Teaching the model how to deepthroat

Teaching the model how to deepthroat
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At about five and a half feet tall and built for comfort Monica walks through from the bathroom to my bed in a skimpy pair of panties and garters that I bought and paid for. Her tan is nice and even and she spent time on her hair today, she's making this special. I watch as she crawls up the bed to my nude and slightly prone body with a trace of a smile on her face.

It's her full lips I feel first kissing around my pelvis in a light teasing before her tongue trails up and down my shaft making me jump. I hear her giggle lightly before her mouth engulfs my head and goes all the way down to the root. Monica doesn't do this better than the others but it still feels good and I don't like to stop her but I'm not in the mood for a slow blowjob.

I grip her hair on either side of her head and force her to speed up bucking my hips into her face. I can hear her drooling a little as I make sure I'm good and hard before pulling her face off me. I release her head and watch as Monica shifts her ass out of the panties before crawling up the bed and straddling my waist. I watch as she rubs me around with her hand before pushing her hips down.

She's warm and wet enough that she gets me inside and rides me nice and hard. I reach up and grip Monica's smallish but perky breasts and squeeze her nipples which cause her to moan. Monica leans forward resting her hands next to my shoulders as she bounds on me harder and I relax to let her work. I sneak a glance down to her trimmed mound then back up to her face concentrating and biting her bottom lip.

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"Is it good baby," Monica asks me. I push her off of me and throw a pillow down; she moves to it and tucks it under her stomach as I shift on the bed so that I'm on my knees behind her. I push her knees together and push myself down into her mound while gripping her ass. Monica grunts as I'm taking her but it turns to labored breathing as I pound away hard making sure her ass shakes with each thrust.

She spreads her arms out above her head to brace herself or back into me, I don't care which as I shake the bed taking her harder and faster. I see her back arch and use one free hand to get a handful of hair and pull it getting a groan for my efforts and she pushes back into me as an added bonus. I keep pulling her hair hard and taking her hard when my body finally gives me the release I have been pushing for and I fill the little bitch full of my seed.

I relax on pulling Monica's hair but keep her ass in place making sure she has every drop of me inside her before pulling out and moving onto my back with my head resting on the pillow. I watch as she collects herself from the best sex she'll likely have this month and moves from the bedroom to my bathroom to clean herself.

I prefer them to not make a mess in the evenings when they aren't staying the night and after a few minutes she returns to the bedroom all smiles and sweetness. I'm sitting up and put on my robe as she gives me a kiss on the cheek and I hand her a small wad of cash. "Mr. Vargas you are so good to me," Monica says giving me a second kiss and taking her bag.

I walk her out of my condo, well to the door since she can find her own way down the stairs. I return to my bedroom and den, need to check in with Carter in the port authority and make sure my ex-cunt's shipments are still able to be delayed.

I rest well considering an active evening life and after all the proper grooming and a nice suit minus tie I am in the car to see Carter, never cared if it was her first or last name, she's a mousey thin little white woman in an old bad suit at a coffee shop having some non coffee drink.

I take my standard order from the counter person who steps around to serve me herself as I sit down across from Carter. "Mr. Vargas," Carter addresses me with a nervous look. "Carter my name is Castro now how goes my little project," I ask her as she adjusts her glasses and looks around. "Mr. Vargas the shipments from your wife's," She pauses at my distasteful expression," former wife's company are being held but it's not something we can keep up indefinitely.

One person with authority and they will release the shipments." "Oh I understand that but my ex wife won't find anyone to bribe, she's too morally high and mighty for that.

Your payment is already in your account Carter," I tell her as she smiles a little before looking around again," What's troubling you?" "I could lose my job for this," Carter whispers to me," I could go to jail." "But you won't, Anita is not going to get her shipments out in time and when that happens I'll pick up the pieces and take care of the rest," I inform her which doesn't help her paranoia," You aren't doing anything illegal." "It's enough to have me investigated," She says looking around," I need to get to work." Carter is up and out of the coffee shop in less than a half minute and I get to finish my coffee and pastry before tipping the worker bees and get on about my day.

It's not easy keeping up in my lifestyle, actually it really is, and I have enough people giving me everything I need that my money isn't even an issue anymore. Yes Anita got the business and most of the marital assets thanks to the prenuptial agreement but I've been hiding my money for years and in actuality she didn't get much in comparison but the business did leave me stinging more than a little, bitch took the business that I built and she barely helped me run.

Honestly I'm surprised she kept it running for this long but no matter once I get her contracts to leave her I can simply put the release on the shipments and take the contracts and I'm back in business. I'm actually glad the bitch was infertile, only reason I cheated in the first place, well that and the fact that sex with her was akin to a gutted fish.

I spend the next couple days keeping track of things when I get a call from the boys. I show up at the rat hole that Brent calls his house and thankfully I won't have to wait long as Leo and Jake live here with him and I don't need to wait for them to show up.

I park my Audi in front of the house and step inside after a quick knock on the door. Leo is the 'little' one being a near six foot white man but Brent and Jake are two black former college athletes, probably basketball or something inner city. "Gentlemen you called this meeting," I state stepping inside as I see Jake limping. "We got into her place a couple weeks ago but she messed up my knee," Jake informs me of their previously poor performance," and now we're still waiting to get paid.

What's going on Cas?" "Well let me explain this objectively. I hired you to break into my ex wife's home, knock her around a bit then make her squeal like a pig as you fucked her silly," I state the objectives they were given calmly," now you broke in but instead of knocking her around or fucking her you let her get away and upstairs where she barricaded three of you from her room and contacted the police on her phone.

Am I missing anything?" "Only two of us were trying to get in her door, Jake was downstairs holding his knee," Brent adds proving that college athletes don't get brain scholarships. "So two of you were kept out of the room by a forty year old woman who was armed with a lamp and a phone, so let me explain this from a business mindset.

I gave you three tasks and aided you in the first one of getting into her home, you succeeded there but then failed at the other two tasks," my words don't leave them with hope," so you don't get payment because the job wasn't completed." "But Mr. Vargas Jake got hurt and we took this job because you said it'd be easy," Leo explains and I turn on him. "Yes it should have been but you three screwed it up and I don't pay for screw ups," I snap before calming," I will look into another piece of work for you but in the meantime I will not pay for the three of you to fool around at my expense." "But Mr.

Castro," Leo starts again and I have to stop him. "When you fail to complete the job you don't get paid? Understand," I ask as the three nod weakly, simple minds.

I leave the house and head back towards my condo for a shower and a change; dealing with the hired help on their terms is a dirty experience both physically and mentally. I continue my personal mission to keep Anita on the ropes by taking a quick trip to her office to talk to her. I saw the man she hired, some trumped up ROTC boy thinking he's SEAL team Six.

I get past the doors and almost past Sophia, her very fuckable assistant, when this thing steps in my way. This fucker must be 6'5" and built like a fucking wall, where did she find him? "Mr. Vargas your ex wife, Mrs. Vargas, is in a meeting right now and cannot be disturbed," Sophia informs me and I brush her off. "Fuck that I'm here to make her an offer," I tell her before turning my attention to the wall of muscle," Hey monkey, get out of my way." "No," the giant says looking down on me.

"Listen to me you muscle bound moron, maybe you don't know but when I say move that means you move or bad things happen to you," I tell him and he removes his jacket and hands it to Sophia. "Are you threatening me," he asks me and I laugh. "Did you figure that out all by yourself big guy," I ask poking his chest with my finger," Now move it if you know what's good for you." I'm caught off guard as the brute grabs my hand and squeezes it nearly breaking my fingers before lifting me up off the ground by my arm.

I'm hitting his hand with my free one when his free hand grabs my belt and he carries me, me a grown man, out of the building.

