Busty tgirl bonks her partner

Busty tgirl bonks her partner
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Sunday afternoons in fall were usually reserved for football. Things were no different on this particular Sunday afternoon at Louie's Bar. Nick decided to get together with friends Trent, Mitch and Jake at the bar for some good food and to root on their favorite team, the San Diego Chargers. Nick hoped to run into his long lost father at the same time. Only Danny knew his father was back in town and he didn't want the rest of his friends to know of his sudden reappearance into his life.

Since Danny was not with them, the teens couldn't get away with drinking alcoholic beverages as they sometimes could when Danny was present. A waitress with excessive blue eye shadow and long blonde pigtails took their order.

The hungry boys ordered 64 wings to share between the 4 of them. "We can always invite some ladies over to share them," Trent said. Nick's mind hadn't eased over his actions in the mall yesterday; cumming in the strange girl's mouth when he suspected he might have some form of STD from having sex with the hooker earlier in the week. After sneaking off to the clinic without rousing too much suspicion from his mother, the doctor confirmed Nick's self-diagnosis that he had chlamydia and he needed antibiotics for treatment.

He wanted to seek out the strange girl and warn her of what occurred though she would probably find out something was wrong soon enough. But what if she in turn infected someone else? For the first time since he lost his virginity and engaged in these risky sexual conquests, Nick felt genuinely bad over what he'd done.

He needed to get control of his sex drive and fast. "So, Nick. Do you think the Chargers have a shot against the Chiefs today?" Jake asked.

"I bet big money on 'em." "Ha!" Trent exclaimed. "What's 'big money' to you, $5?" "At least I have a job and don't bum off of my parents you asshole," Jake retorted. Trent shrugged his shoulders and nodded as the waitress arrived with their drinks.

Being typical high school students, they settled with water since they didn't want to pay for soda. Nick relished the opportunity to discuss sports as a welcome distraction from the troubles he faced.

"I don't know. The Chiefs running game might be too much for our front line to handle. Charles is a beast," Nick said. "Yeah but I think we'll win it. Smith isn't much of a quarterback," Jake said. Out of the corner of his eye, Nick saw a familiar figure walk into Louie's.

The gray-haired man wore a large green overcoat over a Chargers t-shirt and dark jeans. His face was clean-shaven and in much brighter spirits than the last time Nick saw the man. Before he thought of an excuse to break from the table and talk to him, he heard Trent crack a joke about the man.

"Wow, it's 80 degrees outside. Take off your coat, ya fucking bum," he said to the group. "Yeah that is odd. Old people can be weird sometimes," Mitch said. "How old do you reckon he is?" "He's probably in his early sixties. He seems young for an older guy," Jake said. It was sad that despite being slightly over 40, his friends thought his father was pushing 60. He definitely didn't want them to find out the man was his father now. His father grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered a drink.

After ordering, he glanced over at Nick and nodded his head. In his mind, Nick nodded back, but he didn't want to openly acknowledge the man in front of his friends. "You know that guy? I saw him nod over here," Mitch said. Damn. Busted. "Uh, no. I've never seen him before," Nick lied. Nick changed the subject and asked his friends if they all had dates for the upcoming homecoming dance. As far as he knew, he was the only one of his friend group who had a date.

"No, man. I was going to take Lizzy if we were still together but I haven't thought of anyone else," Mitch said. "You could always take your mom," Trent said. "She'd be a mighty fine date." "Dude, shut up. You're a weirdo," Jake said. "Who are you going with Jake?" Trent asked. "Your mother." "Ha, good one. I don't know about any of you, but no one can top my date," Trent said. "You can't bring your hand to the dance as a date," Mitch cracked.

"OH DAMN!" Jake bellowed. "That's the first funny thing I've heard you say in a long time, Mitch." "Let's just say I'm trying to lighten up some more." "Anyway, as I was saying," Trent continued.

"I have the fairest looking maiden in the land going with me, Mari Rosales." The name rang a bell to Nick but he didn't register where he heard it previously. "Oh, Mari, she's actually pretty cute," Jake said. "I love her sexy accent." "See, I told you no one can top that," Trent said.

