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Busty stepmom drilled before stepdaughter
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"I could have sworn that I brought the key too! Keep looking Will! Emily can't find us like this!" There was real terror in Sarah's voice, something I'd never heard before. To be perfectly honest, I was just as scared. We had both been shocked by Emily's early arrival, and had been in the middle of some things we'd rather her not see. Even as I frantically scanned the room for the handcuff key, and jumped up and down in a vain attempt to get my pants back on, I couldn't help but take in the sight of Sarah naked, sweaty, spread-eagled and wriggling delightfully, handcuffed to her bed.

Her rapid breathing caused her beautiful pert breasts to move in wonderful little arcs. If my dick wasn't already rock solid, it would be hardening at the sight of her. I wanted nothing so much as to rip off my constricting boxers, and plunge right back into Sarah. Unfortunately, it was looking like explaining would be hard enough without Emily walking in on me fucking her chained up adopted daughter.

I managed to secure my pants, and while I grabbed my shirt and awkwardly attempted to get it over my head, I began to run around the room, checking all the likely spots for the key. I turned up a blank. The key was nowhere to be found. Emily called for us to come down and greet her, more insistent this time. There was nothing for it, I had to go greet so she didn't come looking for us. "I can't find it! It's not here!" Panic was spilling into my whisper as well. Sarah's eyes widened. "What are we going to do?" Sarah wasn't even making an effort to hide how scared she was.

Her face was white as death. Almost as if she was sick… As if she was sick! That was it. Grabbing the blanket from where it had fallen on the floor in our earlier excitement, I quickly threw it over Sarah, doing my best to cover up the handcuffs that bound her to the bed, and her naked body. With her pale sweaty face and the comforter covering her nakedness and most of the evidence of bondage, she might just pass cursory inspection.

"Play sick! It's our only chance! If it's not in here, where would the key be?" Sarah still looked scared, but now she seemed determined as well.


"The playroom, in the largest chest. There's always a master key there." "Then hold tight, I'll cover for you, and get you out as soon as I can!" I shot her one last reassuring glance, turned off the lights and then raced down to meet Emily at the door. Emily had several suitcases, and she looked impatient. No doubt she'd been expecting us to greet her right away, and wasn't impressed that we hadn't been there to help her. "I'm sorry I took so long Emily.

Sarah's started to feel a bit sick, and I was keeping her company in her room." My flimsy cover story spilled out in a rush. I didn't sound very convincing, but maternal instincts must have saved me, because Emily immediately looked concerned.

"Why didn't you two call me when she got sick? How bad is she?" "Don't worry. She's just feeling a bit feverish, and she has a small headache. We didn't think it was bad enough to call you about." I was amazed Emily couldn't see through my pathetic lies. Cleary worry for Sarah's health was making her overlook everything else.

Her genuine love and concern for her daughter made me feel terrible for abusing her trust like this, but in this case the truth wasn't really an option. "William, could you please bring these suitcases to my room, while I check in on Sarah?" Seeing no choice but to agree, I grabbed the suitcases, and followed right behind Emily as she climbed up the stairs to Sarah's room.

I saw her opening the door just as I rounded the corner and stepped out of sight.

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Now it was in Sarah's hands. With the light off, she might be able to bluff Emily into staying too far away to notice the cuffs. If she did notice, I knew that I was probably screwed. Sarah could say that it was all me, and then I'd be kicked out for sure, and lucky to avoid jail.

I loved Sarah, and hoped she wouldn't do that, but would she really risk everything she had and tell Emily the whole truth if she was discovered? I couldn't even really blame her if she threw me under the bus, because I wasn't sure that I would be brave enough not to if our situations were reversed.

I had made it to Emily's room, and laid the suitcases on her bed when I heard her call my name. She didn't sound angry like I feared. She sounded more… mildly annoyed? Had she discovered us, or was there something else? Walking back down the stair was terrifying, and I almost fled at the sight of Sarah's closed door. Gathering what little courage I had, I knocked quietly. Emily pulled the door open. Behind her I saw Sarah's naked body clearly on display. My heart sank. Emily glared at me.

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"What were you thinking?" She sounded pretty annoyed. Not as angry as I feared, but still far more annoyed than I felt even remotely comfortable with.

