Straight men letting suck gay Both dudes undressed down to their

Straight men letting suck gay Both dudes undressed down to their
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The next day at shool was awful. There had never been a slower day in my life. All I did was daydream about Dustin's huge cock for the first two hours. I even got called on once in class and could not answer the question.

If I did I probably would have just yeeled Dustin's cock or something along those lines. I saw him later in the day walking in the hall with some of his friends. He looked so hot. He was wearing shorts made out of some thin material and when I looked closely I could see the outline of his dick bouncing around in there.

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Just the sight of that made me get a little wet. All of his friends looked at me a little funny and I could tell they all knew about him fucking me. He winked at me and I swear I almost had an orgasm right there. Then they finished passing by and the day continued.

I wasn't sure whether or not to be angry about him telling his friends or not, because at least if something went wrong between us then I could surely find one of his friends to fuck. I guess I would have just rathered him wait a little longer, but whatever it was fine.


On my way home after school I couldn't stand something not being in my pussy anymore. I knew I would have to do something to please myself when I got home. The first thing I did when I got home from school was look for something that somewhat resembled Dustin's cock. I search around the kitchen and found my object. It was a cucumber almost identical to the size of his cock. I took it to my room and set it on my bed.

Then I went to my brother's room, who was a freshman at my school, and grabbed one of his condoms and wrapped the cucumber in it. I was so wet and could not wait to get this thing in me. I stripped my clothes off as fast as I could and laid down and got as relaxed as I could. I grabbed the cucumber and brought it to my pussy.

I slowly started to insert it into my hole.

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I squealed in pleasure and started to push it in and out faster and faster. I started to feel that I was going to cum and I started going as fast as I possibly could.

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I started to yell "Oh Dustin jizz in me." Just thinking about him like this felt amazing. I pulled out the cucumber and came as hard as I ever have before. I gushed so much pussy juice and soaked my bed. The rest of the night went normally and I went to bed thinking of Dustin. I just couldn't wait for my Saturday night with him.

It was going to be great. In the morning I woke up and ate some cereal for breakfast and watched TV until about 1:00. That's when I heard my phone buzz. It was a text from Dustin asking when he should come over. I told him that I was the only one home for the night so I didn't really care. He decided that he would come at 7:00. I waited impatiently until then and wanted to use the cucumber again so badly, but decided not to. Finally 7:00 came around and I heard a ring at the doorbell.

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He was right on time. We decided that we would watch a movie, so we went downstairs to the TV and found one on Netflix. We shared a blanket and didn't really pay much attention to the movie. We just looked at each others bodies for awhile and the I started to fondle his balls and he rubbed my tits and pussy. I was impressed that he never got a boner.

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He had good control over himself. I was soaking wet and finally told him that I had to use the bathroom. I went upstairs and went to the bathroom and came back. When I got back everything seemed to be the same so I just got back under the blanket. When I went to play with his balls again, I was met with a pleasant surprise.

He was no longer wearing any clothes.


We both looked at each other and knew what would happen next. He got me undressed and I sat on his lap facing him. During this time he got a raging boner and was ready to fuck.

He grabbed around the waist and brought me to his throbbing member. He lowered me so that I was touching the tip of his cock. Oh how strong and desirable this boy was. He started to lower me more and I squealed with pleasure as he buried his cock into me. Once I was all the way down I started to bounce a little and then picked up the intensity. He did the same as he bucked his hips up into me. We got a great rhythm going and he grunted and I squealed in pleasure.


We started getting more forceful and lounder and then I came. I yelp;ed out in pleasure and my pussy squeezing his cock made him shoot up into me. I felt wave after wave of his sperm go up into me. It was wonderful.

After we were done we decided to take a shower. We soaped each other down and got nice and clean and then Dustin got another boner. I let him pin me up against the wall of the shower and he pounded his cock into me.

It only took about a minute and he was shooting his seed into me. We went back to my room naked and lie on the bed together. I didn't notice, but his dick goit hard again.

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He rolled over on me and I knew we were going to fuck for the third time that night. He thrusted into me and we were noisy as could be. He kept going faster and reached an insanely fast pace that I could never even have imagined.

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I screamed for him to not stop and orgasmed and he still didn't cum. It was insane. Finally after nearly half an hour the boy came in me like he never had before. He shot stream after stream of cum in me five 2 minutes straight. I felt it all go in me and it was absoloutely awesome. He left very quickly after that and said we need to hang out again soon.

I was so excited and wanted every weekend to be like this from now on.