Nick figured while his friends were distracted with debating who had the hottest homecoming date, he had a golden opportunity to sneak away and talk to his father to see if he could help him navigate this mess. Frank was talking to another gentleman on the stool next to him at the bar when he felt a hand tap him on the shoulder. He turned around and saw the person who had touched him was his son, Nick. "Hey Frank, can we talk?" Nick asked.

"Sure son," Frank said. "Sorry, I know you don't want me to call you that. What's up?" "Can we maybe talk somewhere else? Somewhere where my friends won't constantly stare at us?" "Yeah that's fine. How about that booth over there?" Frank got up from his stool and followed a fast moving Nick to the booth in the opposite corner of the bar. Frank figured Nick's friends would be well out of sight here. Now seated, Frank took a sip of his Guinness before he spoke. "I'm actually surprised you wanted to talk again.

I thought I'd scared you away after the first time." "No, it's cool. It's not every day that your father walks back into your life after 18 years," Nick said. "Right," Frank said. "I'm sure that'll be tough to get used to." "It will," Nick said.

"How long are you in town for anyway? Don't you live in Colorado or something?" Frank rolled his eyes. That was probably another lie his former lover, Roberta, told their son. He had no doubt she made him look like a monster. "No, I don't live in Colorado.

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I was born there and lived there after college for a while but then I moved back to California for a job 10 years ago. I live up near Redding." "Wow all the way up there?" "Yep, all the way up there," Frank said.

"It's pretty quiet, which I like. So what did you want to talk about?" "Well I'm not sure where to start. The urge is really taking over everything and I don't think I can control it," Nick started. "I've done some things, some really bad things. I think I need to see someone." "Whoa, hold on. What could you have possibly done that was so bad?" "I met my girlfriend for coffee the other day. Actually, she's not really my girlfriend but I really like her.

Anyway, we'd had sex before but I kinda forced her into it. She said she didn't want to have sex for a while 'cause she wanted to take things slow. I guess I'm fine with that because I really like her. But I still had that desire, you know." "Right, go on," Frank said. "So my friend Jake got with this hooker before and I asked him about it. He said it was a good time and I figured since I'm not a virgin anymore it won't be that big of a deal. I fuck this hooker but she has this industrial strength condom or something and I can't feel anything.

So I pull it off and fuck her raw dog. I found out from the clinic that I got chlamydia," Nick said. "Ok? I still don't see how that's a big deal.

I've had chlamydia hundreds of times. It's not ideal if you plan to have children but I never wanted to deal with those little fuckers," Frank said. The iron of his statement dawned on him given the son he abandoned 18 years ago was seated across the table from him.

Frank offered an apology but Nick was still worried about whatever he wanted to finish saying that he didn't notice Frank's social faux pas.

"It's not that I got chlamydia. I have treatments so I'll be fine. But someone else won't be fine." "Let me get this straight. You supposedly contracted chlamydia from this hooker and somewhere along the line you might have given it to someone else. Is that right?" Frank asked. "Yeah, that's right. I ran into this really hot girl in the mall and we just randomly hooked up. She was kind of a bitch so I didn't really care what happened at the time but now I feel really bad about it.

Plus I'm worried that when I do start dating Stacy that all of this is going to affect our relationship." "Nick, I wouldn't worry too about it. That's the cost of doing business. Unfortunately, women bear all of the biological risk. They're the ones that are pregnant for 9 months while men like me can go run off and do whatever the hell we damn well please if it suits our fancy. In today's day and age women have to be more prepared and always demand their partners use protection.

Otherwise, they may never be able to have kids if they get a disease." "But shouldn't it be my responsibility to tell this girl so it doesn't ruin her life? If I hadn't ripped that condom off, none of this would have happened." "Nonsense.

Did this hooker put your penis in her mouth?" Nick hesitated to answer the question but did so anyway. "Yeah, so what?" "Did you have a rubber on at the time?" "No, I guess I didn't. So you're saying it could've happened either way?" "Bingo," Frank said. "It's a tough lesson learned but you learned it a lot earlier than I did. That's why I'd really try to get a fuck buddy. Find someone safe who you can have sex with whenever you want.

