Massaging tranny fucked and jizzed on belly

Massaging tranny fucked and jizzed on belly
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"Hi could you write about a couple I know? The wife is called Janelle. She is 40, kind of tall (5 ft 10 inches), still very attractive, short blonde hair, 38D breasts 30 waist 38 hips. She is strong willed, a nurse. She loves sex although she is devoted to her husband she misses the days when she was free to fuck as she pleased. The husband is Kevin. He is 42, 6 foot 2 inches, wears a beard, and has dark brown hair, with some streaks of grey showing. He is heavyset, overweight.

He is not well-endowed, having a 5.5 inch cock. He is thoughtful, kind, and a little kinky, loves his wife dearly and has no clue that she doesn't feel 100% satisfied with their sex life." An E-mailed reader's request. ***************** Janelle had been getting steadily more bored, their holiday was running out of steam.

Her husband had convinced her to come all this way for the scenery and to be together. However in the last three days he'd spent all his time milling around this excavation site. They had met a group of archaeologist's earlier that week and had been convinced to visit their site deep in the hills of Transylvania. The Romans had come just about as far as this before giving up and the border fort their new friends had found was well preserved just under the soil.

Her husband had found the digging and shifting of dirt fascinating, Janelle unfortunately had not. The only real plus point for Janelle was that the tented encampment had a bbq every night; and she rather enjoyed the company of the younger students and academics. That evening, she sat slightly worse for wear, drink the only thing readily available on the meagre site. And tonight to her annoyance the group had a new visitor and Janelle felt a little put out. Even her husband had fawned over the blonde woman who had kindly dropped off supplies.

And now this new visitor sat with them laughing and fluttering her eyelids; some of the younger men around her like puppy dogs. Seeing Janelle on her own Lady Busenstien came over to introduce herself. The younger woman was very polite saying how lucky Janelle was to be here with all these men. Janelle laughed and invited her to sit feeling that maybe she shouldn't be so shallow. They struck up a conversation Kristen Busenstien explaining her village was the only one within 100 miles and she felt sorry for the poor dears out here with no where to re-supply.

Janelle thought how kind she had been, not snooty even though her aristocratic title would suggest it.

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Kevin who had paid little attention to his wife that evening came over to get in the conversation as well. Janelle felt the anger building again; already aware of how her husbands eyes had popped from his head when the black clad beauty had sauntered in earlier. As the drink flowed Janelle got more and more annoyed until finally she stood up and stormed off. In her tent she felt foolish and embarrassed. There was a person behind her. "I hope it's nothing I've done?" Whispered a sweet German voice.

Janelle turned to see Lady B. "Oh no, no it's not your fault, just my husband he a typical man." Kristen smiled a knowing smile, "oh mm yes." Then put her finger to her mouth as if thinking. "Why don't you come back with me tonight, give him something to think about." Janelle thought for a second.


"No I couldn't." But the blonde beauty insisted. "Ja, sure you can its only 50 miles. I'll send the car back here to pick him up in the morning. Leave him a note.

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You'd love my home." She felt unsure. Kristen continued "You can both continue your holiday with me." Janelle finally nodded. "Yes why not, com'n let him stew for the night," and she searched for a pen. Janelle took a small bag and hurried out giggling with her new friend like naughty school girls.

She had been wearing a denim skirt and boots with a denim top Cow girl style, and had decided it would be enough to keep the chill away. "Ready when you are." She said sniggering; Kristen having to take her arm the drink hitting home in the cold air. The black Mercedes was parked a little away from the camp site and was only just visible in the near pitch black.

Kristen opened the rear door. "Here sit in the back, ride in comfort." Janelle bent down to climb in. She peered inside and froze seeing a shape on the seat. "Oh my God what oooh uggzzzzzzz!" Her body went limp as she collapsed into the car.

Kristen lifting her legs in; Tazer gun in her hand. Janelle came around slowly, her head spinning her body uncomfortable, in fact very uncomfortable. The car was stationary though maybe a few miles from were it had been a quarter of an hour earlier.

