Vanessa is dressed up like a naughty policewoman a

Vanessa is dressed up like a naughty policewoman a
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He walked in and gave me a slow kiss. Every time he kisses me I can tell how his day went. He loosened his tie. Kaleb is about 6'5'' and has beautiful baby blue eyes. I on the other hand am 5'9'' with plain brown eyes.

I am not gorgeous but I am decent enough and have perky B breasts. I slowly tighten his tie back up and grab his hand to lead him to the bed room. Normally he is my master but tonight he seems too tired to be my master.

We have only been together for 3 months so I figured this is my time to prove myself. I have never done this before but I am ready to try it now.

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He slowly moves his hands down my body from behind and kisses my neck. I slap his hands away and explain "I have a surprise for you.

Sit." He plops onto the chair and starts to undo his pants. I slapped his hands away again.


"the rules are simple no touching me or you, don't speak, and you can't cum unless I make you. If you break my rules I will punish you." He nodded. I could tell he was curious because I have never done this for him before and I was a really shy person. "now close your eyes and no peaking" as he closed his eyes I ran to the closet and put my sexy bra and panties on.

I also put my blue button up shirt and my long skirt that has a slit on the side on.

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My pussy was already getting wet. As I turned around, he opened his eyes. "I thought I made myself clear Mister. Now I have to punish you. Stand." As he stood I put his favorite porn disc into the tv. "You are not allowed to look away and you cannot touch yourself. Do you understand." "Okay." I pushed him closer to the tv and went back over to the closet. I took out the pole I bought early that week and put it into place behind him.

As the disc finished I told him to clothes his eyes again. This time he listens without hesitation. I lead him to the chair and sat him down. "you can open your eyes now." He opened his eyes and his jaw dropped. "are you gonna…?" "yep. But you can't touch me or you. Oh and I have one more surprise but that comes later." "Damn girl. I don't think I can take this." "oh you had better.

If you can't I will have to punish you… again" I said and shot him my sexiest smile. I started to sway my hips in his face and did a slow turn. I slowly got on my knees. I grabbed his shoe and pulled it off and as soon as both of his feet were bare, I started to tickle him. "mmm. Oh please hurrMMMM" he moaned as I put my hand on his pants.

I could feel how hard his cock was through his heavy slacks. I pulled off his jeans but left his boxers on. I then started to unbutton his shirt with my mouth, but then I saw how flustered he was so I used my hands. I love his abs and his beautiful tattoo. He keeps himself buff and it really shows. I leave his shirt and tie on and pull off his boxers.

I take his rock hard dick into my hand. WOW did it feel great as it throbbed in my hand. I slowly put my mouth around it. It was a good 6" and has a pretty big girth. He moaned as his balls emptied into my mouth.

I knew it would happen really fast because of my teasing him but I still wanted to punish him. I tried to swallow all of it but it spilled out of my mouth. "Hmm.


I think I should punish you for not warning me." He groaned as I kept stroking his semi hard dick. I pulled his tie off.

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"so here is what I am going to do." I said as I tied his hands behind the chair. "your safe word is swan" "But I am never gonna use it he said." "You better not mouth off again.

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Otherwise I can have a lot more fun." "yes ma'am." I once again began to sway my hips and I walked over to the pole. I had been messing around with it when I get home from college but I didn't think I was going to use it this soon.

After dancing a for a few minutes I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it down. Next I slowly lifted my skirt up where the slit was. He was hard again and I want to take that beautiful dick into my mouth again but I controlled myself.

I pulled my skirt all the way off. Now I was just in my bra and panties. I untied him, moved the chair to the front room and retied him. This time I put a gag on him too. After a few more minutes I heard the doorbell ring.

Finally my second surprise arrived.

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I knew Kaleb would go nuts for this. I answered the door with a 20$ in my hand and only in my bra and panties. The delivery man was in his 20s like me and his jaw dropped when I opened the door.

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I took the bag and handed him the money. "you can keep the change" I said with a wink and I walked away from the door to Kaleb. His eyes were bigger than his rock hard cock now. "are you ready for dinner?" I asked with a grin. I sit the Chinese at his feet and undid his gag. I took the chop sticks out and got a piece of chicken. I slowly brought it to his lips.

After mostly finishing our meal this way, purposely dropped some noodles on is rock hard dick "whoops, clumsy me," I said and gave him a sly smile, "looks like I need to clean up." I liked all over his body "chasing" a noodle.

I could feel him shiver as my tongue lapped around his balls. I gave him another blowjob and his cock felt so amazing as I sucked every last drop out. This time I was able to swallow all of it. "Baby, your killing me here," he said in a pouty voice that made me weak at the knees. God, I love this man. "I need you on my face. I can see you dripping." "No. I'm not done with you yet. When I am done you can tie me up and do whatever you want to me. You can even call you friends if you want, but not until I am done with you.

" His eyes were popping out of his head. That only made me hotter. "Now you need to be a good boy and do what I say." He was already hard again. I want to make him scream for me, but he didn't know this… yet.