And then if you both find other people you want to sleep with at a party or whatever you kids do nowadays, you can do that on occasion." "Well I really want Stacy to be my girlfriend but this nonstop desire is ruining my life. I'm not sure how soon she'll be willing to have sex again. Should I get counseling? Should I go on drugs?" "Stop, stop, stop.

You're just like your mother. You're sitting here overanalyzing everything. You don't need to do a damn thing. This world is tough and owes you nothin'. Boy, what I'd give to be your age again and be a free-wheeling fucking machine. That's the greatest life out there," Frank said. "Now look at me. I'm only 42 but I look like I'm 62. I'm practically homeless.

I have no job. I have no family. You're a young buck but you're smart and you have a bright future ahead of you. You don't need this Stacy girl to be your girlfriend.

Just enjoy life and have fun." Frank noticed the perplexed look on Nick's face from across the table. The kid looked like he had so many more questions boiling inside of him and didn't know how to ask. "But I like this girl. I want to have fun but I just want to make this go away and not have to fuck hookers and random girls at the mall. I don't want to end up like a bum and have these urges ruin my future. I was just hoping you'd be able to help," Nick said.

"Well I'm sorry I'm not Dr.

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Phil and I have no magic pills or answers. Don't let this get you down. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Just don't ask your mother for advice, she'll probably run you off to the Vatican." Nick was even more confused than before.

He wanted to count on his biological father, the man who dealt with the same sexual urges as him, for help with controlling his own newfound desires. But did Nick really think Frank could help? Frank just admitted he was a bum. No job. No house. He probably came down from Redding in hopes of extracting sympathy from Nick and seeing if he could freeload off of him. He didn't want to be this "free-wheeling fucking machine" that Frank said was the greatest part of living.

That might have been something Frank wanted when he was Nick's age but Nick saw the outcome staring him in the face if he kept down this path and he didn't like it. "Well, thanks for trying to help," Nick said. "But I better get back to my friends before they wonder where I went." "No problem.

Glad I could help," Frank said. "Go Chargers." Just as Nick stood up to go back to his table he felt his stomach lurch. Two people he didn't expect to see at Louie's stood by the hostess stand. It was his mom and Robert. He had to warn Frank and tell him to get the hell out of here before his parents came to blows. He wasn't sure when they were last acquainted but he imagined it was several years ago, if not the night he was conceived.

Frank started walking back towards his seat at the bar before Nick could catch him.

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Nick looked up and saw that his mother had spotted the two of them in close proximity. All of the color drained from her face. "Franklin Hawkins! What the hell are you doing here?" Roberta yelled. Her voice carried so loudly that many of the bar's patrons turned their attention towards her.

"Easy, honey, settle down," Robert said softly. "No, I will not settle down," Roberta fumed. "I ask again, Frank. Why are you here? I see you've finally met our son Nick after eighteen years." Nick looked from Frank, to his mother, to Danny's cousin Walt the bartender, to the table where his friends were gathered.

Many mouths were agape as they watched the scene unfold. "Well if it isn't Roberta causing a scene in public. You were always good at that," Frank said. "Well at least I have the decency to show up in public instead of hiding from being a father for eighteen years so you can go off and fuck whatever tramp you want!" "Honey, you need to relax," Robert said softly.

"Let's go to our table and we can deal with this later." "No," Roberta said more calmly. "Frank and I are adults.

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Let's deal with this right now. Sound good, Frank?" "Fine." "Ok. I'll start. Nick, come over here. You can hear this too and see that everything I've told you about your father all these years is spot on," Roberta said.

"Now, Frank. Why did you decide to come back after all these years? You leave me with a baby boy at 21 years old. I struggle to finish my degree. I have no other means of financial support but I did it. I was able to raise a fine young man. And where were you? You ran off and did nothing but live your hokey bachelor lifestyle and now you expect to come back in our good graces?" "I never said I wanted to be in your good graces," Frank said.