I'm sat on the hood of my Audi as he releases me. "You are not welcome in Mrs. Vargas's business or office. Don't let me catch you trying to come in here again," the giant orders me and now I'm pissed. "You piece of shit you just signed your own death warrant," I bark as I see flashing lights. Police is just what I need, manhandled for no reason and forcibly removed from my own building; yeah I'll have them in court paying me.

They call for an ambulance to check my hand and officers step into the building as the secretary Sophia is showing them something on her little tablet I can see her pointing at me and the officers are talking to the goon but they aren't putting hand cuffs on him. I get my hand wrapped up and there isn't anything broken, stronger than I thought, but a sergeant is talking to me like I did something wrong.

"Mr. Vargas the owner and the body guard are not pressing charges against you," He tells me and I cut him off. "What fucking charges? He attacked me," I point out and the sergeant shakes his head.

"Sir there is video and audio of you assaulting and threatening the man inside the building. He went on record to state that you threatened him again outside the building. You are going to need to leave and I suggest you make an appointment and not show up out of the blue to this business.

Next time we receive a call and it concerns you at this establishment we are to arrest you for harassment and trespassing," the fucking puta cop states before handing me my wallet and keys. They are making me leave and not once did Anita even bother to come out and look, fucking bitch. When did she get security cameras and where the fuck did the new bodyguard come from. I'll have to send the boys over to teach him some respect, probably have to give them some money in advance so they can fill up their tank and drive there.

Can't have hired help taking the bus to do the job. I get in at home and ice my hand, fucking hurts but nothing broken yet I am still wondering where that big fucker came from. He's not the guy that was spotted out in front of her, formerly our, home a week ago. I pass the next couple days with a smile as everything is going to plan as I'm sitting in the café waiting on Carter.

She's running late and yet there is a beautiful raven haired woman in a sex/business suit sitting down drinking coffee and eating a cinnamon roll in a way that leaves me with a desire to put my own frosting on her lips.

I wait for Carter but continue to watch the sinewy woman eat and drink her coffee as she finishes after a short time but leaves all the trash for the wait staff and exits the café.

If I ever see her again I will have to sit with her and smile at the possibilities when my car alarm goes off and I rush outside to see the woman, the raven haired beauty, leaning against my car checking her makeup oblivious to the alarm. I adjust my suit coat and casually approach her disabling my alarm and move next to her. "Excuse me Miss you're leaning on my car," I inform her politely.

"And this is problem," she asks and I know the accent but can't place it. "Not for me, it did scare any would be car thieves in the area," I joke but she doesn't seem to understand it," My name is Castro Vargas." "I know," she replies reaching into her purse and producing a small hand gun," Now get in car and drive." "Wait a minute," I start but she cuts me off.


"You will enter your car, I will sit in back and you will drive. I tell you where to go, understand," she informs me moving in close and I smell a strange odor," If you do not I will shoot penis." I feel the barrel of the pistol against my groin and slowly nod as she guides me into the car and casually enters behind me on the passenger side.

I start up my Audi A8 and follow her directions as we're in the car for over an hour. I keep checking her in the rear view and not once does she take her eyes off me or feel at ease with her weapon. We pull into a small airfield and into a hangar where I'm informed to shut off the car and made to exit the vehicle.

There is a personal jet in here and the door is open as I'm escorted inside past a very tanned gentleman who nods to the woman. Once inside I see money, check that a lot of money.

All Corinthian Leather seats, full bar with the best including what looks like a brandy from India, and a stewardess that must have been in playboy. I'm a little awestruck as I hear a man's voice in the same accent and a different language speak.

The stewardess leaves to the back and we're joined by a 6' tall blond man in a blue button up shirt made of silk and black slacks. "Mr. Vargas, sit," the man instructs as I take a seat facing him," Do you know who I am?" "I honestly can't say I do," I reply still marveling a little at the surroundings.

"If you do not know me then explain why you keep my shipments from reaching their destinations," he says and I freeze, Anita is under contract with him. "Well I don't actually have any say in your shipments sir," I state keeping my composure as a small wood tray is brought out with bread, meat, cheese and tomatoes.

I watch as the man is handed a small thin bladed knife not to be used in any sort of food preparation yet he is cutting tomatoes and that's when I smell the expensive cheese. "My name is Kazimir Vanko, you know this name," he asks as I shake my head and he continues making food," I am business man who does much business in this United States. I have several shipments that my business requires be delivered in a timely fashion.

Now explain to me, the man that you do not know, why you interfere in my business?" "I haven't interfered, as you say, in your business sir," I reply as he continues to prepare food. He says something to the woman who produces a phone and punches a button and listens in before speaking their language to someone on the other end and finally removes it from her ear and engages the speaker phone. "I did it for Castro Vargas," the female voice screams and I cringe," he paid me now please…" The woman ends the call and sets down the device as a tray is placed in front of me and a sandwich is placed in front of me as he begins to make another.

"That was your Ms. Carter, yes," he asks me without looking," I know because when I check who put order through to hold shipment it is her name on papers.

Now I have her and it take one day for me to learn your name. Now we know each other's names so you will tell me again why you keep my shipments?" "Mr. Vanko I didn't do this to offend you in any way, the business you work through used to be mine. It now belongs to my ex wife and the situation is between myself and her," I explain as I pick up the sandwich and he now looks at me stopping his own sandwich making," I personally assure you that in a few days when the contract with her is disrupted that your good will be made available to you.

I'm simply asking for a little leniency, from one professional to another." I see him smile at me, he's smiling as I take a bite and set down the sandwich. The cheese is from Europe, that much I can tell but the rest is better than you can buy in a store.

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His lunches cost more than most dinners. I set my hands down on wood tray and out of the blue there is a blinding pain in my left hand. I look down and the blade of the knife is stuck through the back of my hand pinning it to the table. He is not smiling as I scream. "Mr. Vargas you will quiet your tongue or my woman will cut it out," he threatens me and I stifle my voice.

"You stabbed me," I can only remark. "Yes, you were rude to eat before me," he states as he removes his hand from the knife leaving it in the table and me. I watch as he is handed a second similar knife and he finishes his sandwich with a calm that is scaring me as much as the knife in my hand. He begins to eat and looks to me like I should do the same.

"My hand is stuck," I again state the obvious. "Then remove the knife or use the other but you will enjoy my hospitality before we conclude our business," he dictates before taking another bite. I get the sandwich in hand and struggle for the next few minutes to eat it as he casually watches me.

Blood is pooling at my feet but he simply sits and watches having finished his own meal as I finish mine and I'm handed a glass of something brown and alcoholic which I down before screaming as he casually reaches across to me and removes the knife.

I'm turned in my chair as the woman from the café begins to tend to my stab wound. "Mr. Vargas you have till end of week to arrange release of my goods or I will come to your home, find you where you are sleeping and," he begins to speak his own language which causes the woman to chuckle," apologies but it does not translate into English well." I'm escorted from the plane by the woman from the café to my car.

As we stop at my driver side door she takes my wounded hand and looking me in the eyes kisses the bandage she placed on it to stop the bleeding before turning away from me and moving back to the plane. I get in my car quickly and drive with pure fear back home and lock the door behind me and begin to have a few therapeutic drinks. I think about everything I saw and heard before sitting at my computer and with one hand begin to search a few things and learn more than I expected.

Vanko is the name of a Russian diamond magnate who has more than a few connections in the US along but when I pull up Kazimir Vanko I learn how bad it is. He's Russian mob and not only that he's the wealthiest and youngest of the current leaders and deals in new acquisitions of African blood diamonds.

I am hit with a lightning bolt, his African diamonds get taken in by his family business and become legitimate diamonds on the market around the world and with the dropping price of gold his family name means one thing, MONEY!

