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Hot College Girl Doggystyle Fucking
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The Life Ch.1 Bajir Job By Jax_Teller It was the Saturday the 6th of June on a long hot dry stretch of road between here and there. The sun was hot and burned the skin on my back. I rode my Harley with intent and malice. I felt like a vampire in that, beside the heat, my skin seemed to be on fire and my eyes squinted even with the darkest of sun glasses on.

I had a job to do and it needed done by Monday. The client had a court date on Monday and the witness or Snitch was supposed to testify against him. We knew the witness was a paid informant and was not going to be easily accessible. The client had tried using one of his own men to do the job but he was killed in his attempt. I was a professional and an outsider. I rode out using the back roads to get where I needed to go. I was trying to stay out of traffic cameras and away from the highway patrols that littered the highways.

I stuck out enough in that I wore leather that wasn't new, I was wearing leather riding pants not fashion leather pants.

I wore a helmet that was matt black not glossy. My motorcycle was black on black very little chrome at all. I looked like a biker but not the A typical yuppie biker that were popular today.

A couple of hours into the ride I pulled over at a small town for fuel and went inside to pay. The cashier was a beautiful red head with a dynamite body, she seemed interested in me and although normally I would have taken the opportunity to socialize with her, I had a job to do. Being noticed wasn't part of the plan.

I told her I might be back through here and she gave me her number and told me to call her. I grinned and said I surely would call her as I looked down at her over my tilted sunglasses. She seemed to melt at my answer but I had no time for this now.

As I rode out of town, I tried to make a mental note of the town name Bajir. The rest of the ride took 3 hours. When I pulled into Sparta, I found the street address of the church. I scoped out the church area where the revival was going to be. The target was one of the speakers at the revival. There was a large circus type tent in the grass area on the edge of the parking lot.

There was a government security detail parked near the entrance to the lot. Government agents weren't the swiftest campers, they stuck out in their big black SUV with mirror tinted windows, the AC running and government G86 plates.

I rode out of town for a few miles and filled up my tank and got a bite to eat at 7-11 on the edge of town. I got back to the church area and picked out my spot ¼ mile down the road at an over flow parking lot in some farmers field.

There were several cars and bigger trucks parked with lots of space between them. I parked my bike between two larger farm trucks. I pulled out the rifle parts from my saddle bags and assembled it. I set it on the flat bed of the truck next to me. I checked the wind and light and I was in the perfect place the sun at my back. A short while later the speakers began to filter out of the church and walk to the tent.

The security detail stepped out of the black SUV and the target looked right at them and unknowingly right into my direction. I took my shot and his head exploded as if in slow motion, brain matter and chunks of his skull coated a preacher that was walking beside him.

The agents ducked and ran toward him pulling their guns and looking around. They looked like characters from the old TV show, Charlie's angles. I packed the rifle back into the saddle bags. I waited a few minutes and as the traffic began to pull out, I pulled out joining the traffic as though I was one of them, no faster, no louder and I just blended right in. An emergency vehicle passed us going the other way, to the church. The air was thick with exhaust and humidity as I rode; shortly I was on the interstate going highway speeds no more and no less.

For 30 miles or so I rode along with a few other bikes looking to anyone else that I was a part of them. As I got farther away my thoughts turned to the red head. I began to look for the signs to the small town and positioned myself to get off at the exit. There was a state highway police cruiser at the bridge over the highway and I saw him too late to just keep going as I was already on the off ramp. I sweat bullets as I stopped at the stop sign coming to a complete stop looked both ways and preceded to Bajir.

The trooper looked up into his rear view mirror as I pulled away but he didn't move. I felt like I was in the clear, but just the same I took a couple dirt roads that parallel the road I was on until I got to Bajir's outer edges, and I pulled into the gas stations parking lot. I called Red's phone number and she answered. I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride. She said sure and when. I said how's about now and she walked out of the stations doors toward my bike smiling. I noticed a lot more skin now that she had on Daisy duke shorts and a tube top.

She was stunning and I also noticed tattoos that had been covered by her work clothes.


She asked if I had a helmet for her and I handed her my spare, which she took and put on a jean jacket she produced from her handbag. She stepped up to the bike and jumped on, like she knew just what she was doing. I was getting hard looking at her as she mounted the bitch seat and as I rode out of the parking lot she reached around and held on my waist hooking her thumbs in the belt loops on my leather riding pants. I thought to myself this one could be a keeper.

She had a comfortable feel. Bike virgins are fun to mess with but can be tiring after a while.

