Anal homosexual guys in heats

Anal homosexual guys in heats
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My wife and I have been married for 15 years and we both have very successful careers, I am an adjuster for an insurance company and work from home and she is the director of a large company in the northeast.

She spends a lot of time on the road at the many locations her company owns but we still find time to spend together and have, what I thought was, a good sex life. We have four children from previous marriages, I have two boys 30 and 32 and she has two girls 24 and 28.

My two boys live a few states away and have families of their own and my wife's oldest is in California working in the movie business as some kind of assistant to a producer. The only one still at home is her 24 year old Becca.

She graduated from college as an art major and hasn't been able to find a job that would pay enough for her to be independent. Becca is very good looking and has an incredible figure but whenever I suggest that she try to go into modeling or some other profession where she could take advantage of her natural assets, she responds with "Is that why you spent so much money sending me to college?" I see her point but my wife and I would still feel better if she was more independent.

Its nice having her around when we both go out of town so she can house sit but I keep telling my wife that "that is what door locks are for" I've never even thought about cheating on my wife and even though I have admired Becca's figure on many occasions, I never thought of her in a sexual way but as they say Shit Happens.

It was a Saturday night and my wife was out of town till that Sunday. It was about seven o'clock and I was sitting in the living room watching the news when Becca came out of her room and walked toward me. She was wearing some tight jeans that showed off her great legs and ass and a tube top with her belly button showing.

She was incredibly sexy looking and I was starring without realizing it. "What" Becca said when she saw me starring. "That's quite an outfit" I said "Where are you off to?" "Sandy, Trish and I are going to a new club that opened up last week" "Who's driving" I asked being the typical father figure. "Trish is and don't worry she's smart enough not to drink." She said making a face that told me that the question was not necessary.

"Doesn't your boyfriend object to you going out to clubs dressed like that? I asked "Scott knows he doesn't have anything to worry about" She said "Don't wait up I'll be back about twelve thirty or one." She said than leaned over and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

This gave me a bird's eye view of her cleavage and I closed my eyes in an effort to not let her know I was looking. As she walked toward the front door, I couldn't help but admire her beautiful ass and think what a lucky son of a bitch that Scott was. I must have fallen asleep in front of the TV when I heard the front door open and saw Becca come in with Trish kind of holding her up.

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"Are you going to be OK?" Trish asked and Becca just nodded "OK I'll give you a call tomorrow" she said and closed the door behind her. I watched Becca stager down the hall and go into her room and went back to watching the TV.

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I heard her banging around for a few minutes and then it went quiet. After about twenty minutes I looked down the hall and saw that her light was still on and her door was opened.

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I got up and walked down the hall to see what was up. I walked through the door and there was Becca lying across her bed with her pants and panties down around her ankles and her blouse on the floor at the foot of the bed. I just stood there looking for a few seconds admiring her body and decided that I should help get her into bed. I walked forward and knelt in front of her starring at her bare pussy that she had shaved and left a small strip of hair in the middle.

Reaching down I pulled her pants over one foot and then the other.


This had the effect of her legs spreading further apart giving me an even better look at her crotch. I took a deep breath and could smell the scent of her. It was about then that I noticed that I now had an erection that was pushing up against the waist band of my shorts.

I pulled the covers down on the bed as far as I could and lifted her up so her head was on the pillow. Reaching behind her back, I unclipped her bra telling myself that it would make her more comfortable and when I pulled it off I was treated to a view of the two most beautiful breasts I think I had ever seen. I tossed the bra on the floor with her other clothes and just sat their admiring her, now naked, body.

I reached down and ran the palm of my hand over her right breast and watched as the nipple became hard. At this point I think conscious thought was a thing of the past and I was acting on instinct and lust. I leaned over and licked then sucked on one of her nipples as I squeezed and played with the other. Unbuckling my pants, I let my hard on pop out and started to stroke it as I sucked on her beautiful breast.

I slid my other hand down her stomach and ran my middle finger up her slit.


After rubbing it up and down a few times she started to moan and I took my finger out and sucked on it. I wanted more and so I moved to the end of the bed and put my face between her legs. I first licked then sucked on her pussy and clit and was rewarded with another long moan.

My cock was rock hard so I moved between her legs and rubbed the tip across her pussy lips. My pre cum and the moistness from my licking and sucking was enough to make my cock head slip in easily. I pushed forward and stroked in and out a few times when she moaned again. Her tight pussy, the thought of my fucking my step daughter and the sight of this girls incredible body beneath me was more than I could take.

I pushed hard inside her one time and shot stream after stream of cum as deep into her as my eight inch cock could manage. I left it there until I felt myself getting soft again and then pulled out and stood at the foot of the bed looking down at the cum now leaking from her pussy. After getting several tissues from the night stand and cleaned up as much as I could I then put her panties back on her, put her under the covers and went to my room to take a shower.

The next morning I was up early and out mowing the lawn at eight in the morning. About nine or nine thirty I walked through the kitchen door and there was Becca sitting at the kitchen table with her head in her hands.

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"Morning" I said "How did you sleep" She just looked up at me and shook her head. I went over to the counter, poured a cup of coffee and got a bottle of aspirin out of the cupboard. I placed the two in front of her and she looked up at me, gave me a little smile and said "I Love you" as she took four aspirin and a drink of the coffee.

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"If you're going to get sick than please try and make it to the bathroom" I said as I poured a coffee for myself. "I'll be fine but don't ever let me do that again" she said "I remember coming through the front door and turning on the light in my room but not much more." "You'll be fine in a few hours" I said "I'm going to pick up your mom at the airport later this afternoon.

Want to keep me company?" "Ask me this afternoon" she said as she walked down the hall to her room. That afternoon, I checked on her and she was fast asleep. Things went along fairly smoothly for the next couple weeks. I felt guilty about what I had done but given the chance, I can't say I wouldn't do it again and I've masturbated several times in the shower thinking about it. About a month later, the three of us were having dinner and Becca said, out of nowhere "I think I might be pregnant" I almost choked on my pasta and her mother just stared open mouthed.

"Before you say anything, I already talked to Scott and he's OK with it. I don't know how it happened cuz we always use a condom" she said. "You know very well that a condom isn't 100%" her mother said. "I know, I know but don't worry we'll figure something out" Becca said looking very dejected. At that point I got up and walked over to Becca, gave her a kiss on the forehead and said "No matter what you decide, your mother and I are behind you all the way." I picked up what was left of my coffee and walked into the living room.

I sat in my chair with my heart pounding and my brain working overtime when I saw my wife walking toward me. She sat on the arm of the chair, leaned over and kissed me softly on the mouth. "What was that for" I asked "For what you said in the kitchen" she said "You know mister, you are a wonderful husband and father and I love you very much" she said as she kissed me again.

Then she leaned over and whispered in my ear "You keep this up and you just might get lucky tonight" she smiled and went back in the kitchen. She didn't know how right she was, I was a father all right but lucky, I don't think so.