitor and the speaker off and dashed outside. "Y. Yes mum." It was like someone had stuff a bag of thorns in her throat.

Her voice was just not coming out. "Bring my purse down. I need to pay these bouncy castle guys." ************* Ijaz entered the Ali Computing shop with such fury that Ali, standing behind the counter, looked at his dad sitting in the office.

"Where is your dad?" Ijaz roared with anger. His temper was famous among the locals. Ali swallowed. He exactly knew what was up. "He's here." Ali's dad came forward, a bulky guy with a farmer's hat on. Ijaz knew Ali's dad for some time. He was a local businessman and well respected. That respect was going to go in the garbage today. "What the hell did you sell me today? That computer.has a video of people having sex and my daughter saw that.

What the fuck did you sell me, Riaz?" Riaz, oblivious to the whole thing, was shocked. "Ermm, Ijaz." The words were stuck. "What? I was better off buying it from the PC World but I trusted you," Ijaz roared. Right about then Ali interrupted. He was a young handsome man with a bulky but handsome body.

"Uncle, lots of things could have happened. I'll need to have a look." "Right now.

You are going with me right now." "Go on, son. Go with uncle Ijaz and fix the problem," Ali's dad said. They drove to Ijaz's with Ali thinking through his plan. Actually the whole plan was working pretty fine. He had planted this little program in the computer that whenever it is connected with the Internet, the pornhub page will open and the video will start to play. Ali was normally a quiet boy but he was naughty. Those quiet-evil type of kids. He had a massive crush on Sakeenah but always was shy to speak to her.

This little pornhub video was a gift from him. Of course he acted all innocent with Ijaz. They reached home and went straight to Sakeenah's room. Sakeenah was standing exactly at the same spot. "Get away from that computer," Ijaz said and Sakeenah shifted away nervously letting Ali get in. "What is happening, Papa? What is wrong with my computer?" Sakeenah asked. She didn't have a clue what was wrong. She was more worried about her computer than thinking about that video.

Ali knew what he had to do. He got on his knees and plugged the plug. The power went off. He sat there and told them the computer needs to wait for five minutes before he starts it up again.

Just then Sakeenah's mother started calling her. "You go, Papa. I don't wanna leave my computer alone. It's broke." Sakeenah looked like she was about to cry. "It's not broken. Just needed a reset and once its on, I know how to fix it," Ali said looking up at Sakeenah as Ijaz left to listen to his wife. "What did you see on the screen?" Ali asked once Sakeenah's dad went out. "Umm. I don't know. It was a woman and a man and they had no clothes on and they were outside. No clothes on," Sakeenah said with a confused tone.

"You won't see that again. I'm gonna fix it," Ali said. This was a start. He was going on the right path to win her. Hearing Ijaz's footsteps coming up, Ali ducked under the table to turn the switch on.

He had to struggle because of his bulky body. When he took his head out to get up, he smashed his head on Sakeenah's crotch as she was standing just on top of him, curiously looking at the monitor. She didn't think Ali would need that much space to get his fatty body up. The bump was right at her clit or is. She squealed with pain and fell back on the bed on her back with legs wide. "Oh fuck, you alright?" Ali asked in panic.

This wasn't in the plan. It was a genuine mistake. He was out of breath already from ducking under the table and now he was up and bent over Sakeenah to see if she was OK. His face was directly on top of her clit but not too close either. He was looking at her face which had pained expressions. All this happened in ten seconds and right at that moment, Ijaz entered on Ali bent over Sakeenah with her about-to-have-an-orgasm face. In reality, it was pain and not pleasure but Ijaz interpretated it that way.

Ijaz froze. All his anger melted away in a second. Something else replaced that anger. He didn't quite understand it. Something good and wrong at the same time. That sight of Ali and Sakeenah turned him on for some reason.

Instead of ignoring away that feeling, he welcomed it. They didn't know he was there. He hid behind the door as Ali looked back. Ali knew Ijaz was coming but he didn't come.