She tried to move then realized her arms were bound. "Oh my." She moaned looking down. She was sat on the back seat arms tied back to either side of the rear window struts, so her shoulders were pulled flat to the back rest her bosom thrust out.

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The top 4 buttons had been undone and the denim barely held in her white soft tits. Below her dress had been pulled up to her waist, her long legs, boots still on spread very wide the ankles attached to unseen bonds in the foot well.

But it wasn't this exposed position that made her moan. As she had got into the car she had noticed the rear seat; in the middle it appeared to have a hatch out of which a fat dildo sprang upright. Now that same dildo was almost missing the bendy Perspex shaft curving up into her twat as she sat straddling it. Kristen was in the front seat looking over her shoulder. "Just an hour or so trip my dear," and with that she turned on the ignition. Janelle convulse with shock.

The dildo must somehow have been connected to the drive shaft directly below as it began to vibrate matching the engine revs. "Oohh God ooohh what oohh please oooooooo!" Janelle gave a long moan her lips pouting eyes wild as the car set off on its long journey. The ride was rough, pot holed and uneven. Each thud of suspension kicked back up into the poor woman's cunt.

"Ooohhh." The vibrator was about 7 inches long, 6 inches inside. Her body was bound so rigidly in a seated position there was no way she could lift herself free.

The cock buzzed, the thing filled with small ball bearings which wriggled and clattered sending tingling sensations all the way up her shaft. "Ooh you fucking bitch ugggh oh ooohh!!" Wailed the short haired woman; her final blouse button popping bare breasts bulging out. Kristen was looking in the mirror every so often, listening to Wagner on her stereo.

The rubber cock was unrelenting, even when Kristen slowed to a halt the old engine still rattled transmitting the vibration deep into her slit. "Uuggghh stop please awwwwww!" But Janelle could get no sense from the Germanic bitch. "Why, uggh stop why are you doinggg uggggggggggggggggggh, fuck fuckkkk!" The sensations were getting unbearable, her thighs ached, her arms numb and it had only been 20 minutes.

20 minutes of constant deep holed vibration! Kristen spoke, her blue eyes narrowing to slits a wicked glint in them as she looked in the rear view mirror. "The cock must be really getting to you, no? The metals balls are so naughty don't you think?" She pulled over and leaving the engine running stepped out.

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Although now not as rapid, the thing continued to hum around her wet slit. Janelle looked down between her legs. "Oh God," the bitch had greased the thing before mounting her on it. The white gel foam rimming her bare hole now visible.

Also other juices, her own were appearing. "Ohh no please!" She thought, the sensations building. Kristen leaned against a tree cigarette in her hand listening to the chugging engine and the grunts in the rear cabin almost as if it was any other evening drive.

Her captive had fine big tits and great child bearing hips. A little old maybe but the right looks and well she had to admit, she like breaking the fiery ones. Louder and louder groans came from the car. She opened the door looking in. "Get the fuuuuck off me you uggh bitch!" Screamed Janelle, as Kristen put her hand down to spread her captives pussy lips examining the fucked entrance. "Umm your getting wet you dirty girl. I think I'll help you along." And with that she produced a small pot scooping a glob of jelly out of it.

"Ooooooooh!" Janelle writhed more as the vixen smeared it onto the bound woman's hardening clit. The gel stung, burning making her see spots in front of her eyes.

"Ooh its burns uggggggghh." Kristen climbed back in to the driving seat and set of again, her captive red faced, sweat running down her neck between her barely contained tits. The sensations began to get too much, the humming, vibrating tool nudging deep, the friction on her walls now unbearable.

She had stopped making sense now only groaned and wailed the cabin so hot she felt she would pass out. The climax came finally, her pelvis suddenly becoming tense, her clit fat and on fire. Her pussy was flexing the fluid visibly oozing around the cock base onto the leather seat. "Ohhoooooooooohh Jesus nooo! Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh" She screamed; bucking, trying to wrench her arms and close her thighs. Kristen carried on driving a smug grin on her face. Janelle was a sweaty mess.

