Cast of atk sweet french takeout 2

Cast of atk sweet french takeout 2
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I originally put in part one, that he is in the second grade when he gets to camp. Well I guess it doesn't quite fit in with the story, so I changed it and he's in fith grade.

Sorry about that. Oh and by the way, to people who would report me to moderators, a 5th grader not actually losing his virginity is not quite illegal so hah. There will be sex in this story with Michael's dad's story of Artemis. I woke up to a horse and a goat. Ok, so technically they're called saytrs and centaurs, but I wasn't very learned on the whole Greek mythology subject.

My first thought was that me and my dad got into a wreck on the way to this "camp", and that I was halucinating in the hospital.

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Although looking around, I realized this was one strange hospital. Sure people were laying in cots wounded and being taken care of girls who looked very slightly green, halucinating again? But these girls wore robes and the people they tended looked like they got in a fight with a mountain lion.

With large gashes and cuts on their bodies. What I thought was a hospital turned out to be a tent. The goat above me turned out to be a goat, man hybrid thing and was wearing what appeared to be armor. The horse, was also what looked to be a hybrid thing, but was a horse manish thing. Something I also noticed was that my dad wasn't in the room.

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Dread washed over me as I sat up and asked the hybrid things, "Where is my dad?" Exchanging sad glances, the horse replied with a question, "What do you remember Michael?" Thinking back, I should have been suspicious of them because I never said my name, but that didn't matter then.

Because It all came rushing back to me. The beast, my dad getting thrown in the car, and me killing the monster that killed my dad. Dizzy with the sudden loss, I lay back down and stared at the ceiling. Without looking back down, I asked, "Where am I, what are you, and what was that thing that killed my dad?" The horse replied, "Well, I am a centaur named Chiron, this is Tirren, the saytr that found you and alerted the other campers, and you my friend, are at camp half blood.

"And the monster?" I asked remembering the rhino with golden wings. "That, was a very rare monster, called a riphon.""You mean griffon?" I asked confused.

"No", Chiron replied, "A riphon, the sacred monster of Orion." Finaly looking at them, I said, "I am very confused. Who is Orion?","Orion is a giant, born to oppose the goddess Artemis." I guess I looked very confused because Chiron chuckled and told Tirren to give me the talk, (if you've read the Percy Jackson series, I think you know what's comming.). As Chiron walked out of the tent, Tirren sat on a stool and asked me‚ "Do you know those old stories about ancient Greek gods?", "The myths?", I replied.

Wincing, and glancing up at the sky, he said. "Yeah, well they aren't exactly myths." Tirren said glancing up at the sky again. "The ancient gods still live, and they go around having heros, getting in fights, and ruling the world.

Their power travels with western civilization. They were in Greece, the Rome, then England, and now in the USA." Wait," I said sitting up, "So there are real life gods?", "Yes," Tirren said, "And you are the son of one of them." "Wow." I said, dumfounded. "Yeah, with all the commotion with the riphon, you should be claimed at dinner." said Tirren smiling. "Claimed?" I asked.

"Yeah, its when your godly parent claims you as their child. They usually magically put their symbol above your head, but I've seen a son of Demeter, goddess of the harvest, get his dinner turned into a stalk on wheat as soon as he bit into it." He said, smiling. "What time is it?" I asked. "About 4:21." He replied, "We have time to see the camp." Walking out if the tent, I saw the actual camp for the first time.

It was in a valley with the ocean on on side, and a hill overlooking a light wood on the oposite side. The whole place would have appeared to be a strawberry farm with fields full of them, but the image was shattered with a large group of strange looking buildings arranged in a U.

"Those are the cabings whee the campers sleep.

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They are divided into what you could call families with people who have the same godly parent in a cabin together. Gods on the left, and goddesses on the right.

The concrete plaza with picnic tables and the bonfire, is the dining pavilion, and the building that looks like a short collesium, is the arena." "Where will I stay?" I asked. "You will be with the hermes kids till your parentage is determined.

"As we walked torwards the cabins, I just couldn't get over the fact that I was really the child of an Olympian god. We walked up to the cabin and knocked. The doorbwas opened by a kid that looked to be in college and was the oldest I've seen.

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"Here's the kid that caused such a commotion two days ago." said Terren. "Wait, that was two days ago?" "Yeah," answered the kid at the door, "Terren allerted the whole camp with a horn when he say you." Turning to Terren, he asked, "Is he claimed?" "What is claiming?" I asked sounding clueless.

"Its when the gods claim their kids and put their symbol above your head for a second." answered Terren, "Chiron hopes that you'll be claimed at dinner.

