Teen Girl Secretly Watched On The Toilet

Teen Girl Secretly Watched On The Toilet
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Have you ever ask yourself what love is or what is a perfect relationship? I did well I always had. I always told myself Chad today you are going to meet that perfect girl and she going to love you for the rest of you?re life.

You see I am already 22 living in the great city of Philadelphia by myself. I really do not know what I am going to do once I finish college. Some days I spend my time with my two best friends in the world, or other times I am either at work or on my laptop chatting to random people online.

Yeah I really have no life if I am not with my friends; I could spend hours on face book. Until my life change drastically for the better or maybe more for the worse, I really do not know what to say for sure but maybe you might be able to tell me.

It all started a while back in school, there was this rumor going around how if you went on to this web site at exactly at 12:00 you will find true love.

?True love not that?s interesting.? ?Who are you talking to Chad?? (Oh god their only one person with a voice like that.


It was one of my best friends Stacey.) ?No one I was talking to myself, but did you hear about the rumor that?s going around the school?? ?The one about the computer site, I don?t really care for it myself but guess who ask me out on a date?? ?Who Terrell, You know he likes you right.? ?No! You know you and him are like brothers to me, but the star of are school football team, Ryan Timber did ask me out is that was your second guess.?

?Wow what is somebody like him asking someone like you out for?? ?What is that spouse to mean, who in there right my mind wouldn?t want to date this. 5?5 109-pound, blue eyes, blond hair home some country girl like myself.? ?What?s up Chad and stace, I see a husband & wife will never stop bickering.?

(Moreover, this person had been my best friend since the first grade, Terrell.) ?Who would ever see Chad as a husband anyway? He told me no guy would ever want to date me.? ?Stacey trusts me I would do more then just date you if you get my drift.? Terrell said while licking his lips. ?I got to get to my next class so I?ll talk to you guys later on ok.?

Stacey said in a rush. ?I hate to see her go but I love to watcher leave. So anyways what are doing tonight Chad? Do you want to go clubbing with me and Stacey tonight or are you going to stay at home and jack off to xnxx.com again??

?No! I have better things to do then that.? ?Like what? Talk to random people on facebook again.? ?No that was last week, this week I have something else to do by myself but we can hang out tomorrow if you want.?

?Fine just don?t get into anything crazy.? ?Sure see you tomorrow at my house Terrell.? Later that night? As soon as I got home I headed straight for my laptop, I wanted to know more about this site. The more I kept searching the more I kept seeing the same thing about the goddess of love Venus. Could a goddess really be on a website? I had asked myself. Then I came across this web site called TrueGoddessmatchmaker.com. Out of pure curiosity I click on the site thinking nothing of it just some gimmick was what I thought.

Then questions began to pop up. ?What is the perfect girl to you?? ?What is a perfect relationship to you?? ?How tall do you prefer your perfect girl?? ?What color hair is on the perfect girl and how long is it?? ?Do you want her to be in love with you or madly in love with you?? ?What is the perfect bra size to you?? ?Do you like pure shy type or the outgoing speaks her mind type??

?Would you love this girl as long as she loves you?? I answered all of the questions, just for fun of it. ?What is the perfect girl to you?? .someone who really understands me.

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Someone who really makes me feel special in this big world and someone that really cares about me.pretty much genuine home some girl. ?What is a perfect relationship to you?? Trust, Stability & Submission ?How tall do you prefer your perfect girl??

Medium: 5'4 - 5'6 (Since I am 5?10) ?What color hair is on the perfect girl and how long should it be?? dirty blonde medium long hair. ?Do you want her to be in love with you or madly in love with you?? A girl that is madly in love no I want her to be crazy in love in me and will only love me and me only.

?What is the perfect bra size to you?? Any size, if they are perky. ?Do you like pure shy type or the outgoing speaks her mind type?? defiantly the pure shy type. ?Would you love this girl as long as she loves you??

Yeah if a girl was that perfect, I would marry her in a heartbeat. When I click OK, there was a flash on my computer seen. After the bright flash ended, to my surprise I found a women on my lap.

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?What in the hell? No how in the hell did you get in my room.? The women was just staring me in the eyes without saying a world or making a peep. It was as almost as if she was reading me with her beautiful mismatch eyes. One was a dark red color; the other was blue as the sky itself. Then in a loud stern voice, she finally said something. ?Boy why have you not sign the contract with me yet.? ?What contract are you talking about? And who are you anyway?? ?Don?t make me laugh boy you?re saying the do not know who the goddess of love is??

?I am not a boy my name is Chad and I know who the goddess of love is, its Venus. However, you cannot be the goddess of love of Venus because she does not exist. ?You dear to say I don?t exist.

There is no man alive who I have ever encountered so far in my many years visiting the human world. Who would say such a thing to me boy Even the mighty Zeus has once befallen upon my beauty, there were wars fought over my hand in marriage. Do you know how much blood was shed over my body human?? After saying that, she started to undress her self from her white garb slowly showing her pure white skin.

When she was fully naked, she said in an arrogant tone. ?You see my body boy, this is the body that every women wish they had, and every man wish he could fuck.? Looking at her body now, she was right. Everything about this woman was amazing, almost too good to be true. From her long brunet hair, that came down to her perfect double D cup size breast.

The more I look at this women body the more I was lost in my own lust. I began to want her for I I did not know was coming over me. ?Boy you see now, there is now man alive or dead who could resist me.

Now I will not ask again will you sigh the contract or not?? ?Fine anything just leave me alone because I don?t know how much longer I can control myself. From fucking, the living shit out of you so please let me sign it already. ?Then conceder this your lucky day boy, because you have to fuck me to make your dream girl.? I was slowly losing my insanity. I did not care about what she talking about I just want to fuck her was all I cared for.

