Son caught mom fucking ex husband

Son caught mom fucking ex husband
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. LIFE DECISONS AT THE CONDO COMPLEX: I am sitting on the second level walkway of Building H of the Mt. Baker Condo Complex on a sunny morning, watching the young fillies playing in the pool below. I am not alone. There are several other men and a few women sitting in chairs spread around the other buildings with good sight lines to the biggest pool in the complex. The one that Marty build for the older kids, mostly used by the girls from about fourteen to eighteen.

Since, most of the boys in that age group are not comfortable with their emerging sexuality being shown in public by uncontrolled 'stiffies,' they mostly stay strictly away from there. It is general knowledge that many of the older guys, especially but not limited to the single ones have very young lovers from among the girls below.

It is for a variety of reasons, one being the absence of boys their ages, another being the economics of life in the complex. Marty has worked hard to keep the rents under control, but for a variety of reasons, even though he is as rich as Midas, they creep up over time. And the mothers who lived here when it was a relatively cheap place to live are being severely strained to keep their families here.

It is a hard fact now that many women are left with young families without the baby-fathers present. And often with little help from them economically.


So, the mothers have to make do, to keep their children housed, fed and clothed. So, this has fueled the older man and young girl circus here. I, Michael, am not a saint in this activity either. But, so far have avoided having an ongoing relationship with any of the fillies. But, I have dipped into their wells a few times, though I usually see women of a more age relative to mine. This morning as I am enjoying the youthful splashing of teens with bathing suits that regularly malfunction, one of the mothers comes up to tease me about my interests.

She is not cruel about it, though. I have shared intimate time with one of her daughters and she dutifully took the contribution and gave most of it to her mother. And mothers can be very grateful to be able to pay the bills up to on time.

"Seeing anything interesting to you today, Mike?" "Yes, as always! Youthful energy is so invigorating, don't you think?" "Sometimes, but it can be really taxing if you are chasing them around all day." "I would suppose so. When I was married many years ago and we were raising ours, I think that my stay at home wife remarked about it at the time." At about that time one of her girls, of fourteen or older I guess, came up behind her and asked her mother for some money for a sale of makeup at the RiteAid Drug Store down the street.

Her mother shushed her up and then withdrew to other family responsibilities, I guessed. The girl, Carla, stayed and moved to behind me as I gazed down at the pool.

"I can't see what all of you old guys see in watching the pool all the time," she observed. "I guess, if you were an old man you would understand better. And besides, even at your age, you know very well what the attraction is!" "Yes, I guess so." At that she settled down with her arms over my shoulders and her chin down by my neck also watching the activities below.

After a few minutes of that with her chin boring a hole in my shoulder, I asked her, "What about the makeup problem?" "Well, I am starting high school next year and I want to keep up with the other girls and they all use makeup to start high school.

Mom wants to help, but she just can't with money as tight as it is now." "Yes, I am aware of several families having that same problem here in the Complex lately. Other girls have found ways to get around this, have you thought of that?" "I know of it.

You have been with my sister, Martina, haven't you?" "I never play and tattle, young lady. But, many guys here have played and by this means are subsidizing quite a number of overstressed mother's budgets here." "All of the young girls know about this, too.

But, I have not wanted to use this means of escape from poverty." "Well, I don't think that many families here are poverty stricken. Just challenged at the present.

And if you don't want to do that, stick to your guns, Carla, you won't be any worse for wear by missing out on some makeup or fancy dresses because you don't use your body and abilities to please men." "Uhuh…………&hellip. You wouldn't want to help me with the makeup without the other, would you?" "No sorry, I have my budget, too. It is not as stressed as your mother's, but it still has to be monitored and used wisely.

And a portion is dedicated to this need for me and I don't spend it on anything else." "No problem, I understand." As I was about to reenter my condo for lunch, "See you around Carla. You are developing into a beauty for sure." And with that she walked way.