All the basic financials are there online and they are living on estimated Chinese populations of personal wealth not counting their business and the illegal activities of Kazimir. I sit back and review the shipping information that Carter sent me on the locations of the held goods and find that Mr.

Vanko's goods are in an offsite holding area under minimal guard, easy pickings. Settle in for bed after few more drinks and think about it, Anita will be blamed when all of a sudden the shipment she is responsible for has missing items.

Vanko will never report it since they are doing the illegally moving diamonds across international lines and if I work it right I can make out with retirement anywhere in the world. Afternoon the next day I have Leonard, Jake and a limping Brent in my condo explaining the job, the three of them are less than enthusiastic. "Mr. Vargas we went to work for you before and got fucked up for our time.

Now you want us to break in to a government warehouse and break in to steal blood," Jake asks confused, welcome to my being the smartest man in the room. "Blood diamonds, African conflict diamonds, uncut and untraceable.

You three can get in, grab whatever you find and I'll get them sold off easy as pie. Each of you will get ten percent after fees to sell the stones," I explain and the three look at each other when Brent answers. "No we're out," I actually feel shocked as they begin to get up and leave. "You can't be out, this is the biggest score of your pathetic criminal careers and you're walking away," I shout at them as they stop and Brent addresses me.

"Last time we were promised money and didn't get shit but a busted knee and a near police experience," Brent states before Leonard stops him with a hand on his shoulder. "What my friend is saying is that we're not interested in ten percent, even score all around or do it yourself," Leonard states calmly and I shake my head. "Fifteen percent of potential millions is more than enough each and this is after I spend money to contact people who can buy them," I explain and Leonard counters.

"Fine, twenty percent for each of us and forty for you," he argues and I am being robbed by criminals I pay. "Deal but twenty a piece after costs," they agree but Leonard interrupts.

"And five grand up front for costs," he says and now I'm mad. "Costs for what? What the fuck do you need that costs five grand," I ask loudly. "Guns, we need guns," Brent adds and Leonard nods. "Guards have guns, we'll need guns in case things go bad," Leonard continues the statement.

It's criminal logic but there is plenty of reason to give it to them, I pull five grand from my bedroom safe and once it's in hand we discuss times and I then they hit me with the most interesting piece of news yet.

"You're going to need to be there," Leonard says displaying more brainpower than I gave him credit for. "There are three of you, I don't need to be there when it happens," I state and he has a valid counter.

"Three of us to go in, get the diamonds and then get out. You will be outside just a bit away in a car, preferably a rental, to keep watch. If anything happens or you see cops you just send us a text message and drive away before the action kicks off," the one brain in the group explains their plan and I have to agree. The plan is so simple it's stupid and with my three stooges going in armed everything should be perfect.

I let them out of my condo and take a bottle of wine out from storage, in two nights I'll be drinking to my success and the failure of Anita's business. I grab the bottle with my wounded hand and curse the pain, one turn deserves another Kazimir.

I sleep that night and set up the rental car paying in cash and have all my things a day in advance to watch the job as it happens. Two nights after our planning session I'm sitting about a hundred plus feet up the street from the warehouse holding Mr. Vanko's merchandise with the time being around two in the morning. I've been here for thirty minutes waiting and I watch as my three underlings arrive in Brent's run down Lincoln. I watch as they head across the street and after cutting the lock and chain on the chain link fence door they are inside.

I check the street but it's dead quiet and I start to smile as time ticks by. It's taking a bit but then I figure they'll have to search for the goods, they wouldn't be out in the open and before I know it twenty minutes have gone by when a car pulls up in front of the warehouse and a lone person steps out and after noting the cut lock produces two pistols and enters the grounds.

I try to text Brent inside to warn him but I have no way to know if he received it so I wait nervously when all hell breaks loose. I am stuck to my seat as the whole horrific event plays out.

Brent exits the warehouse limping and helping Leonard who has a weapon dangling in his as I spot blood running down his arm from the streetlight. Jake is staggering out after them firing a weapon behind him when I see blood fly out his back and watch in horror as he drops to the ground. The man from the car exits the warehouse and sees Brent and Leo before raising his two weapons and fires off his guns at Brent and Leo and I continue to watch as the remaining my remaining two hired hands erupt as bullets tear them open.

Brent lying dead on the street as Leo is slumped against the car trying to get up as the man in the suit walks up to him holstering his weapons before producing a knife. I can see them talking as Leo is shaking his head before the man grabs the hair on his head and rips the blade across his throat and I can see the blood splatter on the street. Where am I this whole time, I'm pissing my pants in the front seat of a rental car as the killer searches the bodies of my former hired hands.

I watch as he drags their bodies to the car and one by one sits them inside it before searching them and taking a few items puts them away for later. Another couple minutes and the killer walks back to the warehouse looking probably to search for Kazimir's diamonds. He's here for the diamonds too. Did Kazimir send him?

Did he know what I was planning? I think this when I see my opening as the man exits my sight as he enters the warehouse.

The engine to the rental turns over mercifully and I u-turn in the street heading away from the warehouse and slaughter. I turn in the rental and take a taxi back to my condo before throwing myself inside and taking a few deep breaths.

They're all dead; Brent, Leonard and Jake are dead. I head to my small bar and proceed to spend the rest of my morning drinking till I stumble into bed and pass out after a bottle of bourbon and four shots of tequila. The world is ridiculously loud and all I'm hearing are seagull's caterwauling outside the window of my bedroom, even through glass I can hear them.

I manage to pull myself from bed and stagger into the shower stripping out of my clothing from the botched job early this morning. I remember seeing Jake, Leonard and Brent die in the street and proceed to vomit all over my feet before slowly collapsing down the wall of the shower and hurling my guts into the drain till nothing is left but horrible dry heaves and me feeling cold despite the hot water.

I pull myself up and exit the shower drying off and putting on my bathrobe I make my way into the my kitchen and shit myself as he's standing there making himself a fucking sandwich. "Good afternoon Mr. Vargas," Kazimir Vanko says to me as my blood runs cold," you are late getting out of bed today. I was forced to see to my own needs while waiting for you to join me. Where is my shipment?" I want to speak but can't, my hand aches a little just at the sight of the man as he finishes making a sandwich and puts it on one of my plates and pushes it down the counter towards me as he begins to make a second sandwich.

I find I have no appetite but remember what happened last time I didn't understand manners with Mr. Vanko. "Mr. Vargas I ask you question," my Russian nightmare says not looking at me. "I can't contact my person to have it release from its spot in the port. If you give me a little more time…," I get that much out as the knife is stuck into the cutting board with authority.

"Did I say you have more time or did I say by week's end," Kazimir asks me turning towards me," Because I have very good memory but if you wish to relive our conversation to help yours then place hand on counter." "I remember our conversation Mr. Vanko I simply need a little bit of time to make contact with another customs agent and get it put through," I explain as he continues making his meal.

"Except you had days to do this yet you have done nothing," Vanko states finishing his sandwich," What did you do with your time?" "I attempted to find your merchandise and acquire it by hand myself to turn it in to you," I'm lying but he knows more if he knows I wasn't doing what he instructed.

"You send men with guns to a location with my shipment to take my goods for me," he asks and I nod," No you take them for yourself, I tire of your greed Mr. Vargas." "It's the truth sir," I explain as he moves down the counter and past me.

I watch as he moves to a small bag by my couch and produces a plastic bag with three cell phones and three wallets. I watch him take the ID's from the wallets then one by one he throws them to/at me.

"These men, men I find you are connected with, try to rob me. Now here I am and after my friend, the woman who brought you to me finds your number in their devices. You sent them to steal from me, you do not listen when I tell you to remove hold on my goods you decline in favor of greed," he says and I begin to panic. "Mr. Vanko I was only doing this to help you. I knew I couldn't get your shipment freed so I tried alternative measures," I explain and he smiles.