"Maybe I finally realized my mistakes and wanted to meet my son." Nick raised his brow at Frank's statement. He didn't know Frank extremely well but he didn't think that was the real reason he came back, especially after Frank admitted he was practically homeless and out of work. "Oh really? Are you sure you're not looking for another handout Frank? Are you out of work?" Roberta asked. "That's none of your business.

Why don't you think I want to have a relationship with our son? I've changed a lot in eighteen years." "Fine, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But I don't want you around our son. Robert is a more than suitable father for Nick. He's there for him. He loves him. And I don't want Nick ending up like you." The guests at the restaurant continued to stare in Roberta and Frank's direction.

Robert slowly scooted further and further behind Roberta as if he was cowering in fear over the conflict that was taking place.

Nick's face was as red as a cherry tomato. He strode over to his mother in hopes of ending the conflict. "Don't you think it's a good idea to talk about this later, mom? I've gotten to know Frank and he's not all bad. Maybe we could invite him over for dinner and talk this over," Nick said.

"Oh no," Roberta said. "We are certainly not inviting him over for dinner. I don't think there's anything left to say at this point other than I don't want you around this man.

Do you understand?" Nick nodded. His mother wanted to be in control and she made sure her orders were followed. But Nick knew he needed to continue to see his father. His advice wasn't particularly helpful this time but Frank knew Nick's struggles and would be more helpful in helping Nick conquer his battles than anyone else. "Good," Roberta said. "Frank, that goes for you too.

Now let's get out of here and go somewhere else to eat. The food's not that good anyway." "Hi, Mrs.

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Jameson!" Nick looked over at the table where his friends were seated and noticed Trent waving to his mother. It was quite a way to interrupt the tension that filled the air. "Hi, honey," Roberta said sternly to Trent before turning to Nick and her husband. "Let's go." After the chaotic incident at Louie's yesterday, Nick hoped for a much more normal day at school today.

Last week was much more interesting than usual and Nick just wanted to keep things under control this week. As usual, he swung by Danny's house to drive him to school. Similar to last Monday, Danny entered the car with a shit-eating grin on his face. "What's so funny?" Nick asked. "You only smile like this on Fridays, not Mondays." "Man, we have a lot to catch up on," Danny said.

Nick was intrigued. The phrase "catch up" was more often thrown around by the girls at school and usually followed with gossip about who bought the latest outfit where and who was dating whom.

Danny had no need for such discussions, so Nick wondered what he was getting at. He offered a guess. "You found your homecoming date? It seems like I'm the only one with a date so far so it'd be nice to not be the only one in our group with one." "Of course I'll have a fucking date," Danny said.

"That's not important. I had an interesting discussion with Jake on Friday." "Yeah? About what?" Nick asked. Nick was at Danny's house with Jake, Mitch, and Trent, drinking beer and playing Texas Hold 'Em, so he would have overheard what they were talking about that was of interest to him. Unless the discussion took place when Nick went to the bathroom. "Apparently, you visited someone on Wednesday. Or should I say, someone visited you," Danny said.

Was he talking about Cookie? Why did Jake tell him about Cookie? Nick imagined planting his fist against the side of Jake's face once he walked in the school doors. "I really don't know what you're talking about," Nick lied, as he pushed the accelerator further down into the floor. "Dude, relax. I'm not going to judge. I'm just concerned, man. This isn't like you." "What isn't like me?" Nick asked. "Look, Jake told me you went to see a hooker. I know Jake did it before. He really shouldn't have sent you to her.

If you need to fuck someone, I know plenty of cleaner girls that would probably be willing to fuck you at no cost," Danny said. "Dude, you're too fucking smart to get caught in a prostitution ring and I don't want to see anything bad happen to you." "Nothing bad is going to happen," Nick said angrily. He knew this was a lie. He contracted chlamydia from the hooker and likely passed it on to the girl he hooked up with at the mall.

"Alright, dude. It's your life. But you don't need a hooker, ok? Those women Jake sent you to are crawling with diseases. They're the types of people my mother gets her crack from," Danny said. "And one last thing," Danny continued. "At the mall, how did you end up hooking up with that chick?" "How did you know about that?" "I was in one of the dressing rooms next door.

