Horny sweet chick offers her pussy for cash

Horny sweet chick offers her pussy for cash
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My Daddy started talking to me in a calm sweet voice as he turned me over to get to my hands. He unwrapped the duct tape from my wrists and I let out a moan of pain as I moved my arms forward. I rolled back over onto my back and my Daddy was looking down at his naked 15-year-old daughter.

I closed my eyes and turned my head. I was ruined to him. How could he ever love me the same again? I felt a blanket moving over me. I started to cry again. I am starting to get a little worried as I walk through the neighborhood. How far was the diner? It didn't seem like it had been that far but am I headed in the right direction?

I am such a loser. I am probably going to walk right into more trouble. I look around at the houses and think that is a pretty likely outcome. I just keep walking. The police came and then the ambulance. There were a lot of people in our living room and most all of them saw me naked.

Either the detectives when they said they needed to see my body for signs of assault or the paramedics when they examined me or the police officers who were just standing around when I was lifted onto the gurney. Whatever, let's all look at the little raped virgin. Don't see that every day. The rest of the day was a blur. A lot of people talked to me and I remember none of them. I am sure they gave me great information and advice but I heard nothing.

The feeling of the knife in my pussy, my nipples being twisted, and the searing pain when he ripped through my virginity. That is what went through my head the rest of that day. I woke up the next morning and I was very sore. I was in bed for two days before I had the strength or desire to get up. I remember that was the first time I felt the intense apathy hit me. My Mom asked me if I wanted a shower and I didn't really care one way or the other.

I had been cleaned up obviously but not really. I didn't care if I took a shower and washed the feel of him off of me. I just shrugged. She eventually stopped asking me questions. She got tired of the shrugs. She just started doing. The warm shower did feel good. The first week passed quickly and I did go back to school the next Monday.

No one at school knew anything, just that Taylor went through something and she was different. I did get dressed nicely, well Mom dressed me nicely.

I remember looking in the mirror and recognizing the girl who used to be Taylor. But the eyes were different, and that girl was not me. I keep walking and reach the end of the street. I look both ways, unsure of which way to go. I feel hopeless, I will never find my way back home.

I am turning right when I hear the engine behind me. Denny pulls up beside me and looks at me. I keep walking.

"Come on honey, let me take you back to your car." He says. "Fuck you, I might mess up your precious seat." I say and keep walking.

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"I am so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you and I was an idiot." He says. I stop and look at him. I shake my head and keep walking.

"What do I need to do to convince you? I like you. I was stupid, can we start over?" He says. He pulls up next to me. I stop and think about my situation. Get on the bike and get back to my car or keep walking and most likely get raped and killed.

I seriously consider the raped and killed option before I swing my leg over his seat and scoot up behind him. He has me at my car in a matter of minutes. I get off the bike and open my car door. I start the car and pull away without looking at him. Mom is sitting at the kitchen table when I walk in. I must look horrible because she gasps as I walk into the kitchen. I remember our shopping trip as soon as I look at her. "Oh Mom, I am sorry." I say. "Where have you been? I called Max and he said you got on a motorcycle with a boy." She says.

I don't know what to say. Well, Mom I took a ride to a biker house and got gang-fucked. No, that won't go over good. Well, Mom this boy paid me $500 to fuck me and two of his friends fucked me accidentally. Not much better. "Taylor, where were you and what were you doing?" Mom says, her voice rising.

I can feel my agony rising and I start to cry. "What has happened to you? Talk to me." She says. "Oh, I don't know Mom, maybe I got brutally fucking raped in my own living room? That would be a good start." I say and turn to leave the room. I hear her crying behind me and I think I hear an apology before I hit the stairs. I go into my room and fall onto my bed. I cry for a while and then curl up into a ball.

I feel something stabbing me and I reach into my uniform pocket and pull out the wad of money and a piece of paper. Sweetheart, Don't give up. I fall asleep crying, holding the crumpled paper. I wake up and I feel crusty. The cum has dried on my thighs and it feels gross. I am so dirty. I crawl out of bed and slip out of my uniform.