"Uggh please let me of it now, ugggh!" But it appeared she wasn't going to. "The gel will keep you excited for a little longer. I think you'll come again before we get there." Explained Lady B with a sexy over the shoulder wink. Janelle was slumped half conscious in the backseat by the time the car neared the village. She had indeed come; twice more in fact; her puss now slack and very sore. She could see a large dark castle on the cliff its windows illuminated, long deep slits; and as the car rounded a bend three figures appeared dead ahead.

Janelle didn't care about her exposed position, her energy completely sapped. It was man in camouflage; behind him two young men 16 maybe, both with large automatic pistols looking oversized in their teen hands.

Kristen leaned from the window. "Good evening." She said in an elite manner. "And how are your boys? Teaching them well I see" She'd admired the stealth at which they had ambushed her.

The man spoke proudly. "They're the best by far my lady." She smiled again. "Hmm good. Have them come to the castle tomorrow." The man snapped his heels and nodded as she drove off. "Jawol!" Janelle once in the castle grounds was pulled from the car by a number of hands.

The figures frog marched her inside her legs giving way. They half carried her along, boots scrapping on the polished stone floor. One helper was a man tall and athletic, the other a young woman dressed in a plain tight black dress uniform with black stockings and heels. Kristen followed behind. "Lets not waste any time, we only have till morning." She said in a professional tone. Janelle finally hung in the warm tower room. From her stretched standing position she could see out of the narrow window 100 ft down to the village, a sheer drop.

She had been stripped naked apart from her heeled cowgirl boots. Though 40 her figure was firm, hips large, curving to a fine waist, her blonde short hair now almost brunette with black streaked highlights from the sweat. Her ass was slightly too large so were her boobs, as Kristen had observed, a fine fleshy wench. Her legs were apart supporting herself, her naughty shaved pussy (Something her husband adored) pouting embarrassingly. Kristen was in front of her, dressed in flying trousers and boots, like a WW1 pilot.

Along side was the young man panting after struggling to string his captive up. "What are you going to do? Please just stop." She moaned her arms aching. Kristen explained delighting in telling her; the sweet German woman that she had met earlier now an evil lustful witch. "You're bosom is wonderfully round, nipples so fat.

We have a device for milking them." Janelle moaned swaying slightly. Kristen trailed a hand across the bound woman's waist as she struggled to pull away. "Also I would so like to punish your ass." Janelle moaned again, "punish me, why? Milk me how? What the fuck for? Awww oh god someone help me." ****** Back at the camp Kevin read the note.

"Gone with my new friend Kristen, will send car at breakfast. Love Janelle." He rubbed his head. He'd been a fool. Why would she think he wanted that pneumatic blonde tart anyway; he loved his wife. In the high tower Janelle was only able to watch as Hans, Kristen's brother rudely groped each of her breasts rubbing the nipples, smearing Vaseline onto the pimply pink surround.

They indeed did have a strange machine, like a compressor with two milking suction tubes coming from it. He couldn't resist a quick suck on each nipple making her moan in disgust. "Unnnn fuck!" Then the machine started and the cups were attached with a filthy sucking noise. "Slock!" "Ohh shit uggg!" The machine instantly began to tug the ends half an inch in. "Uggh!" The air was been removed the vacuum teasing the nipples.

The sensation wasn't too painful more a continuous ache and throb. Her head was lolling to one side and she looked up over her lashes. "Ooooohh please!" She moaned horrified. Kristen had a long syringe in her hand the end dripping fluid. Janelle froze gritting her teeth as the bitch injected one then the other tit. "Hormone enhancement, very concentrated.

Your breast will harden and grow slightly over the night as they produce the milk they think they need." Hans checked the attachments and nodded to his sister. "Good, now can you leave us Hans?" Kristen said sweetly stroking a black whip with her long fingered hand. "We girls have a lot to get through." The suspended blonde wife screamed, her voice echoing around the tower.

The caning of her ass was searing through her flesh to her thighs making them quake. The bitch was angling the whip to hit both cheeks.

Acting like a school mistress, ordering her to bend more, informing her just before it hit. "Ja, and another one." Whack! "Hmm bend more! Over you go bitch. Again!" Whack! "Eewwwwwwwiieeee!" The spanked woman swayed and howled, the heavy suction tubes bouncing as her tits sprang forward.