Sarah must have at least told her that it wasn't as bad as it looked like. So, she didn't think I was a rapist. Maybe the situation was salvageable! "I'm sorry, I was just so confused and she wanted to and it felt so good and…" My excuses were a hideous jumble, as I desperately sought something that would stop Emily from hating me. "Not the sex you goofball. We'll talk about that in a minute. You lied to me about Sarah being sick!

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I was really worried!" Now I was confused, and it must have shown on my face. "You and Sarah both made mistakes today. Sarah for getting you to lock her up without making sure she had a fast way out, and you for lying about her being sick. I'm also a bit annoyed at Sarah for having sex with you while I was gone, and rushing it so much.

She should have taken it more slowly, and talked it over with me first. I think she took some serious advantage of you. You're both going to be punished, but she's going to get the worst of it." I tried to thank Emily, apologize to her, and assure her that if Sarah took advantage of me, I had certainly wanted to be taken advantage of. It was even less coherent than my attempts at explanation.

Over the rushing sound that relief made in my ears, I heard Sarah making similar claims. "Very well, I will accept both of your apologies and consider this completely forgiven, as soon as you've served your punishments. William, I would like you take off your clothes. I will return to administer punishment to both of you in just a minute. I need to grab some things from my room." Emily brushed past me, and I let out a sigh of relief.

While the punishment sounded ominous, I had dodged the largest bullet. I sat down on the bed, next to Sarah, and began removing my clothes. "What does she mean by punishments?

What will she do to us?" "She'll probably spank you. Me, I'll probably get a bit more than just a spanking. It won't be fun, but once it's over and she's decided we're forgiven, she'll probably have us fuck while she watches.

So at least we'll have something to look forward too." "She's done this before?" "I told you, she taught me how to masturbate. What I didn't mention is that I was terribly shy about it. When she used to spank me, she'd make me masturbate after.

To show that I was forgiven, and to help with the pain, she'd say. I believe that she meant both of those things, but it was also the final part of the punishment.

She'd do it right along next to me, and I think it made her really hot; she enjoyed watching." I was completely out of my clothes, so I grabbed one of Sarah's hands and held it tightly. It was clammy with sweat. She squeezed back hard.

"That sounds… disturbing." "It wasn't that bad. I had had some dark things done to me, and in a way, even if it wasn't entirely right of her to do, it helped me cope, and take things back under my control.

It made me more confident in my sexuality. So while I didn't always enjoy it, I can appreciate what it did for me." Further conversation was forestalled by the return of Emily. She had changed into a loose robe, and held a couple of clamps and a tube of lube in one hand. In the other she had a paddle, and the master key for the handcuffs.

She eyed my naked body, and nodded approvingly at my erect cock. Even in all the excitement, it hadn't really gone down, and the sight of Sarah helpless and nude had quickly got it back up. Ignoring me temporarily, she went straight to Sarah, and put one of the clamps on each her nipples. Sarah whimpered a bit, but other than that stayed silent. "Since William is ultimately in this position because of you, you will wear those until he completes his punishment.

William, please get on the bed, and go on all fours above Sarah. I want your ass facing towards me." I spared another look at the paddle, and then did as she said. I heard her set something down on the bedside table (I assumed it was the lube and key), and then heard her voice from behind me.

"You will count out the strikes as I give them clearly and loudly. After every ten strikes, you will thank me. Once you have thanked me five times, I will consider you forgiven." I nodded, even though she probably couldn't see my head from her angle, then braced myself for her strike.

It didn't come. I waited for what had to have been thirty seconds, and she didn't begin spanking me. Beneath me, I heard Sarah writhe and whimper. Obvious she was not enjoying the nipple clamps. I began to relax, thinking this was all some sort of weird game. I should have realized that Emily was smarter than that.

The paddle hit my ass just as I stopped expecting it, and the surprise of it was almost worse than the pain. I yelped, instead of counting one.

She hit me again, hard on the other cheek before I had a chance to brace again. This time I had the presence of mind to call out two. I was rewarded with three very hard raps, alternating across my ass cheeks.

"If you don't call it out, it doesn't count. Start from one!" She hit me again, hard on my now tender behind, and I managed to stifle out a muffled "one". The first ten were the worst because I didn't know what to expect. She alternated cheeks, and would sometimes wait a few seconds, just to see me tense with anticipation. Somehow, I managed to thank her at the end.

The next ten were also the worst. Now my ass was already sore, and the blows rained down more rapidly. She had also abandoned her alternation, in favour of delivering several hard raps to each cheek at a time.

