Pigtailed Little Slut With A Dick In Her Slit

Pigtailed Little Slut With A Dick In Her Slit
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I'd meet you in a bar smiling at you shyly. You come over to meet noticing my cute legs bare in a short black skirt and my large C38 breasts peeking out of a flowing red tube top.

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I'm quite short, about 5'2 but sexy amd curvy in all the right places.You sit down and slide your hand against the chair then down over to my ass and lean over to whisper again my neck. I can feel the tingles down my neck as you invite me to your house promising pleasure. I look at you curiously."who says I want anything?" You smile knowingly and slide your hand down between my legs to my damp panties."this does" you bring you fingers to my mouth and force me to lick them up then you suddently stand and leave.as you walk out I look around nervously to see if anyone is watching me, then hurry to follow you to the door and then into your car.

We make our way to your house I can feel my stomach is in knots. I have no idea what to expect but your very clear about who will be in charge.

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"Take off your panties" you demand. "Excuse me?" I question puzzled. "You hear me slut, this is my car you follow my rules. First is no questioning anything I tell you to do and second is you must refer to me as Sir" "Um.sure" I answer You strike my legs hard and I feel hot pain flash in front of my eyes "Shit!

Why did you do that!?" You smack it again and I notice your pants becoming tighter as you enjoy my pain "I said.refer to me as sir at all times, and you said you understood.


When you disobey me I will be forced to remind you of my rules. Do you understand now?" "Yes sir" I answer ashamed at my submission and look down at my hands wringed in my lap then slide then under the material of my skirt and pull down my panties you smile and take them.and force them into my mouth "Don't fight it" you whisper "just keep it there".

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I look at you shame covering my face as my panties fill my mouth and I notice your hand graze your covered cock. We drive into your driveway and you finally give me permission to remove the panties from my mouth and place them in my purse. I follow you into this house and into your bedroom you ask me to lie down on your large bed and close my eyes, I comply automatically frightened to disagree with your rules.

You place a blindfold over my eyes and I feel my hands being bound to the sides of the bed.

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I shudder at the thought of being completely controlled by you but I feel my feminine juices dripping down the inside of my thigh as my body senses how much I'm enjoying this. I feel cold metal press against my skin between my breasts and hear a ripping as you press a pair of sharp scissors down to cut the material of my shirt open then directly down my skirt leaving me exposed to your eyes.

I squirm trying to cover my naked body and feel a slap across my hip my eyes fill with tears "No sir please don't." "Why not.look at how soaked you are your loving every second of this" "Please sir stop" I choke out.


You lower your mouth and suddenly I feel you ravishing my clit.your tongue probing and teasing my depths as I squirm under your expert tongue pulling against my bounds and calling out.my hips raise on their own searching for your mouth begging you to get deeper and I hear your breathing get labored as mine.

You raise your body and lower your mouth over my nipples biting them and flicking them with your tongue making them hard and sore. Your hands fumble at your clothing as you free your cock from it's constrains in your pants. "Are you going to be good for me slut?" you whisper "Yes sir, Yes sir I promise" I reply my breathing jagged.

Suddenly I feel your cock forced into my open mouth as you press it deep into my throat and moan out "How's that slut! Hard enough for you?!" You plunge it into my throat again causing me to gag and constrict around your hard member.

You fuck my mouth harder and harder riding my face as I squirm trying to breathe between your constantly fucking. Finally you pull out and push into my hot tight cunt.


I moan out as I feel you stretching my small entrance. You pull back and force your cock in as deep as you can…fucking me harder and harder and I try to contain my screams as you force me to a climax, my sweet cunt juices lubericating your hard shaft.

My pussys squeezes at your cock as you pump it relentlessly into me, trying to milk the cum from inside your full sack. Finally you pull out and I'm convinced you're done as you untie me, only your not.you flip me onto my stomach and enter my hot cunt again from behind. You continue fucking me smacking my ass and grabbing it in your hands…then reaching down and squeezing my large breasts as you fuck me harder I can feel my pussy getting raw and sore "Please…sir stop it…please!" I scream desperately but you continue harder.

My body has endured around four or five orgasms by this time you near finishing and it's entirely too sensitive to be fucked this hard. You pull back my hair forcing me upwards as you do my perky breasts stick out.

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And fuck me until I feel your jet of cum spraying into my insides…finally then you pull out and lie down. I lie down and turn to face you totally exahausted and smiling I lean over and kiss your lips slowly and you return the kiss.

"Have fun stranger?" I ask. You smile "Totally" I happily shake my head and smile at you then kiss you again "you're the best boyfriend I've everhad, but I think we need to pick a new bar, I have a feeling some people know we're together…" you smile as I close my eyes and snuggle close.