Amateur shaved pussy licked in homemade sex tape

Amateur shaved pussy licked in homemade sex tape
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Promotion Pays Off Recently, I'd had the opportunity to watch my wife have sex with someone else, and it turned out to be an unbelievable turn-on for both of us. We planned to repeat the experience as often as possible. This is one of those times. Finally - my hard work had paid off.

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I had just received a promotion to director of my division, with a healthy raise, and a celebration was in order. My wife and I, along with some family and friends, were at a local eatery, where we had a large room to ourselves. Since it was my night, my wife dressed to please me, in a short, sexy black dress, sheer, off-black nylons and her highest stilettos.


Under the dress, nothing except her sheer-to-waist, RHT pantyhose, her sexiest pair. These were not the kind you find at K-Mart in an egg, either. Just running my hand over her legs in these sexy nylons could drive me absolutely crazy! We sat at a round table, with my wife on my right side, and my friend Ted sitting next to her. Five other people were with us, but Ted had no date with him.

My hand often slid under the hem of my wife's dress and slid up and down her nyloned thigh, with no one the wiser. She knew, though, that she was driving me mad with desire. After dinner, my wife asked me to dance, so we stood up and went out of the room to the dance floor. It was a slow number, so she slid in close to me. Then, she whispered into my ear, "You need to be careful when you're feeling my leg, Honey." "Why's that?" I asked.

"Because, Ted is feeling my other leg, and I don't want your hands to meet in my lap!" I was nearly speechless - not quite. "You're lying!" I challenged. "She looked up at me and smiled.


"No, I'm not. He really seems to like my nylons, too." "Tell me more," I pleaded. "As soon as we sat down, his knee bumped mine, and he slid his hand down on his knee, so when he moved it toward me, the back of his hand was against my nylon-clad leg." "Yeah. then what?" "After a few minutes, he just moved his hand from his own knee to mine, and started stroking my nylon.

If felt great, and I started getting turned on. You were rubbing my other leg, and I was afraid the two of you would touch, so I spread my legs apart so you wouldn't.

Then, he moved between my legs! I kept probing. "What else happened?" "Well, he really likes the feel of my nylons, I know that for sure, 'cause he can't seem to get enough of them. He got his hand all the way up to my crotch a few times, and I'm dripping wet! He stroked my pussy, Rick! I was afraid someone would notice, but so far, so good!" "Oh, Honey!" I moaned, as I shoved my rock-hard cock into her thigh.

"Anything else I should know about?" "One more thing, Honey. When I put my hand under the table, he took it and put it on his leg.

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then, I just sort of let it wander up. to his dick. It's real hard, Rick, just like yours is right now!" She just smiled up at me, and went on. "I stroked it for a few minutes, and then I unzipped his pants and it popped right out! Before I knew it, my hand was wrapped around his hard, throbbing, naked cock, Rick, and it's a nice one!" I backed her into a quiet corner of the dance floor, and kissed her.

She kissed me back, her tongue drilling itself into my mouth. "What do you want me to do, Honey? Should I stop, or. keep going?" For emphasis, she slid her hand down between us and squeezed my own throbbing member. "Ooooh, Honey, I think I have my answer!" "Yeah, you do!" I responded.

"Okay, then. If Ted gets up to dance with me, try to follow us without him seeing you, okay? Then, if I can figure out a way to do it, you'll get to watch me suck Ted's nice, hard dick and swallow his cum!" Just like that, she was gone!

I adjusted my dick in my pants, and followed her back to the table and sat down next to her.

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This time, I left my hand off of her legs, which I could tell, were spread wide under the table. After a few minutes, she asked Ted to dance with her, and they got up and left the room. I made a comment about visiting the Men's room, and got up to follow them. I moved over to a place where I could watch the dance floor, and Lori was plastered up against Ted dancing to a slow number.

When he thought no one could see, he kissed her hard, and slid her dress up to where he could get his hands under it, and he caressed her nylon-clad ass. When she saw that I was watching them, she reached down between them and squeezed his cock. Then, she took Ted by the hand and headed for a door to a patio deck area that was closed off and not being used tonight.

The door wasn't locked, and they slid quietly outside. I went out another door and worked my way around to the deck. It was dark, but the moon provided enough light to see them very clearly. Lori was sitting on a picnic table, and Ted was between her legs, kissing her deeply.

Her dress was open in front down to her waist, and her naked breasts shined in the moonlight.

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Her nipples were rock hard! The hem of her dress was up around her waist, and she had her nyloned legs wrapped around him. He had one hand on each thigh, sliding them up and down her nylons.

I was so close, I could hear the hiss! I silently unzipped my pants and hauled my cock out into the open air. Then, she broke the kiss, saying, "We have to hurry, Ted!" She backed him up and stood up, sitting him down on the table.

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Then, she unzipped his pants and slid his cock out into the moonlight. His pre-cum caused it to shine!


It was a pretty nice cock - about seven inches long, and nice and thick. Then, she simply bent over and took the head of it into her mouth. The way she was bent at the waist caused the back of her dress to raise up to where I could see all of her sexy ass in her sheer pantyhose.

Ted moaned loudly as she worked on him, and she wasn't quiet about it, either. She stroked the shaft with her hand, and kept her lips wrapped tightly around the head. Her other hand cradled his balls, squeezing them lightly. I matched her jacking motions on my own cock, nearly cumming too soon. Then, the head popped out of her mouth, and I knew Ted was in for a treat. Lori could talk a man into cumming without ever touching him. "Come on, Ted, cum in my mouth, Baby.

I wanna swallow all you've got." she sucked it back into her mouth, her fist pumping for all she was worth. She wanted it to be over fast. "Do you like my nylons, Ted?" she asked as she pumped his dick, "Are they sheer enough for you? Would you like to fuck me in my pantyhose, Ted? I'll cut a hole in the crotch, and you can slide your cock right through them into my pussy. I'll wrap my nyloned legs around you as you fuck me, Ted. " That did it! He raised his hips up toward her, and her mouth plunged back down on his cock, just in time to catch the first spurt.

She continued to pump it, moaning all the while. "Ummmmm," as each stream shot into her mouth and down her throat. At the same time, my own cock spewed my hot semen all over the side of the deck. Just that quick, it was over! Ted stood up and fixed his pants, and hurried back inside. Lori leaned over the deck railing and kissed me deeply, her tongue pushing itself into my mouth. I put my hand through the railing and slid it up her nyloned leg, to her pussy, which was drenched in her own juices.

Ted's tartness filled my mouth, and it was obvious that she'd tried to make sure I could taste it. "I love you!" "I love you, too!" Then, she was gone.