"So you say but your words are hollow, there is no substance. Now I lose money daily waiting for you to do what you have been instructed to do.

How do you plan to compensate for this failure," He asks moving back to his food and beginning to eat. I silently eat with him and think when it hits me. Money, he wants money so I can offer him money and he'll give me time and hopefully not maim me. "I have time, I can get to the bank and transfer money to an account anywhere to compensate for your loss of funds and I'll take the time while I'm out to contact someone about your shipment," I tell Mr.

Vanko who actually smiles. "This is good, contact Ms. Carter and tell her to stop all holds," he instructs me and I pause. "Sir I need the other ones held to…," he cuts me off like lightening stabbing and pinning my sandwich with the knife from the cutting board. "You need to listen Mr. Vargas, my patience is running out and when it leaves I leave. Then after I leave someone come for you, maybe my friend who kill your friends. Maybe my friend who bring you to me but someone will come and you will suffer greatly before you die," he states before removing the knife.

I finish my meal and head to my room to shower and change clothes into something more respectable. As I exit my condo I debate many things, can I call the police?

Should I make a run for it? How far would I get? How much can I pay before I am clear of this nightmare?


All this runs through my head which I shake off and decide to do what I was instructed and pay the man before removing the holds I asked Carter to place on them. My trip to the bank takes an hour, moving fifteen grand is a bit of a pickle but I explain that it's for an investment, in my health, and go through all the necessary process.

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Authentication and checking to ensure the accounts are in order before finally putting the full transfer of funds through. I shake hands with the bank manager and the man performing the transfer and exit to my car where I make my phone call to Carter who answers on the first ring. "Mr. Vargas," she greets me with a subdued almost tired tone.

"Carter I need all the holds we put in place removed by tomorrow," I state and she wakes up. "Mr. Vargas it's almost end of business that will take hours," She starts to explain but I cut her off. "Carter this gets done or I swear to god I won't go to jail alone I'll make sure you get a cell in a matching prison," I would pray for prison over torture and death. "Alright Mr. Vargas I'll get it put through but after this we're done, I am not suffering for your revenge," Carter says hanging up on me.

Dead contact any way I was going to cut it but no loss really since there are more than enough people willing to take a little cash and turn a blind eye to the world.

I settle into my seat and relax; it's going to end finally. I slowly drive back to my condo and cautiously enter taking the time to look around. It's been cleaned, not the everything is gone clean, but more so the food used is put away and the plates are washed and in the sink. I continue my search and find a note from Kazimir. Mr.

Vargas, I received word approximately an hour ago that you were completing the tasks that I set before. I made it a point as a proper house guest to clean the area I used so that it was in good condition. Let me state that I had hoped you would have been smarter and simply done as you were instructed the first time but now you have learned a great lesson, heed the words of your betters.

If I find you involved in my affairs again there will be no meals, there will be no talks. K. Vanko I sit down on my couch and relax for the first time in days. It's actually over, granted I had to give up on my attempt to hurt and possibly maim Anita's business but this was becoming too costly.

I rub my injured hand gently as a reminder and wonder if it will ever fully heal. I settle in for the rest of the evening and contemplate the future.

Two days later I'm sitting at a different café, change of scenery is good and it avoids contact with where Carter and I met to work out the details on screwing over Anita when I am treated to a surprise visit. "Hello Castro," my ex wife says standing next to my table. "Anita, come by to poke and laugh," I ask as she gives me a confused look.

"Why would I laugh at you," she asks sitting down. I look and see her new muscle standing a short distance away and staring at me with a passive look on his face before addressing my ex wife. "What brings you here," I ask her ignoring her question. "I get the sesame crusted salmon on sourdough with mustard greens and wasabi mayonnaise for lunch only today I decided to come in and sit down instead of having it delivered," Anita states nodding to her bodyguard who places her order.

"And why does coming in here have to be a special occasion," I ask keeping the questions off me.

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"Because I'm feeling safer," she replies before adding," I was assaulted in our old home a few weeks ago and I've been avoiding unnecessary exposure ever since." I shrug but internally smile a little, at least something got under her skin. Her order arrives and she begins to eat lightly and I remember why I married her, and why she divorced me.

"Any luck getting past your inability to have a child," I ask not being nice about the subject of our divorce. "Since you asked yes, I had some tests done around the time you were putting your penis into every intern, coffee girl and desperate coed. Turns out sad to say I am and have been fertile and able to bare child the whole time we were married," She gets the words out and I laugh at her. "That's just you trying to put my manhood to shame like you did during the divorce," I state and she grimaces at me, why is she grimacing.

"I'm not trying to hurt you Castro, I simply had to know since you said it to me in your 'explanation' of why you were cheating on me," my ex says as continuing her meal. "I deserved an heir to the business but you took both away from me for the time being," I growl and now she looks up at me with a firm posture.

"I believe you when you say you deserved an heir but you were selfish. You always looked out for what you needed when we were married, not what we needed. You kept thinking about you and I'm sad to say it cost us both a lot of time and heartache. I loved you but you couldn't stop," she says firm but soft and weak at the same time.

"You shouldn't have lied to me about not being able to have children, I've always been a healthy male and when we married I told you I wanted a family. You just wanted a meal ticket," I state standing up," Enjoy your… whatever the hell that is Anita. I hope it keeps you well and satisfied, just like our secretary did for me." I leave on that note and head back to my condo in my car feeling especially good.

I figure it's a good night to have one of my ladies over and send out a message for a meeting at my place, not five minutes later I get a negative reply. No harm but I try again and the same thing a short time after. I send nine separate invitations off and get turned down each time and I'm half a bottle of wine in when I figure I should just go meet a woman out and let her come back with me.

I dress up for the occasion and check my hair, still not thinning, and in my car head to a local jazz club. Problems come not immediately but a few blocks from the club I see red and blue flashing lights behind me and pull over. I'm calm as I had the officer my license and registration and wait calmly as he leaves to run the information through his system before returning to my window. "Sir, step out of the car please," he instructs and now I'm confused.

"Excuse me officer," I ask turning to face him. "Sir, step out of the car," he says backing up a step. I open my door and step out of my Audi and move to where he points. I see he has a small black box with a tube coming out of it in his hand and he holds it up to my face. "Sir I'm going to administer a breathalyzer test to you, before I do so I have to ask you if you've been drinking tonight," he says and I nod a little," Sir do you want to consent to your admission of driving while impaired?" "What does that mean," I ask now upset and more confused.

"Sir that means that by law we are to take you into custody and have your vehicle impounded at the station lot where in you will spend the next twelve hours," the officer states and I nod confused.

I am placed in handcuffs and taken into the station where I'm not processed by their system so much as taken to a cell and shown a cot to lay on. I settle down and collect my thoughts, they didn't write me a ticket, and they didn't even read me my rights. They have me here to sober up and I figure I'll be stuck till the morning and try to settle in on the poor mattress.

I'm awoken by an officer saying my name as he unlocks the door and from there I'm led to a desk where a woman in uniform hands me back my wallet and keys.

I get walked to the station parking lot where my car is waiting and thank the officer before I'm warned about further driving under the influence. I'm back in my vehicle and heading home to shower and get some food while admiring my good fortune with the police.

Monday's are horrible and this one I'm in is becoming the worst I've ever had to deal with. Everything started out alright and I even got a few phone calls of people thanking me for being a member of good standing with the community, no clue as to why but that was the beginning of the problem. I'm looking at a few things, purchases and what not, and when I enter my account information it says unable to retrieve funds. I try again and it repeats the message and I move to my computer to check my accounts.

