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Monster Shemale Dick Cumming on Cam
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Dangerous 1 This guy might be dangerous; she'd only met him once and didn't know him that well. Sure he'd bought her a couple of drinks even a light lunch, but she didn't really know him. Seemed pleasant enough but openly admitted that her fantasies had awoken something in him, something dark, sinister, dangerous even.

Could she trust him? Could she be alone with him and let him act out his desires, her fantasies? Biting her lip as he flashed a smile at her she already knew the answer. His eyes were too kind to not be trusted.

The feelings in her stomach, the churning and the butterflies told her what was to transpire today. She met him in the bar again and they had enjoyed a cold drink gathering their senses and just talking before making their way to the hotel.

He drove them both to the hotel he had stayed in the previous night. She looked at him in his white shirt and dark suit, wondering if he could fulfil her needs and desires. Was he capable of what she was used to? He had gone quiet now that they were alone and she watched his face which had become serious. The smile now gone his eyes no longer seemed friendly, but dark and foreboding. What had changed? She hadn't said something wrong had she? Was he indeed dangerous as she had thought or was he deep in thought?

No words were spoken as the car pulled up at the hotel. Silently they made their way through the building until stopping outside the room. He looked at her as he unlocked the door, his eyes looking her up and down as if deciding if she were worthy of entering his domain.

No smile, no words just a look to say follow. The room was nice, not luxurious, but tidy, clean with a large double bed against the wall. As she scanned the room he suddenly grabbed her from behind and turned her roughly, pushing her against the wall, her bag falling to the floor.

He held her arms above her head forcing him self against her so she couldn't move. He was stronger than he looked and the gentle man from the bar had suddenly turned into something else. He looked deep into her eyes, no smile, no words, but she could feel he was aroused and wanted something. But what did he want?


What was he going to do to her? The feelings in her stomach, the churning was there and also something else. Fear; fear of what this man was capable of, just how dangerous was he?

His face was close to hers as his strong arms held hers above her head hurting a little. He pushed hard against her crushing her breasts his face only millimetres from hers. She felt his breath on her face, as he looked hard into her eyes. He slowly examined her features taking in every detail. Looking at her immaculate skin, her hair, her ears and eyes, her lips.

As his gaze moved to her lips her tongue involuntarily flicked at them and he suddenly kissed her hard. The ferociousness of his advance taking her by surprise. His lips crushed against hers as he took out his inner desires on her. Tongues searching each others mouths, the wetness covering their lips as the heat of the moment started to rise. Still he held her arms against the wall as he pushed and forced his body against hers.

Their lips parted and he began to kiss her neck, her head going back, his lust apparent as he pushed his face into her. His mouth devouring of her, tasting her, inhaling her perfume. His lips all over her throat as her head pushed back against the wall. It was difficult for her to breathe as his body pushed harder and harder onto hers. She felt vulnerable, she felt scared as his actions became more urgent.

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She tried to push him away so she could breathe, but he pushed her back her against the wall not letting her escape. Still her arms were held tightly, still he was kissing, licking, now biting her neck. Her eyes closed as he fulfilled his desires hoping he would not hurt her…too much. Then he let her go and stood back, his breathing coming in gasps as was hers. He looked at her again her clothing now crumpled under his advance.

Still no smile, but his mouth open and his eyes on fire with lust. She could see this now; the familiar look of lust in his face. She smiled to herself as the feelings of fear subsided as she realised what he wanted. He turned and sat in the chair. "Stand here" he indicated at the spot right in front of him.

She walked over and stood in front of him.

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Once again he scanned her from head to toe. "Turn round" he commanded and she obeyed him, giving him a 360 degree look of her as she slowly turned.

When she faced him again he had something in his hand. What was it? She looked and saw a leather whip with a round handle and many strings coming from it. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw this.

She looked at his face, a little smile on his lips, which left as soon as she tried to return it. He had surprised her; this man in his dark suit, tie and white shirt was very surprising.

"Take off your top" he said calmly and deliberately. What if she didn't she thought to herself, what would he do? But she obeyed and slowly unbuttoned her blouse the material parting as her full breasts pushed against the material.