My panties and bra are gone and I have no idea where they are. I walk into the bathroom and take a shower. The warm water brings me back to life for a moment. I finish, slip into my robe and go into my room. My uniform is on the floor and it is filthy. I pick it up and carry it to the washing machine. I stuff it in and start the washer. I should be hungry but I'm not. I sit in my room and comb my wet hair while the washer finishes. I move the uniform to the dryer and go to bed.

I am asleep the minute my head hits the pillow. I dream of my rape again and wake up the next morning screaming. My Mom is at my side and hugs me. "Baby, it will be ok." She says and holds me. I stop screaming and just sit in my Mom's arms. I look at the clock and see it is 6:10. "Mom, I have to work at 8:00 but can we go shopping after please?" I whisper.

"Yes, baby, yes. We will go as soon as you get home." Mom answers and continues to hold me. "Thanks, Mom." I say and think my voice sounded a little excited.

I shower again and go back to my room. My uniform is on my bed, perfect again. I put on my set of yellow lace bra and panties and slip my uniform on.

I am at work by 7:30 and Max is glad. The place is packed. I put on my apron and get right to work. I run around like a wild girl the entire morning. I am so thankful for that as the memories don't have time to haunt me. My shift ends before I realize it and I jump in my car.

Mom and I hit the mall and I am almost perky. Deep down I still feel a little worthless and used but I try hard to not let it show. Mom seems happy and we do find a pretty white sundress that I could wear to the spring dance. It is relatively short and shows my pretty legs. The top has straps but they aren't spaghetti.

It really is very cute, and I do like the way I look in it. The next week in school goes by without incident. No one messes with me but then again no one talks to me. No one knows what to do. I am not the same and they cannot figure out what to do with me so they ignore me. I can see it in their eyes. I have turned into a stuck-up bitch who doesn't have time for anyone anymore.

Oh well, if that is how they want to justify it so be it. It will probably be better that way. Life at home is stable at best. My parents are confused on what to do.

Mom is trying to ignore it and pretend nothing ever happened. Daddy is reacting exactly how I feared. He looks at me with sad eyes. I am not his little girl anymore. He has seen me raped and naked and that is what he sees now when he looks at me. I can tell. He is trying to smile but he is sad. I go to my room and cry at least twice a day after he looks at me.

Stable, at best. The school year is coming to an end and my mom planned a get-together at our house for Easter. The party is planned for a Saturday. The entire family is coming. It will be the first time they have gathered since my birthday. I am scared.

I know the memory will return and I will go through it all over again. None of them know what happened. Mom and Dad have decided to keep it between us. Well, except for my therapist of course. That is always a treat. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that being raped is going to mess you the fuck up. I don't understand why we have to pay someone to tell me that. The day of the party arrives, and I feel ok. I decide to put on my pretty new dress and I do look very cute.

I have to wear my sheer white panties so they won't show through the light material. I don't wear a bra and the dress looks darling. It comes down about 4 inches above my knees. I straighten my blonde hair and it falls softly over my shoulders. I take a deep breath, try to smile, and go downstairs. The family is already arriving. My little cousins come up and hug my legs. They don't reach much higher than that. My aunts hug me and kisses me on the cheeks. My uncles hug me hard and I feel my boobs squash into them.

Uncle Jack even lifts me up a little and my legs dangle. One of the uncles is not here yet. I go into the kitchen to see if Mom needs any help. She is a whirling dervish and tells me to get out of there and go mingle with the guests. I don't argue and go back into the living room. I notice my other uncle has arrived with his family.

His name is Tony and he is the youngest of the brothers. He has three of the cutest kids. They all run over to me and hug me. All of them hug my legs except for the oldest. She is 6 and a little taller. Her arms actually come across my butt as she squeezes me. Uncle Tony's wife tells me I look adorable and kisses me.

Uncle Tony says she is right and gives me a big hug. My boobs press against his chest and he lifts me off my feet a little too. I go outside with the little kids and start playing with them. The day goes by pretty quick and I have a good time. I am starting to feel a little better. After dinner everyone is sitting in the living room. I go upstairs to go to the bathroom. I come out and meet Uncle Tony in the hallway. He stops in front of me and smiles.

"Baby girl, you look so precious." He says, and I blush. "Thanks." I say. "You have grown up so fast." He says and grabs my hands. I shrug shyly as he looks at me. He is very cute and I have always had a little crush on him since I was little. He has just turned 30 so he was relatively young when I was little.