One by one I move through each account to find it empty, every single one has been cleaned out and I call my account manager from the bank demanding to know what happened to them. "Well Mr. Vargas you electronically moved the funds out. All the notifications in the system show your verification and location as your home terminal.

There is also a termination notice as to your lease which is paid through our bank and a removal order for all payments pending," he informs me a lot colder than I'm used to hearing from the man. "I never made any such changes, get into your system and find what happened to my money," I state getting a weak confirmation.

Every call is similar and horrifying as I move around my condo, to find my paperwork. My contract cycle date is in two days and after that I'm homeless. I check my safe to get the spare cash out of it and find it empty save for my .38 revolver that I keep in case of emergencies. Kazimir cleaned me out, he was here the entire time I was at the bank and he cleaned me out. I tear through my apartment in a rage going down different options when I decide to simply contact the police.

It takes them a little bit and after what I find out was a fifteen thousand dollar donation to the police retirement fund is why they were so quick to help me.

They spend hours going through everything including what I know the fucking Russian touched but come back with a preliminary result of nothing. Worse their tech division shows no signs of tampering or illegal access to my system. The police leave and inform me that they will have a full report for me within two days but I'll be homeless by then. I spend the next day taking calls from every single banking institution I've done business with and hear the same thing.

All authorizations have been put through by me with full access from my home terminal and it was all done during hours that I was home. I couldn't have done it, someone had to have broken in but the police have nothing and I'm stuck looking at one final day with no money and no place to live.

I'm woken promptly by a notice from my landlord with a notice to vacate the apartment in twenty days or pay the balance owed for the month. I take the papers and slam the door before throwing them across the room, how did that Russian bastard fuck me like this? I have no cash so I have to eat what I have in the refrigerator which is enough for now but I'll need money coming in and then brainstorm where I can get more till my accounts are fixed.

Day two of my eviction I'm still in my condo but I haven't begun packing, I can still save this. None of my old contacts and 'friends' are able to lend me cash or willing to bring me in on their business deals despite all the work I've done helping them over the years. I'm going through some of my less than legal contacts; thankfully the trio was small time when I receive a knock at the door.

A short girl hands me a package to sign for which I do and close the door taking it. I open the thick envelope not finding paperwork or legal documents, only a phone. I turn it on and discover it has power only to have it ring a minute after activation, answering it I say nothing.

"Mr. Vargas, I have everything you'll need to start your new life," the voice on the other end states. "Who is this," I ask but they ignore the question. "The ten thousand dollar question isn't who I am it's what happens next. Come to the private hangar, you know which one, there I'll explain your situation," the voice says before ending the call. I stare at the phone and try to call the number back but get a disconnected signal.

I change into one of my suits and grab my revolver tucking it into the back of my slacks before leaving my condo for the hangar Kazimir used to hold his plane. They were fucking me the whole time but why, what could they get out of me? Kazimir has money, more than I could hope to so why take mine? Revenge for impeding his business or is this someone else? I think it over as I drive but when I pull into the hangar I find its open enough for a person but not my vehicle.

I park and exit my car entering the dimly lit hangar to find a young man, stocky build wearing a black suit and white shirt with black tie. His hair is cut short but not military short, more respectable business cut brown hair and he's carrying a briefcase. "Mr. Vargas we have arranged everything for your departure," he states opening the case. "What departure, I'm not going anywhere," I inform him and he shakes his head.

"This is your passport and a charter ticket on a private plane on its way to Brazil," the young man says taking them out with a thick envelope," that and ten thousand dollars will be enough for you to start your new life away from here." "Who are you," I ask as he hands the items to me and steps back well out of reach.

"Who we are isn't important Mr. Vargas. Your life here is over, that is becoming a more solid fact than you realize and in the coming days you will find less and less reason to stay in the area. What you hold in your hands is your new life, I recommend taking the generous option we are giving you," the man says in a calm voice. "You did this to me, you and whoever you got working for you," I spit at the boy as he doesn't seem fazed.

"It doesn't matter who did what, the situation has almost run its course. The people I represent are giving you this chance to live and live somewhere that other forces can't manipulate your situation like it was here," he says still calm. "You manipulated the situation as you keep calling it. Everything in my life goes to shit in a matter of a couple weeks and now here you are with my soft push out the door. Who are you," I demand dropping the ticket and passport. "Who I am is irrelevant Mr.

Vargas. Who we are is inconsequential in the long term because your long term here in this area will end in a matter of weeks. Please for your own sake take the option placed in front of you, it really is your best chance," this little shit states to me but I'm done with being played. I laugh at him a little and reaching back with my good right hand pull the .38 out of my pants and aim at the boy in the suit.

His eyes widen and I see some fear, good. Now I can start making some changes. "Here's my counter offer shit head. First you're going to contact your bosses and put my money back in the accounts; second you are going to pay me fifty thousand dollars for the hassle that you've caused me. Finally one of your people is going to kill that bitch of an ex wife of mine," I dictate my demands to the scared boy," I'd start calling kid." "Mr. Vargas threatening me won't do you any good.

I don't have the authority to make these demands and the people involved wouldn't return your money if they did take it," he says but he flinched, he's lying," shooting me will be worse for you right now than not taking the option we've given you." "I'm not seeing you make that call boy and I'm losing my patience.

I've been fucked around by you and your people for weeks and either you start fixing this 'situation' as you keep calling it or I will kill you right now and the next person they send to make me an offer will have a better idea that I'm not the man to fuck with," I tell him keeping my weapon trained on his chest. "Mr. Vargas my making a call won't get you anything more than what you have already been given," I cut him off pulling the hammer back on my revolver.

"Well shit head let's put it this way, I'm going to count to three and by the time I get there if you haven't started making that call I'm going to put all six in your fucking chest," I tell him with a menacing smile," Do you understand?

One…" Stuart: Same place, same time "Holy shit what was that," I yell looking around. Here I am doing wrap up with Castro Vargas after we stamped him out of town pretty much and he pulls a gun on me, not one person said he had a weapon.

He was demanding all his money back and I was trying to explain that it was gone. We could get it back but I knew it would mean failing what Anita asked of us by ruining him and making him leave town. Granted I was pushing him softly with my passport idea and giving him some of his own money but when he threatened me I knew I was fucked.

Now I'm standing here in an empty airplane hangar, one for the big jets or multiple smaller ones and Castro Vargas's head has exploded out the back and his body is on the floor with blood leaking onto the pavement. I put in my earpiece and turn it on.

"Target is down, Isaac I need clean up and grab Wilma to assist on this one," I hear Ben talking to the team. I look around and see him in the back of the hangar with a rifle on the catwalk standing up and moving over to the stairs. The main doors to the hangar open a little as Wilma, Isaac and Jamal join us inside the Hangar with the first two carrying a couple large bags of gear. I let them work while Isaac coaches Jamal on not vomiting around a dead body when they need to dispose of it.

I'm standing in the same spot I began this misadventure in as Ben approaches us. "Desmond is outside keeping perimeter while you work on the body. Stuart you should probably wrap up with Anita and get us paid for the job," Ben says approaching me. I'm pretty sure he didn't see it coming and when my fist flying at his face I find out just how well trained he is as he spins on his heel out of the way of my punch.

The rifle is slung on his back but he's more than ready to defend himself so I go with the words option. "What were Anita's specific instructions," I ask Ben and don't wait for the answer raising my voice," Do not kill him!

She was very fucking specific on the NO KILLING part!" "Yes I remember what the client requested," Ben answers remaining much calmer than he should. "Then pack your shit and get the fuck off the job site since you can't follow a simple instruction to NOT KILL someone," I yell at him and he doesn't flinch. "No, first off you run the job but not the business.

