Breathtaking fuck makes sexually excited bitches finally reach orgasms

Breathtaking fuck makes sexually excited bitches finally reach orgasms
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Rhiannon was sitting in class. She was meant to be doing chemistry but her mind kept wandering. She looked around the class. Everything seemed to be turning her on. She wasn't even a lesbian but she'd happily ride any of the girls now.

She knew she had to do something. She just couldn't concentrate. She raised her hand for the teacher. "Excuse me sir, can I go to the toilet" she asked. Her teacher nodded and returned to teaching. Rhiannon made her way out of the class. As soon as she was in the toilets she entered a cubicle. She frantically struggled with her skirt and pulled it down to her ankles. She then pulled down her underwear. She pushed the toilet seat down and bent over it resting her hands on it to support herself.

Immediately she began fingering herself. Rhiannon knew there could be other students in the bathrooms so tried to contain her moans. "um" "ah" "oh" Her fingers worked in and out of her pussy. Although her moans were quite, she wasn't satisfied with how loud they were. She was worried about someone hearing her. If she was caught fingering herself in school her reputation would be ruined.

She bent down and picked up her panties. She shoved them into her mouth to muffle herself. The underwear was very wet. Rhiannon hadn't realised just how horney she was, sitting in class. She continued strumming her self and her panties muffled her moans. She closed her eyes and pumped harder.

In her desperation to pleasure herself Rhiannon had failed to realise that this cubicle was taken. A stray dog was asleep in the corner and was now stirring awake. The dog opened its eyes and saw Rhiannon bent over presenting herself to him. The large English Mastiff smelled the air. All he could smell was Rhiannon's arousal. He knew one thing.This bitch was in heat.

Rhiannon was reaching further and further into herself. She was desperately trying to orgasm. Suddenly she stopped. She felt a heavy furry body press against her naked ass. She slipped her hand out of her vagina to react to this intruder but it was too late.


The Mastiff mounted her crushing her against the toilet. Rhiannon's knees gave way under the dogs weight. She collapsed, bent over the toilet completely. The panties in her mouth were preventing her from calling for help. To her horror Rhiannon felt a massive penis slide along her thigh tracing her in pre cum. She tried to get him off her but she was too weak. The Mastiff began humping her ass trying to find a point of insertion.

Rhiannon was shaking with fear as he smashed his dick against her body. She knew this dog was going to rape her. Finally he found his mark.

Rhiannon closed her eyes and screamed into her underwear as the Mastiff forced his cock into her vagina. He began fucking her at a brutal pace.

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Rhiannon was a virgin. She felt shame at losing her virginity to a dog. Each time he thrust forward he pushed Rhiannon against the toilet. She was a small girl and was completely helpless underneath this massive dog. His dick pushed into her mercilessly. It was 12 inches in length and was barely half way in.

Already Rhiannon felt like she couldn't take anymore. She tried to scream for help but her panties muffled her screams. Suddenly she felt the cock slide out of her. Rhiannon's momentary peace was replaced by a feeling much worse than before. The Mastiff repositioned himself, but missed his mark. Instead of returning to Rhiannon's pussy he jammed his rock hard penis up Rhiannon's ass hole.

"UMMMHFF" Rhiannon screamed into her underwear. The dog liked this tighter hole even more than the first one. He continued fucking Rhiannon. Tears streamed from Rhiannon's eyes. The pain was unbarable. She felt like she had a baseball bat stuck in her ass. 9 inches of the cock was stuck inside her. Each thrust pushed the cock further inside her. There was nothing Rhiannon could do but accept her faith. The sound of laughter caught her attention. She managed to look up just in time for a camera flash.

Grace was looking over the cubicle watching Rhiannon and taking pictures. The sight before Grace was too good to pass up filming. Rhiannon was bent over a toilet with her own panties in her mouth and was being fucked in the ass by a massive dog. Rhiannon pleaded with her eyes for help but Grace just continued to laugh.

"God you're such a slut. Taking it from a dog up the ass". Grace jeered. Rhiannon felt shame. What Grace said was true. She really was just a slut. If she hadn't been so horney she wouldn't be in this situation. "How about a video" Grace said before beginning to record Rhiannon. The Mastiff fucked Rhiannon brutally. His pace was unrelenting. He continued to smash Rhiannon's ass despite Grace.

Rhiannon was desperately trying to push the panties out of her mouth with her tongue. Unfortunately for her this may have been the one time she'd want them.


The underwear fell out of her mouth. Rhiannon wanted to yell at Grace to get help but she was in for a shock.


She felt the dog slow his assault on her ass. She thought he was done. All of a sudden a large ball like object entered her ass.

Rhiannon howled in agony as her ass was humiliatingly stretched even further.

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"AAAAHHOHHH MY GOD, NOOO " Rhiannon screamed. Grace laughed at Rhiannon's misfortune. Rhiannon burst into tears. This schoolgirl had just take an English Mastiff's cock in her ass and he had just knotted inside her. They were stuck together.

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"Have fun bitch" Grace laughed before leaving Rhiannon and the Mastiff stuck together. Rhiannon was crying her eyes out. She felt buckets of cum fill her ass as the dog emptied his load inside her. The knot in her ass got smaller and eventually the cock slipped out of her. Rhiannon lay bent over the toilet with cum dripping out of her ass. She was in shock after the experience. The dog began licking her pussy.

Rhiannon felt herself getting aroused. To spare herself the shame of being turned on by a dog she decided to try to leave.

The Mastiff had other plans though. Rhiannon stood up shakily and unlocked the door. She had barely made it two steps out when she was knocked back on all fours again. The dog mounted her and began humping. Rhiannon was determined not to let this happen again. Using all her strength she crawled out from underneath him and tried to make her escape. Wearing nothing but her school shirt and jumper she sprinted out of the bathroom chased by the dog.

As soon as she escaped she realised her mistake. Students filled the halls and all eyes were on her. A half naked teenager, dripping of cum. People laughed and began taking pictures. Rhiannon took off her jumper and tried to cover herself up. In her embarrassment she forgot about the dog chasing her. The Mastiff burst from the bathroom and pounced on her.

Immediately his cock sunk into her ass. Rhiannon let out a moan she had been fighting for sometime now.

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"UUUUHHH" The onlookers were shocked. They knew Rhiannon as a popular confident girl. But now they were watching her half naked and being anally raped by a dog.

Furthermore, she was enjoying it. "AAAH" "YES" "HARDER" "OH MY GOD" The only thing louder then the crowds cheers was Rhiannon's moans. The dog cock slammed in and out of her. Each hump pushed her forward a little bit.

Rhiannon's eyes rolled back and she arched her back. In front of her school she came on the floor. "uh uuh UUUH OOOOH" Rhiannon felt extreme humiliation after reaching orgasm for a dog in front of her school.

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She lay there with her head in her arms, covering her face from the world she was so ashamed. She sobbed to herself. People didn't even laugh. Most were just disgusted at what they had just witnessed. To make matters worse the dog knot slipped back into Rhiannon's ass. The pain was too much for Rhiannon. She passed out in front of her school with her ass stuck in the air and a dog cock jammed inside it. The Mastiff was interested in the people around him. He began trying to walk over to investigate.

However he was knotted inside Rhiannon. He dragged her unconscious body across the floor displaying her to everyone. People never stopped filming.