Xxx teen fisting and gay young twinks gently Post Fisting Session

Xxx teen fisting and gay young twinks gently Post Fisting Session
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[u]Part 1 [/u] Milk with Breakfast. Jen woke up to the sweet smell of jizz. she had grown accustomed to doing so over her four day weekend.

The family had arrived on Friday, when they'd first all fucked together for the first time. Over the weekend the family had done nothing but fucked more. It had taken a day or to for Jen to finally be enrolled at what would be her new school.

It was called The Callum Underwood Middle School. Jen hadn't picked up on it right away, but laughed when she noticed it was The C.U.M School Jen was a little nervous about joining a new school. It wasn't so much making friends the issue, but weather she'd be considered eligible for a fuck from some of the boys, and the girs for that matter.

Jen had grown hornier and hornier over the weekend. At 14 all she ever wanted to do was fuck, fuck and fuck. Since her mother and her had had sex she was open to the lesbian thing too now, she figured.

She got out of bed naked, and noticed her pussy had a little bit of hair growing around it. Jen normally had a shaven pussy, but the idea of a bit of hair made her feel a bit sexy. She decided to shave it into a thin landing strip leading down to her clit. As she glided the razor of her pussy lips to finalize her strip, she started getting a little horny.

She thought it would be funny to stick the razor handle in her pussy and walk downstairs, pretending not to know it was there. Jen let out a little gasp as she slid the razor in her pussy, and pumped it in and out a few times. A little bit of pussy juice dripped out as she did so. Jen went downstairs to find her mother naked, making breakfast. 'Morning' Jen said, walking towards her hot mother, staring at her perfect ass. It made Jen so horny seeing her mum naked. 'Morning sweetie' Her mum said, kissing Jen on the lips.

Haley pulled her daughter in and twirled her tongue around her daughters.

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They kissed passionately for about 5 seconds before Haley broke away and looked down at her daughters pussy. Haley laughed and Jen giggled. 'I like the pussy hair,' Haley said, 'Not too sure about your dads razor sticking outta your cunt though!' she said as Dave walked in 'My razor where?' He asked, as Jen hastily pulled it out.

'Nowhere!' she said quickly and they all laughed. 'I'm a little nervous about school today' Jen admitted. 'What if they think I'm ugly or something?' she said.


Dave laughed and stepped up to his daughter. 'Jen baby, you're the hottest 14 year old girl I know hun. really. you wouldn't believe how horny it gets me to say that I officially fucked you. A lot' Dave laughed. 'Really dad?' Jen asked, stepping up to her hot dad. She could feel her dads semi erection gently twitching against her wet young pussy. Her dad smiled and kissed her on the mouth. Hard and ruthlessly, turning Jen on so much. Jen started to rub her pussy, feeling her juices run over her fingers.

She loved the taste of her dads mouth as she swirled her tongue around his and exchanged her saliva with her father. Jen grabbed her fathers now thick cock and began to softly stroke it as she kissed him hard.

She broke away from her dads mouth and knelt down inf ront of him Dave begane to moan in pleasure as his daughter stroked his cock, admiring its size. He felt another hand grasp and looked down to see his wife smiling at Jen as she got in on the action.

The two girls stroked Dave's cock for a bit, before both suddenly going for it with their wanting mouths. Jen started kissing and licking the shaft of her dads cock, wrapping her tongue around his thickness. Haley went for the tip of his raging cock. she sucked as much of his 9'' in as she could, whilst her tongue danced and swirled around the tip. The two girls carried on, switching positions and kissing at intervals, sharing daves pre-cum Dave was in total ecstasy as his wife and daughter spat, licked, kissed and sucked on his cock.

he let out groans of pleasure as he placeed a hand on the back of each woman's head. Haley was still sucking away at as much of her husbands cock she could get in her wanting mouth. She took a deep breath before plunging her head down his shaft until it hit the back of her throat. Haley gagged up spit all over Dave's cock, and he groaned in pleasure at it. Haley kept sucking at the tip of her husbands cock as Jen spat all over it. The taboo of his daughter and wife both sucking him off casually at breakfast nearly sent him over the edge Jen worked her tongue and hand up and down her dad's thick shaft, loving the feel and taste of it.

