Sexy honey Erica Lauren gets hammered from behind

Sexy honey Erica Lauren gets hammered from behind
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Mina is laying on the sofa on her stomach, she is wearing a short black dress.

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To the delight of her senses, she smells the sweetest, yet most thrillingly manly smell! Excited, her whole body is trembling! My strong hands gently, held her, as I lay between her legs on top of her. She feels my body on her back, my touch is so gentle, and yet so very in control, she is totally in my power. I had gently moved her dress up - to her sexual delight the first place I kissed is her neck.

A lightning bolt, an arrow, of pure erotic heat shot through her body, as she feels me gently brushing my face and lips against her neck and her shoulder. " OHHHHHH God, Ohhhh," she is instantly in flames. Her body writhing, her belly heaving with the utmost erotic pleasure ever imagined, she melted totally in my arms-I had her totally in my power as she feels my tongue lovingly licking her back, my hands loving her butt as only a dream could do!

From that first kiss, she is moaning, and writhing, her body convulsing in pure pleasure as I mastered her sexually and emotionally. Occasionally, she found that I would wander to her shoulders and neck. She cries out and pleads, " PLEASE John!!


Please, to my neck and my shoulder, please!!" At this command, I would obediently go back to kissing, nuzzling and gently biting her neck and shoulder. She wanted more!! She wanted me to nip her neck; She wanted me to devour her.

Her body is in torment from my kisses! She is slim and curvy, she is moaning and screaming her delight. She thrilled at my fingers gently moving adoringly between her legs, and across her clit. I'm worshiping her slim body, my lips like burning coals on her skin" Gently, backing up my licking to every square inch of her back and her butt is, my hands - one hand caressing her soft butt, the other gently inserting a finger into her pussy, from the first caress, is dripping with nectar.

I expertly caress inside her with my rough hands, which further excite her - texture to the smoothness of her own hands - adding to the hot fire in her pussy. She hears me softly groaning, climaxing over and over again, I finally enter her, with a very hard thick cock, as I gently, expertly slide into her - in the softest entry she could ever imagine!

She doesn't ever remember me penetrating her gently. She is in the hands of the utmost expert! Her body, her womb - all of her, in the hands of this foremost lover. Having broken her tightness, which was painful, but still is masked by the extreme pleasure, she feels the rich, warm flow of my nectar deep inside her belly - warming her and pleasing her - not as much as the wonderful feel of my skin on her back though - but so very pleasing.

I had gone back to kissing her neck and shoulders, helping her to stay on top of her multiple orgasms. Later, she is leaning against the kitchen sink when she feels my body press into her back, two arms wrapping around her. Everything froze except her breathing and heartbeat, both of which picked up at an alarming pace.


" You're so fucking beautiful," I whispered as I pull her long thick hair to the side, revealing her long silky neck to me. I run the tip of my nose softly down the back of her neck and across her bare shoulder, simply breathing her in scent. " You keep teasing me with this beautiful body, and I can't stop thinking about you," I begin running my hands softly over her hips, up toward the opening in her robe.

My tongue peeked out and gently licked her behind her ear. Mina is so aroused, her body is tingling all over, there is electricity running down her spine. Without conscious thought, she is moaning softly, and leaning in towards my body. My hands slip into the front of the robe and begins to gently caress her breasts. Moving softly, kneading them, causing her nipples to stiffen and peak under my touch. " That's right, baby.

Let me feel those beautiful tits you've got," I whisper as my kisses became stronger, wetter, as I begin nipping and sucking on her skin, which is blushing under my touch. " God Mina. It's been so long since we have been together," I slip one hand into her camisole so I can feel her stiff nipple, she moans and presses her ass towards the bulge she feels behind her. " God, Mina, you feel so fucking good. Feel what you do to me?" Both Mina and I are moaning and panting now.

The air around us only disturbed by our desperate sounds. I slowly pull the robe from her shoulders and let it pool at our feet. While I continue to caress and kiss her body, I gently ease her camisole over her head, leaving her exposed from the waist up.

I continue to play with her nipples and kiss her as I brought my other hand back down to her waist and start to run it between her legs. " Ohhh," Mina gasps softly, my touch igniting the flames of lust. Her body is tingling all over and she is overwhelmed with the sensations that I'm bringing out in her.

" Shhh, I'm going to make you feel so good." I continue as I slip my hand into the front of her panties, feeling the clean shaved mound with my fingers.

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" Let me show you how good your body can feel." I ran my hands up the back of her thighs until I'm gripping her sweet ass. I slowly and gently ran a finger through the elastic on her panties before I begin tugging them down. Looking over her shoulder at me, she sees me smiling.I step up behind her.

She feels me rub the head of my cock against her pussy then against her clit and back again several times, teasing her, wetting the head of my cock with her juices. She is fearful and excited waiting to be impaled on my monster cock. Mina's favorite position is being taken from behind like a bitch in heat. I reach down between us and guide my cock so that the tip is pointing between her pussy lips and as I did so precum is everywhere.

Then I lean forward and thrust driving my cock into her. She cries out in shock as I thrust a massive amount of cock into her. It is a huge thick searing hot rod reaching places no cock had been in a long time. I'm now gripping her hips with my hands and thrusting into her hard and fast, thrusting in and out driving my cock deeper as she cums continually.

My searing cock is making her pussy feel on fire and she can't help herself, it has been a long time since has been taken this way, she instinctively starts to push back against my thrusts.