And yet I found the will to thank her for them. For the next ten, she got creative. She had been focusing on the cheeks for the first twenty. Now she got the outsides, especially the tender area where the butt meets the upper legs.

I didn't realize how much more this would hurt until she began. Then I realized exactly how much it hurt as I rasped out ten more numbers, and a squeaky thank you. I didn't really understand how bad it could be until the last twenty.

These were delivered quickly and without mercy, all over my red and punished ass. They were hard enough to shake the bed, and the slap of the paddle hitting my vulnerable ass completely filled the room. Pain layered on pain, as each slap of the paddle made the previous bruises sting more and more.

Finally, I had given my last thank you, and it was mercifully over. "You are forgiven William, but soon I'm going to need your help with Sarah. Sit down in her desk chair, and play with yourself to stay hard. But you're not allowed to cum yet, understand?" I didn't really trust my voice, so I just nodded, and then sat down in the chair to masturbate and enjoy the show. I was unbelievably turned on by my spanking, despite the pain it had caused.

And while sitting in the chair wasn't fun with my tender behind, I still had to be careful.

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I was very close to cumming. I moved my fingers lightly up and down my dick, and I watched Emily remove the nipple clamps to sighs of relief from Sarah. Then I watched awestruck as she gently sucked and massaged her nipples.

Sarah began to moan, and Emily promptly stopped. Using the master key, she undid the handcuffs, than made Sarah turn over onto her back before securing her in place once again. She moved the pillows so that Sarah wasn't chocking on them, then moved onto the bed between Sarah's legs. She had the paddle with her. "Same punishment for you Sarah. You will count out your spanking, and thank me for every ten hits.

Once you've thanked me five times, we'll move on to the final stage of your punishment." Sarah nodded, and Emily smacked her ass immediately.


She didn't even give her time to tense in anticipation. Still, Sarah took it better than I did, and diligently counted out "one". Emily gave Sarah even less mercy than she gave me. After a half dozen hits, Sarah's butt was a dark crimson. Everything about the scene was profoundly erotic to me. Emily's barely closed bathrobe, through which I could occasionally catch a glimpse of her ample bosom, Sarah's scrunched up face (whether in pain or pleasure or both I had trouble telling), and the way her whole body bounced with the blows.

I stroked the length of my shaft very tenderly. This scene was so hot, and I desperately wanted to cum. But I didn't want to find out what Emily would do if I didn't listen.

Occasionally she would stop spanking Sarah for a few seconds, and watch me play with my cock. I felt embarrassed and blushed whenever she did, but it didn't stop me. Finally the fifty spanks were over. Emily vigorously massaged Sarah's red ass, while Sarah cried quietly. She reached over Sarah's restrained body and grabbed the lube from the bedside table.

Then she stroked Sarah's face and back.

"It's almost over sweetie, then all will be forgiven." Sarah sniffled a few more times, then stopped crying, as Emily spurted the lube all over Sarah's ass, and then worked some of it into her asshole. Gesturing me over, she placed more lube on my cock, and then gently worked it in.

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Her firm touch almost made me blow my load, but somehow I managed not to. "You're going to fuck her in the ass until you cum, and then her punishment will be complete. Don't listen to anything she says, only do what I tell you." I felt numb.

Was this really right for me to do? I was unbelievably hot, and wanted to cum so badly. But if this would hurt Sarah beyond the physical pain of the act, could I really do it? Luckily I was sparred this decision. Sarah made eye contact with me, and nodded slightly. I made up my mind to do what Emily said, unless Sarah said her safeword "Waterloo". Then I'd stop, no matter what the consequences.

Slowly, I climbed up over Sarah, and lined my cock up over her asshole. "Thrust until you're all the way in." I obeyed instantly, and began to push against Sarah's tight rosebud.

There was initial resistance, but the lube helped and I slipped an inch in. Sarah yelped, and her breathing became ragged, but she didn't say Waterloo so I kept pushing. Her asshole must have been virgin. It was so incredibly tight that every nerve ending in my dick felt like it was exploding. As I pushed in deeper, it only grabbed my dick harder, and I couldn't help moaning.

Sarah was sobbing again, but her shaking gasps were only serving to make me push harder, as the vibrations gently rocked my dick to an even higher state of arousal.