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She was definitely not a bike virgin and as we got up to speed she put her head on my back and hugged into me. Amy and I road for hours and eventually I pulled over and into a make shift camping area near a large pond. We got off the bike and we both stepped into the bush edge to pee. As we returned to the bike we both began shedding clothes. I pulled the bed roll from the front of the bike and laid it out. I looking up as I straightened it and glanced over at Amy and she was walking over completely naked.

She was a true sight to behold. She slithered onto my bedding and tugged me down with her kissing me as we went down to the bed. We hugged and kissed and took our time exploring each other. As we ground into each other my cock nestled between us she leaned in close and asked if we could fuck on the bike running.

I said hell yeah and she asked if she could be on top riding me and controlling the throttle. I answered can do and laid with my head on the speedometer and feet hanging over the rear turn signal lights. Amy climbed on top of me and slid my cock in her cunt.

Her cunt was completely bare as if she'd never had any hair on her. It was fascinating watching her maneuver my cock in her as she wiggled and angled herself to make access easier.

She started the bike and revved the throttle, it wasn't long before she let loose and came with a splash, gushing all over. She kept up the pace and road me even harder. I was getting close and could feel the pressure building in my balls.

It was a total surprise that just then a uniformed cop flashed his flash light on us. It wasn't quite dark yet but was close to dark. My instinct was to reach for my gun but I had left it on the bed roll with my pants. The Cop said ok turn it off and dismount the motorcycle. Amy climbed off me and made no attempt to cover herself.

I swung my foot over the seat and stood up slightly stiff from the position and my cock still hard as a rock sticking out in front of me. The cop said he'd gotten a call from the farmer adjacent to the pond who thought someone might be stuck because of all the motor revving.

As he talked his flash light kept wandering over Amy's nakedness, from her bald pussy to her tits and face and back. He asked for Identification and I motioned to my pants. He said never mind you're both over 18 so he would just give us a verbal warning to be quieter. Amy said yes sir officer sir, it was all her fault and she'd keep the motor noise to a minimum. Her voice dripped with sarcasm. All the while we spoke with Barney fife neither of us made an effort to cover ourselves.

As cop pulled out I told Amy, I think Barney was so flustered at seeing a bald naked pussy he probably couldn't have wrote a ticket, for his hands shaking so much.

We both laughed hard. And then there was a silence, followed by us both saying it was probably time for bed. We looked at each other and slipped into the bedding. We hugged and kissed and went off to sleep. The next morning the sun was early, so it seemed and there was a dry crispness in the air.

We went for a swim and then got dressed. I asked if she was hungry and she said famished. We went down the road a short way and came upon a dinner.

We went in and sat down. There was a large flat screen TV on the wall tuned to CNN and as we ordered breakfast we watched the news.

The lead story was about Mike Magillois slain in plain sight at a revival in Sparta. There was a long list of things he was supposed to have achieved and barely mentioned his upcoming testimony. They made it sound like he was a white Martin Luther King. I found it hilarious how they described the "likely weapon" as a high power assault rifle. They went on to say that the slaying may have been racially motivated.

I must have been paying to close attention to the news and not enough to Amy because she asked if I knew Mike. I said no, and quickly changed the subject. I asked her what her plans were for the day, if she wanted to keep riding or did she want to go home. She said that she had been let go from the job at the mini mart/ subway. She had nowhere to go, so if I didn't mind, she'd ride on with me. I asked what she was going to do about work and she said where ever she ended up she'd probably end up stripping again.

Click, The light bulb went on bright, STRIPPER! In my head I gave myself a high five.

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I must have grinned a little too much because she said don't worry you won't have to pay. We road for a few hours and ended up in the place I called home for now. I made a phone call and confirmed the 2nd contract payment had been made. I showed her around town and then we stopped by the club house of a local chapter of the Sons of Liberty motorcycle club. I was an independent rider never patching with any club because of my work, but most often hung with SOL.

I was greeted by several members and some looks and grins were aimed at me as Amy followed me to a booth. Amy was in her shorts showing off her perfect assets, and was wearing a Tee shirt with no bra under it. Denis the master at arms of the club and bartender stepped up to the booth and said hey Bear who's this? I introduced Amy and Dennis shook her hand and took her hand and kissed the back of it. Dennis turned to me and asked if I know who Amy was.

I said not really we just met. Amy sunk in her seat, pulling her hand back. I asked is there a problem? Dennis turned to Amy and said I don't think so, do you want to tell him.

She looked as though balls of fire would burst from her eyes at Dennis and said sure why not.


Amy looked at me and told me that she was the x bitch of Larry flint, the president of the Diamond Backs MC club. Dennis said that the DB's had been actively looking for her. I said really? Is there an active contract for her?


Dennis said no that there was never a contract but more like a reward. I thanked Dennis and he went back to the bar.