I saw you both walk out." "So you were fucking spying on us?" "Dude, chill out. Why are you taking this so personally? I would have loved to have sex with a bunch of different girls a few weeks after losing my virginity." "Man, you sleep with every girl in sight.

You've fucked more than enough girls," Nick said. "What's that supposed to mean? You're condemning me for having sex now?" "You're judging me for fucking some hooker." "That's totally different, dude. Desperate guys get with hookers. You have no reason to be desperate. What happened to Stacy? I thought you were fucking her." "She wants to wait for a while," Nick said. "That's why I did it. Ok?" "Ok, fine. But what about fucking someone else on the side until she lets you sleep with her again?" "Please.

Lizzy's probably not going to fuck me again. Other than mall girl and this hooker, there's been no one else." Nick fumed with anger. He knew Danny had his best interests in mind but he felt judged by him. Like a fat girl who didn't want to get caught taking the last slice of pizza even when she was still hungry.

"Look, I haven't met this Stacy girl but I think I know how you feel about her. I don't want to see you ruin that. Maybe it's worth waiting for a while. I always thought you wanted a girlfriend anyway." "Maybe I do," Nick said. "But you have no idea what it's like for me right now. I just want to fuck all the time. Maybe that's why I slept with that hooker and hooked up with that girl at the mall.

It's like no risk is too great if it ends in sex and eases the urge," Nick said. "What do you mean?" Nick knew he would regret telling Danny the risk he took. But if there was one person on earth who he could speak of this to, other than Frank, it was Danny. "I took the condom off," Nick said. "You what?" "I took the condom off with the hooker," Nick continued.

"I just wasn't feeling anything at all.


It was like wearing a fucking raincoat. I think I got something." "You mean a disease? Are you fucking crazy?" "Yeah I guess I did.

I went to the clinic and I'm on antibiotics." "What did you have?" "Crabs." "Damn, that sucks," Danny said. "Wait a minute. Did you get your antibiotics before you hooked up with the mall girl?" Nick just drove in silence and prayed he'd make it through the onslaught of traffic so he could leave the car and run into school before he answered. "Dude, answer the question." "No I fucking didn't, alright," Nick said.

"She was just so hot and I wanted it so bad I wasn't even thinking. I'm telling you something's wrong with me." "You're goddamned right there is," Danny yelled. "I'm not the morals police but we've got to find this girl and tell her to get treated or something bad could happen. Goddamnit, this is why you don't fuck hookers." Nick felt a tear roll down his cheek. Why did he have to give in to his sensitive side now? He knew he fucked up and he absolutely deserved Danny's verbal lashings.

"This isn't completely your fault, man," Danny said. "If I wouldn't have introduced you to the wonders of sex you probably wouldn't be fucking addicted. And I'm going to kick Jake's ass the minute we get to school. Why the hell did he tell you about that lady?" "No, Danny, this is on me. I screwed up," Nick said.

"You're right that I need to find this girl. I have no idea how I will but I'll figure it out. Don't start something with another one of our friends because of my mistake." "Alright, dude, but we need to figure this shit out. I've got your back. Maybe it's worth talking to someone about. I know someone that my mom went to for a while when she was actually trying to get off of drugs." "No, it's fine.

I can figure it out," Nick said. "Are you sure? Do you want this addiction to ruin your life? I don't want to see you spiral downhill. If your dad had the same problems you could end up a bum like him.

Do you want that to happen?" Nick thought about what Danny said and realized he was right. The conflicting advice Frank gave him at the bar wasn't really advice at all. Frank didn't know how to move past the addiction because he probably still lived with the addiction every day.

He never moved on as far as Nick could tell. Nick already caused unforeseen suffering for the girl he met at the mall and he still had to fix that. He didn't want Stacy, his mom, or any of his friends to suffer through this with him. He needed to take action. "Ok. Maybe it's worth checking out." In addition to helping Nick with his apparent sex addiction problem, Danny had another issue to sort through. After hanging out with Mitch in the basement the other day, Mitch told Danny he was interested in possibly dating other girls now that he had the realization that he and Lizzy wouldn't get back together anytime soon.

