Boso sa jeep ni mang Puroy

Boso sa jeep ni mang Puroy
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A new home for earth. 1. The early years It was early in my tenth year of life that I began to notice some small things in my life that were not quite right.

At least not compared to what I could see around me. I was seeing things no one else could see, hearing sounds that others didn't hear and every once in a while I would find myself someplace where I didn't remember going. Everyone kept telling me I had a vivid imagination. Come to find out later aliens had been abducting me and working with me to change many things about my body, my personality and my mind By the time I was twenty I was considered a genius by earth standards.

I was highly skilled in electronics, computers, physics, medicine and any other field mankind could think of. They couldn't even test me their tests were worthless. By now the Altheans (aliens) were coming right out and contacting me. They didn't bother to abduct me. Sometimes they would call me. Most of the time they would just mentally contact me and I would go to a chosen area and meet with them One day the Altheans came to me, they wanted to start an experiment.

They were going to take chosen people from earth that was willing to participate and send them to populate another earthlike planet. They wanted to see how people would do where there was no crime, diseases, hatred or anything like that. They knew that earth was not going to last more than another hundred years before mankind destroyed it and himself. They would select various people that they thought could survive on Blthras. Each person would be selected then undergo a certain amount of changing so they wouldn't even think of anything that would harm anyone else.

They were setting up different communities on a planet they called Blthras. Everyone would have to build their own home and help others build their homes. Some people would be farmers some would make clothing, some would process foods. Everyone would help everyone else. By the time I turned twenty five I was also developing my abilities of mind reading, mind control and telepathy.

One day I got the mental thought to go to a local food store. After I got there they would tell me more. As I was walking down through the aisles I suddenly noticed a nerdy looking girl about my age. "Talk to her she's the one you're here to meet with, we want her to go with you if she will," I heard in my head. I looked her over from top to bottom. She had light brown unkempt looking hair. She stood about five feet four inches tall.

She was wearing a ragged looking skirt and bulky blouse that had seen its better days. She was a plain Jane looking woman although she did have a nice profile.

Get her into some nice looking clothes, a decent hair style and she would probably even be considered hot. As I walked up to her she was studying a selection of music discs. "That's a good CD I have it in the player in the car" I told her as I stepped up beside her.

As I spoke she gave a bit of a jump and a gasp. "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you but I see you're looking at one of my favorite types of music." By now she was blushing with embarrassment as she looked at me.

Slowly she looked back down and contemplated the CD. "I haven't really heard of this group before but there's something about it that seems to grab my attention. Is it just an instrumental or does it have someone singing on it," she spoke so softly I had to strain to hear her. "It's just an instrumental and it's awesome. Just be careful if you listen to it and drive it can put you to sleep if you let it. Let me make you a deal. I'll buy it for you and if you don't like it you can give it to me.

I'd like to have one for in the house." "Are you serious? What's the catch? I don't know you, I've never met you in my life and you're offering to buy me a twenty dollar CD. That's hard to believe." "No catch, no strings attached. I would like to buy you a cup of coffee of some kind somewhere. Oh and I apologize, my name's Jim. I should have introduced myself before." "I'm Susan or Sue for short. Do I know you from somewhere else? You seem so familiar but I just can't seem to figure out why." "Not that I know of, I've lived around this town all of my life.

Maybe we've met in passing at one time or another. I did spend a year over at the university a few years back. They decided they couldn't teach me anything so I left. Now what about that coffee, tea, or soda or whatever you'd like. That is unless you have a big bad boyfriend that might be offended and want to kick my butt." "No there's no boyfriend. I haven't been that lucky a second time.

The first one turned out to be a real ass so I got rid of him and there hasn't been another one come along yet." "Sorry I don't want to pry but I just didn't want some big dude coming up behind me and start stomping me because I was talking to his girlfriend. That's not good for my health and wellbeing if you know what I'm saying." By now she was walking beside me and giggling.

Her cute dimples would stand out whenever she would smile. We went through the checkout and I paid for her music just as promised. We proceeded down the mall and stopped at a well-known coffee shop.

  2 Getting to know Susan. As we sat and sipped our drinks we chatted. I told her a little about me and she told me about her. As we talked I began to see through her nerd look and actions. Finally I asked her about it. Her face turned a deep shade of red as she dropped her head and stared at the table top. "How did you figure it out? I've been this way for a long time and no one has ever guessed.

Ya it's an act of sorts. I don't want everyone focusing on me and looking at me all the time. I found out several years ago that I was different. The teachers, in my last year of high school wanted me to take a bunch of tests.