She slammed her hand up and down on her dad's cock 'till he groaned hard. 'Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!' Dave yelled as his wife's slippery wet tongue circled and licked the tip of his cock and his daughter wanked him off hard and fast. Both woman reverted to stroking Dave's cock hard and fast until he came.

He took over from there, as the two sluts kneeled in front of him of him with their mouths open. The two hungry bitches got what they wanted as Dave shot his load all over the girls' tits and in their wanting mouth. Dave groaned as her finished 'Fuck!!' Mother and daughter looked at one another and kissed. They pushed softly at first, then harder as they're tongues danced.

Dave looked on as the two woman spat his jizz into each others mouths. Haley licked the cum off her daughters tits and Jen moaned in pleasure. Daughter then gave mother the same treatment, each of them loving the sweet smells and tastes of the jizz layed out before them on a pair of glimmering tits.

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The sluts kissed the rest of the cum between them, Jen loving the feel of it on her mothers tongue. They kissed it around until all was gone. Haley and Jen stood up and kissed Dave together. 'I like Milk with breakfast' Jen said as she ate her toast quickly.

Part 2 Fun On The Bus Jen kissed her mum and dad goodbye, failing to resist fondling her mums tits and gently stroking her dad's balls. Jen walekd out into the street totally naked. She loved it!!

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Feeling so free and alive. She walked a short distance to the bus stop, noticing a few other naked strollers on the way. The sun was out and it was warm, so Jen wasn't cold as she arrived the bus stop. NudeVille was a fairly small town, but the bus still had three stops on it's circle from Callum Underwood Middle school. She was incredibly turned on by the 50-60 naked kids waiting at the bus stop. Jen realized there really was no shame in this town as she witnessed one or two kids fucking, and two girls involved in a threesome.

She noticed a circle of very cute looking girls and fit boys standing and talking. She figured they were the cool group and although she wouldn't have turned down a fucking from basically anybody at the bus stop, she thought she'd enjoy them the most. Jen was about to introduce herself when the bus pulled up. She got on and sat nearer the back where the Cool Group soon joined her.

Jen noticed one guy, tall with short brown hair and a muscular chest. What really got her attention though was his huge cock. It was easily 9'', if not 10''.

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Jen got so wet looking at it. He looked at her and smiled as Jen spread her legs, exposing her dripping pussy. The huge cock sat itself down a couple of seats infront the five seats at the back where Jen was.


A couple of girls sat either side of her. 'Hey' one of them said, 'welcome to the neighbourhood. I take it your not a virgin?' She said as her freind started fingering herself.

'Nah, I love fucking' Jen said loudly, spreading her legs to expose her amazing pussy. She had let a little bit of pubic hair grow and she loved how sexy it made her feel. The huge cock boy pricked up (Literally) at the mention of a girl who loved to fuck. He looked over at Jen and became really hard as she bit her lower lip and spread her pussy lops open. The sight of the boys huge dick was making her wet and her juices dribbled onto the bus seat.

'That's Fred' The girl sitting next to her said. 'My names Jess by the way' Jess continued. Nice to meat you. Might I say you're very fucking stunning. I'd love to eat you out sometime!' Jen replied. She felt so free and liberal being able to say such things to a girl she'd only just met.

'And you!' Jess said, before calling Fred over. Fred came walking over. He was about 6ft tall and his huge cock swayed side to side as he walked over. 'Nice to meat you. I heard you saying earlier you were a massive slut.' Fred said, looming over Jen. 'I am indeed.' Jen said, spreading her legs as wide as she could. Jess was looking lustfully at it, and couldn't resist brushing Jen's inner thighs with her fingers.

Jen got very wet at the soft touch of Jess fingers and dribbled more Juice over Jess' fingers. Jen looked over and saw a puddle forming at Jess' pussy. 'Jess,GET IN THE MIDDLE SEAT NOW YOU FILTHY SLUT!' Fred suddenly screamed as he grabbed Jen and pulled her up and into a passionate kiss.