Second I'm the only one with a standing kill order in this crew and that includes Wilma and Desmond. Third and most important I have been following orders this entire time," Ben states in a rational manner. "Explain what part of no killing the target was you following orders," I demand and Ben smiles. "I never said I was following YOUR orders. You're good and the plan was sound but it wasn't falling the right way at the end like it does when Guy is running the operation, now let me tell you why he can get away with it.

It's because every time I'm the last one off the job because I'm the one making sure you get home to your girlfriend and Guy makes it home to his family. You think you can just walk around fucking with people and they will do absolutely everything the way you planned it?

No they won't and when someone decides to change the score," Ben says finally becoming emotional and pointing at the now stripped body of Castro Vargas," It's my job to remove them from the picture.

I don't do my job you die, it's just that simple." I turn and leave; I don't say anything or speak with anyone on my way out. I get to the main grounds of the airport and send Guy a text message asking him his location and get an address as a reply before taking one of the taxis there. It's a bit of a drive and when I finally arrive Kori is waiting out front with an older woman who upon the two of them seeing me hugs her and steps inside the very large ranch home.

"Where is Guy," I ask Mrs. Kori who smiles at me lightly. "He's with our children; they left about thirty minutes ago with the rest of the family except for Mother Delauter, Katy, Baby Neal and I. I'm the one you are here to speak with," she says calm but concerned.

"No Guy told me this job was mine then he gives Ben some fucked up orders to do things exactly opposite of what I and the client had instructed him to do," I tell her and she shakes her head at me.

"Ben wasn't following Guy's orders, he was following mine," she informs me walking out into the grass of front yard. "You don't run the business, how can you give orders," I ask following her and confused. "It's not a matter of how it's a matter that I do, well let me correct that, us wives do," Kori says as we walk," I wasn't stepping on your toes or trying to undermine your work Stuart. I care about you, just as much as Guy and the rest of us. Because I care I don't want anything bad to happen to you, not as much as my husband obviously but you are important to us." "Ben violated my order, we're going to be out of a payday at the very least thanks to him," I state explaining my position.

"How much would we get if you were killed," Kori asks and I stop in the yard. "How do you know what was going on," I counter and she turns to face me. "I don't know exactly what was happening Stuart. I honestly don't know the situation with the job you have been working on for my husband. What I do know is that Ben had to kill someone, probably the person you were working against because your life was threatened.

That is his specific job and that job supersedes everything anyone, even my husband says," Kori explains and I'm not happy regardless. "Well I'm not working with Ben if he can't follow my instructions," I state and she gives me a look of disapproval.

"Stuart you are being childish, the only reason Ben acted when he did was because your life was in danger and he didn't take the chance. You're looking at this as someone wasn't doing what you say when you should look at it as someone was looking out for you just in case," Kori states her case before placing her hand on my shoulder," You are important to us Stuart, we're friends here but more like family.

Everyone here will do whatever they have to so that the team makes it home." "How can I trust anyone if there are things going on above my head when I'm supposed to be in charge," I ask a little calmer but not happy.

"Stuart we do trust you, it's not a matter of not trusting you. It's a matter of not trusting them and not wanting to risk you," Mrs. Kori says more like a mother than a boss. Mrs. Kori moves away from me and inside the house as Mrs. Katy joins me in the yard carrying her son.

"It's a fucking head trip isn't it," She asks and I nod. "Too many people in charge," I state and she shakes her head at me. "Listen Stuart, I'm not smart like everyone else here. I busted my ass just to get into community college and even more so had to meet credit and grade requirements to attend the real thing with the rest of my family but what I do know is one person can't do everything," Mrs.

Katy says holding up her boy," I did a lot of running around with our husband on the job in the early years and we had to divide up responsibilities for one simple reason." "What is that," I ask and she smiles. "Guy can't do everything," Mrs. Katy says grinning," he's tough and he's scary and can fight like a demon but imagine him trying to use a computer like you or even Jun. Or even worse, when he was trying to show us his investment plan while Rachael is sitting on a degree in finance.

If we let him do everything the business would have failed years ago." "It still doesn't help that we won't get paid because we broke contract," I tell her and she smiles. "Explain it to the client then. You still have to wrap it up and offer to not take payment because you failed her objectives. If she agrees then we never touch her life again, otherwise she is added to our network," Mrs. Katy explains as little Neal begins to fuss," Now I have to go inside and whip out a tit for this little guy to feed off of." I'm left in the yard shaking my head, not at the feeding of her son, at the craziness that has engulfed my life.

I begin to make a call to have a cab pick me up as a black SUV pulls up to the curb and Ben is driving it. I debate it for a moment and finally enter the passenger side as he pulls away from the house taking us probably back to Mrs.

Vargas's house. "It wasn't a matter of disobeying you. For the record I believe you did an excellent job with the planning and the execution. Jun is impressed as well and the extra funding left over will give us all a small pay bump if we don't get paid from this," Ben says while driving.

"Yeah everyone says that but if I'm actually in charge then why don't I feel in charge," I ask Ben who shrugs. "Probably because unlike Guy this isn't second nature, you expected our target to be so hammered by everything that he'd give up. Sadly his inner asshole nature came out in spades and added a firearm to the situation. When he started counting I had to shoot," Ben says and I cut him off.

"Alright I get that but Mrs. Kori has her orders for you, Guy has his orders for everyone and I'm over here not actually in charge. That's the problem, tell me one thing but it's not actually that way," I state and he laughs at me. "Well then I suggest you smile that some of these orders are there to keep your ass without bullet holes," He says still laughing. "How could you just kill him for a threat and counting," I ask and he laughs harder.

"Easy, I keep the rifle tight into my shoulder and exhale on the trigger squeeze," Ben laughs. I laugh a little, it's insane but I can understand why Kori and the wives would have this in place but now I think about Ben can be so casual about killing a man. "So you just kill people and feel nothing about it afterwards," I ask with no humor.

"Honestly no, never felt much when I did it in the military either," He replies as we continue our drive. "How? How can you just kill a person and feel nothing," I ask Ben still a bit shocked. "It's a simple choice, either you or the other guy. I don't think about anything else and after that it's pretty easy," Ben says as we pull up in front of Anita's house.

I get confirmation from Jun that everything is being moved around and that not only do we have a condo now for use but given enough time and a contact by the name of Johnny the car will be the company's as well. I get inside and see the three hired helpers that Castro used to call on standing in front of Mrs. Vargas. "Ma'am we're honestly sorry about what we did. We were desperate and had no money but that's no excuse for it," Leo says as the two larger black men nod.

"Well I accept your apology, I take it things are a bit better now," She asks and they nod. "Yes ma'am, the people you hired have taken care of us and we're working on an opening a gym sometime in the near future," Leo says before turning to leave.

We paid them to take a very public fall for Castro so he could feel alone but best part is we paid them out of his money. What was nice is that the apology wasn't because of something we pressured them into, the large one Brent with the bum knee wanted to do it and the others agreed.

I let them leave before addressing Anita as she converses with her friend and secretary Sophia. "Well Stuart your friends really helped me out. All my contracts are through and I have Ms.

Carter as a friend in the port authority and customs which will help me later on in case of any legitimate concerns or delays, I'd say you over achieved in this situation," Anita says with a smile on her face that won't last. "I'm sad to say we weren't able to complete all the terms the way you specified Mrs.

Vargas," I start in and she gives me a puzzled look," Your ex husband Castro is dead." I can hear the air leave the room for a moment as Anita leans against the counter. She nods to me and I explain the situation including the option out, which was my idea to help move him along.

She takes in all the details before finally addressing me. "You couldn't help what Castro did, you even tried to give him a life away from here like I requested. No Mr. Wolfric you exceeded my expectations and our contract is complete. Sophia will move your payment to the one you have on the computers and hopefully we'll have time to talk again in the future. Right now I need to be alone for a while," Anita tells me before leaving for her upstairs bedroom.