They wanted to find out if I was smart or if I was just pretending. I aced all their tests and found out later they had slipped in several tests that a fourth year college student would have trouble with.

That pissed me off and I refused to take another test for them. That's when I became a "nerd" to hide from all the notoriety." "You and I need to get to know one another Sue. I took all their tests and blew them clear off the charts.

To this day I will have somebody come up to me and want me to either take some more tests or go to work for some big company. I finally told a guy the other day to go to hell I wasn't interested in his high paying job he was offering. I had to threaten to beat him half to death before he finally left me alone." Later I was shocked when I looked at my watch.

We had been setting and talking for over two and a half hours.

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"Sue will you call me if I give you my phone number? I'd like to get together with you again. When you call someone will answer and you just tell them three seven one honeysuckle. All my calls are screened anymore and they won't put the call through unless you tell them that." I handed her a piece of paper with my phone number and the password on it as I spoke.

"Wow you are careful aren't you? I just buy one of those cheap cell phones and toss it every few months when I start getting those phone calls. What's it cost you for that phone service? Buying a new phone every few months gets expensive. Then I have to learn a new number, not that I ever give my number out that often." We left the coffee shop and strolled down through the mall. The farther we went the closer she got to me. By the time we were back to where we started she was walking with her arm right against mine.

"Why do I feel so comfortable around you Jim? It feels like I've known you forever. Are you sure we haven't met somewhere before?" "Not unless you've been out to Blthras. Maybe we met out there and you just don't remember." Suddenly her eyes got huge. "Oh my god you're one of them aren't you. No wonder I feel so safe with you. What all do you know and remember?

I can remember most everything but there are still some blank places." "Sue I think you should come home with me. This mall is no place to be discussing things like this. The walls may have ears and we can't afford to let that happen. We can talk in private where no one can overhear anything. I have a security system that keeps the wrong people out and it will detect any bugs or listening devises that anyone wants to use against us." Sue and I hurried out to my car and headed for my place with her setting as close to me as she could get and still stay out of the way of the floor shifter.

As we drove along we chatted about nothing in general. About half way home I noticed a gold colored sports car that seemed to be following me. I reached over and pressed a red button on the dashboard.

"Sue you might want to move over and fasten your seat belt. We're being followed and things might get a bit exciting." As I was speaking to her I was also punching in some numbers on my phone. "Ya Bob I've got a gold sports car following me it looks like. I'm going to take alternate three will you see what you can do? No I have a passenger with me.

I suddenly made three very abrupt turns and cut six other cars off. When I looked in my mirror the car was still behind me. Then before I could look back at the road ahead there were four police cars surrounding the offending car and stopping it. Poor Sue was setting there speechless. "Damn it's nice to have a bunch of Althera security around when we need them," I smiled at sue and made another three turns and headed the last mile for home.

As I pulled up into the driveway the garage door opened. We drove inside and the door hurriedly closed. "Sorry about the excitement Sue. Unfortunately I need to ask you to let the system do a retina scan, a full body scan and a finger scan on you then you'll be able to come and go as you please. Just put your forehead here and look at the little light.

It'll only take a second and then it will do a finger scan and body scan. It won't hurt a bit I promise. This is how my security system gets to know you and trust you." As Sue placed her head in place and gingerly took hold of two hand grips I verbally gave a code and requested all three scans and ordered the system to file and remember her.

  3. Sue and I get together and compare notes. As we walked in the door to a computer generated welcome I requested a printout of the information from the time I had activated my car alarm.

"Sorry sir they are still processing. We had to do it the hard way this time the suspect didn't want to cooperate." I shuddered inside damn that was going to hurt. Someone was going to be in some serious pain. The Altheans didn't mess around.

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They had ways of creating unbearable pain and not even touch the person. "Ok send it to me when it comes in please and send a cold bottle of blue and two glasses into the study right away." Sue and I spent the rest of the day and into the night getting her to open up and remember everything.

Sometimes just talking would help other times I would show her pictures to jog her memory. I was sure the Altheans were in the background helping her also. About eleven o'clock that night we finally gave up and sat back to relax. "Jim I'm sure glad I don't have to work the next couple of days. I don't think I could drag my butt out of bed that early in the morning. By the way I forgot to ask, what do you do for a living?

You can't afford to set back and do nothing and still live here." "You're almost right about living here. This place is owned by the Altheans.

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It's a safe house for them and any other travelers that pass through the galaxy and want to stop for a few days. You haven't seen all of it by any means. There's a tunnel entrance in the basement that leads to an underground area that's the size of a city.

I haven't even seen it all. In reality there are about fifty thousand aliens living under this town and the surrounding area. Why don't you just spend the night here?