See ya Michael." The kid closed the door and turned, introducing himself as Justin. "Its pretty crowded in here so just put your stuff down in a space on the ground." When I did he turned to the rest of the cabin and introduced me as Michael, "He's an undetermined kid so make him feel at home." Then he shouted, "LINE UP." and everyone stepped into a line. I kinda just jumped in the back of the line. As we walked to the dining pavilian, I fingered my arm band and recalled the sensation when it morphed into a bow and told myself that I would try it again when I was alone.


The dining pavilian is a big slab of unbroken concret with picnic tables in groups of three. I followed the Hermes cabin to a group of tables and we all sat down. Instantly, everyone's plates filled with food ranging from pizza to fancy pasta.

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I got my favorite food, maceroni and cheese. It sounds kidish but my dad had a special recepie. He would stir tuna in with the pasta and use soy milk instead of normal milk. I tried the food and it tasted just like when my dad made it. I started crying at the thought of my dad, but everyone laughed and stood. Walking over to a big fireplace with a large fire going as we walked over asked one of the younger kids and he said that we were giving sacrifices to the gods.

I scraped a portion of my maceroni into the fire and sent a prayer to whoever my mom was. We sat down and Chiron addressed the crowd and introduced me as michael, a new demigod. "He is of course unclaimed and." he falterred and stared at me, or right above my head. I heard a collective gasp and looked around me.

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Everyone was staring right above my head. There was a faint glow and looking up to see what everyone was staring at, I saw a glowing symbol. It was a silver crescent moon set in a circle.


Looking to Chiron, I asked. "What does it mean?", "It means that you are my son." said a voice behind me. Everyone turned and I stared into he eyes of a young girl about 13 years old. Speaking to the crowd, she spoke, "This is Michael West. He is my only son." Tuning to me she said, "Your father was unlike any man I have known all my immortal life. He was a good man, loving, compassionate, and brave. I have sent my hunters here to meet you under the command that they must meet you. They do not know that you are my son.

Draw your bow." I recalled the arm band and closed my eyes trying to focus. Picturing the arm band morphing into a bow. I soon felt the sensation return and the weight grow greater in my hand.

I opened my eyes and saw the bow in my hand. It was all silver except for black engravings of the moon all along the center. Ireached back an felt the quiver. Somehow, magically I guess, there were arrows in it, although I know I shot all of them at the riphon.

Looking up, I said, "Thank you mother." She smiled and said your welcome. "Avert your eyes now young heros. For I feel Zeus will be angry with me when he finds out." As if on que, the sky rumbled and flikered, quickly turning grey. "Farewell Michael." she called and started to glow.

I averted my eyes and with a flash of light she was gone. I felt everyones eyes on me and turned. Everyone was staring at me and I felt very unconfertable, but not as much as when Chiron called, "ALL HAIL MICHAEL WEST, SON OF ARTEMIS." I moved to a new table and sat alone thinking about the "hunters" that Artemis had mentioned.

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What would they think of me? Will they accept me? Will they even believe me? The next couple of days passed without much incident. I moved my stuff to the Artemis Cabin. It seemed like it had been lived in and I guessed that Artemis's followers had stayed here from time to time. They had several classes and I took archery. Fairly predictibly, I exelled in that but it wasn't just due to the lessons my dad gave me. I felt like I could control every aspect of the bow from the stifness of the string to the direction the arrow went.

I guess it was because of my mom. I also took swordfighting, although I used long knives most of the time. It was fun and I was fighting with the ares kids who were the best fighters. Although I had two knives, their swords were much longer, and it was fairly even.

When the day the hunters finaly came, I was having a compeition with one of the apollo kids who thought that it didn't matter that I was a son of Artemis. We were shooting at an apple set up on one of the low branches of a tree.

There was a small group of people by the tree to see if we hit it. I told him, "Go ahead and go first." Drawing my bow and grinning. He shoved by me and took aim, waiting a second before firing. A shout came up from the group of peope judging. "He hit it dead center. It passed right through." Looking at me smirking the kid said, "beat that".

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I took aim about five feet behind where he had shot and fired almost immediately, then let my bow shrink onto my arm. There was a second before the answer came. "The arrow passed right through the whole." "Nice shot." A voice called out to me from the woods. A group of girls walked out of the woods.

The lead girl was holding my silver arrow. "Son of Apollo?" she asked. "Nope, son of Artemis." I replied. The girls stopped in her tracks. Storming up to me she said angrily, "Do not disrespect the godess Artimes." "I'm not, my name's Michael West, Artemis sent you to meet me right?" "Well, yes." she stuttered. "But Artemis is an eternal maiden, she could not have a child." I drew my bow and asked, "Look familiar to you?" "That is a hunter's bow, where did you get it?" She asked angrily.

"Like I said, I am the son of Artemis." I replied, walking away. Sorry about the chapter length, the device I use is not a pc so I cannot copy and paste. will only let me edit my story twice. However, expect new chapters every couple of days. Coments are appriciated.