Young boy monster gay porn Is it possible to be in love with a family

Young boy monster gay porn Is it possible to be in love with a family
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You be the Mom, I'll be the Dad, ok Sis? &hellip.Sis and I were talking when my sister first came up with this little game of 'mom and dad' she wanted to play. I'm Bobby and she's Glenda. I think back and I think she just wanted normal parents. Now she could pretend we were the ideal parents. &hellip.We want to tell you how we grew up with a secret home life of our own.

&hellip.Our parents fought a lot verbally. They both drank to much and it was a way of life in our house. Glenda was 2 years older than me and we were close. My room was in the basement where it was quieter and I could wank pretty much in private.

One evening as I lay in bed, I thought about my girlfriend naked, as usual, and I heard the door quietly open. Slowly down the stairs came Glenda in her nightgown. She had a cute build, nice tits and cute ass…but she unfortunately was my sister. We smiled as she came over and lay beside me.

"They're at it again. It's so nice down here, I'm going to trade bedrooms and you can stay up there." she said. &hellip."No way sis, you can stay down here until they go to sleep, but I'm not living up there." I said.

She said: "Ok, I'll be the 'nice' mom and you be the 'nice' dad, Ok?" "Mom and dad?, those are girl games.

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How about you be a stripper and I'll be the watcher. Now that would be a hot game." &hellip.She rolled towards me smiling that ornery smile of hers. She said: "What ever you want…'Daddy'&hellip." I said: "Oh really? Is 'Mommy' going to do a sexy strip tease for 'daddy'?" &hellip.She rolled out of my bed and started trying to act all sexy and feeling her body over her nightgown.

She lifted it up to almost her pussy and squeezed her tits. I said: "No no, ya gotta 'be' sexy, not just act sexy. &hellip. "Help me daddy. tell me what a guy likes to see a stripper do." she said. I coached her a little and I started getting a boner. She saw it and whispered: ("I must be doing better daddy.") The sexier she danced the bigger my boner got. She jumped in the bed and snuggled up to me.

("…you've made mommy all horny daddy. You're the 'daddy' and you have to 'fix it'.") &hellip.I had my hands behind my head watching her. I looked at her and that little cutesy smile.

&hellip.We could still hear our mom and dad arguing up stairs. She snuggled closer, pushing her tits and pussy into me. We continued to whisper. I said: ("…you made daddy get a boner…you're the 'mommy' and your suppose to 'fix it'…right?") &hellip.I figured that would put an end to her game of 'mom and dad'.

I wasn't into having sex with my sister for real.

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Wanking&hellip. oh hell yes, I thought about fucking her many times, but the real thing…no way.I thought.or…use to think&hellip.things were changing as I looked at her tits (no bra) and her (no panties) body.

I began to look at her as a hot bodied girl, and not a sister. &hellip. She paused. Glenda thought&hellip. &hellip.what am I going to do. I love this game of 'mom and dad', it's makes me wonderfully horny.

If I stop right here and do nothing, the game will end. I know how he says he not an incest guy, but he seems different now that it's staring him in the face to do or not to do something. I don't want to be the first one to commit to doing something, and I know he doesn't ether. &hellip.I'll make a little move and see if he makes a little move. Damn this is making me really horny now.

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I can feel the wet in my pussy. He's got a big boner and is not even trying to hide it. Here comes my little move Bobby. God I hope he responds. We've never talked about sex, but I would love to have sex with that boner of his.

&hellip.I didn't move my body but just whispered: ("…how can mommy 'fix it' with it all covered up?") Bobby thoughts&hellip. &hellip.She still wants to play the game. Damn her, now I'm on the spot do something.

I've got idea. She'll ether go or no go, to make a real move on me. I turned out the lights. &hellip.We didn't talk. Both our thoughts seemed like they were loud speakers in our heads. I slowly reached over and took her hand by the wrist. I placed her limp hand gently on my boner She took my limp hand and gently placed it on her tits. We had just made a move on each other and we both giggled. We had just dual committed to feeling each other up.

&hellip.Her tit felt wonderful and warm as I let my fingers feel it. Her fingers gently felt my boner. We didn't speak, but 'mommy and daddy' began our first 'real' feel up. Glenda&hellip.