There are extra beds or you can share my bed whatever you want to do will be fine with me." By now I had seen all the different sides of Susan and I had looked into her mind enough that I knew she could get hot and horny from time to time. I had seen through her "nerd" façade and saw a sexy and beautiful woman underneath. I was hoping she would choose my bed and was planning to help her decide.

We had been setting side by side on the couch as we were talking. Now I gently placed my arm around her and gave a gentle squeeze. "Forgive me but you are much to pretty to resist," I whispered in her ear. She sighed and nestled into my side. "Damn, you do know how to push a person's buttons don't you.

I've been on edge all evening setting here with you. I was wondering when you were going to try something and worried that you might not. I'd love to share your bed with you but beware I have the tendency to get a little wild and it's been a long time since I been with a guy. The last asshole I was with five years ago expected me to just lay there and not move or make a sound besides he had a stub pencil for a dick. That drove me nuts I never did get off with him in the three years we were together.

The last I heard his new girlfriend was a blowup rubber doll."   4.

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She didn't lie she is wild and loud. I slowly pulled her in tighter and put my fingers on her chin. I turned her face to me and gently began to kiss her. It took only seconds and she was responding with her tongue and whimpers as she kissed me back. Slowly and gently I was sliding my hands over any bare skin on her body. As I slid my fingers up her nylon covered thighs she lay back and groaned into my mouth spreading her legs to allow me better access.

I would torment her panty covered pussy for a few seconds then move on to another area. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and began to investigate her entire front side from her neck to her navel. As I fondled her 36 C tits through her bra she whimpered, quivered, and thrust her tits forward into my hand. She was breathing hard and heavy as I began to lick my way around her gorgeous globes and bra.

I thought she was going to come right there. "Ahhh fuck, stop teasing me just fuck me I'm ready to come I can't hold it anymore! I want your dick stuffed in my pussy as far as it'll go," she moaned. I wanted to shove her back on the couch and do wild things to her but instead I stood and pulled her up with me. Neither of us spoke a word as we walked down the hallway and into the bedroom. By the time we got in the bedroom we had both cooled down a little.

She turned and I had her in my arms with my hands on her surprisingly shapely and tight ass. We were kissing and our tongues were dueling.

I had my hands up under her blouse and tracing lines all over her back. As I came to her bra strap I fumbled and unhooked it. As I lifted her blouse and bra off her and tossed them aside she had been busy unfastening my shirt.


I quickly shrugged it off and away. I hurriedly unsnapped her skirt and shoved it down taking her white granny panties and nylons with it. I dropped my pants and boxers and we were both completely naked standing in the middle of the bedroom kissing and feeling each other's bodies. I slowly ran my hands over her naked body as I gently moved her backwards towards the bed. We were both getting hot again as I laid her back onto the middle of the bed and crawled in after her.

Starting at her toes I kissed, licked, and nibbled my way up to her left leg. As she squirmed and moaned I skipped over to her right foot and started over. She was by now rolling and bouncing around on the bed and crying out.

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As I reached the top of her right thigh I suddenly ran my tongue from her asshole to her clit in one firm stroke. She instantly shrieked, arched her back off the bed and started to come. I've never seen a woman come like she did. She shrieked, arched her back off the bed, tried to scream, and began to quiver while her entire body was stiff as a board. Then she collapsed in a heap and curled into a fetal position with both hands covering her pussy.

She lay there for several minutes twitching from time to time and trying to get her breath back. "Oh fuck, oh damn you I've never come so hard in my life," she managed to sob out as another tremor rippled through her and every muscle in her body contracted. "Oh shit I can't quit coming, damn it help me I can't stand it!" I lay beside her and held her close for several minutes before she came back down and relaxed. We lay and rested and talked for the next twenty minutes. As we lay there we talked about our lives and what had happened in the past.

Slowly and gently I began to draw small circles on her abdomen with a feather touch again. As she began to respond I lay my hand flat and continued to fondle her from her naked tits to her bare pussy. As I rubbed my hand over her bare skin she was again moaning twitching and whimpering. As her tongue played tag with mine we kissed like two teen agers in love.

As she became more aroused she became more vocal and was squirming like a worm on a hot sidewalk. Suddenly I flipped her on her back and rolled on top of her. I thought she was going to come again right then and there.


As hot as this woman was her ex-boyfriend should have been castrated with a dull butter knife for treating her the way he did. She was hot, she loved to fuck, she wanted to fuck and she wasn't afraid to let the world know that she was getting fucked. She was loudly grunting, groaning, moaning, squealing and begging to get fucked. It was a good thing I didn't have any close neighbors or they would have called the police because of the noise.