He pulls me in and hugs me. I feel his hard chest against my soft boobs. He runs his hands over my back a little and pulls away. He kisses me on the forehead. I smile at him. "What are you gonna do for the summer?" he asks. "I really don't know." I say. I had not even thought of what I would do when I had nowhere to go every day but the diner. We have been surviving day-to-day around here. He kisses me on the forehead and then on the nose. "Maybe you should get a little day job to pass the time?" He says.

"Maybe." I say. "I do need a secretary. You could work for me for the summer." He says. I look at him and he kisses me on the cheek.

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I don't move and he kisses me lightly on the lips. I am stunned but it does feel a little nice. He kisses me on the lips again, this time pausing a little and then pulling back. I can feel my body reacting. I cannot process much else as my thoughts are a mess.

He is taking me to a place where my worthless feelings are strongest. Now I think of my Aunt and the sadness hits me hard. I am messing up her marriage. I am forcing her husband to cheat on her. He kisses me again and I feel his mouth open slightly. He takes his arms from around me and pushes me against the wall. My body takes over and my mouth opens to meet his. Our tongues meet and wrap around each other. He pushes into me and I feel his cock on my stomach.

Oh God, what am I doing? Even through the confusion I know this is wrong but I can't stop him. His hand touches my chest and grabs my boob. He kisses me harder. I close my eyes, I am in turmoil. Pull away, my mind is screaming. My body doesn't care anymore. I am trash and this is exactly the kind of thing that trashy girls do. Seduce their uncle. He pulls the strap of my dress off my left shoulder and pulls my dress down until my boob pops out.

He grabs it and starts to rub it. "Perfect little tits. You are so beautiful." He whispers. My uncle should not be talking about my tits. The feelings return and I close my eyes and let him do whatever he wants.

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He reaches under my dress and rubs my thigh. I feel him pull my panties down to my thighs and run his finger up my slit. I am getting wet and he slips the finger into my pussy a little. He moves down and pushes my panties down off my thighs. They slip down my legs and land around my ankles. He picks up my left foot to step out of them and then lifts my right leg up, his hand behind my knee. I hear his zipper and I feel a tear leave my eye.

My own uncle knows I am trash. How does he know? Is it that obvious? How does he know he can fuck me just by looking at me? I feel his cock touch me and slide right up my pussy.

I grunt. He moves his hips around and then slides out. He pushes back in and then starts pumping. My boobs are bouncing as he pounds me. His head is next to mine. "Baby, you are so sweet." He whispers. I try to stay still and ignore him. "This is the best pussy I have ever had. This little cunt is built for cock." He whispers. My eyes pop open and I immediately smell a strong scent of cinnamon and coffee.

I look into his eyes and I see cruelty. I scream the loudest I have ever screamed in my life. He pulls out of me and drops me to the floor. I crumble to the ground, still screaming. He is zipping up and fixing his clothes. I hear people and then I see my Daddy in the hallway. I am still screaming. He jumps down and takes me by the shoulders. I realize my left boob is still out in the open.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Daddy looks at me. I stop screaming and start to shake. Daddy asks me again. I look up and Mom is there with a lot of people behind her. "It is him." I whisper. Daddy looks at me with a weird look on his face. "What?" he asks. "It was him, Daddy. He raped me." I whisper, now through tears. "No, no. She's crazy.

What is she talking about?" Uncle Tony says. Daddy looks up at him and I could see he is angry. "Tom, she tried to seduce me right here. She pulled her dress down and basically attacked me." Uncle Tony says. Daddy looks back at me, now noticing my bare boob and my panties lying next to my feet.

"Daddy, it was him." Was I could say. "Honey, this is Uncle Tony. Do you know what you are saying?" My Mom says, now kneeling next to me. I look at my Mom and see her sad face. He is her brother and I am just her ruined daughter. I realize no one is going to believe me.


My Mom is doubting me and if she doubts me then no one else will even give it the time of day. "Baby girl, think about what you are saying." Daddy says, and I turn to him.

He pulls up my dress over my boob and looks at me. I see sadness in his eyes. I burst into sobbing tears. "Oh Daddy, I'm so sorry.