The garment dropped to the floor and she stood before him, her lace covered breasts rising each time she breathed. His eyes took in her form and he nodded.

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"Now the skirt". Once more she obeyed, turning so she had her back to him as the zip was slowly lowered and the skirt fell to the floor to join the top. Her lingerie was now on full show. Pink bra, pink panties, pink suspenders and stockings. She knew how to dress alright. She turned to face him her breathing shallow and fast. The cool air making her skin goose bump as she watched his reaction.

He was pleased she could see as he handled the implement in his hand. A grin on his lips as he examined her intimately.

"Good girl Claire" he said "excellent choice. Come here". She took the two steps towards him and stood right in front of him. He pushed his face into her chest and breathed in her perfume, as if wanting her scent to fill him, to nourish him. He leaned back once again examining her and she glanced at his lap to see if she could see any hint of his arousal. SMACK!! As the whip zipped across her backside, stinging her skin a sharp pain suddenly shooting through her. She shot a look at his face indignantly wondering why he had done that…"That's not for you, not yet Claire, I'll tell you when" he said firmly, his face stern and angry.

Her skin still stung with the force of the whip, burning, but also feeling hot, rousing dark desires in her. She felt herself becoming more aroused and the familiar feelings within her were stirring. She stood before him again in lingerie and heels, waiting for the next instruction.

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He began hitting the whip against his hand and she longed for more, the stinging in her skin now replaced by pleasure. "Remove the bra" he commanded, she turned away from him as she reached behind and unclipped the bra, letting it fall to join the other garments.

She covered her breasts with her hands as she turned…SMACK!! SMACK!! The whip whistled through the air as it contacted her backside again, each leather strip stinging her skin just above her legs, two red marks now rising on her skin to join the first.


First the pain, hurting her, taking a few seconds to subside before the delicious tingling and burning feelings coursed through her. "I asked you to remove the bra so I could see you, now drop your hands." She obeyed and her full breasts were now on full show. "See Claire, you can be a good girl". He said as he continued to hit the whip against his hand. Her skin now burned from the leather, the feelings arousing her further, making her nipples swell and stand erect.

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He noticed this and smiled "Ahhh so now we know the truth" he said. "You have to be a bad girl before you rise to the occasion".

He stood and walked to her, she held her head high and stood almost to attention, defiant and confident. Still he had on his suit; still he wore his stern expression.


He placed the whip handle under her chin, lifting her face still higher. She looked at him as he stared into her eyes, feeling his gaze boring into her. Her breathing shallow, face flushed, giving away her state of arousal.

He pushed the handle between her legs and she flinched and moved back involuntarily. He grabbed her hair and pulled her back, forcing a kiss onto her lips as the handle was pushed hard against her sex, rubbing, pushing the material into her wetness. His tongue darted into her mouth searching everywhere, fighting with hers, as he still held her hair and took control. He pushed her back still holding her head and brought up the whip.

She could see it was wet…wet with her.

He looked at it and smiled as he held it to his face and took in the aroma of her…his eyes closed as he took another breath and she could see his skin flush as her scent and pheromones went to work on him. His eyes opened and she could see the burning lust in them. He moved his hand with the whip to her face and pushed it between her lips, forcing her to taste of herself, as he wiped it over her mouth.

Again he rubbed the whip in her sex and coated it with her juices, which were now flowing freely, and again he wiped it on her lips. He pulled her head towards him and kissed her gently this time, his tongue flicking against hers and over her lips as he tasted her. He released her hair and continued the kiss, deeply, hot and wet, his breathing becoming ragged. Pulling away he grunted and returned to the chair. "Panties off" he commanded. And Claire obeyed, once more turning away from him and slowly and deliberately sliding the delicate material over her legs until the last barrier joined the other garments on the floor.

She felt the cool air against her wet lips, making her swollen sex tingle as she slowly turned. This impromptu strip tease for her man now all but finished. She stood legs slightly apart arms by her side.

Looking at his face to see if he was pleased. He nodded his approval "Claire you are as beautiful as I had imagined" he said.

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He beckoned her to him and once more she stood before him. He stroked her stockinged legs and felt the welts on her skin, his touch making her flinch as the sore spots were touched.