"Oh fuck, please, fuck me with that thing please fuck me. Put it in me now.

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Oh fuck I need it in me," she squealed loudly as she grabbed my engorged dick and tried to pull it and me towards her boiling cunt. I was busy fingering her pussy and kissing her wonderful tits as she squealed and twisted beneath me.

I had three fingers in her hole as far as they would go and started to slide them in and out slowly. She was in sexual agony from my sucking first one tit then the other and my fingers in her cunt.

She was humping my hand and jacking my dick begging me for more. I don't claim to be the best hung stallion in the world but as I started to slide my nine inches into her all she could do was quiver and squeal "fuck me." My god this woman was tight, it was like shoving my dick into a garden hose.

I had slid the head of my dick over and around her slobbering hole for some extra lubrication. As I centered the head on her opening and began to push forward her eyes shot open and she screamed! "Oh fuck, stop, it's too big it won't fit.

Fuck give me a minute you're going to split me wide open." I paused for several seconds and let her get used to the diameter then I began tiny strokes in and out.

Each time I shoved in she would squeal again as I went a little deeper. I finally had to stop and pull completely out before I shot my load. "Oh fuck, don't stop please don't stop, I need you in me. Put it back and try again." By now she was in tears crying and begging to be fucked as she wrapped her arms and legs around me like a vise. She was trying her best to hump her hips up to me and get me back inside her.

I wiggled around and guided myself back to her entrance. Again she howled out as the head popped into her. I slowly started to enter her as I felt her hot, wonderful, tender pulsating pussy begin to yield to the intruder. Damn I could feel every little bump, hump and fold of tissue as she screamed, twisted and moaned as my member was brutally forced into her sex. We were both sweating and straining as I slowly slid into her tiny opening. I finally felt the head come up to her cervix and she screamed again.

All I could do was lay there unmoving trying to keep from shooting my sperm into her inner compartment. As I finally started to slide back and forth her vaginal muscles began to stretch, relax and accept the intruder.

Soon I could feel her pussy trying to suck me back in when I would pull back to thrust into her again. My god this woman didn't have a pussy she had a milking machine between her gorgeous slender shapely legs. "Oh shit don't stop, even if I come don't stop even if I pass out don't stop," she sobbed into my ear.

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A few strokes later she took a deep breath and began to moan "I'm coming, oh shit I'm coming, please don't stop," Suddenly her pussy clamped down and I couldn't move if I wanted to. Her body stiffened up and her shoulders and back came up off the bed. She tried to scream but all that came out was a squeak and then complete silence. She stayed stiff and shaking like a leaf in a high wind for almost a minute before she groaned and collapsed down onto the bed under me.

I let her began to catch her breath and then started to saw in and out of her again. Her eyes opened, got big, and then slammed shut again as she moaned.

I started slamming in and out of her and she was instantly ready to come again. That was the end for me I couldn't hold off any longer I slammed into her, shoved her cervix back and began to dump a load of my hot cum into her that felt like it had come from beneath my toenails up my legs and out of my cock.

The last thing I remember was her scream that she was coming again. An hour later I began to come around to reality. I was still firmly imbedded in her I found as I began to move. She moaned and began to move as I slowly retrieved my cock from her still twitching pulsating pussy and rolled off to the side. Slowly and quietly we came back to the real world as we silently held each other close.

There wasn't anything to say to describe what had just happened and we both knew it. We nuzzled each other and fell into a deep and restful sleep for the rest of the night.   5. Now it's time to do business. I awoke at sunrise the next morning and Sue wasn't far behind me. I was just coming out of the shower when she opened the bathroom door. "Sorry to interrupt but I need to do this right now I can't wait any longer," she giggled as she rushed to set down on the pot.

I shaved as she took a shower. "Damn it to hell I don't have any clean clothes to wear. I hate putting yesterday's clothes on after I shower," Sue griped. "Here's a robe for the time being. Let me see what I can do about the clothing problem," I said as I offered her a white bathrobe. I stepped out the door and made a quick phone call. I called a female Althean and told her to get Susan's sizes from the security system and find her some nice clothes to wear, something that would make her look good.

"And NO granny panties," I told her. She was laughing as we disconnected. The Altheans did have a sense of humor at times and a great understanding of the human mind and fashion.

As we walked into the kitchen the coffee pot had just finished brewing fresh coffee. Sue and I sat and drank coffee, had a cigarette and talked. We talked about last night and what it was like for both of us. "Just how big is that horse cock of yours? It felt like you were trying to stuff a two liter pop bottle up in me. I like to have shit myself when I felt you start to shove it in me.