Danny had a desire to help his friend but his interest was also self-serving. Danny had unbelievable mind-blowing sex with Lizzy in the woods last weekend and he sensed she felt the same connection Danny felt in the moment. But before Danny felt comfortable expressing his feelings to Lizzy, he needed to soften the blow by helping Mitch find a new girl that he could take to homecoming and have a good time with.

The first girl he targeted was a sophomore by the name of Lucille Hemingway. Lucille, or Lucy for short, was a pretty blonde who was rail thin and had piercing gray eyes.


Danny considered hooking up with her before realizing he was really into Lizzy. She seemed like a quiet unassuming type that Mitch would likely get along with. Danny spotted her by her locker unpacking her bag and looking for the proper books to take for her first class. He assumed that once Lucy noticed his approach that she would have trouble speaking. Danny could have that weak in the knees affect on other women.

"Hey. It's Lucy right?" Danny asked. Lucy jumped. She was so startled that her shoulders nearly reached her ear lobes. She held her books tightly to her chest as she turned to face Danny. "Yes, I'm Lucy. What can I do for you?" "Well, Lucy. I have a really good friend of mine who's really into you. He's sort of shy so he hasn't said anything yet but I wanted you to know he thinks you're really cute," Danny said. "That's nice of this friend but why can't he tell me himself?

Whom are we talking about?" "Oh he'll tell you," Danny said. "He just broke up with his girlfriend so he hasn't had to ask anyone out in a long time. Do you have a homecoming date yet? I think he'd like to ask you." "No, not yet. But I was just going to go with my girlfriends," Lucy said. Danny noticed her eyes glance down towards his crotch.

Given his massive size when erect, he was quite big when his penis was soft and you could often see a slight bulge through his pants. His cock was especially evident today in his loose white basketball shorts. He wondered if he could take advantage of the situation.

"C'mon, you'll have way more fun with us," he said. "I'll be in the group too. And if you go with him, I'll let you have fun with this." Danny took Lucy's hand and placed it on his hardening penis.

Lucy shuddered as she felt his impressive length. "Ok. If he asks me, I'll go with him. But he needs to be man enough to ask me." "Fair enough," Danny said. "See you around." Satisfied with that outcome, Danny walked down the hallway towards the Study Hall where his first class was. He noticed a few stares from both girls and guys at his crotch as he was still hard from making Lucy touch him.

He could take care of himself in the bathroom but decided his boner would die down in due time once he focused on homework. That all changed when he saw Lizzy walking on the other side of the hallway towards him. "Hey, stud," Lizzy said. "How was the rest of your weekend?" "Pretty good," Danny said. "Not as good as being with you though." "How sweet," Lizzy replied. "I really enjoyed what we did. I kind of want to do it again right now." "Wait, what?" Danny whispered.

"You want to go back to the woods right now?" "No, silly, I want you to fuck me right now. Mitch never wanted to fuck in school but I know other girls that have done it and I want to join the club." Danny's shorts tightened even further. He wanted it just as bad as she did. Danny actually had sex in school once before, with his regular fuck-buddy Michelle. He knew the perfect place to go.

There was a set of restrooms near the auditorium at the other end of the school that were rarely used unless there was an assembly taking place. It was the perfect location for a quickie. "Awesome. I know a good place," Danny said. "Great! I really don't want to go to calculus today anyway." Lizzy reached for Danny's hand and he felt compelled to reach for it. Most students had settled into their first class for the day but he didn't want rumors to start flying that he and Lizzy were possibly dating.

That would only infuriate Mitch even more and wreck the goodwill he was trying to establish by finding him a new girl. Still, he did not refuse her gesture. Hand-in-hand, the teens walked toward the end of the school where the auditorium restrooms were located. Danny thought this would be a good time to tell Lizzy of his affection for her but he decided against it. At last, they arrived at their destination. "Should we do it in the girls room or the boys room?" Lizzy asked.

"I thought the girl's bathroom had couches. It'd be more comfortable," Danny said. "I wish they did. I'd spend a lot more time in there than I already do. Let's go in the boys' room.

