Hot babe is in love with dudes giant redwood

Hot babe is in love with dudes giant redwood
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We left the club and walked to the car through the dark parking lot, my hard cock bouncing as I walked and cum dripping down my chest and legs. When we got to the car, my girlfriend told me to wait while she put our stuff in the car and got a towel for the seat.

I stood next to the car, idly stroking my hard cock while some of the other guests left and cars drove by on the road only 50' away.


My girlfriend opened the door, told me to get in and handed me a dildo. She told me to get my feet up on the dash and start stroking and fucking myself with the dildo while she drove to the hotel. I did as I was told, putting my feet on the dash, spread my legs as far as I could and put the dildo in my ass with one hand, stroking my cock and balls with the other. We pulled out of the parking lot onto the road for the 15 minute or so drive to the hotel.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on my cock and the dildo in my ass, trying to put on a good show for my girlfriend. I felt the car stop and opened my eyes to see that we were stopped at a light. I looked over at the SUV next to us and saw four college girls all looking at me, slightly bemused smiles on their faces. I knew they could see me, but I didn't care, was turned on at the thought of them watching me pervert myself as they watched. I started fucking myself harder and stroking faster and smiled back at them.

We sat through the long light for 2 or 3 minutes as I stroked and squeezed precum out the head of my cock for them to see. My girlfriend leaned over from the driver's seat and engulfed my cock with her mouth, throating it several times before coming up and giving the girls a thumbs up. They signaled back and when the light changed, they kept time with us as we drove and motioned for us to pull over. My girlfriend pulled into a restaurant parking lot and drove around back to an empty part of the lot.

She stopped and the girls pulled up next to us and got out of their car. My girlfriend told me to keep doing what I was doing and got out.

As I fucked myself and stroked, I heard them talking and giggling and then saw them walk around the front of our car toward the passenger side. My girlfriend opened the door and told me to get out. I pulled the dildo out and stepped out of the car, my 8" cock throbbing as I stood in front of her and the 4 other girls. My girlfriend took the dildo from my hand and told me to squat down next to the car and jack off for our guests, to which I gladly obliged.

Once in position, I began to stroke my cock with one hand while fondling my balls and fingering my ass with the other hand. One of the girls asked if showing off turned me on. I said yes and asked her if it turned her on. She nodded and they all laughed. One of them asked what the shiny stuff was all over my chest, face and back.

I told her it was cum, that my girlfriend and I had been at a sex party where she'd had me fucked by about 20 guys. There was an audible gasp and one of them said "no way". I kept stroking, assured her that it was the truth and said that one of the guys was about 14". As I stroked, answered their questions and told them how much I enjoyed getting fucked, my girlfriend went to the trunk, pulled her strap-on out of her bag, hiked up her skirt, put it on and walked back around to the side of the car.

One of the girls said "holy shit" and they all giggled nervously. My girlfriend said to me "you know what to do". I stood up, turned toward the car and leaned against it, spreading my legs wide and arching my back to open myself to her. She asked if one of the girls wanted to lube me and the one that said "holy shit" volunteered. My girlfriend handed her the bottle, she squeezed some onto the dildo and then some on her hand.

She rubbed in on my asshole, inserting two and then three fingers to make sure I was good and ready. The other girls were surprised and asked her if she'd done this before.

She just looked at them, smiled, spread my ass with both hands and guided the strap-on into my waiting hole.

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As she held my ass open, my girlfriend slowly started fucking me. The other three girls were clearly interested as they whispered to themselves and stared at my ass getting fucked.

My girlfriend asked them if they believed now that I'd taken 20 cocks, none of them spoke. After a few minutes, one of them walked around, got on her knees under me and started stroking my cock.

She put it in her mouth and held her head still as my girlfriend pounded me, at the same time fucking the girl's mouth with my cock. As I got closer to cumming, I pulled my cock from her mouth and told her I wasn't allowed to cum until my girlfriend gave the OK. She seemed disappointed and asked if I would fuck her, to which my girlfriend agreed as she pulled the strap-on out.

The girl pulled up her skirt, pulled her panties to the side and leaned over the hood of the car. My girlfriend spread her legs further while I inserted my still lubed cock.

