Suomalainen Amatoori Leikkii Hanen Pillua

Suomalainen Amatoori Leikkii Hanen Pillua
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Tom was 22. HE had only met Kyle a couple of weeks ago. He had been online on a sex chat room when Kyle sent him a Private Message asking if he was horny. "Yeah but not for you," Tom replied. "That's good cos I ain't gay lol," was Kyle's reply.

"I just wondered if u fancied a threesome with a girl I know." "Maybe, who is she?" "She fit as fuck, mate. Blue eyes, long hot legs and her tits are fucking huge." Tom liked the sound of that. "Yeah ok, when and where?" "There's one problem." "What?" "She doesn't know we are going to have sex with her." "You mean like rape?" "Yeah." Tom sat there at his laptop.

A cold chill ran through him not at the thought of what he was going to do but the fact that he found that kind of hot. His hands hesitated over the keyboard as he debated with himself on whether to say yes or no. "OK," he finally typed. -X- They met up in a bar to discuss how they were going to do it. It turned out Kyle was 22 too.

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Kyle assured him that he had raped loads of bitches which helped Tom to calm his nerves a little. The girl Kyle wanted to rape was at a nightclub down the road. She always left there on her own to walk home. The plan was to get her in an alley and fuck her brains out before she had chance to know what hit here. "Whatever you do, don't hit her in the face or anywhere that can easily bruise.

You don't want her to have too much evidence on you. She'll be drunk and won't remember what happened at all." Tom could feel his dick harden in his pants and Kyle explained the plan. This was going to be fucking hot! They walked down the road and waited. Eventually, what Kyle said would happen, happened. There she was looking hot and walking alone. She turned the corner off the busy street and down one of the side streets. Tom and Kyle followed. "There's an alley a little further.

When I say run, then run." Kyle whispered. Tom's heart was now pounding. He was going to fuck her so hard! "Run," Kyle whispered. They ran for her. The sound of footsteps made her turn around. She saw them just as Tom covered her mouth to stop her screaming. As planned, Kyle picked up her legs and Tom took the top half.

The girl started struggling and letting out muffled screams as they dragged her out of the light and into the dark of the alley. Tom could not help but feel one of her tits as they carried her deep into the alleyway. They threw her behind a dumpster. "Please," she pleaded, tears in her eyes. "Don't hurt me.

I've got money. Take it and let me go." "Shut it slag!" Kyle growled at her through gritted teeth. "We are going to fuck you and there is nothing you can do about it. By the time we have finished with you, you won't be able to fucking walk properly." The girl's eyes widen with fear.

She opened her mouth wide to scream but Kyle lunged forward and slapped her across the face. "You better not try anything like that again, bitch," Kyle growled taking off his jacket.

He reached into the inside pocket and pulled out a flip-knife. Tom was a little taken aback. This was not part of the plan but he kept on glaring at her and watching Kyle, who slit a clean line with the knife from the base of her tight top, up between her tits and right to the neckline.

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Tom's cock was not throbbing in his jeans and aching to be free so he undid them and pulled them down to his knees. He started grabbing the girl's tits who was panting heavily in fear. With his other hand he masturbated himself.

Kyle grabbed her by her hand and threw her down so she was laid flat on the floor. HE pulled his pants down to his knees and took his top off. He knelt down at her head and showed her the blade again. "If you even think of biting my dick, I'm gonna cut you," he said before thrusting his hard 9 inch dick deep down her throat. He started thrusting violently in and out of her causing her to gag.


Beads of sweat were rolling down his face, muscular chest and back. "Take her," Kyle said to Tom nodding at her pussy. Tom looked at her pussy with lust before realising something. "But I don't wanna make her pregnant," Tom said to Kyle who rolled his eyes.

"Then pull out and cum on her tits," Kyle explained all the while still face fucking the girl. Tom grinned again. "I'm gonna make your pussy bleed," he growled at her before moving to between her legs. Her short skirt made it easy access for him. He reached up and ran his finger along her bald pussy.

