CFNM nurses tug and suck patients cock

CFNM nurses tug and suck patients cock
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His family at his mercy The story of James a 23 year old man that turned his entire family into his toys by fucking them to submission one by one I woke up on a Saturday morning at the sight of my sister's ass Lisa laying across the bedroom we had to sleep in the same room because our house was to small to have our own rooms and it didn't help that my sister was a bitch but she was a hot bitch always showing her body of to everyone she was worshipped by every boy at our school and always knew to piss me of by teasing me by sleeping in her underwear Mom was out of town for work she worked for a big company selling furniture so she had to go away alot leaving us alone for weeks and dad passed away a few years ago through a car accident he always told me that I had to take care of this family when he was gone and sometimes I felt like I must take the leadership and call everyone back in order but I didn't knew how soon the answer came when I found my sister on the sofa with one of my friends giving him head it looked disgusting my friend getting sucked of by my sister but nonetheless it gave me a boner so I left them alone but this still wasn't okay After a few hours my friend left and my sister was watching TV I noticed she wasn't wearing much but I still needed to confront her about what just happened I walked up to her and stood Infront of her " Lisa we need to talk " I say as she ignores me and keeps watching TV.

I go and grab the remote and turn the tv off " Hey ! I was watching that !

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" She yells as I look at her " I had seen you giving head to my friend I don't want you to do stuff like that at least when I'm around understood ? " I said to her checking her body " you are not my boss I do whatever I want !

You aren't dad ! " She screamed at me as I got mad I went closer to her and looked in her eyes " as long that mom is away I'm in charge here you will do what I say and that's how it's going to go from now on you will listen to me " I say to her as she looks at me and says the words that drives me over the edge " I like to see you try to make me listen to you " that was the point that I snapped I grabbed a handful of her hair and toss her to the ground making her scream " you want me to make you listen ?!

Fine !

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" I yell at her as I go and get her over my lap " stop it James ! You are going mad !" She yelled at me as she started to punch me with little result she couldn't resist my force as I ripped her pants in pieces revealing a naked ass as I got my hand ready and started slapping. YOU *Slap* WILL *Slap* OBEY *Slap* ME !


*Slap* " James p-please stop this " she cried out as I slapped her again " I will only stop when you will obey me " I said as I trew her off me and started to yank down my pants revealing my hard cock as she looked up to me with fear in her eyes she knew what was coming and started to beg " James please don't do this I will do everything you want " she begged as I laughed " offcourse you will do everything I want that's what I'm training you to do".

In a matter of seconds I got her on her knees while I stood Infront of her i looked down on her one more time and smilled before I rammed as much of my 11 inches down her troathshe could only take 5 inches but she was a small girl and I would train her later to take everything down with ease Tears started to roll down her cheeks but I didn't care I was finally getting my revenge of all those years she had been teasing me she was mine now and she could see in my eyes that I wasn't done with her.

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After what felt like hours but It most have been a few minutes I started to build up my orgasm I held her head still and looked down at her " I'm gonna cum and you are gonna swallow it !

And get used to the taste it won't be the last time you will on your knees for me !" I moaned out as she looked at me with the realization that I would do this again to her I started to erupt I came the most I had done in years almost a endless load of seed streamed down her troath directly into her stomach When I finally stopped cumming I pulled out of her mouth and stood above her as she fell to the ground coughing and crying " don't cry Lisa this is only the beginning!" I say laughing as I take her by her arms and start to drag her across the floor into my room.

She didn't even try to resist as she knew if had no point I throw her on my bed and look at her as she stared at me with fear waiting for my next move. " Okay sis let me make this clear from now on you will be my slave you will do what I tell you without protest if you won't do that I will have to punish you hard " I said as she looked at me seeing that I was serious I wanted to make it clear that there was no escape " if you even try to tell anyone or go to the police it will be the last thing you will do because if you do that I have no other choice but to kill you is that clear ?

" I said as she sat still but after a few seconds slowly nodded I smiled as she nodded and went in the bed pinning her down to the mattress making out with her as I rubbed her pussy getting her ready to be penetrated she didn't want to but I could feel her getting wetter by the second and sometimes a little moan comes out of her.