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&hellip.When I felt his hand pick up my wrist, I got mega chills. I felt my pussy contract and flex inside. The juices began to flow. I gasp for breath and my heart began to beat hard. Then when he didn't remove his hand, after I placed it on my tit &hellip.a warm glow came over me. His fingers felt so good gently feeling all around it and feeling the nipple. My hand continuously trembled as for the first time ever, I felt his nice boner. It felt so warm and hard now.

I held back my urge to moan a little and kept quiet. I began to gently stroke it. It now stood straight up, making a big tent in his shorts. It was time to get the tent out of the way&hellip. Bobby&hellip. &hellip.what a hot feeling to have her tits to play with for real, not just imagine. They were full and warm. Her nipples became hard quickly as her chest moved up and down.

This was just a mutual feel up, that's all. I told myself. No incest here&hellip.a& good friends scratching each others back&hellip.yes…that's all it was. I knew other guys who had copped a feel on their sisters, and no big deal. We told ourselves we were just 'cool' and respected each other as brother and sister. We lied&hellip. &hellip.I wanted to fuck her bad&hellip.I rolled on top of her.

She whispered out of breath: ("…oh daddy!"…)…She pushed my shorts down and put her hand on my bare boner and started stroking it. Glenda&hellip. ……Just a little friendly feeling us up, between brother and sister?&…not now. I was the mom&hellip. and dad and I were headed to have our first sex. I closed my eyes and pretended he was my new husband and I his new wife.

It was our honeymoon and our first sex was happening now…… &hellip.I helped him roll on top of me as a little moan slipped out. I had his bare warm boner in my hand now and I loved stroking it. I'll just put it between my legs and &hellip.oh my god…he is rubbing it up and down on my wet slit. I want it in me so bad. I put my hand on his and together we felt it slowly start in me. My fingers grabbed his butt cheeks as my hips began to move&hellip.

&hellip."GLENDA, ARE YOU DOWN THERE?"…shattered everything. Bobby quickly rolled off me and I went scrambling to the bottom of the stairs. "Yes, I'm coming up, be right there mom." Mom mumbled something about what the hell are the lights off for, damn kids something, and walked away.

Up the stairs I went, leaving our golden moment behind&hellip. Bobby&hellip. ……I had quick pulled my shorts up and took covers and covered up my huge boner. I expected to hear more yelling…but all went quiet. I could still feel my boner start in her pussy. Warm, wet and oh so smooth.

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My butt cheeks tingled where she had held them so tight. I kept taking more breaths as my heart thumped hard. I couldn't help but smile as the event replayed itself over and over in my mind. &hellip.It was just suppose to be a friendly brother sister feel up&hellip.what happened? It felt like a giant magnet pulling us together, and it was still 'on'. My mind raced for when an opportunity could be planned for 'when'&hellip.we could have our first 'real' hot sex&hellip.

&hellip.I talked to sis about when was the best time to keep playing her little game some more. "Oh?…so you like my 'girls' game do you?" she said. &hellip."I'm the dad and I want to keep the mom happy, that's all." I said.

We both chuckled as our arms went around us. We were in the laundry room and our hands started feeling us up. Mom and dad were in the living room and It was excitingly risky. .Glenda was warm and our breathing went heavy. She pushed her nice tits into my chest.

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I pushed my semi-hard cock into her pussy to make her jump. We loved making each other hot by sneaking it right under mom and dads nose. They pretty much ignored us as they popped another 6 pack. &hellip.Glenda whispered: (…"dad, mom needs some loving tonight. Are you in the mood?…I don't have a headache or anything, so… I think I'll go to the basement late tonight and let dad make mom happy…or is dad to tired?") &hellip.

I said back: (…"mom is so sexy I want to make her very happy tonight& will be waiting with a nice erection for mom.") She said: (.we're such good parents I think we should reward ourselves, don't ya think?…it will be kind of like a 'honeymoon' for us. I'm going to get ready now.") &hellip.We had made ourselves very horny and we couldn't wait for 'late' to get here.

Glenda thought&hellip. &hellip.God I wish our dad was like Bobby. I'm making him our dad from now on.…and with me as mom, we can have sex anytime we want…and I want dad&hellip. tonight&hellip. &hellip.I got in the shower and dreamed of tonight as I washed myself and rubbed my soapy pussy.

