Oiled milf masturbates hd and german lingerie even using him as a

Oiled milf masturbates hd and german lingerie even using him as a
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The Education of Heather Part 4 Heather is schooled by Michael Mike was definitely the largest of the three men. He was easily 6'2" and weighed close to 240 pounds.

He was paunchy and had a belly. Heather knew that under ordinary circumstances she would never had given him a second look, but these were anything but ordinary circumstances.

She stood between Jason and Mike as Jason explained how he was going to film the scene. Heather had a difficult time concentrating on his words because her attention was diverted by the size of Mike's naked, black cock. Given her world of reference, it was huge! ". . and Mike remember, " she heard Jason say, "this isn't a rape. Take your time, fuck her nice and slow, and give us one of those world-class cum shots, ok?

Heather, did you get all that? Your eyes look a little glazed over right now." "Yeah, I think I got it. AhMike. . how big are you," she pointed, ". . down there?" Mike grinned, grasping his cock in a meaty palm. "This is eight inches of prime black meat, and it's all yours, sweet thang." "And if I didn't tell you before," Jason chimed in, "Mike produces more cum than any human on the planet.

If you didn't have those pills I gave you, you'd be pregnant before he takes his dick out of your pussy. Are you ready?" Heather nodded, loosening the belt of her kimono. She shrugged her shoulders and it fell to the floor at her feet once again exposing her perfect, round breasts, flat stomach, elegantly flared hips, and strong dancer's legs. Both men paused for a few seconds to devour her gorgeous body with their eyes.

As she stepped out of the kimono, she caught their stares, "Something wrong?" "Not a thing, not-a-thing," replied Jason. He turned to Mike, "You lucky dog." Mike grinned, "I'm guessing you'll get your turn." "Alright Heather," Jason commanded, "Same opening as last time.

I'd like you to get on your knees and suck Mike's cock for a few seconds, turn to the camera and tell us what you are going to do, then go for it.

Ready?" He looked through the viewfinder and began to record the scene. "Action." Mike moved into position, standing next to the bed, his cock fully erect. Heather dropped smoothly to her knees and with no hesitation grasped his dick with her hand and directed his massive cockhead into her mouth.

Her head began to slowly move back and forth, savoring the taste and feel of his stiff, black organ. Every other stroke, her mouth would pause at the tip of his cock and her tongue would flick lightly over him, concentrating on the crown of his cockhead and the tiny slit. Mike felt hard and strong between her lips and she could already taste the pre-cum as it seeped from his cockhead.

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After a few seconds, she took his cock from her mouth and looked directly at the camera lens. "I hope you liked that last scene, Steve. I really enjoyed doing it. This is Mike, and as you can see, he is a big man." She looked up at Mike and smiled. Turning back to the camera, she continued. "He is so thick I can't even get my hand around him, and he tells me he is eight inches long. I am a little worried I might not be able to take him fully inside me." She glanced up at Mike again and then turned back to the camera, "Oh, did I tell you what Mike is going to do to me?

He is going to put his penis inside my, my. .

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pussy! Well, I've never used that word before, but then again, this is a night of "firsts" for me, isn't it?" Her hand began to slowly stroke the black man's erection. "You know what else Mike is going to do?

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He is going to cum inside me!" "See," she looked from the camera to his cock as she stroked it, "he isn't wearing a condom.

You've had orgasms when you were in me, Steve, but you always used a condom.


Michael could make me pregnant tonight, but I don't really care. I want to feel what it is like when a man shoots his sperm in me. If I like it, I may have him do it again." She looked up at Mike again, "Would you like that?" Her hand continued its slow sensuous stroking, making his cock as hard as iron. Mike was breathless and could only nod his head in reply.

With a quick movement, she sucked his cock back into her mouth and used her mouth to fuck him for several seconds. Mike moaned with pleasure and began pump his thick rod in and out of her lips. Heather took him from her mouth, making an audible "popping" noise in the process. She looked back into the camera lens, "I think he's ready." She stood, stretching to her full height to kiss him fully on the mouth.