I reached around her body and grabbed her breasts, and used this leverage to push myself deeper. Finally, I brought my pelvis in contact with her sore ass, and moaned as her whimpers sent little shocks of pleasure throughout my body. "Excellent! Now I want you to pound her. You're not allowed to cum until she's screamed at least once." I needed to cum. Her tight ass had pushed me beyond all reason, so I ripped my cock out and slammed it back in.

She screamed immediately, a piercing shrill cry that seemed to resonate in her body and make the experience even more sublime for me.

I pulled out again, and then rammed back in even harder. My pelvis slapped against her inflamed ass with a loud clap, and her ass puckered around my cock, gripping it tighter than I thought was possible.

I was on the very edge of pain when the pleasure became too much, and my orgasm began. It started in the very tip of my cock and ripped its way down to my balls, which responded by filling Sarah's ass with ropes of cum, before screaming along up my spine and into my brain.

My limbs went as weak as my rapidly deflating cock, and I sprawled on top of Sarah, unable to move in the blinding afterglow of the most incredible orgasm of my life. It took me a minute or so to recover, and gently remove my cock from Sarah's ass. With all the cum filling her hole, it slid out without a problem. Emily was stroking Sarah's face. "You both did very well. William, you are forgiven, and you've already received your reward, but you can stay and watch as Sarah gets hers if you like." I assumed that this was the voyeuristic masturbation that she was talking about, so I was surprised to see Emily kiss Sarah's forehead, and then her neck.

Instead of unchaining her, she kissed all the way down her back. She kissed the ass cheeks she had reddened, and then spent some time using her tongue to tease the asshole that she had ordered me to violate. Finally, she began to tease Sarah's pussy. I was slowly becoming hard again just by watching, even after my earth shattering orgasm.

Emily clearly knew what she was doing. Using her tongue, lips and fingers, she quickly had Sarah pressing against her tongue, and begging for more. She was an expert tease though, and drew things out for longer than I would have thought possible. Finally, with three fingers deep up Sarah's pussy, one up her ass, and a tongue that would relentlessly tease Sarah's clit, she brought her to a screaming orgasm, something I was thrilled to witness. My cock was at attention, and I was stroking it furiously as Emily continued to torment Sarah even after her orgasm.

Her tongue worked over Sarah's clit expertly, and she pried open her pussy lips to bring her fingers even deeper. Every so often, she'd spare the clit for a second to nibble gently on the lips of Sarah's beautiful pussy, or place her tongue deep inside of it.

Sarah's moans changed from pleasure to pleading. "Please… oh God please… It's too much… I can't take it… I can't!" Before I could blow my load watching this spectacle, Emily finally relented. Sarah panted heavily as Emily released her from her bonds, and then pulled her into a tight embrace. She beckoned to me, and I joined in the group hug. "It's all over now little one. You're forgiven. But I have one more thing to ask of you." "What… what is it mother?" Sarah's voice was still unsteady.

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"Our performance seems to have left William rather desperate from some attention of his own. Please finish him off while I watch." Sarah smiled at me, and then got on her knees before me. Emily sat on the bed, and opened her rob to reveal a shaved pussy with a ring through the outer lip. The whole thing was dripping wet.

She began to play with it casually, rubbing her clit with one hand while the other slowly worked its way inside. I also finally got a real look at her breasts, and they were magnificent. Still firm despite her age, the perfect half globes were topped by huge areolae and nipples that were straight up at attention. I couldn't believe how aroused our punishment had made Emily. Clearly she got off on this stuff. Sarah stroked my cock, and then took it in her mouth.

Her tongue worked at it expertly, stroking the length and teasing the tip, while she bobbed her head up and down it. Getting head while being watched drove me wild, and I grabbed Sarah's head and began to fuck her face.

She didn't try to stop me. Instead she kept her lips tight and her tongue moving, even when she gagged a bit from me pushing into her throat. The feel of her tight throat and watching Emily play herself proved too much, and I came in Sarah's mouth.

She coughed and spit out my cock, but she swallowed everything, and smiled up at me. Emily began to moan, and move her fingers faster and faster. Sarah leaned over and began sucking on one of her nipples, and after a second of hesitation, I took the other.

Our ministrations took her to a screaming climax. Her juices left a dark stain on Sarah's bed. Out of breath, covered in sweat and naked, we smiled conspiratorially at each other. In that moment, I knew I had a place where I would always be accepted. Fin