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If anyone from the drama club is around, they're more likely to be a girl than a boy using the bathroom." "True," Danny said. "Let's do it." Danny followed Lizzy into the boys' bathroom. Fortunately, no one was in there.

Danny grabbed the back of Lizzy's head and planted his lips on hers. The two made out, lusting for each other's lips. Lizzy broke away from Danny's kiss, yanked his shorts and boxer briefs down and started sucking his cock. "Damn, you really want it. Don't you?" Danny asked. Lizzy lifted her mouth from Danny's cock and stared into his eyes. "I'm a hungry girl. I missed my breakfast," she said before she attacked his cock again. "I guess I know where I'm shooting my load then." "Mhmmm," Lizzy moaned, her mouth still full of cock.

After she sucked him off for a few more minutes, Lizzy got off of her knees and walked towards one of the open stalls. Danny followed her, shorts around his ankles, leaving the stall door open behind him.

Lizzy sat on the toilet and lifted her flowing white skirt up, revealing her sexy pink panties. "Get on your knees and eat my pussy," Lizzy ordered.

Danny checked the floor to make sure there was no stray piss he would accidentally kneel in. Satisfied there was none, he kneeled down, pushed Lizzy's panties to the side and began to lick her pussy. Her taste was amazing on his tongue, almost like strawberries.

"How does my pussy taste?" "Your pussy tastes so good." Danny tongued at Lizzy's vagina for a few more minutes before Lizzy stood up and shook her ass at him.

"Take me from behind," Lizzy said. Danny grabbed his cock and aligned the tip with Lizzy's sopping wet pussy. Her warmth and wetness felt like heaven as he slowly entered her.

Once he drilled down as far as he could into her vagina, nearly hitting her cervix, Danny groaned in ecstasy. This is the feeling he lived for.

"C'mon, fuck me!" Danny grabbed her hips and rammed his cock hard into her, causing Lizzy to shriek in pleasure. "Shh, not so loud, baby," Danny said. "I can't help it, uggh," Lizzy moaned. "Your dick feels, ugggh, so fucking…good." The sounds filling the bathroom grew louder as Danny's balls slapped against Lizzy's ass and Lizzy continued to moan like a porn star.

The couple was having such a good time that neither noticed the bathroom door open as a student from the theatre class entered the bathroom. "Fuck that's hot. Keep fucking her, bro," the kid said. "Holy shit!" Danny yelled, startled by the intruder. "Fuck! Did we get caught?" Lizzy asked. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Just keeping going, don't mind me," the boy said as he unzipped his shorts and started jacking off. Danny was initially disgusted as he turned away from the boy and focused his attention on Lizzy's ass.

Some random guy was jerking off to him having sex with Lizzy. It was probably some gay theatre kid who got off on seeing Danny's ass, as that was virtually all that could be seen from the boy's vantage point.


"C'mon, keep going. It'll be hot," Lizzy said. Danny didn't want to disappoint Lizzy, even if he was reluctant to have sex in front of the boy. He decided to make this as short as possible so he wouldn't get too good of a show. "I want you to talk dirty to me," Danny said. "Oh yeah, fuck my slutty pussy.

Fuck me for that horny perv boy jerking off for us." Danny heard the boy's footsteps come closer to him. It was almost as if the boy was trying to enter the stall next to them. Thankfully, Danny couldn't see the boy jerking off next to him but the thought wasn't helping him stay hard as he fucked Lizzy. "Don't stop. Keep fucking her," the boy said. "Maybe if you stop being a fucking creep I will." Lizzy bucked her ass harder and faster against Danny's cock.

If he wasn't feeling good before, he was reeling in pleasure now. The fact that another person was watching them have sex wasn't even on Danny's mind now. He was solely focused on Lizzy's pleasure and deepening his bond with her. He knew that if he kept rocking her world sexually that she may decide to be his girlfriend. The thought of Lizzy leaving Mitch for him caused his shaft to become rock hard and throb in Lizzy's pussy.