I started slowly, building up speed and then started fucking her hard. My girlfriend reached under and began rubbing the girl's clit. She recoiled at the touch of a girl, but I kept fucking her and told her to just enjoy it. She relaxed and started getting into it, grinding against my cock as her friends watched. Holy Shit girl had taken the strap-on and put it on over her jeans.

She got behind me and told one of the other girls to spread my ass. One of them pulled apart my cheeks, revealing my well spent hole, and Holy Shit shoved the dildo in, rougher than I expected, pushing my cock hard into the girl I was fucking. I started moving in time, fucking myself on the pull and fucking the girl's ass on the push. She started to climax as my girlfriend got busy on her clit and as she came I pulled my cock out and then leaned against the car so Holy Shit could keep fucking me.

The other two girls finally got into the act by grabbing my cock and taking turns slowly jacking it while their friend fucked me. My girlfriend, sensing an opportunity, reminded her that I wasn't allowed to cum, but that if they were interested, they could go to our hotel with us where she's going to allow me to blow my load.

After some hesitation, they agreed, but Holy Shit said she wanted to invite someone else. My girlfriend asked her who and she said her boyfriend, with whom she'd used toys with, but never with another guy. We all agreed, she made the call, gave him the hotel address and we got in the cars to drive to the hotel.

They wanted me to ride with them, so we took the towel and dildo and put it in the car. I sat between two of the girls in the back and all the girls wanted me to stroke and fuck myself while we drove.

I obliged, putting my feet up on the backs of the front seats, spreading my legs and shoving the dildo up my ass with one hand, stroking with the other. The girl in the front passenger seat and the two on either side of me couldn't take their eyes off my large throbbing and veined cock and the dildo in my ass. Holy Shit, who was driving, said she was jealous that she couldn't see the show.

As we followed my girlfriend to the hotel, the girl to my right took hold of the dildo and began fucking me while the girl to my left started jacking my cock. I just sat back and enjoyed the attention while the girl in the front seat watched and fingered herself. After a few minutes, I felt myself starting to cum and told the girl jacking me to stop, but by the time she had stopped, it was nearly too late.

She let go of my cock and I concentrated on relaxing my muscles so I wouldn't fully ejaculate. A fair amount of cum flowed from my cock, down onto my balls and onto the dildo and the girl's hand. They were all amazed that I could do what I did and wanted me to do it again. I told them it's difficult to control, but started stroking my cock again, relaxed my muscles and let another flow go, this time the girl wiped it off my cock with her hand and rubbed it on my balls.

I stopped for a minute and then went back to stroking slowly so I wouldn't cum.

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They were impressed and asked me if all guys can do it. I replied that it takes some practice and didn't know. When we pulled into the hotel, my girlfriend pulled up to the lobby and parked with us behind her.

She looked in the car, smiled at me and told us to hold on, that she would go check in.

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She came out, got in the car and pulled around back, near a rear entry door to the hotel. She got out and said our room was 3 or 4 rooms from the door and that we could go in there.

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Holy Shit asked her to get some clothes for me. My girlfriend answered that she didn't pack any for me, I was to be naked the entire trip. The girls laughed, got out of the car and looked around to make sure no one was around before I got out.

I got out of the car on the passenger side and slowly stroked my cock while they retrieved their stuff and my girlfriend got our bags.


My cock was hard as a rock and throbbing; almost painful from about an almost 6 hour erection without cumming. By now, I was so excited from the drive and from anticipation that I was finally going to unload that precum was dripping off the head as I stroked. A car pulled in and I went to get back in the car, but Holy Shit, standing next to me, said not to worry, it was her boyfriend.


He pulled up next to us, clearly surprised to see a naked guy stroking his big cock standing next to his girlfriend. She kissed him, whispered something in his ear and he got out of the car. He looked at me and looked down at my cock.

I looked at his crotch and could tell by the bulge in his jeans that he was clearly excited. My girlfriend told us she had the room opened and to come inside. I walked with the girls and the guy, them sheltering me somewhat from view as we walked down the hall to the room.

When we got inside, my girlfriend told everyone to sit down while I stood in front of them. She told them that they were in for a special treat, to follow her commands and everyone would have a good time. Stay tuned for part 4…

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