His tongue invaded her mouth instantly and battled with hers. Mike broke the kiss and scooped her up, placing one arm behind her knees and the other around her shoulders. He lifted her with ease and gently placed her on her back in the middle of the bed. He gazed intently at the beautiful, young white woman. He had fucked a lot of women, but he had never seen one as ripe and ready as this one.

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Her hair formed an arch around her head. Her small, but full breasts sat firmly on her chest, crowned with erect, pink nipples. Her ribs collapsed sensuously to her small waist with her tiny navel centered in her flat belly. The small patch of dark pubic hair no longer hid her swollen labia from view.

Her legs were slightly open, and her musky smell only served to further harden Mike's already rock-hard cock. Heather looked into Mike's dark eyes and instinctively raised her arms in invitation. "Spread your legs," he commanded, "I want to see your pussy." Heather closed her eyes, her anticipation building.

She dropped her arms to her sides and began to slowly open her legs to his view. "Use your hands to pull your legs up and to the sides. I want you totally open for me." Heather grasped her legs behind her knees and rotated her hips so that her pussy was fully exposed to Mike and the camera.

An odd thought occurred to her as she completed this movement just days ago, she would have considered this position to be obscene and would never have let her husband see her like this. But now, here she was nude on a bed in front of three black strangers and she wanted them to see her. It was now important to her that she please these men in anyway she could.

Heather felt Mike's weight on the bed and opened her eyes to a surprising sight. She had expected to see him positioned above her, ready to enter her body with his cock.

Instead, his head was at her crotch and his eyes were staring directly at her pussy.

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His tongue flicked out and made contact with her sensitive lips. "Unh-h-h," was the only sound she could produce. He continued to lick up and down the moist crack of her pussy, gently forcing his tongue into her.

Heather moaned again, closed her eyes and arched her back to increase the contact with his tongue. After several seconds, he began to search for her clitoris. His tongue located the swollen nub and began to slowly and gently flick back and forth across that most sensitive of organs.

Heather grasped Mike's head with both her hands, holding him in position on her clit. Her gasps and moans increasing with each swipe of his experienced tongue. Mike could not believe the strength of her grip. Even if he had wanted to move his mouth from her delicious pussy, he could not have done so without a struggle.

He was also surprised at how quickly she approached orgasm. He had not been licking her cunt for more than a minute or two, and she was ready to cum. Her juices flowed freely onto his tongue and the wet, smacking sound they made as he continued to lick her was audible throughout the room.

Heather could feel the muscles on the inside of her thighs twitch spasmodically, her breathing was irregular and forced. Her pussy was on fire and she wanted Mike's tongue deeper into her pussy. She began to rhythmically thrust her hips against his face, trying to match the movements of his tongue. The muscles of her groin contracted, her eyes were clenched tight, her breathing stopped, and suddenly she felt as if a dam had burst inside her. "Oh God-d-d-d!" Another contraction, "Unh-h-h-h, don't stop." Another flood of orgasmic fluid.

Her hands forced his mouth even tighter against her pussy, her hips thrust up against his mouth crushing her tender lips against his tongue. After several seconds her orgasm began to fade. Mike pulled free and began to move over her body. Heather opened her eyes as Mike moved into position, his cock swinging from side to side as he crawled on hands and knees up between her legs.

"Put it in," she heard him say. Heather reached between their bodies and grasped his hard, thick cock with her hand and aimed it at her wet entrance. She seated the head between her lips and released him, looking up at Mike's face. "Watch my cock as it goes in," he commanded.

Heather's eyes swept down to his groin and the thick black cock that joined them. Her concern about her ability to accept the entirety of his organ surfaced briefly but was overcome by her intense need to have him inside her. Mike moved his hips and his cockhead moved easily past her pussy lips. He stopped to let her adjust to his size. "You ok?" he asked. "Um-m-m." she responded, "Give me some more." Heather moved her hands to his hips and began to pull him into her.

"Not so fast, little girl," he chided, "there's plenty more to come." Mike pushed gently into her, sinking half of his eight inches. "God, you're tight," he exclaimed. "I haven't had a woman so tight for a long time. You feel great." He buried the remaining four inches of his cock in her body, mashing his black pubic hair against her fully engorged pussy lips. Rather that beginning to stroke in and out, he held his cock in place, making tiny thrusts to push even further inside his willing partner.