Jen was taken by suprise but soon found herself kissing back. The two exchanged saliva as their tongues battled for dominance. Jess laughed she moved over to the middle isle seat and spread her legs. Jess' friend knelt before Jess and stared hungrily at her dripping hot cunt. Jess' Friend licked her lips before diving in and smothering Jess' slit with her whole face.

'YES! OH FUCK TRACEY DON'T FUCKING STOP!' Jess screamed as sexual pleasure consumed her whole being. 'OH FUCK ME!!!' She screamed as Tracey burrowed her tongue deep into her friends pussy. Fred suddenly pushed Jen down onto her back in the isle. Jen pulled down on Tracy's arse and pulled her hot wet cunt onto her face.

Tracy moaned into Jess' pussy as Jen flicked her tongue over the 15 year old's clit. Jen loved the sweet taste and smell of the other girls pussy. Jen gasped as Fred began to enter her pussy.

Jen had a few big didlos she often used, but having a real 10'' cock sliding into her tight pussy filled her with pleasure like she had never felt before! Jen pushed herself onto the monster, loving the pain and pleasure brought on by it.

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Fred started to grunt as he slowly pumped into Jen's pussy. Jens young steamy cunt took it in willingly. 'Yeah, fuck me like a slut! FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT!!!!' Jen screamed into Tracey's pussy. Tracy was frantically kissing, licking and fingering her friends cunt. Jess began to shudder and moan louder as Tracey picked up the pace on her sopping wet pussy. 'YES! OHHHH FUCK ME!!


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OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! FUUUUUCCKK!!! I'M GONNA FUCKING CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMM!' Jess screamed as she grinded her exploding pussy on her friends face, squiring cum all over her. Having Jess' cum splashed all over her face sent Tracey over the edge and Tracey came hard.

flooding Jen's friends face with her sweet pussy juice. 'OOHH FUCK!!!!!!' Tracey screamed as she ground her cunt all over herJess' mouth. Jess Sucked up the cum like it was gold dust, loving the taste of it in her mouth. Jess leaned down and tongued Tracy, tasting her cum in her friends mouth made her sooo horny. Jen continued to suck on Tracy's clit as she moaned in pleasure. Jen inserted three fingers into her lovers tight cunt, finding her G-spot and rubbing hard and fast.

Jen was loving the feel of Fred's huge cock pounding in and out of her pussy as she licked away at Tracy's. 'OOOHHHH! FUCK! YOU LITTLE FUCKING WHORE!!!!

I'M GONNA FUCK YOU LIKE THE SLUT YOU ARE!' Fred screamed as her picked up the pace, pounding into Jen's pussy.

The harder Fred pounded Jen the harder she fingered Tracy. Tracy moaned and shouted in pleasure until she was about to come. 'FUUUUUCKKK! I'M FUCKING CUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!' Tracy screamed as she gushed cum all over Jen. Taking in the waterfall of jizz from Tracy's cunt as waves of pleasure surged all through her sent her over the edge.

'FUUUUCKKKK! FRED I'M FUCKING CUMMMMMING!!! FUCK ME HARD!!! ARGH FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!' Jen screamed as Fred pounded her sopping cunt. Jen flooded Fred's huge cock with her juice, dripping it all over him and the floor as she closed her eyes and embraced the amazing feeling of Fred inside her whilst she came all over him. Total ecstasy over came Jen's horny body, as she trembled in dirty pleasure.

Fred announced her was going to cum too, but didn't know if Jen was on birth controll. He pulled out and Jen knelt in front of his cock. Tracy, Jess and three other fit girls on the bus came over to help. everyone on the bus had got very horny watching the new girl get fucked and had all started fucking amongst each other Kids as young as 9 and 10 had been going at it in three ways, foursomes and even more.

Most were done by now, but a couple of people were still going strong. The 5 girls Shared Fred's cock between, kissing over his shaft and sucking on his bellend and balls. He came hard over all them, grunting as all 5 girls looked innocently and lustily up at his huge cock. String after string after string of his hot cum fired over the girls' faces, tits and bodies.