He felt that familiar feeling of impending orgasm race up his shaft. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum," Danny said. "Wait, let me swallow it," Lizzy said excitedly as she turned away from the wall and got on her knees to take Danny's load. "I'm cumming, uggggh," Danny moaned as he jacked his penis, cum flying into Lizzy's mouth. Lizzy bobbed up and down on Danny's knob as he continued to fire his load down her throat. Nearby, the peeping Tom announced that he was also cumming and the sound of his cum hitting the floor also echoed through the bathroom.

"Fuck, that was hot," the boy said. "You guys should come back here more often." Nick's heart raced as he thought of a response to the text Stacy sent to him earlier this morning.

He was outside for lunch today as he and his friends sat at a picnic table in the courtyard, enjoying the sunshine. He couldn't focus entirely on responding to Stacy as his friends asked him every question imaginable about his father. "Was he always such a bum?" Trent asked. "I don't really know," Nick replied. "Like I said, I saw him for the first time last week." "What did you talk about?" Jake asked. If only he knew. "Guys, leave him alone," Danny said.

"On a more exciting note, I think I found a homecoming date for Mitch." "Oh yeah? Who?" Mitch asked. "Don't kill me, but she's a sophomore. Her name's Lucille Hemingway. She's thin, she's blonde, she's a really nice girl. She already told me she'd go with you." "Ok," Mitch said. "But what if I don't want to go with her? Did you bother asking me what I thought?" "Look Mitch, she's not Lizzy but she's pretty hot.

You should be thanking me I found someone this nice that didn't have a date still." "Yeah, I guess," Mitch said. "Alright, I'll ask her." "Good, so everyone has a date now," Nick said. "Where do we want to eat?" "Wait, who is Danny taking?" Jake asked. "Don't worry about it," Danny said.

"I'll probably bring Michelle but go home with someone else." "She still your fuck buddy?" Trent asked. "For now." The rest of the group discussed restaurant options while Nick typed a response into his phone.

Stacy wanted Nick to meet some of her friends later that night to bowl on their league team as one of their teammates was sick. Nick only recently discovered that in addition to her other great traits, that Stacy was a world class bowler. She'd bowled 300 many times. Nick felt nervous. Not only would this be the first time he met her friends, but he also felt guilty over his other sexual transgressions.

It wasn't like he and Stacy were officially dating yet but he wanted to date her. If she found out what he'd done after they started seeing each other, he knew she would probably leave him. Nick: Sounds like a plan. I love bowling. Stacy: Yay! I knew you'd come through. I can't wait til u meet my friends! They'll love u. Stacy: But not as much as I do :) Nick's heart sank. There was that word, love. He felt something that he imagined love must be like inside his heart when he thought of Stacy but that feeling was quickly replaced with guilt as he thought of his other crucial task of finding the girl at the mall before she infected someone else.

At last, the school day ended and Nick was free to leave. He told Danny he was going to bowl with Stacy and her friends after school so his best friend hitched a ride home with Mitch. Nick finally put his concerns over the other girl to rest and decided he would focus on having fun with Stacy. After all, he wanted to make her happy since the sooner she felt safe with him, the sooner he would get to have sex with her again and leave his sexual thrill seeking with other women behind.

He pulled into the bowling alley parking lot and saw Stacy and her two friends gathered around her convertible. Her friends had their backs turned to him. Seeing Nick, Stacy ran over towards him, wrapped him in a tight embrace and kissed him. "Nick, I'm so glad you can meet my friends," Stacy said excitedly.

One of her friends, a heavy set blonde with a purple shirt reminiscent of Barney the dinosaur turned towards them. "Nick, this is Mary Kaye." "Hello, Nick. Glad to meet you," Mary Kaye said. "Tiff, quit staring at the biker guys and turn around," Stacy said to her other friend, who was also blonde. "And this is my friend, Tiffany." Tiffany turned around to face Nick and her jaw dropped. If Nick didn't know better, his jaw would've dropped as well. The look in his eyes must have given away that he recognized the girl.

"Do you already know each other?" Stacy asked. Nick didn't have wait to find the girl he hooked up with at the mall. She was right in front of him.