Sophia gives me a light smile and puts through payment for our work; I get confirmation from Jun and with everything packed up catch a ride back to the dorms from Ben. We chat a little between us but our big conversation is past and I am going to have to cope with it.

I don't want to know what is left of Mr. Vargas and when we get to the parking lot Ben gives me a friendly smile and I exit the van and head into my dorm. Richard and Dia are watching a movie together and barely pay me any mind aside from a basic hello. I change into something light and head out again, this time to see Robin who is studying in her room according to her message while I was working. Ben not killing him means I wouldn't get to see Robin today, now everything clicks and I need to remember to thank him when we work or talk next.

Robin is hard at work being middle of the week, I will be doing some catch up study later but now I'm knocking on her door and waiting.

No surprises for me save for Robin talking with Caitlin and Trinity. "Hey Stuart you off work todummph," Robin tries to greet me but I pick her up and kiss her. "Robin this is Stuart either having a really good day or a really bad day, also it's our cue to cut out," Trinity says almost dragging Caitlin past us.

I pick Robin off the ground and kick the door closed after Caitlin as we keep kissing and she wraps her legs around my waist. I carry her to her room and fumble with the door before finally getting it open, us inside then kicking it closed. We finally get on her bed and usually I'm not the one on top but we just happened to fall this way and now that we're not doing a balancing act our tongues begin to play around in each other's mouths.

It's not hard and heavy but more light and playful as we kiss and I begin to strip, sadly I'm stopped. "Honey no," Robin informs me and I give her a look of hurt and confusion," Honey I'm getting my visit and it's not happening." "Really? I had a tough day and now I just want some us time," I plead but the look shuts me down.

"It's really difficult for me to say how it feels so let me explain it so you'll understand. I'll stab you with a kitchen knife then use a couple fingers to fuck the wound," Robin states and yep, erection is gone.

"Well can we cuddle at least," I ask and now she smiles. "Cuddle, fondle and kiss but hands out of my pants," my girlfriend informs me and we settle down on her bed with me curled up behind her. It feels nice being with her after what happened today and I think about Guy. He didn't start this way, he had to get used to it and even then he admitted to a couple minor breaks from reality by having a conversation with a figment of his imagination.

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A soft nudging brings me back to reality where Robin has questions. "So you have an internship that you're going to leave for when you graduate," she asks and I nod," So what about us?" "Well you're my girlfriend and I'm going to be around to visit as much as possible," I tell her and she grimaces.

"Okay but what about sex, you're not going to be here much and that means you're going to need sex," I want to say something about relationship but get cut off," No excuses I want to hear your plan for sex when we're not together." "I don't have one because I'm not going to have sex with other women.

I'll wait till I'm back with you then sexy time," I turn from serious to cute joke but she's serious. "Well I'm thinking you need sex when we're not together. Granted I don't, most guys are a turn off," Robin informs me and I prop myself up on my elbow to look at her. "Really what about Korean biker boy," I ask and get poked in the ribs hard.

"I was drinking and still down on myself from my long term asshole. You are something more and I connect with you. I'm of the mind that if you are going to have sex I need to be able to approve them," Robin states and I'm looking at her with my best 'what the hell'," I've been reading a book Caitlin gave me, it's got a lot of good points on multiple partner relationships and one of them is if I'm the primary girlfriend or lover then I need to be comfortable with anyone you routinely bring into your bed." "And if I'm not comfortable with it or if you want the door to swing both ways," I ask and she shakes her head.

"Honey I have a you based sex drive except for four to five days a month, aside from that I'm good to relax and cuddle. But maybe we should talk about Caitlin," Robin informs me and I shrug.

"What about Caitlin, she's my friend," I counter but Robin has things in mind. "Well while you've been working I've been thinking, if you don't get to stay local why don't you take Caitlin with you?

She'll take make us a threesome couple but you two will be back to visit me often and keep in touch right," Robin asks/states and I nod confused but curious. I think about Guy and his five wives, did it start like this for him? Was there time in between where he just wanted one girlfriend or wife or did that never seem to be an option?

And as for Caitlin I begin to think about her, we've been dancing around each other in and out of bedrooms for at least half of our final year. Is she really in for this and why do the ladies seem to be the ones making the decisions about my love life for me? Alright my decisions on my love life last year were pretty shitty but they were that… yes they were that bad. "Well this weekend then I'm taking you out to dinner and maybe a movie on Friday instead of a party," I inform Robin who smiles.

"Good then you can tell me all about this work you do," she says giving me yet another problem to work out. I pause with that question and wonder if we can get to something easier and one that I can answer like what would it take to hack the CIA after breaking inside the Pentagon? I let the question fade away giving robin a kiss but she'll ask again later, she's smart.

Catching up on my class work the next couple days isn't impossible and by Friday afternoon I'm getting ready for a simple date out with Robin. I'm dressed mostly casual jeans and a light shirt when I get the knock for Robin and exit my dorm to see my shorter than I Korean girlfriend with a loose flannel shirt tied around her denim long shorts and a black tank top. "Yep I'm going to break a bed tonight," I tell her with a quick kiss. "Nope, still feeling all nasty," Robin quietly replies and I grumble.

"This is not cool, you cannot walk around with me looking super hot and attractive and not let me play," I pout a little jokingly and a little not. "Well let's go have a good time and maybe we'll spend the night at your place and pray for a clean morning," Robin says as we reach my SUV.

We decide on American food for the restaurant since she hates ninety percent of Asian restaurants. Something about them not picking one country's meals and combining ones that don't make sense to her.

We're almost done eating when Jamal and Isaac, the latter still being in town confuses me a little, as they slide up to our table. Introductions are out of the way when Robin asks how Jamal is doing. "Actually little girl I'm doing great, Stuart got me a job and I'm moving into a new apartment," Jamal informs Robin who begins with more of her questions.

"Well that's amazing, Stuart is more connected than I thought," She shoots me a wicked glance before turning her attention to Isaac," So what are you the head boss?" "No not the boss he's the man I answer to, I'm mostly in charge of orienting and training Jamal for his position working with Stuart's team," Isaac informs Robin who doesn't miss a beat.

"So what will his team be doing," She asks and now Isaac catches her line of questioning. "Taking care of our client needs in an effective and efficient manner so that a pay day where Jamal can have a used but in great condition Audi," Isaac points to Jamal's 'new' car in the parking lot," is a perk." "Yeah took me months to get a vehicle," I joke and Jamal pats me on the shoulder.

"Well I owe all that I'm getting to you man, Robin take care of my boy here please," Jamal says before leaving. We get our goodbyes in and pay the tab before heading off to the theater to watch a movie.

We're both looking at different movies but I let her have the decision and we end up in some buddy chick flick comedy.

I'm bored but Robin is laughing and every once in a while I get a mild chuckle so it's bearable. We're sitting in the back and I feel the arm of the seat in between us move up as Robin cuddles in and we continue to enjoy the movie from a more personal seating arrangement. I'm relaxed as I seems like Robin is sliding down my chest falling asleep during the movie when I feel some playing going on with my pants that I can't see and all of a sudden my penis is getting some great lip service from Robin.

We haven't done this too much with her being worried that she'd choke or get it forced down her throat. Now here we are in a movie theater, thankfully not packed full, in the back and she's got enough of me going in and out of her mouth slowly and I lean my head back to enjoy it when a little paranoia hits and I begin to look around to see if anyone notices. It's dark so either someone in a row in front of us does notice and doesn't care or nobody can see us. In our short near month relationship we've played around but she's barely gone down on me so this here and now is a stand up and notice event.