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As she whipped Kristen talked about the Reich. About her master race, how Janelle would give herself to the village, fucked by an Aryan superman to bare his child. "No, no awwwww eieeeeeeeeeeee! My husband he'll uuggghh find me." Kristen smiled pushing her victim's shoulders forward to raise her ass for the next swipe. "Yes my dear," she laughed agreeing; "he will, he will." Whack!


Finally, thankfully, Kristen stopped. Janelle exhausted hung limp. The milking cups making her tits sore, the enlarged teats throbbing at each piston suck. "Try to sleep. By morning you're tits will have swelled and the machine will be greedily filling its jar." And with that the tall vixen left the room not even bothering to lock the door.

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If you'd been passing the east tower at that moment the wail of despair from the turret high above would have filled you with dread.

Kevin awoke the next morning eager to see his wife. He washed and combed his beard, brushing the grey streaks in his hair back in long distinguished strands. He pulled his portly frame into his pants tugging the buckle tight on his belt. Beep! Beep! Outside his cabin was the familiar long black limousine.

The driver was getting out. Tall, too shapely to be a man, the curvaceous creature walked slowly up to him, She was dressed in a chauffeurs outfit with peaked cap, her smile warm her feature reminiscent of a stunner he'd seen in a movie not long back. "Good morning sir," said Becky her perfect complexion highlighted by ruby lips, "your wife sends her love." The young beauty helped him load his cases and he lingered on her bent body as she filled the boot.

She caught his eye and he blushed looking away. "When you're ready sir," she purred. The back of the car was spacious and he was grateful of the room; his large size and height usually cramped in taxis. The centre of the seat seemed to bulge uncomfortably apart from also been slightly damp, so he sat to one side therefore been able to glance at the captivating eyes of his young driver.

She didn't seem to want to engage in conversation, however from time to time she glanced back almost wickedly as she navigated the winding road. He sat fidgeting a little bored then noticed a compartment on the back of the driver's seat.

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"A drinks cabinet maybe?" He thought to himself. He twisted the catch and it opened, an old large book falling out. He caught it, opening the binder. He almost immediately slammed it closed again and just caught the eye of the girl watching him through the rear view mirror.

He blushed, but had to look inside again. The page he had opened on had one exquisite drawing; a woman, reminding him of Jessica rabbit, all hair and enormous tits. She was struggling as a man held her waist, his free hand inches from an enormous long nipple. The woman's hips were wide curving down to another man, pliers in his hand the pincers just wide enough to take the girls erect tit point.

His other hand was on his erupting long cock as he sprayed her statuses thigh and calf. The hand drawn stunner's eyes seemed to look out at Kevin, and he felt his cock hardening, his mind racing with thoughts. Her mouth was excited, cheeks puffed. She would feel the man's finger nip her tit end hard any second.

He would hold it for his friend to clamp his steel device around. She was on heat, lustful, how she would writhe, the spunk rubbing across her legs as she wriggled in pain and ecstasy. His head was swimming! The secret Nazi geometry of lust etched into the art work unhinging his mind. He sat back, red faced panting. "Oh,uhh cough, Jesus what is this?" The girl continued to drive. "Are you ok sir?" Kevin felt his cock twisting in his pants trying to spring straight.

"Uggh just a little hot." He replied trying to close the book. He could see her long neck over the seat, red hair just visible tucked under her hat.

Her face was so sexy, fat kissable lips, such a young taut body all dressed up prim and proper. "Ooh fuck, its soo hot in here." He moaned his brow glistening. The car came to a halt Becky getting out and opening the rear door. She climbed inside placing her round fabric ass on the seat her legs together.

She took her hat off and her hair tumbled down the side of her face.


"Oohh I don't feel too well." He said then blushed realizing the obscene picture was still in full view of this red headed angel. She gently closed the book putting it back were he'd found it. "Oh God you're so pretty," he said without thinking. He couldn't believe it; what was wrong with him, the cock in his pants rock hard. Becky smilled back wiping the hair from her face.