His eyes closely searched her crotch as he gazed upon her nakedness, her swollen and inflamed sex obvious to him. His hand cupped her mound and felt her wetness, the first touch of him on her secret place sending a shudder through her. He stroked her gently from front to back, from her little puckered opening to the hooded area right at the top.

The delicious sensations only making her want more. He stood and pushed her back wards, turning her and making her bend over the bed. Her arms outstretched and legs apart as he pushed her down.

Her backside held high. Once again he stroked her welts making her flinch, still sore. He reached his hands to her hair and lifted it, sliding something over her head; a blindfold.

Her eyes covered now, the velvet material blocking out all light. Her breathing became faster her pulse raced. She felt his lips kiss her reddened skin the pain being replaced by tenderness. All over her rear he kissed, his hands stroking her legs. He kissed down her valley, till he reached her little forbidden orifice and flicked his tongue against it and into it, her legs almost buckling as he then flicked at her pink, wet lips, pushing his tongue into her, again and again.

"Yes" she cried and groaned as his tongue probed deeper, tasting her wetness, lapping at her, sucking her swollen pink lips into his mouth. She pushed back against him as his tongue delved ever deeper. The sensations wonderful as this man pleasured her. Then suddenly the swish through the air as the whip cracked against her skin once more, her head was thrown back with the surprise of the action, her mouth wide, the delicious pain suddenly shooting across her skin, her cries filling the room.

Her arms spread across the quilt, fists clasping the material as the pain from the leather bit into her. Again the swish and once more the leather made contact with her skin, just above her legs.

The swish, the smack and again the burning feeling as the leather strings exerted their cruel ministrations to her skin. Again and again the whip whistled through the air; contacting her soft skin, raising red welts on her beautifully formed body. Her legs began to weaken as this hidden man used this weapon on her. "Why? What had she done? Was he not pleased with her?" Swish, smack the whip again left its mark on her.

Both sides of her gorgeous rear receiving the punishment. Each time he used it on her she cried out in pain, but the pain was good&hellip.wasn't it? She couldn't tell…it hurt but also it felt good &hellip.didn't it? The whip came down again and again, swish smack, swish smack. Each stroke causing her to emit a cry as the wicked leather inflicted its desired effect. Pulse racing and breathing fast as this man gave her what she so desired. And he knew it!! So aroused was she and so high on lust that she could no longer differentiate between pain and pleasure.

Her cries were interspersed with moans of pleasure. And the moans of pleasure only prompted him to give her more and more.

How many more lashes? How many more times would she feel the leather create the pleasure pain sensation on her skin? Again and again he administered the whip, swish smack, swish smack, again and again the burning, stinging but ohh so delicious feelings coursed through her body…so many times did he whip her that she could no longer feel the individual lashes, only one constant sensation of sensual pleasurable pain.

She could not hear herself any more, could not feel the bed beneath her, was conscious only of the incredible sensations coursing through her, lost was she in her own world. Her head now spinning, the endorphins causing her to almost lose consciousness. Each lash only prolonging the ecstasy for her; the whip taking her to regions known only to the enlightened few. She would gladly give herself wholly to this man, who was both her tormentor and master of pleasure.

Her cries now turning to sobs as the tears streamed down her face. It didn't matter now if he continued to whip her or not. She could no longer feel any individual stroke, she could take no more and she collapsed on to the bed sobbing.

Instantly he was beside her, holding her, his arms wrapped around her holding her head against his chest, her tears running down her face onto him. He stroked her face, stroked her hair, and held her so tightly, letting her know she was safe.

"No one can hurt you now Claire" he said. "I will take care of you". She felt his warm body, could hear his heart beating in his chest. She was still dizzy from her ordeal and still her body shook with her gentle sobs. Her skin was red, throbbing and so raw by his hand. The burning only just beginning to die down. But as he held her so tightly and so close she felt safe and secure.

She closed her eyes and felt herself drifting off to sleep. So safe, so warm in the arms of this man. He smiled as he held her, this beautiful woman. Kissing her head as he stroked her hair and face. He smiled as he knew he wasn't finished with her yet…there was so much more to come.