Potaso de vicky con toalla higi eacute_nica

Potaso de vicky con toalla higi eacute_nica
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The trail It was an early Sunday morning the sun was rising over the horizon and the birds began to sing. Or so I think that's what happened I'm not too sure how it played out.

I at that time was a little busy with my wife as she was trying to take care of something else that was rising at the time. Let me rewind for a second here and catch you up. It was early Sunday I had woken up hard as ever next to my beautiful wife Jenn.

She, being the amazing wife, decided to take it upon herself to relieve me of the burden that was poking into her back repeatedly. "Roll over onto your back baby." Is what she demanded of me. I rolled over and all I could feel was just amazing warmth on my cock as she took the whole thing to the back of her throat. The pleasure was amplified by her hand reaching up and softly cupping and tugging on my nuts.

She then slid the shaft and tip out of her lips grasp. "I love my lollipop, it tastes so good I can't wait till it explodes for me" She said.

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After that she immediately started working the shaft of my cock with her tongue. Flicking it up and down and going down to my nuts and taking them into her mouth to twirl around with her tongue. With these actions I was not sure how much longer I could hold my cum from flowing into her mouth.

With my nuts in her mouth I think she could sense I was getting close to orgasm because she quickly rushed to taking my whole cock into her mouth again and working the shaft as fast as possible.

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My eyes started to roll to the back of my head and my toes curled as I reached orgasm. I lost control of my body all I could think about was how in between hearing my wife swallow my cum, I could hear her enjoying the taste.


That's when it dawned on me; my wife definitely needs more than this. "That tasted good babe, let me know when you're ready to give me another load." She told me as a little bit was dripping down her chin onto my leg.

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"Well actually today I had an idea why don't we go for a hike and go enjoy the outdoors?" I asked. "Of course that sounds fun to me, and I need to work off that big breakfast anyways." She replied with a smirk. We both crawled out of bed and made our way to the shower. Once in the shower, at the sight of seeing my wife's amazing body, I bent her over and fucked her as hard as possible shooting another huge load deep inside of her.

We ate a light breakfast and loaded the car with our hiking equipment and started to head out. My wife was wearing her typical hiking clothes. A somewhat tight fitting casual T shirt a ball cap with her pony tail through the back of the cap and her short khaki shorts that show a lot of her legs.

During the drive she kept getting a little antsy and would reach over and go down my pants and play with me a little bit. She would get me hard stroke me a couple of times and then put me back and let me get soft again. It took twenty minutes for us to get to the parking lot just below the trail. There was only one car there so that meant not too many people will be on this trail.

It was a pretty extreme trail so not too many people attempt it. The trail went on through the mountains for about 20 or more miles. It had several forks and turns that you could easily be lost for days on.

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Though my wife and I frequented this trail so we had a very good understanding of its intricacies. We strapped our camelbacks on and we headed out. The trail started as normal for the first hour. We stopped once and made out on the side of the trail. Then we stared up the trail again. After a little ways further on the trail we made it to a field clearing.

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Once there we came across a man sitting on a rock at the side of the trail. We assumed it was the one car that we saw. As we were approaching about two hundred feet away my wife started whispering to me. "He is pretty good looking babe." She stated. "Well then why don't you ask him to join us?" I replied "Really? You would not mind at all?" She asked a little knocked back from my response. "No not at all with how you have been handling my cock all day it's clear to me that you need some more." With this she quickly bounded up to him and said hi.

"How are you?" She asked as if she knew him for some time. "Not too bad just relaxing, this trail is pretty intense" The stranger responded. "We agree it can be pretty hard. My husband and I were just wondering something that maybe you could help us with." My wife said. "Oh yeah what's that?" The stranger responded.


"Well… see we were just wondering how much cock I can take at once, I know it's a weird question and if you are offended that is ok we will leave you alone. But if you are interested I would love for you and my husband to fuck me at the same time." The look on the strangers face was priceless first his jaw kind of dropped and he looked dumbfounded as if he just won the lottery.

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The next reaction was he looked around for a camera or one of his friends to pop out laughing as if it were a prank. "Um… I mean yeah I would be interested I have done something like this before, but it was me and my buddy tag teaming a girl.

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What would you like to do and where?" "Well let me show you" my wife responded. She stood up in front of him and dropped to her knees and started working at his belt and zipper on his pants franticly. It was like a child opening up birthday presents. When she finally worked his cock out he was of decent size roughly the same as me. She immediately took his full semi soft length into her mouth with a sound as if she just devoured a piece of cake.

I stepped up right behind her to which she shifted her position so she had a man at each shoulder. With one hand on his cock holding it in her mouth, she used her free hand to reach over and pull my pants down and my cock out as well. There she started sucking his cock bobbing her head up and down pretty quick then shifting back to me and rocking her head back and forth trying to take my whole length in her mouth. She then lifted my cock to my stomach and mouthed my nuts and played with them with her tongue.

She turned back and did the same to the stranger sitting on the rock. After about a few minutes of this the stranger and I were at about as hard as we could get. She stood up and bent over in front of me and took the strangers cock in her mouth again. I looked and saw her wet pussy from behind her and knew she wanted me to fuck her hard. So I proceeded to stick my cock in her as far as I could. I was now resting my nuts firmly against the back of her legs.

I pulled it back almost completely then shoved it all the way back in quick and hard. I started picking up a rhythm and a quick speed. Pretty soon you could hear our skin slapping together for some distance.

At the same time you could also hear my wife moaning on the strangers cock. This quickly brought me to orgasm as I shot a massive load in her. I pulled out when finished dripping some cum onto the trail.

With that the stranger pulled his cock out of her mouth and changed me positions. I sat down on the rock and Jenn started to lick my cock clean of both our juices. As she was doing this the stranger stood behind her and then worked his cock deep into her. He then proceeded to do as I had done and fuck her hard.

It probably was a little easier for him using my cum as lube.

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He proceeded to make loud slapping noises as his nuts were slapping into the back of her legs. Then finally with a loud grunt the stranger also filled my wife's pussy with his cum. At the end of this he pulled out she stood up I could see the juices flowing down her leg. "Well thanks for the treat." She told the stranger with a smile. "No thank you that was probably the best pussy I have ever had." He replied.

"Well babe we should probably head to the lake to get you cleaned up from all the cum." I suggested. "Ok well thanks again and have a good day." My wife told the strangers as she followed me to the lake. As we got to the lake we noticed a female lying down at the shore of this lake on a blanket. My wife turned and looked at me and gave me a smirk.

"Your turn" she said……