Young and cute boys gay sex videos download Self Soaking With

Young and cute boys gay sex videos download Self Soaking With
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My name is Chris, and this is a recollection of the greatest day of my life. It all started on that Saturday in March, the day before my birthday. I was kinda bummed that my birthday was on a Sunday, since i was turning 16 and i wanted to get my permit right away.

My dad offered to take me driving to practice, but i figured i'd wait until next weekend, so i went over to my friend Vinny's house to chill there. When i rang the bell, Vinny's sister, Juliana, opened the door. She was 14, but she was hot. And i don't mean hot, i mean HOT. She had on a pair of really short shorts which accentuated her ass, which was quite big for a girl of 14. Her tank top gave a pretty good view of her chest, which was more developed than most girls my age, never mind 14!

"Hey Jules, Vinny home?" I asked. "Sure Chris he's watchin a movie. Uh.I think its Eurotrip again. Damn he's obsessed with that movie!" she answered "Ok, thanks. Wanna come watch?" "Sure." So we went downstairs and Vinny was laying on the couch. The movie was almost finished, and Scottie and Micha were having sex in the confessional booth (for those of you who have seen Eurotrip). Vinny looked like he was having a good time, judging by the apparent size of his boner showing through his shorts.

"Hey Vinny. Having fun?" i joked. "Shit man, shoulda called me," he said quickly, covering up his erection.


"And Jules what are you doin down here? Cmon Chris is my friend." "Well, he's my friend too since he invited me to come down.

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Hah." She smiled at me. Vinny seemed like he did not want to be disturbed right now, so we went back upstairs. Seeing Vinny's car in the driveway, i asked Juliana if she's like to see my amazing driving skills. She said anything was better than being in here while her brother beat off downstairs.

As i started up the car, Juliana, looking nervous, asked me slowly "Chris. Do you do that too? I mean, jerk off?" Taken aback, i answered hastily "Well, yea. But i mean all guys do it.

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Don't girls do it too? Not jerk off i know." She smiled. "Well, have you ever been jerked off by someone else?" I shifted my eyes towards here chest, which she was apparently pushing out so i could see each big breast clearly.

"Hm.i guess not." "And you're 16 today right? My, my, what a shame." I replied "Well, cmon. I'm still only 16. Have you ever been with a guy?" She shook her head.

"well, instead of driving around, i had a better idea. What about this?" She bent down and pulled my shorts down. By now my cock was throbbing and very hard, so i had a huge tent in my boxers. She slowly pulled my cock out of my boxers and gently caressed it with her smooth, cool hand.

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"Feel good?" she asked. "A.Amazing." she stroked me gently so i wouldnt cum too fast. Her hand went up and down my shaft and i realized that this was somebody else's hand, not mine, moving along my dick. Actually it was my best friend's sister.

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His HOT sister. I felt about to cum. "Jules.Hold on -- Wait stop a sec." "Why?" she asked, stopping. "Well, i was gonna cum already!" "Jeez was i that good?" she asked slyly, licking the precum off her great hand.

"Yea. You were." With that, she bent down farther and took my softening cock into her mouth. My mind exploded. This was a million times better than the handjob. Her soft, wet toungue slipped all around my cock, and i could feel the wet, slimy moistness of her cheeks and mouth around my whole cock head. She slowly went down farther to about 4 inches of my 8 inch meat.

There she stopped, sucking and licking hard. i was too close. "Jules! CUMMING! AH!!" She backed her mouth off and the first stream of cum hit her in the face. The next dribbled softly onto her hand. Then she returned her mouth and sucked hard, causing me to shoot her throat with 3 more spurts.

big ones. She couldnt handle all of it, so it dribbled out the sides of her mouth. What a fucking sight. "You're still hard?" she asked.

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"God, that was so awesome i guess i am." i said, breathing hard. She took off her shirt, and unstrapped her bra. My eyes opened. WIDE. Her tits were amazing. Before i knew what was happening, she lowered herself onto my dick and stroked my with her tits while sucking my head. Her breasts were so soft, they felt better than her hands. I grabbed her ass, pushing her closer to me. Then i rested my hands on the back of her head.

"Push me down. Go ahead. " she goaded me. I pushed down until 7 inches was in her throat. amazing. as she swallowed, her throat closed around my dick.

i couldnt take it. i came again, shooting spurts into her throat. as she quickly pulled off, one spurt hit the steering while, 2 hit her face, and the rest dribbled onto her tits. We sat there for a minute, breathing hard. "Jules, i love you so much right now." "Come back tomorrrow. I got no school." ; )

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