She walks over to me and kissed me, she almost toke the very breath out of me. It felt as though an electric current hit my body leaving this tingly filling in my brain. After a few seconds that felt like hours in heaven, she finally let my mouth go.

?I told you boy there in no man that could ever deny me.? I was speechless I had never in my life experience I kiss with so much passion before. My lust for these women grew stronger. ?I see you?re friend wants a kiss fro, this sweet mouth to.?


Without even noticing my 6-inch cock my ragging in my pants, it wanted to be free. Therefore, I had no choice but to let it out.

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When I pulled, it out it was already coverer in own cum just from her kiss alone. ?Boy don?t get ahead of yourself, I am the one who deiced when we fuck, but I must say your cock it looking amazing right now.? Then while licking her pink gloss lips she said I could just eat it up. ?Venus please I beg you let me fuck you I apologies for my rude behavior earlier.? ?So you do emit I am the most beautiful women you have ever seen, even more beautiful then Zeus wife Hera Do you agree not boy??

?Yes Venus you are the most beautiful women I had ever met, far more beautiful then what Hera will ever be.? ?Then be my guest boy I will let you fuck me, but be aware I?m only doing this so you can create the perfect girl for yourself.?

She took my hand, walks me over to my bed, and said, ?Boy if you wish to please me I want you to eat my pussy out. Then once I am please I will please you ten folds greater the amount you please me.? With that, she laid down exposing her heavenly body even more to me. I kiss her neck and slowly work my way down to her pink nipples that was hard yet soft at the same time. I could not resist but sucking them, I heard a moan from this goddess soon after I had both of her tits in my mouth squeezing and sucking them as hard as I could.

I could tell she was enjoying it she was biting one of my pillows. After a while, I started to work my way down again this time slowly kissing her legs one at a time a felt a pulse in her legs. She was shacking a little and I thought something was wrong so I stop.

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?Great Zeus why did you stop boy I was about to have an orgasm.? Without saying a word I continued, I started to kiss her pussy lips, sucking on them, nibbling on them.

Her pussy juice was so good I could not bring myself stop, I guess she was getting close to her orgasm because she shove my face in her pussy and started screaming ?Great Zeus keep going don?t stop I?m almost there.? While wrapping her legs around my head, buckling her hips back in forth on my face as if I was a horse.

In addition, with a final flick to her clit ?Oh Fuck Here it comes, boy here it comes, I?m fucking Cumming. With that said, my face met with a flood of her pussy juice. ?Good boy I can tell you will treat the girl well from the way you just showed me your skills of eating pussy.?

She pulled me up and started licking her own juice off my face. ?Boy what your about to fell only a hand full have ever live to tell the tale of.? I admit part of me was scared after her saying that, but the other half of me (my cock) could care less what was going to happen. ?I don?t care Venus do what ever I just want to fell good.? ?You?re a brave boy this shows me you will always protect her no matter what.? She pushed me down on the bed and stuck out her tongue and I swear it grew. It was so long it wrap around my hole dick, then she took my whole dick and swallow in her mouth.

It was incredible it got to a point I forgot how to bereave. Ever time I let out I moan she would slow down a little then wait for the right time to pick up the paste, I guess from stopping me from Cumming to fast. It was pain full but pleasurable all at the same time it felt as of I was slowing losing my mind.

I was on the verge of Cumming I could not hold it in anymore, Venus must have notice because she went even faster. Her head was going out of control, bobbing up and down as if my cock was about to go out of style.

I could not take it anymore; I grab her head and watch as she gags on my cock while I was Cumming. With my cock balls deep in her mouth, I blasted my hot cum deep inside her throat. Fuck that was fucking incredible I said trying to catch my breath.

Good then it time for the main course Venus said while getting on top of me.

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?Venus I need some time I just busted a load in all, I need a little time to recover.? ?Boy you will do as I say and fuck me.? Her fingers started to glow white then she grabs my deflating shaft. I felt look I took a Viagra my cock was back in action, It even look like it grew a little.

With her standing only inches over my dick, I could feel her pussy leaking fluids all over cock. ?Are you ready boy this is where the real fun begins?? In before I could get a word out my cock Venus had my cock covered in a heavenly sensation.


It was intense the way she was tightening her muscles. She would rise her hips up far enough that the head of my dick was still in their and clamp down on it.

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Venus was truly a goddess of love because the longer I fuck her the more I wanted to keep her by my side forever. ?Boy is this to you liking, do you love the taste of this goddess pussy. Can you live without it?? ?Venus I love it, I love the taste of your pussy. I never had such a tight pussy around my dick, I don?t know if I can even live on without it.? It was as if to wild animals fucking, we were just screaming from the top of are lungs.

I was about to cum it was just too good stop. Therefore, I flip Venus over in missionary position; she smiled at me and gave me a kiss. I am Cumming Venus I about to cum I said groaning and moaning. I was about to pull out so I could cum on her stomach, when she wrap her legs around my waist.

?NO Chad for the contract to be complete you must cum in me no matter what.? I didn?t care anymore I started to pump in and out of her even faster then before, I could feel her nails dig into my back as I got rougher. She then pulled me in for a kiss and that broke the deal. I must have drop every last bet of sperm in her. I was so drain from all of that I pass out while my dick still inside of her. ?You did good boy, you did real good. I hope you enjoy are daughter as much as you enjoyed me.?

When I woke up I could not find Venus anywhere, but what I did find was a note and a baby. write comments about my new story if you have the time and rate so i know to continue or not and if i need to improve on anything.