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Dennis, a former marine, was one of few that knew my profession and I trusted him as much asI could trust anyone. Amy spoke first and said she could find her way out if I wanted her to leave. I said not at all, you've done nothing wrong. We all have our baggage and secrets and that doesn't make us bad.

She told me she had left him 7 months ago. Since the brake up she had been working where I met her, trying to stay out of the Motorcycle world. She said she was glad that I was open minded. I thought to myself even if I would have to deal with the DB's, she was a fine piece of ass and a great ride.

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I was getting into my 30 something years and she was comfortable and obviously knew the life of a biker. I looked over at her and said just don't lie. I can deal with a lot of stuff but lies piss me off. She looked nervous for a second and asked if there was anything I wanted to know about her or her situation I said not unless you think I need to know something. I added that we'd learn a lot more about each other soon enough.

I asked her if she had anything she needed to pick up like at the place she lived. She said no that she had left Larry with just the clothes on her back and had her handbag. She told me how she'd been staying with coworkers and getting rides from them.

That kept her name out of the system and made it harder to be found. I told her that was smart. She looked at me as if no one had ever called her smart before. I asked her how she felt about the rivalry between clubs and the violence that came with the life. She told me that she had been raised by an independent rider and that she had accepted that she would be dead by 30 and that payback was a bitch and it always comes around. I said well you want to go HOME, as in her joining me at my place.

She said oh yes. As we got up to go she gave a shake that let her breasts shimmy in her tee shirt and shook her butt and her ass cheeks floated up and down, and the entire bar seemed keenly alert to her body.

She said loud enough for everyone to hear, I can't wait to feel you come in my pussy.

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She sashayed toward the door with me following. We took the quick ride to my place and the gate opened by remote, and closed behind us. Riding up to the house a garage door opened and I road in and turn off the bike. The house was small but elegant. I got it as payment for a job a few months back. As we entered to house I grabbed the remote and turned on the sound system and Amy started taking her clothes off to the Kid Rock CD. I took her hand and showed her around the main floor and the pool area.

She was taken aback by the swank luxuriousness of the house. We went up to the second floor which was completely open air with the exception of a large bathroom with walk in shower room, with adjoining whirlpool that had a glass wall with doors that opened to a deck above the edge of the pool. There ceiling was a barrage of angular glass to from the roof. There was a large fire place on the opposing wall.

Amy saw the round larger than king size bed and practically ran and jumped on it. I laughed how seemingly innocent she appeared for a second and then an explosion of sexuality as her lust took over. I turned a knob on a remote control and the bed started turning slowly clock wise. Amy laughed out loud and motioned for me to join her. Not to leave a beautiful young woman waiting I took off my clothes and climbed onto the bed and laid half on top of her and half below her.

I nuzzled her breasts and licked and sucked her nipples which were pert and alert. I kissed my way to her perfect abs and while leaving my hands on her breasts I sled down to pubic area. Still fascinating how she looked as though she never had a hair on her pussy. It didn't look or feel shaved; it didn't look as though she had waxed either. Her scent was wonderful, and I took to kissing around her pubic mound and eventually working my way to her lips.

Licking and sucking them into my mouth enjoying her. She was getting wet and began holding my hair tightly in her fingers she pulled my face into her pussy.

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I lightly licked her clit and she shuttered, I began to suck and pull her clit into my mouth like a small penis. She pulled my face tight into her and came; bucking her hips and gushing come all over my face. I slowed my pace and she went limp except for a shaking like shivering. I slowly kissed my way up to breasts again but only slightly bushed over her nipples as I moved up to mount her. She wrapped her legs around me as I positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy.

It was as if she was kicking me like kicking a horse to go, and I slowly pushed myself in her. She thrust her hips down as she squeezed her legs drawing my cock deeper into her. She cooed as I filled her and I withdrew and began a slow steady pace fucking her. She wiggled trying to get me to go faster and said loudly faster please, fuck me come on please fuck me, harder, fuck me harder.

It was all the encouragement I needed so I picked up my pace and I felt her getting wetter and wetter another orgasm obviously approaching. The look in her eyes was as if she'd found nirvana, a happy place she didn't want to ever leave. She started coming having small orgasms one atop another, and it turned into one long large orgasm and the sight beneath me was such, I couldn't hold back any more and emptied my balls deep in her.

As I started shooting my load into her, her eyes opened wide and she looked deep into my eyes and she came even more intensely, seemingly losing control of herself for a few seconds. She went limp under me as my cock started to soften slightly. I pulled out of her and lay next to her on the bed. I grabbed the beds' remote and turned it to the slowest of settings barely moving. I pulled Amy into my side and she placed her head on my chest.

All seemed right in the world at that moment and yet I knew we would be tested, but for now I just had to enjoy life. End Chapter 1.