Amateur Schlampe Faust gefickt fünf Mal in den Arsch

Amateur Schlampe Faust gefickt fünf Mal in den Arsch
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Chapter 4 Miriam could not believe what was happening to her. The day had started out normally enough. It was a beautiful Saturday. Her best friend Jen had come over to spend the weekend with her. Nothing unusual about that, except the both had new and very sexy bikinis on. Then after lunch things started to get strange.

Her mother let both Jen and herself have wine with lunch. Then they went downstairs to watch a couple of movies. First an R rated movie then an XXX rated one. Miriam had never seen a dirty movie before. To say that she really loved watching them to put it mildly. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. She then lost her virginity, to her own father! Making love to her father was incredible. It was something she secretly fantasized about but thought it would never happen.

She could not wait till she did it again. Her pussy now felt empty without her father cock in her. She really wanted her pussy filled with cock again. She was still laying in bed her parents bed, and was still naked. But now her mother was lying next to her also naked. Her mother was a very pretty and sexy woman. Both her parents took very good care of themselves. Exercised and ate well and it showed. They both looked and acted younger then they really are.

"Miriam baby." Debbie said. "You are really growing into to very pretty and sexy lady. I enjoyed getting to know Jen, and while your father gets to know Jen in a special way, I'm going to get to know you in a very special way." Debbie then leaned over and stared to kiss Miriam. It was a soft and lingering kiss. Miriam could not believe her mother was kissing her like this.

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The kiss got more and more passionate. She could not believe how much she loved it. She could feel herself getting wetter by the second. Her mother had started to let her hand explore Miriam's young firm sexy body. Finally Debbie's hand found her daughter's wet pussy. First she teased her clit then let a finger slip into her tight wet pussy.

Miriam started to moan with pleasure as her mother started to lick her way down her body. Mean while she continued to play with her daughter's wet pussy. Debbie licked her way down to her daughter's pussy. She then started to eat her pussy, which made Miriam start to moan louder. At this point she knew that there was no reason to keep her voice down so she just let herself get carried away.

She could not believe how good her mother was at eating pussy. She thought her father was great, but her mother was so much better. It was not long before Miriam came all over her mothers face. Debbie smiled up at her. This was just the start of things she wanted to do to and with Miriam. Debbie moved up the bed and lay back down next to Miriam and kissed her again. Miriam could taste her own pussy on her mother's lips. As they kissed Debbie reached over to her night table and pulled out a dildo.

She broke off the kiss and showed Miriam the dildo. Her whole face lit up when she saw it. She had only seen then in pictures on the Internet. She was wondering what her mother had in mind. She did not have long to wait.

"Miriam, now I want to find out just what you learned from your father.


I want to see just how much of my toy you can swallow." With that Debbie brought the dildo to her daughters lips. She opened her mouth as much as she could and let her mother slip it into her mouth. Debbie was very impressed by how much Miriam took. She took about 9" down her throat. Miriam started to suck on it just like she did her father's cock.

As she sucked on the dildo she reached down and started to rub her pussy. She felt so wet. For a minute she got so caught up in fingering her pussy and sucking the dildo she imagined it really was her father's cock. Debbie could not believe how hot this got her. She took the dildo away from her daughter's mouth. "That was amazing baby. I so loved watching you suck that fake cock. Now I want to do something I could not do with Jen." With that she repositioned herself so that she could get to Miriam's pussy.

First she started to lick her pussy. She then started to work the dildo into Miriam's pussy. Miriam could not believe what her mother was about to do. Her mother was going to fuck her with the dildo. First fucked by her father, now her mother. She loved having her pussy slowly being filled with the fake cock. Her mother pushed it in slowly but firmly.

Finally her pussy was fill with it. Then her mother started to fuck her with long strokes. Miriam started to move her hips in rhythm with her mother.

She was so excited by being fucked by her mother that she started to scream. "Fuck me mommy, fuck me hard. Fuck my pussy hard mommy, fuck me good and hard. Oh mommy I love how your cock feels inside me." Debbie could not believe the things her daughter was saying. She could not believe how she was affecting her daughter. It was not long before Miriam came all over her mother's dildo. "Oh mommy, that was the most incredible thing. I so loved that, and I love you so much. I had no idea you had a dildo." "I got it for the times your father went away on business trips.

Now I want you to do that same thing to me. I want you to eat my pussy, and then fuck me with the dildo till I come. Is that something you feel ok with baby.

I don't want you to do something you don't feel comfortable doing. " In response to this question Miriam took the dildo from her mother's hand and positioned herself just like her mother did. She then started to lick her mother's pussy. She never even thought about eating another girl's pussy before let alone her own mothers. But there was nothing she wanted more then to eat her mother's wet pussy.

She was not sure if she was doing it right, but she could tell by the way her mother was starting to moan she must have been doing something right. She then started to slip the dildo into her mother's pussy.

Before long she was fucking her mothers pussy and driving her crazy just like she had done to Miriam. "Oh baby yes, fuck your mothers pussy. Fuck me baby. That feels so fucking good. Oh god that feels wonderful baby. Make your mommy feel good baby. Fuck me like the slut I am baby. " She could not believe how her mother was talking. She never heard her mother talk like that. This made her fuck her mother's pussy harder and faster with the dildo.