"Would you like to show me something sir?" She asked innocently her lips slightly open. He gulped as she unbuckled his belt his pot belly bulging, his cock now straining through the fabric.

"Oh, miss oooohh!" She unfastened his zipper the stubby thing fully erect sprang into view, her slim delicate hand stroked the foreskin tugging it down to its limit making his pink head judder. "Oooooooo! She tugged straight up and down her eyes amorous, lashes fluttering. Her long soft finger caressed his ribbed flesh her ruby nails scratching his tender head. "Oh yes you horny little bitch ooohhhh!" He gasped unashamedly.

She just continued to wank, a constant rhythm still sitting prim, eyes concentrating. His hand grabbed her neck, "ooh suck it, suck it off!" She gave him a hard slap across the face. "Sit back you worm, pull your pants down. Are your balls just as small?" He gulped dragging his pants to his knees embarrassed his cock now red with the hard jerking. Her other hand reached down to cup and squeeze his nuts. He groaned his head swimming. "Be still!" She snapped as she increased her pace. "Oh, oh, oh ooh, yes, yes, ooohhhhh!" Becky gave a school girl yelp of delight as his prick shot, the spunk flying straight up like a stuttering fountain.

Two, three last tugs then with the slime across her hand she finally slowed and stopped. She climbed out wiping the come from her hand with a hanky chief not speaking a word. And it was another 10 miles further on before Kevin stopped panting and pulled up his stained pants. ***** Janelle had managed to get a few awkward dream filled hours sleep.

Her arms had gone completely numb and she had to be help to stand. Her tits were also sore beyond belief the ends now weeping white liquid the jar ahead of her now a quarter of a pint full. She gave the first of what she knew would be many groans that day. "Stop pleaseeeeeeee!" Hans examined the bottle. "Very good a impressive amount from such a lovely new cow." She sensed someone else in the room.

It was the two teenagers that she had seen last night on patrol. Both were naked their bodies firm, smooth, hairless. Hans undid her hands from the bounds and she fell to the floor mat.

Her first instinct was to pull the tit suckers but the seals were too tight she just spasmed with pain. Hans crouched down, "these young men are going to fuck you hard. Their seed is important to us; your tits are ready for pregnancy, be assured your womb is too." The two boys were erect, their cocks hard, lightly haired and pink. They descended on her while Hans watched. Janelle could only groan her mind accepting the inevitable.

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"Oh god this is it!" Janelle had never been with two men before. She felt hands all over her, on her hips, under her neck inside her thighs. The young boys cocks were slapping her leg and waist the owners frenzied with teenage lust. "Look at her tits, ahh ooh fucking slut!" Slap!

"Bend her over; how do you like that bitch?" She howled as one fingered her anus two digits in. The other stroked her tits getting the same response.

"Good there so hard and fucking sore." She bucked as the other also groped in delight. "Open that mouth, come on swallow some cock." Janelle dry mouth filled with hot young flesh. These boys were young enough to be her kids and she slurped in disgust on his young tender head. The other was pulling her up onto her knees her lacerated ass stinging to his touch.

"Uggh yeah uggh fucking knell you bitch oh ooohhh yeahhhh!" She coughed on the mouth cock the other young blood easing up her pussy. "Oh heavens ohhh please!" She wailed in her head. The boy was thrusting hard making her gag on his friend's tool.

"Ugh, ugh, oh you're tight and hot, uggh!" He reached round gripping, her tits tubes clattering on the floor. She shook in discomfort her breasts still squirting over and over filling the jar. He lent back to begin his serious penetration, "ah, ah, ah, ah." His friend slapped her face away from his cock. "Too much whore I nearly filled your mouth!" Hans was supervising making sure the boys would empty up her with their loads.

"Now harder yes, yes do it." The young mans first spurt was weak, his second a torrent. Janelle gasped feeling her walls splattered with Aryan seed. His cock quickly subsided and in disappointment he withdrew. The other boy was more patient, he caressed her butt. "Stay on all fours you horny cow." The room was silent just the sucking of the machines and Janelle now constant low moan of discomfort.