I can't see much but Robin being a bit shorter and smaller than Caitlin and a lot less experienced is making up for that by getting half of me in her mouth while stroking the other half with her hand. It's not a quick motion she's using either, just slow patient head bobbing and stroking. I'm rubbing Robin's back with one hand and the other is gripping the arm of the theater seat. I try to focus on people around me but Robin's surprise is a good one and I finally just lean my head back and let go as she bobs her head faster.

I'm not going to last long considering we last played around about a week ago and when I cum she freezes in place with part of me still in her mouth.

I grit my teeth and clench my abs as I blow it in Robin's mouth and finally finish and relax. Robin for her worth sits up and leans to the opposite side and quietly spits my cum on the floor before asking for my card to get a soda. Hell she can get the whole damn snack bar for all I care and as she leaves I do up my pants and double check the theater. Robin returns with a soda and popcorn before cuddling next to me again and continuing the movie. Movie done and we exit the theater but I'm looking around wondering if anyone is going to say anything, I'm a little paranoid but we make it to my SUV alright and head back to the dorms.

"So was that worth it," Robin asks playfully. "Ummm let me think," I pause before blurting out," Yes!" "Well thank Caitlin, it's her idea. Or maybe you should just go over there tomorrow and have sex with her," Robin says and I give her an interested look.

"Kinda have a woman for that thank you," I tell her and she shakes her head. "Could have two but no you're so good and noble, I love it. Now consider getting just a little dirty," Robin says as we laugh. I drop Robin off at her dorm and head back to my parking my ride and getting inside. Movie was shit but dinner was good. I drop a line to Guy about meeting up with Robin and maybe Caitlin to talk about what we do when he informs me his vacation has been over for a few days and he's back home working on getting new work.

We talk a little bit about Robin pushing me to bring Caitlin in and Guy tells me to do what I want and if Robin doesn't understand then maybe she's not right for me. I almost jump through the phone and fist fight my mentor but two problems occur. One is physics and two is he'd kick my ass. It does establish my relationship feelings for Robin a bit more for me, offending our togetherness is bad for my temper. I settle into bed and relax hoping for good sleep. Ever been woken up from a dead sleep because something was happening to you and you didn't know what.

My room is near pitch black and I'm just lying under my blankets as I'm being given a blowjob. Yeah this is a great dream and I relax and allow it to play out. I can feel a hand massaging my balls while an eager mouth steadily takes me deeper and deeper keeping me warm and wet.

It's really good and I know I'm getting hard but usually this is where the dream either changes or ends and I wake up. It's not a usual situation as the mouth stops but my blankets are pulled off of me and I feel a female form crawling up my body. She adjusts me and settles in pressing my cock into warm tight pussy, I hear a gasp and relax as my dream woman is taking her time getting me in.

It's a slow process but once she finally gets me all the way down the dream woman slowly rotates her hips around like one of those girls on the Mexican rap videos. Tight and a different feel than I have had in a long time but good and I move my hands slowly gripping dream woman's hips.

I feel her pause for moment before she continues moving her hips around speeding up a little. I'm enjoying her work when my dream woman stops and pulls herself off of me. I feel shifting on the bed and move away from me before I sit up and see her silhouette in the dark down on her knees with her ass in the air. I move behind the dream woman and with one push find myself back in tight pussy only now I'm in control as I begin to pound away.

I can hear her grunt at the initial invasion and every thrust after that is met with a moan of pleasure. I grab her hips to keep her ass is place as she shifts trying to get comfortable. Her ass is tight and with enough cushion but not too much as I grip her cheeks while pounding away. I feel like this is the best dream ever as I reach down and grab a handful of hair pulling dream woman's head back, she groans loudly and I speed up harder and faster. My orgasm is coming soon and I feel her clamp down on me as I pound away hard and deep.

I am about to drop my load in this wonderful pussy when I hear it. "Fuck me Stuart, cum inside me," I hear in a thick accent and lose it. I cum and I mean hard as my mind races to grip a single thought while I spray not so dream woman's insides coating the walls. I grip her tightly with my hand and jerk back a little as I spasm hard into her before falling back onto my bed confused and catching my breath. Both of us are laying there tired and while she is rolling off to clean I'm confused and a little shocked.

I flip on my lamp light and see Dia pulling a silk robe around her waist as she flinches at the light. I give us a second to adjust before standing up and speaking. "What the fuck are you doing here," I ask confused and upset. "I'm getting dressed and going to the toilet to clean," Dia says like nothing is wrong. "No I mean why the fuck did you come in here and fuck me while I was sleeping," I ask and she smiles. "You weren't sleeping for all of it and it is good, you are almost Richard's length but you are thicker and stretched me good.

I will have sex with you again," She says and I shut that thought down. "I have a girlfriend, Robin and you are dating Richard. We can't have sex again and I need to tell Robin what happened," I explain as she smiles at me. "You tell her, she is hurt, she leaves you and we have sex more. You tell Richard, he is hurt, maybe he break up with me then you come to me and we have sex more," Dia says moving to me and smiling," You keep quiet, both do not know.

I let you do things I do not let Richard, you date but do not screw little Korean girlfriend who can't give you best sex like I can. We have much more sex and enjoy it." I can see my cum dripping down her leg as she quietly exits my room and closes the door after her.

Holy shit I am fucked. ?????? "Boys, I got a message to send. I said find me the right person to send a message and you came to me," I tell the young man tied to the post," You came here to help me send a message." I step away from the young man on the post, I could smell his fear from miles away but here it's all too powerful.

My brothers are flocking around the warehouse watching, waiting, expecting, anticipating. "I came to help you with Stuart," the boy Chez says to me and I look at him with a smile. "And how would you… help me," I ask moving back to him. "I'd beat him down and leave him for you," he tells me and I laugh. "The world is a cruel place for a boy like him… and what kind of world do you live in… that does this to one of its own," I ask as he shakes with fear.

I step back and hold my arms wide walking around the post and my new boy Chez speaking to my family. "Law of the jungle says the strong survive… A long time ago I saw a sheep.

It was fat and it was weak then someone cleaned the skin off it and it was a monster but it thought it was still a sheep. When I finally saw that sheep again I let the monster out," I end my walk in front of Chez," You pointed and laughed.

You took from him. You set to rob him of what he really is but I set him free." My family speaks agreement with my words and I feel their strength and their power. I begin to speak but this time it's for us.

"Boy I saw your pain and in it made you the instrument of your salvation but you are losing your way. I will bring you back to me Stuart; I should have never set you out among them. The sheep have made you forget… but that's alright… I'm here… now," I say turning back to Chez. "Please, I can help you.

I can try to get him to come to you," the boy pleads and I turn to my 'left hand'," Chuckles?" "I follow I follow I follow I follow I follow I follow I follow," my second favorite repeats over and over again to me. I take his face in my hands, I remember when he broke.

I remember the pieces and now we rebuilt him with pieces of everyone else. Tonight is no exception. "Take your piece… take your piece from him," I tell my boy.

Chuckles smiles with is black skin and white teeth. I watch the small blade and clamp come out as Crying Tomas, my 'right hand', takes Chez's face and holds his head still and mouth open. Chuckles uses his pliers to pull the tongue out of Chez's head till it's stretched tight before slowly sawing through the tongue with the dull blade.

I hear the screams and it is beautiful as blood and urine hit the ground and I am on my knees with my arms outstretched soaking in the beauty of the fear. I breathe in the sweet scent as my hands move away from Chez and he laughs, I hear the laughing and it's time.

I wave my hand and my family, my followers, the Faces of Fear shower Chez with gasoline, kerosene, turpentine and high grain alcohol. He's still laughing with tears down his face, Chez is, shaking his head as he waits to be my message.

I stand and extend a hand as Crying Tomas hands me the torch.

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"Stuart, it's time to come home," I say as I light the fire and send my message.