She mother was bucking hard to match her daughter's strokes. Soon she was coming from all this fucking. Miriam took the dildo out of her mother's pussy and they just lay there for a few minutes. Debbie then pulled Miriam on top of her so that they were in a 69 position with Miriam on top. Debbie stared to eat her daughter's pussy. Miriam started to eat her mother's pussy to. They continued to like that for about 10 minutes until they both started to come. They were both worn out.

They just laid there in each other's arms feels so good. Miriam never felt closer to her mother then she did at that point. Debbie was wondering how Jen was doing. She pictured her being fucked by Dave. His cock going in and out of her hot pussy. "What a pretty picture this is." Dave said. With that both Miriam and Debbie looked up to see Dave and Jen still naked stand there in the doorway.

They had their arms around each other. They look really cute together.

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"Got room for us on the bed there?" Dave asked. "There is always room for you daddy. " Jen got to bed next to Miriam and Dave got in next to her. "You two girls have had some day.

Looks like we have no virgins in this house anymore." Both girls just smiled at that.


"So how are you girls feeling about what has happen here today?" Debbie asked. "This has been the most amazing day ever. I'm so glad I'm spending the whole weekend. I love you all." Jen said. "I feel that same way Jen." Miriam said. Miriam could not stop herself from leaning over and kissing Jen. The 2 girls kept kissing each. Soon their tongues started to play together. Miriam's parents enjoyed watching them very much.

They knew it was their influence that changed the 2 girls from best friends to lovers. Debbie had taught the girls about girl on girl sex. She taught them well.

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It was not long before the 2 girls were playing with each other's pussies. Watching the girls make out got Dave hard again. Debbie saw his hard cock and remembered it has been awhile since she had Dave's cock in her pussy.

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"Dave, if your looking for someplace to slip that big hard cock of yours, then I have an idea I'm sure you'll like." Debbie said with a grin on her face. Dave got the hint quick and moved over to where his wife was. He was about to start to eat her sweet pussy when Debbie told him she was already very wet and just wanted to feel his cock in her pussy and she wanted it now.

"Miriam, look at your parents. They are fucking each other right next to us! That is so fucking hot. Miriam I want you so much. I almost wish you were a boy and had a cock to fuck me with." This game her an idea. She remembered what her mother did to her with the dildo and decided Jen was ready for the same treatment. Miriam reached for the dildo and leaned in and stared to kiss Jen again. While they kissed she moved the dildo down to Jen's freshly fucked pussy.

She started to push the dildo into Jen. She could not figure out at first was entering her. She tried to look but Miriam would not release her from their kiss. The dildo finally filled Jen's pussy. At this point she realized what was happening. Her best friend/lover Miriam was fucking her. From where she was she could watch Miriam's parents fucking while Miriam was fucking her.

She was in heaven. Dave continued fucking his hot wife till she came all over his cock. He had not come yet. He looked over and saw that his daughter was lying there with her legs wide open. He moved over between her legs and slipped his cock into his daughter's wet pussy for the second time today. Miriam was more then happy to have her father fucking her while she fucked Jen with the dildo. "Oh daddy, it feels so good to have you fucking me again.

Fuck me good daddy. Fuck me like you just fucked mommy. I love your big hard cock fucking my hot pussy. Oh god daddy that feels so fucking good. I'm you little slut daddy. I'm so fucking turned on it won't take me long to come daddy." It turned him on hearing her calling herself a slut. Debbie used to say that about herself while they fucked.

That used to really turn him on. He grabbed her tight and fucked her hard and fast. She was right. It was not long before she came again. He could not believe he still had not come himself. He then saw Jen there.

Miriam had been fucking Jen with the dildo but with her father fucking her she found it hard to concentrate on moving the dildo in and out of Jen's pussy. Jen had taken control of the dildo and was fucking herself with it while she watch Miriam getting fucked by her father. Dave reached over and took the dildo out of Jen's pussy. Jen was confused about what was going on until she realized it was Dave that removed the dildo and he was positioning himself between her open thighs.

She was excited at the idea of Dave fucking her again. Both Miriam and Debbie lay there watching Dave and Jen fucking. It was not long before the overly excited Jen started to come.

Dave knew he was not far from coming himself at this point. He moved so that he was between the 2 young girls. They started taking turn at sucking is cock. Miriam was first to suck his cock. She enjoyed tasting Jens pussy all over her fathers cock. After about 5 minutes he as ready to come. He shot his cum into Jen's mouth. Debbie told Jen not to swallow yet. She instructed Jen to lean over and kiss Miriam and let most of the come slip into her mouth.

Then she told Miriam to kiss her and let some of the come into her mouth. The girls followed the instruction perfectly. Debbie then opened her mouth to show Dave's come in her mouth.

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The 2 other girls took the hint and did the same thing. Then Debbie swallowed. The girls did like wise. Dave could not believe what he just saw and loved it. They all fell asleep in each other's arms. Next chapter. Jens tells about her fathers dirty movie collection.