The bitch was not wearing any knickers! And she was wet! She was fucking enjoying this! That only turned Tom on even more. He thrust his cock deep into her tight pussy and started fucking her hard. She started screaming into Kyle cock. "Take your top off," Kyle said watching Tom bury his cock deep in the bitch. "Feels fucking great with the cool breeze on your back while you rape them." Tom felt a little awkward with what Kyle had said but he was too fucking horny to care.

He took his top off and threw it to one side. Kyle was right! The breeze on his sweating back felt amazing. His chest was not as muscular as Kyle's but that did not stop Kyle eyeing Tom with lust.

Tom was too busy fucking the bitch senseless to notice.

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"Keep fucking her," Kyle said in a low horny tone. He pulled his cock out of the girl's mouth and disappeared from Tom's view. The girl's screams had been replaced with grunts of pleasure. Kyle spat on his fingers and inserted four of them into the girl's pussy. On one side of his hand, he could feel her wet pussy and on the other he could feel the hard cock of Tom. "What are you doing?" Tom asked through pants. "Making her enjoy herself," Kyle said in a lustful tone. Tom's head was telling him that this situation had crossed a line.

He hand another guy's hand touching his cock!


But he was so close to cumming. He just wanted to shoot! Kyle pulled his hand back out of the girl's pussy and knelt behind Tom. He let a glob of spit fall from his mouth and down onto Tom's arse.

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Tom just thought it was a bit of sweat that was not running down and over his hole. He kept fucking. "She loves letting guys thinking they are raping her when in actual fact they are the ones who get raped don't you sweat heart?" "I sure do," the girl replied with a giggle.

A chill ran threw Tom as he realised what was about to happen. He started to pull out of the girl he was fucking but it was too late. Kyle had pushed Tom forward and thrust his cock deep up Tom's arse. Tom let out a loud scream that the girl quickly muffle with a kiss.

Tom had never in his life had anything go into his arse and Kyle's cock made it burn. Once Tom's scream had subsided, the girl stopped kissing him and started to thrust herself up, milking Tom's cock with her pussy. Kyle leaned in close to Tom so tat his chest was rubbing along Tom's back as he fucked him hard. With ever thrust, Tom let out a small warbled cry. Kyle was stronger than Tom and so Tom hand no choice but to let Kyle rape him. Every hard thrust made Tom bury his dick deeper into the girl.

Tom was so close to the edge now and was trying his best not to cum in her. He did not want to make her pregnant. "You're going to cum arn't you?" Kyle said in his ear. "No," Tom managed to say threw his cries of pain. But then something happened that changed everything. Kyle stopped fucking Tom so hard and slowly pushed his cock in and out of Tom. Tom could feel every each massaging the inside of him and it started to feel good.

Tom's body was betraying him as Kyle made him feel horny again. "Are you sure you are not going to make my girlfriend pregnant?" Kyle asked again grinning. "No," Tom said but every thrust of Kyle's cock in him brought him closer and closer to the edge and it was taking all he had to hold back. Kyle drew all the way out. He teased Tom's hole with his cockhead before slamming back into Tom. That was it, Tom let out loud cries of "No, no, no." as he pumped wave after wave of cum into Kyle's girlfriend who let out a scream as she came all over Tom's cock.

He could feel her pussy milking his dick for every last drop. "Do you want me to stop?" Kyle asked as he slowly started to withdraw.

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"No," Tom could hardly believe how much he wasted more. "Fuck me and cum in me!" Tom said pushing his hole back onto Kyle's cock. Kyle started to thrust violently into Tom's arse making Tom drip pre-cum into his girlfriend.

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It did not take long before Tom could feel Kyle's cock swell inside him. "I'm gonna fucking shoot," Kyle moaned before pumping his load deep inside Tom. Once they had all come down from their highs, Kyle withdrew from Tom with a pop and help his girlfriend up. He gave her his coat to cover up her split top and they both walked away leaving Tom all confused with cum leaking from his arse.