Between them they shared it all out, licking it off eachothers tits and kissing it between them. By the time everyone was satisfied (But not necessarily clean) The bus had reached the School. Part 3 (final part) First Morning at C.U.M School Jen got off the bus holding hands with Fred. He was so fit, and Jen couldn't believe he'd gone straight for a girl like her. Jen kissed Tracy and Jen passionatly goodbye as they headed off to morning registration. She also kissed the other three girls who had aided in finishing off Fred on the bus.

They were called Annie, Hannah and Ellie. Fred walked Jen over to reception, where the young receptionist was lost in a porn video being played on a big projector screen. The receptionist was stunning, with smallish but perky tits and a tight bald cunt. Jen got wet all over again seeing the receptionist finger herself. Fred told Jen they might have to wait a coulple of minuets, so he sat down in one of the leather chairs.

Jen went over and straddled him, making his limp cock stand upright again pretty quickly. Jen groaned and so did Fred as Jen lowered herself onto Fred's cock.

She slowly lifted her self up and then controlled her descent, making Fred shudder in pleasure. 'I forgot to tell you, you're unbelievably fit by the way' Jen said as she squeezed her young tits. 'haha, thanks. You're pretty stunning aswel' Fred laughed. Jen blushed a bit, then realised she was being silly. Here she was slowly and casually fucking this boy, and at the same time getting embarrassed when a compliment came her way.

Jen looked around as the receptionist gasped and pounded a long, thick dildo into her pussy. She fucked herslef hard and fast, and let out a plesurable screem as she held the dildo in her mouth and furiously rubbed her clit. Her wet pussy epxloded in cum, squirting as far as Jen and Fred on the other side of the roughly seven meter room. Jen loved the feeling of the woman's cum squirting on her tits slightly from meters away.

Jen turned around and pushed her tits up against Fred's face. Her took one tit in his mouth and sucked it dry, before going to work on the other one. Jen moaned in pleasure and shut her eyes as she started to bounce up and down on Fred's cock as he sucked her hard nipples.

Jen was just getting into a steady rhythm on Fred, her arse slapping against his muscular thighs as she rode his beast. Just as Jen was really starting to feel pleasure, the receptionst sat up straight and asked 'Can I help you two?' Fred stopped sucking Jen's tits and opened his eyes.

'Urm, yeah, you can. This is Jen, she's new here and needs her induction meeting with the Head Mistress.' Fred said, lifting Jen off his cock. He was annoyed at the receptionist's timing, as he thought he could probably have gone with Jen again. Jen climbed off Fred and stood at the sexy receptionists desk. 'Sorry, I don't know where the head's office is?' Jen asked. The receptionist smiled as she stood up. She leant of the desk and pulled Jen into a passionate lesbian kiss, sending waves of surprise, then pleasure through Jen.

'Welcome to Cum School' the receptionist said. 'The head's office is just out into the corridor, third door on the left. Jen thanked the woman and gave her a quick kiss goodbye. Jen then went over to Fred and kissed him goodbye, swirling her tounge around his mouth before bending down and giving (Not so) Little Fred a kiss goodbye too. Jen found her way to the heads office easily. She knocked on the door, and a sweet voice told her to come in.

She opened to door and was taken aback. A sexy 32 year old woman with long blonde hair and 32DD tits stood in the middle of the room. Surrounding her was a bed, a sofa, a desk, three long tables lined with whips, chains, leather ware, dildos, bondage equipment, whipped cream, chocolate source and just about any sex toy or accessory you could possibly imagine. 'You are going to fuck me in as many ways as possible, making cum all over your fucking tits and pussy before the start of first lesson, understand!?' the woman shouted.

Jen smiled, 'Good, because I am fucking honry!' Jen shouted back, slamming the door. Hope you enjoyed the story!! Wasn't really sure where to go next with it so I left it with literally every possibilty, let me know what you want! Please leave comments on what you thought I could improve on, or anything you'd like to see in my next chapter!!

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