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As I stopped kissing her I lined myself up to claim herher entrance was small compared with what was going in to her She didn't even begged me not to do It just a look on her face that wanted to know how deep I could go in her I smiled and rammed myself fully in her making her scream in pain as I rip her pussy wide open.

It felt amazing I was in complete control of the situation it made me feel powerful knowing I made my sister a piece of fuckmeat I started to pound her like a animal with no limits while she kept crying but i could feel her getting wetter and soon her screams turned into moans as she got used to my size and started to counter my thrusts to increase her pleasure her " PLS NO PLS STOP " turned into " OOH YES YOUR SO BIG" i knew she was a slut but man did she give in easily i was gonna have fun with her for a long time.

The next 5 minutes was a rough fuck session I made her climax like she never did before and was now just enjoying the feeling of me pounding away at her tight pussy.


I came closer to her face and looked right in her eyes " will you obey me ? " I asked as I pushed again ramming her g spot hard making her moan " YES MASTER " she screams and calms down " I'm yours master" she said with a tone of pleasure in her voice I new that she wasn't lying to me and that she really wants to be my slave.

I groaned as I started to build up my second orgasm of the day and asked my sister if she ever had a creampie before she shook her head and I knew my answer " well then this will be the first of many you get on the pill tomorrow okay slut?" I said to her as she agreed willing" yes master as you wish" she moaned out in pleasure I got ready to claim her as mine I gave her one last thrust before I came with a loud groan as I enjoyed the feeling of my sister milking me for every drop of seed I filled her up pretty quickly and as I pulled out she immediately got on her knees and started to lick my cock clean hungry for more I loved it how her tongue would swirl around my member getting every drop of cum and swallowing it After she was finished I looked down at her with a smile on my face as she looked up to me and asked me submissively " what do you desire from me my master?" She said with lust in her eyes as I already knew what I wanted " clean this mess up and come downstairs for your new set of orders and rules slut" I said as she nodded and got to work while in the mean time I went to grab a beer.

After a half hour she came downstairs still naked and her hair sloppy like I liked it as she went to sit next to me and snuggles with me I started to pat her head slowly as I finished my beer. I stood up and looked down at her " alright time for your new rules and orders sis "His family at his mercy I said to her as she smilled " rule number one you will always call me master I like that rule number 2 inside you will be naked or wearing lingerie all the time rule number 3 when I command you to do something you will do it no questions asked even if it's to or with other people understand " I said as she looked at me a little scared but quickly nodded " yes master " she said smilling not wanting to take any chances to be punished for disobedience to me.


I smiled and wanted to enjoy myself with her and maybe even test her limits so I could take away those limits. " Alright little sister I want you to get down on your knees and beg your master to suck his dick" I said as she quickly obeyed falling to her knees looking up to me " please master may I suck your dick and let me taste all his power ?" She begged with a true look of lust in her eyes as I simply noddedshe quickly got between my legs and started to suck like a pro as I look down at her with joy and pleasure I sat there enjoying my little sisters mouth pleasuring my cock until the phone rang and she stopped as I looked who the caller was and it was out mother !

I smilled and picked up the phone while I signalled Lisa to continue the blowjob she waited for a few seconds but soon got back to her job as I answered the phone" hey mom how are you ? " I asked as I parted my sis head for doing a wonderful blowjob " I'm okay James listen I'm gonna stay here for the night so I wont be back for tomorrow " she said trough the phone as I smilled " ooh okay I will tell Lisa " I said knowing I can go hard on Lisa untill tomorrow night " how is Lisa ?

" She asked as I looked down at her " she is okay she is having fun I think " I said as I pushed head a little deeper as she laughed and said our goodbyes and Hung up the phone. I layed my phone away and smilled at Lisa " guess what slut mom won't be back tomorrow I can use you for the whole day " I laughed as she looked up to me and smiled.

A little later I felt I was ready to blow my load and grabbed her head holding her still as I unload my seed right into her stomach. I pulled out and again she started to lick my cock clean without protest swallowing everyt last drop of it.

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Soon we where watching TV like a normal the only difference is that my sister is naked and pumped full of my seed like a common slut When we decided to go to sleep and walked upstairs I was looking right at her pussy and grew immediately hard I decided to take her one more time right there on the stairs it was a rough and quick session but she loved it. I layed in bed Lisa laying on my chest I was already planning the future of how I would make as much use of my sister as I could