Threesome gays fuck machines and dildos

Threesome gays fuck machines and dildos
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Part two of A Cute Young Boy. Contains sex between 15yo and 8yo boys. If that offends you, go read something else. My cock has been hard all day with anticipation. I cannot wait to see Seth! I arrive at Greenthorn Elementary and check in. I go over to the table I work at and sit down.

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I nervously fidget while I wait, my cock still hard. The kids start coming in.

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Seth comes over and gives me a big hug, like always. He sits next to me, and we start the craft that the grade leaders have planned. After about a half hour, it's story time. I lead my kids into the story room. I sit on the floor, and Seth sits in my lap. He can feel my hard-on, so he squirms around in my lap.

I let out a moan, that only he can near. He looks at me, grinning happily. About half-way through the story, he tells me he needs to use the bathroom. I ask my leader, and she says I can take him down.

I take him down to the bathroom, and he goes in. I look both ways, and then I follow. He goes into a stall, and I go after him, locking it behind me.

He leaps into my arms and kisses me. I hold him, and kiss back. I run my tongue across his lips, and he opens his mouth to let me in. We make out for about a minute, then he breaks it off and tells me to put him down, which I do.

He starts rubbing my hard-on through my pants. "What is it that you were saying before we had to go back yesterday?" He asks, innocent eyes boring up into mine. I answer "I was about to tell you something that grown-ups do to each other. It feels really good." "What is it?" He asks excitedly. "It may sound a bit gross, but it's really cool." I lean next to his ear and whisper, as if disclosing a big secret, "They put their partner's penis in their mouth and suck on it!" Seth looked at me wide-eyed, and giggled.

"That's gross! Ha ha! Does it really feel good???" "Yes. It does" Seth giggles again. Then he slowly pulls down his pants and says, "can we try it? Pleeeeeaaaase???" I laugh and say, "of course." Then I sit down, eyes even with his three inch little hard on.


I kiss it gently. Seth lets out a moan. So I place my hand on his ass and lick around the head of his penis. I then begin to suck in his little dick. He closes his eyes and moans again. As I suck and lick his little penis, he begins to thrust into my mouth. As I suck harder, he thrusts faster, and soon he begins to shudder as he experiences his first orgasm.

I can feel his penis jerking as a small drop of cum dribbles out onto my tongue.

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He tastes so good! I take my mouth off his penis give his ass a quick squeeze as I pull my self to my knees and I give him a kiss.

"You're right!" He tells me after our kiss. "That feels wonderful! Now I'll do you!" I look at my watch. I glare at it, wishing its minute hand hadn't moved so damn quickly! "I'd love too Seth, but we need to get back" He pouts and says, "Ok." He pulls up his pants and kisses me again. "I love you!" "I love you too, Seth." We walk back to class. He sits in my lap again.

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The teacher finishes the story. "Okay, leaders, it is time to take your students outside." My leader leads the second graders, and I bring up the rear with Seth. Soon all the kids are running around, playing on the playground. At the side of the school, are some tall holly bushes.

Seth looks around, and drags me over there. He pulls me back there and says, "Now I can do you!" I say "No! We'll get caught!" "Once, during recess, I hid back here, and nobody found me. They looked all over the place!" Seth says proudly. My brain is screaming at me to stop. Logic dictates that we would be caught! cock is screaming louder. So I undo my pants, and pull them down.

My cock springs out. Seth grabs hold of it, and kisses the tip of it. I moan as he licks my head and tastes my precum. He then puts my head into his mouth and sucks on it.


He moves his head back and forth, taking in aabout an inch past my head and then coming back. I feel my orgasm building up. Seth keeps going. I can tell he is enjoying this. I pull my cock out of his mouth and begin to spray my load. The first strand lands angling across his nose and left eye. The second strand goes partially into his still open mouth, and partially on his cheek. He leaves his mouth open, so u shoot my third and fourth strands into his mouth.

The rest of my cum trickles out of my cock. He puts his mouth back on my cock to get the rest. He also pulls my jizz off with his finger and slurps it off. He giggles.

"That is a lot of cum!" I smile. I am about to ask how he knew what it was called, when I hear a voice. "Seth, what are you and him doing?" I look for the source of the voice and am shocked to see a wide eyed eight year old girl.

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My mind is torn between holy crap she is so cute! And oh fuck! I am so screwed. I hope you enjoyed part 2! Part 3 is cumming soon! ;) Please rate and comment. Btw, the little girl is made up. She wasn't at the school. Part three will probably be marked fiction.