I didn't want it to happen. I'm so sorry." I say, blubbering. He hugs me. My head is on his shoulder and I whisper softly in his ear. "Daddy, it was him. I smelled cinnamon and coffee and he said the same thing the man said. I know it was him Daddy. Please believe me." I whisper in my father's ear.

He picks me up and I lay my head against his chest and pray. He carries me into my room and lays me on my bed. I curl up into a ball, sobs are racking my body. I look up at my Daddy. "Daddy, I tried to stop him. He was too strong and he hurt me. He said he would hurt you. I tried, Daddy, I tried." I say until the sobs get too strong for me to talk. He kneels down beside my bed. His eyes are focused on me.

The eyes I have been avoiding ever since that night. The eyes that looked sad when he looked at me. He has barely spoken to me for the last month. I thought I had lost him. I had lost my Daddy. His eyes still look sad. He reaches out and pushes my hair off my face. His touch is soft. My sobbing is slowing down. My heart is broken though. My family now thinks I am just a crazy slut that accused her own uncle of rape. "Baby girl. I apologize to you." He says. I try to stop crying and look at him.

"I am so sorry. I have not been supportive of you at all. You have been going through hell and I have not been there for you. I was angry and I guess every time I looked at you I got angrier. I am sorry, baby. Can you forgive me?" He asks, and I see a tear escape his eye. "Oh Daddy." I say and reach for him. He hugs me hard. I feel his strength as he squeezes me. I feel warm and safe for the first time in a very long time. I hear his soft voice. "Baby, I believe you." He whispers in my ear.

I pull back immediately and look at his face. His eyes are not sad anymore. They look angry. "What do I do, Daddy? You are the only one that believes me. What do I do?" I say in a soft voice. He hugs me again. "I don't know, baby, I just don't know." He whispers.

The next two weeks are torture. My mom barely speaks to me. I can tell she is furious with me. My parents argue constantly. My father is defending me and my Mom is saying I am obviously disturbed. My therapist thinks I am trying to find an outlet for my anger and my uncle just happened to walk by.

I even hear my Mom tell my Dad she thinks I have turned into a slut. "She was fucking him in the hallway!", I overheard her saying. She had obviously talked to Uncle Tony and he was giving her details.

My school life sucks huge. My breakdown got around school and so did the story of my rape. People look at me strange when I walk by and no one talks to me. The boys are disgusting when they look at me and the girls look like they are disgusted with me. Yeah, it is loads of fun. Work is sort of ok. I am able to hold it together most of the time but I spend a lot of time in the alley crying.

Max isn't sure what to do, I feel sorry for him, he wants to help me so bad. Sally is sweet but she doesn't want to talk details. They know what happened, the whole town seems to know. Nothing comes of my accusation. Mom refuses to let the DA pursue the case. She says it is not true and I am just upset so it sorta dies. My extended family doesn't speak to me anymore. The only family member that talks to me is my Dad. He is still sad but not when he looks at me.

When he looks at me his eyes light up and he hugs me.

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He is the only thing keeping me going, my only fan. I wonder how long I can go on, but I am just trying to take it one day at a time. I am at work on a normal Wednesday and he walks in.

Denny, but he is alone. He sits in a booth in the corner. It isn't very busy and he is in my section. I take a deep breath and walk over. He looks up at me and nods to the seat across from him.

I slide into the booth. "I heard what happened." He says. I just nod. Where was this going? Random thoughts fly through my head. Does he want me to become the house slut? That would be fitting. He just stares at me for a little while.


"Tell me." He says softly. "Tell you what?" I say. "Tell me everything. That is what hurt you, changed you. I see past that, I see what you were. Tell me about the thing that changed you." He says. I stare at him. What an interesting creature. That strange line runs through my head. I look over at the counter. Sally is motioning for me to stay and is making hand gestures like she will cover the floor.

I look back at him. He shows no emotion, he is just looking at me with what looks like indifference. I figure what the hell.

I tell him everything, from the birthday party all the way through Easter and then everything up to now. He sits patiently and lets me talk. He doesn't stop me or even ask any questions.

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I finish and look at him for a reaction. There is none. He reaches out and takes my hands. "I believe you and I am so sorry for how I treated you. That was not what you needed. I hope you can forgive me one day." He says and stands up. He still has my left hand in his and he pulls it to his mouth and kisses it. "Goodbye Taylor." He says and walks out.

