Classy clothed babe swatch guy play with his cock in groupsex

Classy clothed babe swatch guy play with his cock in groupsex
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She was naked and began to masturbate herself, laying back on the bed into his arms. His cock was already hard and hot against her spine.

He kissed the nape of her neck and pulled her blonde hair away from her ear to whisper, "Is this what you want?" "Yes, she said. "I want it." Her small hand traced the trimmed patch of golden fleece above her pretty cunt. " You know I do." She was looking out the bedroom window, down onto the lawn where a lean, muscular man was mowing the spacious lawn.

His torso and arms were covered in tattoos, this "homeless" man willing to work. His dark hair was long and matted with sweat as he drove the riding lawnmower back and forth on the lawn of the lavish home "Yes, fucking I want it." She said again. "I want him to fuck me." "You want his cock, baby?" "Yes, I want to fuck. I want to suck it and I want you to watch me suck me." She began to hunch slightly against her finger.

"I want you to watch me fuck him," she said more loudly. He began to massage and pinch the erect nipples of her small, perky breasts. She was slender, but athletically built; a swimmer's build, browned by the sun. Her skin and hair were silky and sleek as living in wealth kept them. "Oh, yes baby. You need that strange cock. You always have. You love to fuck strangers for me." "Always, yes, "She gasped." I always want to." She worked her clit with her forefinger and said," Yes, fuck yes, I always want to fuck.

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You make me want to fuck, and I want to FUCK for you." "Why don't you go down, now. See if he doesn't want to cool off in the pool.

Do it like you did that boy last week and let him see that hot little body of yours. Turn him on sweetie. You know you can. Make him want that pretty pussy of yours so bad." She kissed his mouth and got up and put back on the stringed bikini that was on the floor beside the bed. Then she went down stairs and out on the lawn to signal to the man mowing. She had a cold wine cooler in her hand and waved him toward the pool. His eyes were questioning at first and he seemed genuinely cautious, reserved.

He was more perplexed when she suggested there were bathing suits to fit him in the pool house. "Come swim with me," she cooed suggestively, dropping the robe. "It's soooo hot." He knew then. And it was ok with him. He just didn't know with whom it might NOT be OK. Where was the man that had been driving when they'd picked him up out by the Interstate?

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What would be his take on the come on; this tease? It had to be that.


The man was watching from a window above, stroking his hard cock, whispering under his breath for her to make it happen. He wanted it now as much as she did. More, sometimes. He loved watching her fuck; fuck even his business associates, when he brought them home for dinner. He helped her seduce them.

The most recent was an older German, and it had excited him as much to see her sucking his big sausage cock as it had to watch her fucking that prep school boy on the floor of their motor boat on the lake. He had sat in the driver's seat of the boat and stroked until he shot his cum all over his belly as he watched her tits bouncing, bobbing up and down, and hunching that hard young cock.

She straddled and fucked the boy, just as she had the German, except that the German had come so hard he cried out as if in horrible pain. It was bliss. Total bliss and both men had come so hard their cum was in and on her completely. Now she had the tattooed guy naked with her in the pool. He could see the man's erection as she massaged it just beneath the surface at the shallow end of the pool.

He couldn't hear, but he knew she was talking dirty now, telling him that she wanted his cock. They were kissing and his hand had found her pussy roughly. Then she was having him slide up on the side of the pool.

"Oh yes, "he gasped watching. The man's cock was large and thick, and she was licking it and sucking him as he knotted his hand into her sun streaked hair. He drew his legs up, so they rested on the edge of the pool and she jacked his cock fiercely before going down on him again. Then the tattooed many pulled away and literally brought her form the pool by her hair. He fell back into a thickly padded pool-side recliner and she scrabbled on top of him to fuck.

The tattooed man reached up under her smooth ass and cunt to direct his stiff rod into her slit. From the window above, he could see her face and tits bouncing. She looked up at him as she began to hunch harder. She fucked rhythmically at first and them began to curse, to spew her profane desires as if the incantations of a wicked little witch wildly worshiping the erect cock burning within her.

She was insatiable, and he knew it. The tattooed man was coming to suspect it. She was fucking wild. Both men came. The tattooed man first, and then he at the window, with great globs of his cum splattering and dripping down the pane for her to see.

She stopped then, but only to slide down and lick herself with his cum from his increasingly limp cock. "You want more," She asked coyly? "I can't do no more," He said. "You fucked me down, baby. There was a day I could'ah done you all day long. Not now." "Too bad, "You have a really nice cock and I want some more." She kissed and sucked until he began to rise again.

She looked up, so her lips could be read from above. "I want it in my ass, OK? Fuck my ass. I need you to fuck my ass." She jacked and kissed his cock and it was getting hard again. "Fuck, baby. Are you for real?" "Oh, yes, "she said and pulled him from the chair to slide the pad on the poolside. She sucked him on her knees before him until he was hard as before, and then she went to all fours for him to mount her from behind.

"I want to be bull fucked, " She demanded. "Bull fuck me!" She looked up at the window. "Do it; fuck my ass." He did. The tattooed man mounted her, and finding her ass too tight at first, he spit into his had and lubricated her with that and his cum, still dripping from her cunt.

Then he was fucking her, hunching hard and deep and she only begged for more. He didn't think he could cum again, and then suddenly he was. He came so hard his whole body seemed stricken with seizure. The man in the window came, too. For a second time he stood watching, his knees slightly bent, his cock throbbing with pleasure as he watched her looking up at him with the other mans big cock in her ass.

He came even as hard as before.

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That was his third for the day. The first being when she had sucked him driving about town until they found their mark; this time the tattooed, homeless man that she had fucked for himso he'd cum twice more.


So, this was the way she'd fucked that afternoon, twice with the tattooed man, even though she had not yet cum herself. She didn't either, not until after she had driven him back to the interstate. Then she reached up under her sundress to her naked cunt and drove away. She was fingering herself again and hardly stopped until she was back to the palatial lake house.

She went up stairs.

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The window had been cleaned, and he was laying across the bed, stroking slowly as he watched the video of her fucking the German. "That __ that was very fucking hot, "he said. She kissed him; she kissed his cock. "Why won't you let me fuck you?" she whined playfully. "You know why," he said. She exposed her naked cunt and began to finger herself again.

They watched the video together, and at almost the instant that the German first came, she began to cum. "Oh yes, baby. Make it cum," he said in a hoarse whisper, yet amazed at the size of her protruding clit.

"Oooooooh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fuck, fuck yessssssssssssssssssssss!!!!! She cried out as he reached over to pinch and stroke it, this tiny she-cock that protruded more when she arched her back and came explosively, quivering like a wild animal. They were quite then, resting together with the flat screen of the TV faded to blue.

"You better get up and get dressed, get yourself together," He said. "Your mother will be home soon." "OK, Daddy, "she said. "If I have to. You know I always do what I have to." "Yes," he said stroking again.


"We both do."