The boy pressed onto her. "Hold still uggh yes ugggh that's deep uggh ah ah ah!" She rocked obediently his hands on her shoulders and back thankfully letting her abused tits hang loose. His cock was long and firm and she gulped as he fucked hard nudging her deep inners, "Oh, oh, oh!" She grunted to his enormous delight. "Yes you like it, come on work that fat ass uggh it's coming its coming ooohhhhhh!" Her throat swallowed as she felt him fire a wad inside her pussy.

Suddenly the sucking machine fell silent and Hans caressed her sore tits. He smiled, slightly twisting the tubes and she gave a screech as each nipple was plucked from its glass vacuum.

Slock! One of the teenage boys was near her again this time with a strange mask, wires hanging from it.

The woman screamed as he fastened the mind device over her sweaty face pulling it tight. Voices started in her ears, then lights then she yelped as Hans began to cane her ass, last nights punishment not deemed enough. Kevin had only just recovered from the temptresses attentions when his transport spun into the courtyard. The blonde beauty he had seen last night was waiting there looking even more stunning in the day.

He climbed out sheepish wondering what his driver would say. But Becky just smiled and walked into the main hall. "My wife, is she here?" He asked feeling relieved. "Of course but she's showering I believe." Kristen explained smiling warmly. "She's a very fine woman." Kevin nodded proudly in agreement He was then escorted inside to the drawing room.

He sat on a long luxurious sofa; Kristen sitting across from him long legs crossed her appearance immaculate. She began to explain all. "I'm afraid Janelle is going to be staying with us from now on." As she spoke at length he frowned confused. The woman was mad, what the hell was she talking about. Stay here, new husband, master race? He got up face turning red with anger.

In the door way he saw his wife, dressed only in a towel her hair wet, legs still damp. "Janelle what's going on what are you doing for Christ sake?" Escorting her in was Hans also in a towel. Kevin's anger grew and he stammered unsure of himself. "Li… listen, I want some explanations." "Be quiet!" Demanded Kristen," and sit down!" Kevin tensed his arms, his hands as fists.

"Don't be a fool you are no match for Hans, accept it." Kristen said her voice now bellowing. Kevin saw the man's six pack figure, a body engineered by his evil father to perfection and he reluctantly relaxed. "Sit now!" The uber bitch demanded, and Kevin's knees gave way. Hans also sat down Janelle kneeling at his side. Her face was tired her eyes blank.

At the door now stood one of the young men in full black kit swastika on his arm. In is hand an old ww2 machine pistol. The gun was well oiled and obviously in full working order.

He approached levelling the barrel towards Kevin. Kristen introduced the young buck. "This is Janelle new husband; she'll soon be bearing his child, if he's not impregnated her already." Kevin shook with rage the boy's eyes delighted, showing he'd already sampled his new busty wife. Hans unfastened his towel exposing his long limp cock, totally bald.

"A demonstration I think!" And Janelle nodded placing her head in his lap her mouth swallowing the floppy monster. "Ooh god no," Kevin choked not knowing what to do. She began to take long slurping sucks the head expanding the shaft quickly hardening.

Hans leaned back caressing her head. "Lick under the head, ahhh yes swallow deeper ugghh! Suck harder good!" Janelle obeyed her cheeks bulging in her mouth full of saliva," slurp, suck!" Kevin shook his head over and over as the man's cock became enviously hard.

Janelle savouring his pink fat head her lips wet with her own juices. Kristen smiled enjoying the view. "Your wife has such a lovely ass. I'm afraid it's a little sore at present; but still full and womanly." Kevin could see her butt pressed out, the towel only just reaching below her waist. Her cheeks were bruised; long straight welts where she had taken the cane punishment.

Kristen continued with her teasing. "Have you ever fucked her rear hole? Hmm no? Do you think she could take his cock up there?" Kevin was shaking, his wife been so obedient not even flinching when Kristen had said what she had in store for her. Hans ordered his new slave to stand up, and then tugged the towel away so she was fully exposed.