In seconds I'm fully embedded, she feel my groin hard against her pussy lips, she is so aroused that she pushes back onto me as hard as she can, instinctively trying to get as much inside her as possible, grinding her pussy against me.

All at once I push my knot into her God it hurt! Mina had never experienced my knot before, as it entered her it started to grow inside her, forming a bulge that expanded inside her pussy.


God, it is so painful but the pain starts to go almost immediately as her pussy adjusted, She had never been so full. As the bulge grew my thrusts slowed to a stop as the knot inside her locked us together as I hunch over her back just holding myself deep inside her. Mina feels every inch of my burning cock and it seems to reach up into her stomach. Her mind is completely dominated by the feeling coming from her pussy and from my huge cock.

It twitched and throbbed deep inside her and seconds later I start to shake and shudder and then I came! It feels as if a scalding hose pipe had been turned on inside her, there seems to be bucketful's being emptied into her womb, it went on and on.

As I came, she orgasms continously, she can't help herself, she just came and came, her orgasm increasing in intensity. She is concentrating on my huge fiery cock emptying itself into her. After thirty minutes we came down. The next morning I came down for coffee, tired and tense after being in a constant state of arousal with Mina around for the past two days.

I corner Mina in the kitchen as she got coffee, she is wearing a camisole and panties showing off her long legs and the curves of her pert ass and hips. She had her back turned to me again at the counter. Mina is wearing her hair pulled back into a topknot, wisps of black locks framing her neck and face. I'm possessive and bold as I step behind her, gently pinning her against the counter as I push up against her, my big, hard cock insistent as I grind it against her buttock and hip, my arms sliding over her ribs.

She gasps quietly as she nearly dropped her coffee cup. I hear her make a sound of protest, but she stops when my mouth went over her neck. She arched it quietly, shivering as I grind into her, hard. I snake a hand upwards to crush one of her breasts - it is supple, soft and free against the fabric, nipple instantly hardening in my palm -despite the cold act she'd tried to pull last night.

I feel her struggle meekly as she tries to squirm away, I grab her panties ripping them off. Forcing her legs apart I position myself behind her with my jutting erection pointing at her cunt. Without any warning I slam my hard nine-inch sausage deep into her pussy, balls-deep, grunting intensely. Mina has a wonderful mouth, but her pussy is heavenly!

She is moist and wet down there, she wasn't prepared for a full-on attack like that. Mina screamed an ear-splitting screech at the sudden sensation of a fully-stretched vagina. One moment her slit is empty, and a second later her vaginal walls are enlarged and filled with a molten hot cock. " Oh God.John. !" she whined.

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I'm fucking her with long, forceful thrusts that slide in and out. Her pink fleshy walls rubbed raw from the friction.

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I have one hand on her hip and another on her neck, pushing her down against the counter as I ram my cock into her violently, over and over again. Each thrust made a noisy smacking sound, luridly vulgar, that also ensured her luscious butt rippled from the movement. Just five minutes of vigorous fucking left the lovely Mina gasping and squealing out. Mina screams again, overwhelmed and overpowered. I continue to fuck the diminutive stunner with all my energy and drive, with my hips bucking back and forth wildly.

I'm unforgiving in my manner, my only concern is my desires to desecrate the beautiful woman. Mina whimpering softly and trying to pull away. I wasn't having any of that, so I pinned her down and then shoved my cock again into her taut pussy as hard as I can. We grunted out simultaneously, she sputtered - as spittle dribbled from her lips down onto her chin, I'm relentless in my drive to fuck her.

Forcing my way in, sinking deeper and deeper into her. My rigid torpedo plunged deeper into her carnal orifice, until it feels like she is being split-apart. My meat-shaft hit cavernous parts deep within Mina's womb that she never knew existed. She always feels so full when my cock is buried entirely inside of her, she looks back at me over her shoulder in complete incredulity. " AAAAAAHHHHH!! AAAAAAHHHHH!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!

AAAAAAHHHHH!! AAAAAAHHHHH!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!" Mina shrieked, unable to control herself. I assaulted her with deep, pounding thrusts, relentless and merciless like a machine. The piston action of my hips were so powerful nine rigid inches churning in her, spliting her in two, pounding and battering her like nothing before. She is filled up, completely, again and again. The Asian stunner gripped the counter beneath her for dear life, bellowing out bloodcurdling screams that she could no longer control.

It only took a few minutes for me to climax.

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Having a gorgeous minx squirm and squeal frenziedly because of my fucking is an experience, Mina's slit clamped down on my erection tightly to the point I had difficulty thrusting into her. But resistance is futile, I fucked my beautiful ex-wife until we came, simultaneously. We screeched out in pleasure, her already spastic cunt gone into overdrive.

Meanwhile, I buried my cock as deep as I could within her, determined to fill her to the brim with my dirty jism. There is so much cum! Mina's overwhelming orgasm kept her occupied as I deposited my loads deep into her, pulling out slowly so that I would paint her vaginal walls from end to end, all the way at the back of her womb, and then pulling back out to its entrance.

Seven huge blasts of semen caused her slim figure to quiver even more at the lurid feeling. That, and the fact that her tiny vagina literally couldn't contain all the ejaculate being poured into it - the oozing, slippery mess swiftly surging out of her pussy-lips, dripping down to the puddle of cum that had collected underneath her on the floor. At last I'm satisfied with my orgasm, withdrew from her. " Shit! You're one hot bitch!" I exclaimed.

She is a smoking hot Asian bitch. But Mina is also a dazed and speechless bitch, overcome by the morning fucking.