Fuck! Well, that was productive. I'm not even worthy of being a biker slut. Was that what I was wishing for? What the hell was that all about? I am very confused and I slide out of the booth. I straighten my uniform and finish my shift. Three more weeks pass. School is over, thank god. I am now working full time at the diner. It looks like maybe this is going to be my life. My parents are on the verge of a divorce. The only time they ever talk it ends up in a screaming fit.

We still all live together but it is a little weird. Daddy is still in my corner and I think I will be able to make it now with just that. I never see any of my family anymore. I miss my little cousins terribly and I can only imagine what they must think of me. It makes me sad to think of it, so I try my best to forget about them.

It is a lazy Sunday. Daddy and I are watching a NASCAR race. Mom is in the kitchen washing dishes I think. She thinks of reasons not to be in the same room with us most of the time.

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I hear the doorbell and I get up to go answer it. I open the door and Denny is there. I can see there are a bunch of guys behind him. He grabs my arm and pulls me into the room. I scream a little and Daddy jumps up.

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One of the other guys pulls a gun and everyone freezes. I see Mom come out of the kitchen and she stops in her tracks. "Ok, everyone calm down." Denny says.

"Mom, Dad, please take a seat on the couch." He says and points. He pulls me over near the couch. Dad looks really mad and Mom just looks incredibly frightened. He pulls something out of his jacket. It looks like a DVD of some sort. He hands it to me. "Put this in your DVD player, please." He says to me. I look at him and he cracks a small smile.

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I am very confused and I slide the disc in and hit play. He sits me down in the chair and goes to stand behind the couch. All of his guys are arranged behind him. I think that looks a little strange. Did they come here to watch a movie? This is weird. I hear sound and turn to look at the screen. It is the inside of the biker house. I recognize the furniture. There looks to be around 10 guys sitting around.

I hear someone come into the room and hear the guys welcome Denny. He walks into the scene and is motioning to someone. I gasp when Uncle Tony walks into the picture. He looks like he is drunk but he is very happy. He slaps a couple of guys on the back and sits down on one of the couches. I hear Mom say something.

"What did you bastards do to him?" She says to Denny. "Shut up bitch and just watch." He screams at her. She turns, and I can see her face is red with anger. I can hear the conversation on the screen very clearly. I figure out quickly that Denny must have been wearing a microphone. He sits next to Uncle Tony. I can hear sounds from the side and I figure there must have been a porno movie on the screen in the biker house.

"Look at that bitch." Denny says to Tony. "Yeah, she is fine. I would do her in a minute." Tony says and laughs. One of the other guys makes a joke about Tony lasting a minute and everyone laughs. Tony laughs with them, he is feeling no pain. "She looks like she is 16." One of the other guys says. "Well, the flick is called Fall of the Virgin." Another guy says. "Man, I love fucking virgins." One of the other bikers chimes in. "Like you ever got one, Tiny." I hear Denny's voice. I look over and notice that all of the guys standing behind Denny are the same ones in the video.

I find Tiny and he smiles at me. I have no idea what is going on. I turn back to the screen when I hear Uncle Tony's voice. "I got one." Tony says, and a couple of bikers clap him on the back. "No shit, was she fine?" Tiny says. "Oh yeah, she was a fucking hottie. In fact, she still is." Tony says, and I put my hand to my mouth.

"How old was she?" Denny says. "15, in fact I got her on her birthday." Tony says, and my eyes start to well up with tears. I turn around and Dad looks furious while Mom just looks confused. "Happy birthday to her." Tiny says. "Ok, fucker, how did you get a 15-year-old virgin hottie on her birthday? It's not like you are a movie star." One of the other bikers says and everyone laughs.

I see Tony look at all the guys and they sort of quiet down. "I raped her." He says and they all roar. "Holy fuck, you should be in the gang. You raped a virgin. Dude, you rock!" One of the bikers gets up and high fives Tony. I see Tony smiling and high fiving everyone. The party is rocking now. I feel tears running down my cheeks, but I can't stop watching and I can't turn around. "How long ago was it?" One of the guys says as he slaps Tony's hand. "A couple of months ago." He says, laughing.