Janelle just groaned a little as he pulled her down onto his lap facing away from him. Kevin began to shout. "No Janelle for God's sake." Hans put his arm under her closed knees and raised both legs tight together.

Her ass stretched and Kevin could see the hard cock sliding against her butt crack. Her hands were down spreading her cheeks the pink anus winking at him as Hans pointed his cock towards the tight entrance. His wife gave a long moan the cock forced against her hole. Hans was lifting his waist pushing slowly but firmly. Janelle gasped then gave an anguished groan as her ass was slowly busted open.

The cock was disappearing between her stretched rectal mouth. Her swollen breasts were pointing to the roof as her back arched her teeth gritted the cock now 4 inches and more inside. Kristen laughed. "The bitch likes it.! Look at how her ass hole is stretched round my brother's cock!" Kevin couldn't take his eyes of the seated couple.

The man's fat balls almost the only visible part of his cock the shaft sucked inside her. Then he slowly pulled out making Kevin wince with the length of shaft he had eased up her. Janelle gave a satisfied yet painful moan. "Ohh yesss master ugghh!" He jerked back up gripping her waist holding her knees high. "Ugghh master! Ohh ohhh!" He began to pump her ass red with the friction her face tensed but aroused, "Uggh uggh oh fuck, uggh yeah, yeah arrgggg shit, shit ugghhh!" He gave a grunt as his cock came too far out springing from her hole, the black void visible as her muscles tensed back close.

She shrieked as he hungrily forced it back in. "Ja, ja!"She gasped her accent now with a taint of German. Her nails clawed the back of the seat as she struggled to hold herself steady his bucking becoming rampant. "Oh, oh, oh, more, more fuck me ugghhhhhhhhhh!" Janelle was shaking in sensation the fucking going on and on her husband drawn and despairing.

Hans was an insatiable stud, would his cock ever tire? The man's bull size ball flapping in his hairless scrotum as the stud controlled his entry fast then slow holding the woman up and exposed using her like his own personal wanking device.

"Ah, take it you bitch ugghh." He fixed a satisfied glare at Kevin. "Uggh your wife she's soo hot, ugh I'm coming I'm filling her!" Janelle's mouth pouted like a fish gasping out of water as her lover gave a thunder of thrusts ejecting inside her busted canal. He hosed inside her before allowing her legs to fall pushing her from his lap. Janelle fell to her knees, hair matted, shoulder aching moaning over and over. Kristen stood up snapping her fingers to the teen standing with the gun.

"Take her old husband away, he's seen enough." Kevin hardly resisted, standing sobbing his hands shaking, his brainwashed wife still sprawled on the floor in a world of her own. Hans shouted back to the young man, "and then take your broodmare home." The boy nodded, making a mental note to fuck her in the ass once her pregnant belly had grown too large.

************ Castle Busenstien had so many rooms and corridors; even Becky after many months could still not always remember which way was quickest. She had just shown her latest guest to their impressive quarters and as she returned she passed a locked door she now rarely visited. She paused, searched for the key and then entered the dim windowless space. The room was meagre more like a cell, a bed and a few items the only comforts. In the middle of the room was a long teak chest, holes punched in its top.

This was where the cells occupant spent most of his daylight hours. She kicked the side then knelt down unlatching a small hand size hatch three quarters of the way down. She reached in feeling her way. Kevin wriggled laying on his back facing up his black mask and gag stopping him from producing more than feint grunts. She found her target and began to tug at the small stubby cock, its shaft now pointing eagerly out of the hole.

"Good boy," she purred, as she gave the gimp the same loving hand job she had done in the car many times since. Inside the box Kevin saw nothing, only heard her soft voice and felt the only human contact he now had these days. He wondered if his wife even remembered him, her life now so different from his. Becky's hand was beginning to blur, the jerking so fast; and in a few wonderful moments he would erupt in frustration and delight. He knew her red lips were only inches away yet never once had her wide mouth tasted him.

In his head he pleaded knowing in torment that his desire would never be fulfilled. "Oh please. Suck, suck in the name of the fatherland suck!" Thank you for your request. Feel free for anyone to mail me their ideal babe for the Busenstien treatment.