He must have forgot something. He looked back at Sakeenah who was frozen, her dark eyes staring at him. "Are you hurt? I'm sorry." "I'm fine. Get off me," Sakeenah said and Ali managed to stand up with his jeans dropping an inch down showing a bit of his ass.

He pulled it up, one of his fat habits. Ijaz entered the room as if nothing happened. "Working?" Ali looked at the screen and disconnected the router behind windows started.

That video would have been activated if he hadn't done that. "Yes, Uncle. Just five more minutes." Sakeenah's blood was dried. Her face looked colourless and that really did hurt but it also felt good afterwards. She didn't understand it.

She thought about talking to Papa about it but didn't. First things first. Get her computer sorted so she could start writing her essay. Ijaz was looking through the corner of his eyes towards Sakeenah. He had mixed feelings about this all. Did he really enjoy seeing a boy on top of his daughter? If the answer was yes, then that would be a sick thing to think about.

It was ridiculous and inappropriate to think like that. "It's fixed," Ali said, uninstalling the program and storing it in his USB. But he did something far more dangerous and malicious in return. From the same USB, he put a spyware program which would let him see what is being done or watched on the computer. It was something evil and they could not trace this at all. He plugged in the router to connect the Internet and showed them how it all worked. "That's good," Ijaz said, satisfied. "Sometimes these kind of bugs happen.

You can install some anti virus to prevent that. I'll send a copy of an anti virus so you could install it." Sakeenah and Ijaz said thank you to him.

Ijaz went to drop him back off. ******** Sakeenah closed the door to her room and locked it. Then she came to the computer and opened Internet Explorer and nothing happened. No video. It was really fixed. She left the computer running and went about doing the chores for the rest of the day. The whole day, her mood was a bit low. Something had happened today which had never happened before. First that video which kept coming back in front of her eyes no matter how much she tried to ignore it and secondly, that accident with Ali.

The place wasn't sore but there was something there. Something calling her and she did not get what was it saying. Until the night time. She took off her hijab after washing her face then brushed her silky black hair. Then she carefully took off her dress.

She stood before the mirror in her bra and panties. She had 32 a cups, perky little titties and her petite body was milky white.

She took off her bra and panties too. She regularly shaved her pubic hair as Faria said to never have hair under there because it brings bad luck. Sakeenah believed that but the accident wasn't bad luck. She was still feeling the sweetness down there as it called her name. She put her fingers at the spot where Ali had banged his head and a moan escaped her as she shuddered.

It beckoned her fingers. After turning the lights off, she got herself in the cold sheets. They were cold but welcoming. Very different. She loved how the sheets rubbed against her entire body. It sent unexplained shivers up her spine then her finger went down once again and the same feeling. There was a patch of wetness there on her private part. Her throat was dry and eyes shut as she played with the wetness under the bedside lamp.

She had pulled the sheets off and lay there on her back with her knees open and her fingers on her wet patch. She wanted to see the wetness. She withdrew her fingers a bit and the saliva like liquid clung to her fingers and her private part.

"Ahh," she moaned as the sweet beckoning pain shot up again. It was intense this time. So intense, it threw her overboard and she became nervous. She became scared. She looked around and felt someone was there watching her. The very darkness of the room scared her. She heard someone walking outside of her room. It must be Papa going to the bathroom. The floor boards of the house talked when someone walks on them. It was an old house. Sakeenah, scared and panicked, at the rebellious thoughts in her mind, got up from the bed and picked her white panties from the floor and put them on.

Her fingers were dry but sticky. What was happening to her? It was Ali who hit her hard on her private parts and she never told anyone about it.

What if it was something serious the doctor ought to know? This scared her more and she opened her bedroom door oblivious to the fact she had nothing on but white panties. A right turn would take her outside in the hall.

The stairs were immediately to the right and the bathroom door was to the left, directly in front of the stairs. The light of the bathroom was on. It was Papa, she knew for certain.

Her mum never gets up during the night. The hall was in pitch darkness except from the yellow light coming from the bottom slit of the bathroom door. Sakeenah stood right in front of the bathroom door, shivering with nervousness and God knew what other feelings.