Heather could not believe the sensation of fullness she had with his cock completely inside her. Every millimeter of her pussy was in contact with his cock and it felt great. She thought she could even feel his cockhead pushing against her cervix, and once again the thought of his sperm shooting that deep into her and possibly impregnating her triggered a concern that was quickly brushed aside by the incredible feelings she was experiencing.

His cock filled her completely and she wanted this sensation to last for ever. Mike looked down at Heather and met her eyes. "Do you like little boys or little girls?" Heather was momentarily confused, "I. I don't understand." Mike slowly withdrew several inches of his cock and firmly pushed back into her. He withdrew again, and pushed back in.

His rhythm began to build and with each stroke he withdrew more of his cock. Finally, he withdrew all but the cockhead, paused for a brief instant and then fucked his entire cock back into Heather's warm, wet pussy. He laid fully on top of her now, his arms under hers, with his hand gripping her shoulders for maximum leverage. Another long stroke. "I asked if you like little boys or little girls." Heather, sensing the increase in the speed of his stokes, and hearing the lust in his voice finally understood the question.

"Oh, I get it. You are getting ready to cum, aren't you?" she said with a grin. "I like little boys. Do you think you are going to make me pregnant?" "I'm gonna do my best," Mike grunted in reply.

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Heather began to match his strokes with her hips, rising up to meet his downward thrusts. His cock filled her with every stroke, massaging the sensitive tissues of her pussy. The intensity of his strokes increased and Heather forced her hips to meet each massive thrust. The muscles of her vagina gripped his thick cock, she was close to orgasm.


"Ok," she mumbled through gritted teeth, "let's see if you can make a baby inside me." Mike knew he was on the ragged edge and he concentrated on maximizing each stroke. He wanted to fill this lovely woman with his sperm, and he wanted to make sure it was deposited as deep in her body as he could manage.

"Yeah," he gasped, "I'm getting close." The time for talking was over. His strokes became even faster and deeper. A new sound filled the room it was the sound of a wet, receptive pussy taking the long deep thrusts of a cum-engorged cock. Heather closed her eyes again and grasped his hips with her hands, savoring the sensation of his cock driving deep into her body and knowing that in moments his sperm was going to flood her womb. She opened her legs a bit more and that allowed Mike another fraction of an inch of penetration, and that seemed to push Mike over the edge.

"Ah-h-h-h-h," he yelled, forcing his cock deep into her body.

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He felt the sperm boil up from his balls and burst out of his cockhead. The first jet of cum splashed into the back of Heather's womb, followed by a second, third, and forth gush.

Heather was surprised by the intensity of Mike's orgasm, but she locked her arms and legs around his body to hold him in place. She could feel the each tremor as his cock spasmed in her pussy. His ejaculation pushed her over the edge, her pussy contracted, and her orgasm began. "Unh-h-h," she moaned, clutching his hips even tighter, "Don't stop." "Oh God, " Mike moaned as he raised himself up on his arms, breaking the grip of her arms. He kept his groin locked tightly against Heather and his cock fully buried in her pussy.

Another jet of sperm flew into her womb followed by two more. Mike's arms grew weak and he collapsed on top of Heather, the sweat from his chest and belly mixing with the fine sheen covering her breasts.

Breathless, he lay limply on top of her for several seconds, his head on the pillow next to hers. "I have never cum like that before," he panted.

"If you aren't pregnant now, you'll never be. God, you are good! I can't wait to fuck you again." Heather smiled, contentment filling her body. She wondered if this was what all the magazines referred to as sexual satisfaction. If it was, she was truly satisfied. She could feel Mike's cock began to soften inside her and as he rolled off her and withdrew his shrinking member a sense of emptiness briefly overtook her.

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"That's odd," she thought, "I guess my pussy likes having a cock inside it." She chuckled to herself at the sexual terms she was thinking terms she would have blushed at just days ago. "My, how I have changed," she muttered.