Massive boobs blonde banged in the cab for a free fare

Massive boobs blonde banged in the cab for a free fare
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I was 17 years old and a senior in high school. Sometimes I drove to school but some days I would ride the bus to save gas money.

That and the fact that I had a crush on a sophmore named Erin that rode the bus. There was a 12 year old girl named Kim that always saved me a seat, it was real obvious she had a CRUSH on me. She was very cute, nice little round butt and real small tits (they were not big enough to call boobs).

One day on our way home from school, she had her knees on the back of the seat in front of us. I was talking to the guy in that seat and had my hand on the top of that seat sort of on Kim's knee.

All of a sudden she grabbed my hand and slid it down to her blue jean short clad PUSSY. Talk about shocking the shit out of me. I tried to move my hand without anyone noticing but Kim wouldn't let me. She had both hands holding my hand right on pussy and I wasn't strong enough to pull away with just one hand.

So I played with all the way to her bus stop. Needless to say I was shocked but not stupid so I got her phone number and called her that night. That night on the phone she told me she wanted me to fuck her. I said "How old are you anyway?" and she said "I'm 12 years old and I want you to fuck me".

I said "Are you a virgin?" Kim said yes but she wanted me to fuck her. I said have you ever done anything with a guy, she said one little kiss. Kim then said she wanted to suck my dick and wanted me to teach her all about sex.

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I couldn't believe the vulgar language coming out of this sweet looking little young girl. Anyway I told Kim I would pick her up at the school bus stop and we would lay out of school since both my parents worked.

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So the next day I picked her up in my car, she was wearing shorts again and a little halter top showing off her summer tan (this happened in Sept.) and she looked delicious. She gets in the car and immediately grabs my right hand and puts it on her pussy. Well, I just couldn't resist those little titties so I slid my hand up to her tits, and what do you know, no bra (not that she needed one).

Kim then put her hand on my dick and started stroking it. This little girl knew what she wanted. I told her to stop til we got to my house because I didn't want to wreck.

We get to my folks and we go in and literally attack each other. I take her halter off and those white little titties on that dark tan, well I almost came right then. Of course the whole time we are frenching like crazy and she's rubbing my 7 inch dick and trying to get my shorts off. We finally make it to the my bedroom and I pull her shorts off and throw her on the bed. The sight of that hairless pussy was beautiful. I then started taking my time and starting kissing her some more. Then I slowly moved my way down to those tits and then went on down for my first taste of virgin pussy (it woudn't be my last).

The whole time Kim's saying stuff like YES!YES!

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and that feels good and my favorite "Don't Stop". Her 12 year old pussy tasted so good, I just had to run my tongue in her little butt. Hell, even her ass tasted good.

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Finally I stopped eating her and moved my dick up to her mouth and she went crazy licking and sucking it. Then I just had to fuck her, so I positioned myself and asked her if she was sure and she screamed "Please Fuck Me".

So I started sliding it in her, God she was tight. Then I smelled the blood from her hymen and seen it when I pulled out. To tell you the truth I thought she had lied about being a virgin but obviously she hadn't.

She just knew what she wanted. To tell you the truth I didn't last very long, so after I came in her, we are both laying there panting I asked her how did she learn so much about sex.


Kim said her daddy had a bunch of dirty magazines and she had been reading them since she was 10 years old. After we talked for a bit I carried her into the bathroom and we took a shower together.

While we were in the shower I pushed her to her knees and she sucked my dick and did not do too bad of a job. Naturally she swallowed all the come I gave her. After I came again, (remember I was 17 and could come half a dozen times in a day) we went back to the bedroom. I put Kim on the bed and started eating her again and very slowly stuck my finger in her little butt (after lubing that 12 year old ass with my tongue) until she came. I then placed her on her knees and fucked her doggy style.

Basically we had sex all day until it became time to get her home so I took her back to her bus stop and watched her very gingerly walk home. (I think she was a little sore). That night on the phone she told me how she loved what we had done that day. The next morning on the school bus, Kim was wearing shorts again and you could see the hickeys I had put on each of her inner thighs. We sat together as usual and she opened her top so I could see the hickeys I put on her little titties.

I then played with her pussy til we got to school. She said she was sore but it was a "good" sore. This was the routine on the school bus for the next couple of weeks. Us playing with each other and then talking dirty on the phone. After a couple of weeks, I picked her up at the bus stop again and we went to my parents. This time we got in bed and I started having her lick and suck my dick. Then I told her to lick my balls and she did. Then I said to lick my butt and she said " I don't think I can do that" I said "Oh yes you can and you better".

So after a little while I talked her into it and she did. There is nothing like having a 12 year old girl's tongue in your ass. It is so kinky. After some butt rimming I told her to stick a finger in my saliva soaked ass and go back to licking my balls and sucking my dick. So she did, then she stuck another finger in my ass and I came all over that little girls face. Nothing like seeing a young girl's face covered with come.


I then licked her face clean of my come and fed it to her. Then I ate her ass and pussy for damn near an hour. Making her come multiple times.