I'm sore enough this morning I don't care if I move or not. Damn now I know what a real cock is like. The last guy I was with wasn't even a third that size. When and if we had sex it felt like he was shoving a pencil about three inches long up in me." "I don't know, I've never measured it but I think as hard as you had it last night it was probably about six and a half or seven inches around and probably nine inches long.

I can see why you called him a pencil dick. You were tight enough I almost broke mine off getting it in where we wanted it." By now we were both laughing and she was blushing. Suddenly Sue jumped up and gave out with an eeek as a four foot high robot silently floated into the room. The robot floated directly up to me and with a female sounding, computer generated voice told me the clothing I requested had arrived. A door on the mid-section slid open and a large package was presented to me on a steel tray.

"Thank you, now please return to your charging station," I automatically replied. "This is for you. I took the liberty of getting you some new and clean clothes. You said you hated to put dirty clothes on after your shower," I said as I offered her the package. Her eyes were huge.

"But, but, how did you know my sizes? How do you know what will fit me?" She was stuttering. "Remember those scans you did yesterday? The Althean used that information to determine sizes.

I hope you like what they picked out. Just beware the underwear is a bit different than what your used to wearing. Why don't you drop that robe and model them for me?" By now Sue was blushing a bright shade of red as she sat the clothing out on the table.

There were some very nice but revealing tops, several different styles of bras including a couple of bras that had the centers of the cups cut out so her nipples would stick out prominently, a couple pairs of slacks, a couple of dresses, several pairs of nylons and pantyhose, and all the underpants wouldn't have covered a two year olds bottom. They were nothing but a narrow strip of elastic and a ribbon that covered her asshole and pulled up into her pussy at best.

With some more coaxing and teasing she finally dropped the robe and dressed right there in front of me. By the time she was dressed if either one of us would have so much as touched my cock I would have come all over the kitchen.

My cum would have been dripping from the ceiling. We put the rest of the clothing back into the bags and I verbally requested a robot carrier. Moments later the robot came floating into the room. I put the bags into the opened box and ordered it to take the bags and place them on my bed. "Just what don't you have here, that I don't know about yet?

How did that thing know where to find you? Where did all this clothing come from? It doesn't even feel like normal clothing, what the hell's going on here? Is this some kind of a nightmare or something? I know last night wasn't a dream or at least I don't think it was. I hope it wasn't." "No" I assured her, "last night was very real.

All this technology is from the Altheans. Some of it is my design and some of its theirs. That transport unit just like the rest of this house uses motion sensors, heat detectors and sonic waves for most everything. Please don't let it worry you now I'll explain everything as we go along.

Right now I need to finish explaining everything that I didn't get explained last night before we got sidetracked. I spent the next four hours explaining about what was going to happen and answering her questions.

I explained the Altheans and what they wanted me to do. I explained about them moving a certain number of earth people to another planet.

I told her about how I had originally come to meet her and that they wanted to have her as one of those they were willing to move. They selected her because she had no one here on earth. I explained the new planet to her and even offered to arrange for her to go there to visit for a week or two. "Jim this all sounds like a grand dream but where will you be?

I'm not going off to some place where I'll be all alone and not know another soul. What about my apartment here? What will I do for a living out there? I'll need a place to live, a way to buy groceries, clothing, probably transportation and god only knows what else just to live like a human being." "Relax Sue; I'll be there with you. Out there on Blthras there isn't much you need. We can live anywhere from a big city to out in the middle of nowhere.

We have all kinds of choices. We can live in an area where no one wears clothes to an area where they dress in seventeenth styles. The weather is the same all over the planet. If we want we can build a tree house, live in the woods and run around naked all the time. We can get the food provided by the Altheans or we can grow our own food.

I know you'll love the flowers there. There are no scary bugs, snakes, rats, mice spiders or wildlife to worry about. Let's go out there for a couple of weeks. The Altheans can go out there in about forty-eight earth hours. They will bring us back if you don't like it out there." Sue finally consented to go out for a visit and look around.

I got on the scramble phone and made arrangements for the trip and Sue called her boss and took three weeks off. Later in the afternoon we went to her apartment and she gathered up her necessities. She didn't take many clothes because she decided she was in love with the clothing I had ordered for her. Personally I think she liked the outer wear because she never had to wash it. Just hang it up overnight and it was completely clean fresh and wrinkle free the next morning.

I think she liked the under clothes because every time I saw her in them I was instantly hard as a rock. She did take most of her music and what few personal items she had back over to my place. "For safe keeping" she said.