Naked roman men gay porn I then place him on the exam table and I

Naked roman men gay porn I then place him on the exam table and I
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My name is Robert Chase and this is the story on how I discovered that I liked both men and women. It all started when I was sixteen years old while in my last year of high school, I was a very smart kid and because of my brains I was picked on a lot by bullies it didn't help matters that I was pushed up two years in school.


I was also picked on a lot because of my looks, I had sandy blonde hair, green eyes, and I was shorter than anyone else in my grade. Women who saw me thought that I was a cute twelve year old but whenever they found out my real age they began to think I was a freak, men hated me because I was smarter than them they also hated me because I was smarter than them.

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Anyway back to my story when I usually got out of school and went to catch the bus the bullies would come after me in order to pick on me and beat the shit out of me. Most of the time I would just run barely making it to the bus just in time to avoid them but that day they had apparently grew some brains as they had blocked my way to the bus.

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Trying to escape I began to panic as they had closed off my route to escape thankfully I saw a route of escape only it went deeper into the school, seeing it as my only chance to escape I took it and ran down the hallway trying to find a unlocked door that I could hide behind. The only problem was that there was no unlocked doors in fact all that was open were the bathroom doors to the girls room and the boys room, hearing my tormentors closing in I quickly made my decision and hid in the girls restroom.

Entering one of the bathroom stalls I sat down on a covered toilet seat and decided to wait for ten to fifteen minutes before seeing if my tormentors had left.


Catching my breath I looked to my left and saw that the wall was covered in writing with a list of names describing the most popular boys in school and how big their private parts were.

Curious I read the list mentally trying to see if I knew anyone on the list, to my shock and disbelief at the bottom of the list with the smallest cock was Harold Crane with a size of three inches long when hard.

Harold Crane was one of the people who always picked on me and tried to beat the crap out of me, looking back to the list I realized that this was probably the reason why he was always so hateful he was overcompensating.

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Laughing in amusement to myself I turned to my right and spotted a hole in the wall with some writing above it. Reading the writing it said, "Glory hole want a taste of some tranny cock well be here after school at 3:35 p.m." Rereading in disbelief I looked at my watch and noticed that it was 3:30 p.m.

which meant that in five minutes a tranny would be here expecting someone to suck her off.

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Thinking it over I thought to myself should I stay here and see if a tranny would really show up or should I get out of here, making up my mind I decided to stay and see if someone would really show up. Six to seven minutes later I checked my watch saw that it was 3:37 p.m.

and no one was here except me thinking that maybe I should just go I went to get up when I heard the restroom door open. Listening carefully I heard footsteps of someone walking to the bathroom stalls, looking under my stall I saw the legs and feet of someone making their over to the stall next to me and enter it. Freezing in shock I made sure that I couldn't be seen and waited to see what would happen. "Is someone there if so then knock on the stall twice and we'll get started," a female voice called out.

Doing as the voice asked I knocked on the stall twice and waited, only to watch in pure shock as a rock hard cock came through the hole in the wall.

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Looking at the cock in pure shock I absently guessed that it was about six inches hard, still in disbelief that this was really happening I slowly reached out and grabbed the cock with my right hand. Pulling the foreskin back revealing the head I got up off of the toilet and knelt down in front of the glory hole pressed my lips up against the head giving it a kiss before sticking my tongue out in order to taste a little of her pre-cum.

Pulling back I savored the taste of her pre-cum before bending down and engulfing her cock into my mouth, moving my head back and forth I began to suck her off all the while listening to what she was saying as I gave her oral sex.

"Oh god this feels so good," the tranny moaned out all the while giving me advice on how to pleasure her.

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"You must be new at this so let me give you some advice while your sucking me off you should swirl your tongue around my shaft to increase my pleasure." Doing as she instructed I moved my head up to the top of her shaft swirled my tongue around her cock a couple of times than continued sucking her off.

After a couple of minutes of doing this I felt her cock twitch and throb in my mouth as she moaned out that she was going to cum. I tried to prepare myself for her cum but what I thought was going to be a small load turned out to be a big one, feeling her cum pool on the top of my tongue I swallowed as much as I could only spilling a couple of drops.

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Feeling her finish cumming I pulled my head back taking her cock out of my mouth and licked her cock clean of cum. "Wow, thanks that was really great I hope you come back here again some time." The tranny said to me as she pulled her cock out of the glory hole and put it away. Listening to her leave I just sat there stunned for a couple of minutes and then got up and went home.


Once home I thought over what happened and decided that I liked it so much that I would go back for some more time and a repeat performance.