Later that day, she approached me at the mailboxes and asked me to talk with her in private, so I nodded up to my condo and she said that she would meet me there later. It was now about three in the afternoon, and she showed up at my door, which I had left open and she sauntered in and took a place on the lover's seat instead of the very comfortable chair that most of the women take right away.

So, in that spirit, I took up the place next to her and waited for what she had to say. "I talked to Mom about all of what we had discussed earlier today. And she agreed with almost all of it. She also mentioned that some of the young girls left to be with the older men to avoid sexual contact with their fathers or step-dads, too.

I have to duck this issue, myself. She mentioned, without encouraging me in this, that she could use some monetary help for the family, too. So, I am here to see if this might work out." "This is a big step in your life. So, I am going to a movie on Friday and if you want to go with me and play at the theater a little, we can see how it goes. If you do this, dress lightly with a loose fitting dress, no panties and no bra.

Ask around to the girls that you know are with older men and ask what will be expected of you. Then if you still want to do this, meet me at my Suburban on Friday at eleven in the morning.

I will be parked on the street towards the village center about two blocks away to not immediately announce that we are becoming connected. No use letting that be known, until it is official between us. By the way, are you a virgin?" "Yes." "Then you might remove that obstacle yourself before Friday. I don't want you to bleed at the theater.

One of the girls or your mom can help you with that. Now, either way I feel only good towards you, Carla. See you on Friday if you decide to do it with me." "Okay." And with that she walked away, out my door.

So, on Friday I am parked with my 'sub' two blocks from the gate of the Complex and I see Carla walking down the sidewalk to me. I hit the door locks and she jumps in. I asked her if she was alright with this and she looked a bit sheepishly and then said a firm, "Yes." Evidently she had been filled in on what would be expected, because as soon as I started moving she laid herself over the center console and took up my dick into her mouth.

She was evidently rather new at this, but keen to please me with her swishing of it around her mouth and the bobbing of her head in my lap. After a couple of blocks, she began a very strong sucking action, and as my fingers were oiled up and probing her behind, she brought me off at a stop light and then we proceeded on to the theater complex.

When I found a place in the parking lot, out in the open with no other vehicles around us, she moved over and with her straddling my lap she lifted her dress for me to play with her ass and she then hugged herself up to me and told me how much fun she was already having.

I smiled and kissed her very firmly and then we disengaged and got out to walk up to the theater with her hand on my arm. When we got up to the ticket sellers, there was some question about her being eligible to see the PG-13 movie that I was trying to buy tickets to, so I gave her, Sally, the permission slip from Carla's mother with the phone number, and her mother Glenice verified her age as fourteen despite her small size and twelve year old looks.

So, Sally sold us the tickets and smiled at us as we were about to leave. She remarked, "I have four girls around her age and she would fit right in well among them. They like older guys too." This truly shocked me, but as I looked up at her, her genuine smile didn't waver, so I just nodded and Carla and I went in to get our snackies for the movie.

When we entered the particular theater room for our movie, we found that it was a large one, but no one else was in it at fifteen minutes before the movie start. And the highlights had already started. I on purpose choose movie showings that sponsor this situation. So, we moved to the top seats and lifted the seat arms of the seats for five places on either side of us.

We settled in to enjoy our goodies, but she lifted her dress hem up to her belly button, with no panties in evidence; and opened the bodice of her dress for her titties to hang out. They were A+ and very cute at this time.

I busied myself playing with both destinations right away, but not in a way to bring attentions to us. Soon after, the movie previews started and the theater darkened. Only one other viewer showed up and he or she took a seat well below us just above the central walkway and never looked up. It was a very violent and loud movie with a lot of fire and fury with spectacular action scenes.

Carla watched some of it, but my attentions were strictly on her. After the red-light person strolled through, I got down on my knees on my towel that I had brought with me and took up suckling on first her little titties and then her pussy.

While I enjoyed her tits, she whispered to me that it felt really good to her also. And when I moved down her belly to her pussy, which was very lightly furred, she simply went out of her mind in pleasure at the feelings that that generated in her. She had never had this to this degree before and so the feelings that I brought up in her had her exclaiming, "Oh My God," as she came right into my open mouth.