"How was it?" Tiny asks. "Guys, you would not believe. She was so hot and the pussy was sweet. Her little body is rocking and it was the best fuck I have ever had." He says, and I curl up my legs and wrap my arms around them, my tears flowing.

"Who was she?" I hear Denny's calm voice. "My niece and it was her own birthday party." Tony says. I hold my breath and turn my head slowly. I see Denny and the guys leaving and watch the door close behind them. Dad and Mom are just sitting and staring. They look like they are in a coma. "You fucking raped your own niece at her own birthday party?" I hear a voice from the screen.

"Fuckin' A. Dude, you are a legend." I hear Tiny's voice and hear a slapping noise, another high five. "Please turn it off." Mom says. I don't move. I try but I can't. "Yeah, and then I nailed her at her house on Easter." Tony says on the screen behind me. Mom gasps again and tries to get up. Dad pulls her back down.

She looks at him, anger in her eyes. "Get your fucking hands off me and turn this crap off." She screams. "Dude, how was that?" Tiny's voice. "Even sweeter, not as tight as the first time, she must have been fucking since then.

She can't say no now. You just have to keep pressing and she just opens her legs." Tony's voice. Mom lets out a cry and tries to get up again. "No, you sit here. Our own daughter couldn't get off this couch because her fucking arms were taped behind her back as your brother raped her so you just sit here and watch!" Daddy screams.

"That is so sweet. Maybe you can bring her by here sometime?" Tiny says. "Sure, I am sure she would come. Everyone thinks she is crazy anyway, they will all think she's just acting like the slut she is now." Tony's voice.

"No, please stop it." Mom says and puts her head in her hands. "Do you think she would do us all?" Tiny's voice. "Yep, and come back for more. Her little cunt is built for cock!!!" Tony's voice. The tape stops, and the screen goes blank. Mom is crying, and Dad stands up and walks over to me. "I'm so sorry baby." He says, and he is crying hard.

I stand up and hug my Daddy as he apologizes over and over to me. Epilogue Denny's cock feels good as I sit here. I look at him lying there with his hands behind his head on the pool table. He is smiling at me. I grab my boobs and squeeze them. They are growing. They feel almost big now but they are still firm. My nipples are hard again.

They seem to always be hard in this house. I run my hands down and feel the bulge of my stomach. It feels so nice. I am growing a life inside me. I have no idea who the father is and I really don't care. It doesn't really matter. It is my baby and I am so excited. The case does go to trial, but they throw it out. Turns out a drunken confession is not admissible in court and the DNA sample was mishandled.

Oh well, I do get to tell my story. My lawyer knew we didn't have much of a chance, so she agreed to let me testify. I told the entire story to the whole courtroom and I didn't leave anything out.

There was lots of crying and I was glad. I had been crying for a long time and God Dammit it was time for other people to cry a little. Yep, the jury would have buried Tony if the judge hadn't thrown the case out. He felt bad too, but Tony's lawyer was good. Work is wonderful. Now that everyone knows what happened it is much better. Max is a sweetie and Sally is like my Mom. Mom, well, that's another story.

She is still trying to come to terms with her brother being a rapist. I don't care. Daddy and I are great and we visit the family a lot. We even visit Uncle Tony's wife and kids. She is always apologizing to me and the kids don't know anything.

Uncle Tony lost his job and last I heard he is living downtown somewhere. His wife divorced him pretty quick and he doesn't even visit his kids much. He is walking with a little limp and a cane now. It seems Tiny has a small temper problem and uses Tony every now and then to let out some steam.

I love Tiny. As for me, I have my own apartment and it is great. It is really small but I love it. I do spend a lot of time in this house, though. I know you wanted me to tell you I returned to my virginal self but not so much. These guys are wonderful to me and I love them all. Well, not all at the same time, don't be silly. Let's just say I don't lack for attention. I dropped out of high school, got my GED and I am studying to be a dentist. I was always fascinated by the whole process.

It is a lot of school and it will take a long time but Denny and the guys think I can do it. They say they need a dentist in the house. They are so funny. I bounce on Denny's cock a few more times and feel him cum inside me. I lean over and lie on his chest. He is so warm. I pick up my head and kiss him lightly on the lips. "Thank you." I whisper to him.