Someone in her mind was yelling at her to touch her fingers there again on her private parts. Just to check it, she pulled her panties down to her thighs and touched herself slightly.

The wetness had increased and she could feel it smear all over her thighs due to her wet panties. It was worst than before. She had to go see a doctor. Her trembling hand raised and touched the cold knob of the door. She turned it and pushed it. It opened slowly all the way and her father was still on the toilet right in front of her with his elbow on his knee and face in his hand, looking down. He sensed the door open and looked up to see his daughter standing there, shaking like a leaf.

Her white panties were down to her knees and her hand was up, her fingers wet and glistening. "P. Pa. Papa," she spoke in a small voice. "Come inside, Sakeenah," Ijaz said. The last thing he wanted was Saliha to see her daughter like this. Sakeenah stepped in and Ijaz pushed the door close behind her.

"What is wrong, Sakeenah?" he asked, keeping his calm and composure. Obviously he was shocked but also he was expecting that, especially after they witnessed that dirty video, then Ali half on top of her.

"Papa, I'm not bleeding anymore. This. this is something else. I don't understand what is happening to me," she said showing her fingers to him. "Nothing is wrong with you, sweetheart. You're going to be alright. What is your mind telling you?" "My mind tells me to take my fingers and t. touch myself in my private parts." She spoke slowly and softly looking at him. Ijaz spoke with the same tone and level. "Listen to your mind. Do what it says. Don't try to resist it.

It's going to be difficult if you try to resist that inner voice." "I should touch myself?" Sakeenah asked. "Yes, you should and I'm going to show you how this time." He was burning hot and horny.

He had his dick in the toilet and it was hard and erect wanting to get out. This was so wrong but if he didn't correct his own daughter then she'd go outside and fall in the hands of wrong people. "Stand facing the mirror with your feet apart." He made her turn so her side was facing him while her front body faced the wall with a mirror on it. He told her to put her feet hips apart. When she did, he placed a hand on her hip bone. Her flesh was burning lava as his other hand's finger went straight in her tight wet pussy.

Immediately she gasped but he quietened her down. "Try not to make much noise." Even if she did make noise, it was OK. Saliha had never in her life got up during the night and as for hearing, she was half deaf anyway. Ijaz had two fingers in her pussy barely fitting them in. She was incredibly wet. She was horny but she didn't know this feeling.

"Papa." "Always listen." He started to work his fingers in and out slowly then a bit fast, his other hand still on her hip pretending to hold her. She was still standing on her feet, now starting to moan looking down. "S.stop it, Papa," she cried as he fingered her pussy with his index and middle finger. "S.stop it, please." But Ijaz knew if he stopped now, Sakeenah would never have a healthy sexual life ever again because her first time experience would have been devastating.

He intended to go all the way. So when she started to moan he stuck his fingers up and started to shake them violently. He grit his teeth as he shook up her pussy. "Listen to your mind." Hearing that, Sakeenah howled and her body went down to a squat position. Ijaz still had his fingers there, only he had to reach out more but the advantage was that this position opened her lips more so he could reach deep within her pussy.

He kept shaking her pussy violently and she kept moaning loudly. "Yes. You're nearly there. I can feel it." Sakeenah felt like a thousand watts of electricity went through her entire body. Her heart rate was high and she could see stars in front of her eyes.

She couldn't hear her father talking, the only thing she could hear was that voice which was telling her to let go. Let go. And she did. She screamed as a fountain of liquid erupted and spilled on the bathroom tiles.

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Ijaz, taken aback from this, kept shaking her pussy till she squirted every single drop on the floor. Finally he let go and Sakeenah couldn't control herself and collapsed on her butt. Her face was facing up to the ceiling as she stared at nothing. Ijaz quickly got up, pulled his pyjama up and picked Sakeenah up. He walked her to her room and put her in the bed. She looked at him with half closed eyes. "Papa." "Go to sleep, baby.

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I love you." He kissed her forehead.