I heard the creak of the bathroom door opening…I knew it had to be daddy Bobby. I peeked and it was. I whispered loud…"Get out of here daddy, we'll get in trouble if we get caught in here together.

Bobby smiled and whispered back: "Daddy's and mommy's take showers together all the time, just let me see you real quick." I slid the door back so he got a quick peek, and before I could shut it, he got in a feel of my soapy pussy then ran his finger up my clit. I giggled. then he went out and closed the door. &hellip.My new Daddy gave me warm pussy feelings when he did that&hellip. &hellip.I used my sexist scented soap, I did my hair up and perfume everywhere.

I picked out a tiny nightie with easy access to my pussy and tits. I heard mom and dad leave to go bar hopping. I wanted to run down to the basement and attack 'daddy' like parents do when the kids are gone for a while&hellip.why not? I put my robe on and headed for the basement. Bobby&hellip. &hellip.My sister was now the hottest girl in my life. That shower feel up was like a video in my mind and played over and over. The thought of tonight was driving me crazy.

To have my cock start in her warm pussy, and then stop was torture.

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&hellip.We waited. I lay in my bed with a hardon that wouldn't go down…wait…mom and dad leaving?…I heard their car leave. That meant about two to three hours of them being gone to the bar.

Having 'mommy' come down here was to much to hope for. We didn't want to get caught if something happened and they came home.

&hellip.I heard noises up above me. 'Mommy' was walking around. The I got chills as I heard the basement door slowly open. Down she came with a robe on. We smiled as she did a sexy little strip for me taking off her robe. Damn she looked hot, and with a tiny little nightie on. She slithered into the bed like a snake going after prey. We giggled and our bodies slowly came together under the sheet. &hellip."Mom, you smell wonderful and you feel so warm." I said. "Dad, did you have a hard day at work today?" "No mom, I took the day off, I have a honeymoon to go to tonight." &hellip.Those were the last words we spoke as we began.


We kind of went crazy with our legs and arms wrapped around us. We moaned and our hand started feeling all the things we couldn't feel before. I tore that nightie as I rushed to get at her tits and suck on them and those nipples.

He hands were all over me feeling everything. Slowly we moved onto the next thing…going 69. . I turned and took her little panties and tossed them. There was the hottest looking little bush ever. We got on our sides and I dived in. She moaned and twitched with each lick.

I felt her warm lips around my hardon. Her fingers felt everything, my balls, hardon and her tongue felt wonderful. We were really turned on by now. I turned and we finally were going to have the sex we wanted. I said: "You're the best mom ever.

Will you be the 'mom' in my life for ever and ever?" &hellip.She said: "Dad, I would be honored to be the 'mom'…may I?" .

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She reached down and put my hard erection in the entrance to her sweet wet pussy. We both moaned as it slid in so warm and smooth. We swear the earth began to move as we felt our bodies and let our tongues have their way with us. She fit perfect and her warm slick pussy was mind blowing. Her warm legs came and wrapped around mine as we lost it in joy beyond description. Our bodies became one fucking machine.


The bed began to rock like I'd never heard it. . Her arms held me so tight it made my balls come alive with action.

Her pussy massaged my cock like her mouth. I started to cum as my head was pounding. She started yelling wild words of euphoria. I remember her saying over and over…"oh god oh god oh GOD " as she tensed up so tight she shook. "OH GOD!" was the last thing I heard as my cock exploited with a massive shot of cum, and it just kept going&hellip.

I have never fuck so fast in my life. She was right with me making wonderful sounds of pleasure. We ran out of air…and we didn't care as indescribable things ran thru our bodies. I kissed her tears of joy as we passed out&hellip. -------- &hellip.We woke up to sounds above us. It was mom and dad in their bedroom fucking.

They were of course drunk and having a good time. &hellip.We smiled at each other and laughed. This 'mom and dad' had just rocked ourselves into a new world of peace and joy.

Oh my, I still had an erection and it was in it's favorite place. &hellip.We started in again with our own life. "Damn 'mom' your such a hot mom." "Damn dad, your such a hot lover&hellip.but we'd better be quiet, we don't want to disturb 'Mom and Dad'.