I then licked her up clean and rose up to let her take over the fun part. When I was sitting solidly after her climax, she leaned up to me and thanked me for that and said that she had never felt that good before in her life. My remark was, "It is a woman's due. And she like all of them that she was now, deserves it every time." She shed a little tear at that.

And then she got down on the floor on her knees and opened my athletic pants and started her work on it then.

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Since I had cum already on the way there, it took some time to bring me, but she seemed to enjoy the process a lot more than she expected to. She rose her head to look up at me several times and each time showed a very wide smile.

The last time with her mouth full of my cum, open to my view. After she sat in her seat for a few minutes for both of us to regain our energy, somewhat fueled by our snackies, we lifted the seats on both sides of us and she moved herself to have her legs splayed over my lap with her pussy installed over my cock, which came to be up into her.

She laid back into my arms and watched the movie for a short time and then began to lightly bounce up and down on my lap while flexing her belly forward and backward. It took about fifteen minutes, but she then came again. And turned her head to kiss me excitedly again with it. Then she lifted off of me and cleaned up my cock again, and then with my provided lube, she fingered her own anus and anointed my cock for that flight. She reassumed the previous position over my lap and this time worked my cock up into her virgin ass.

In this position, because she had most of the control of my entering her, there was little pain evident in it and when I was fully entered, she relaxed and watched some more of the movie as I heaved and relaxed with my cock fully entered up into her ass. I didn't cum this time, but it was not due to any deficiency on her part.

We settled into this position for another half an hour and then moved to leave the theater with about another twenty minutes left. Sally waved at us as we left. When we got to the 'sub' she crawled up into my lap and fervently thanked me for the time of her life. She said that she had no idea that sex could be this much fun. And that she looked forward to this again. She promised to leave her mouth on my cock all the way back to the Complex and did so. When we parked on the street to for her to go her way, I gave her three hundred dollars for the time of my life, too.

I told her that I usually contributed one-fifty, but she had been so special that I wanted to give her more. She then began to cry and took me again in her arms and kissed me all over my face and lips.

And after finishing off deep with her tongue in my mouth, she jumped out and ran down the street to return home. I then drove into the parking lot and took my regular spot. A couple of days later, I heard that she and her family had moved out to a place out of state where they could live more cheaply. And that Marty had forgiven her of any penalty before leaving their lease, since she had paid it up with the three hundred dollars that Carla had given to her mother.

And when I checked my mailbox a day later, I found a postcard inside from her with all kinds of hearts and xo's over it.

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It simply said, 'My favorite man in the whole world forever!!' It was my turn now to shed a few tears for a dear young woman on her life's adventure. I surely hoped for the best for her and knew that she would make a fantastic wife to some lucky man someday. When I went to a movie alone the next week, Sally remarked on the absence of my little friend. I mentioned that my 'niece' had moved out of the state with her mother for them to find a cheaper town to live in.

With this, Sally bowed her head and recognized that there was no little amount of emotional agony in that profession. The next week, a pair of sixteen year old identical twins joined me for the movies and fun. Their mother had somehow heard of my previous arrangement and so sent them up to me to arrange the same for them. They seemed a bit hesitant at first, but by the time they showed up for the trip to the theater, they were fully on board.

Maybe they got to talk to the same young girls who clued in Carla. On the way to the movie, #1 girl (I never was able to tell them apart or remember their names, but they each wore a different bow in their hair to help sort things out.) immediately moved to spread herself over the center console and take my exposed dick into her mouth.

Her sister(pink bow) who had been hiding in the foot space of the passenger bucket seat, then lifted #1's dress and exposed her bottom to me and then used her mouth to lick up around my penetrating fingers on her sister's cunny and ass hole. After I had cum into #1's mouth and she swallowed, I pulled over and they exchanged positions and took up each other's previous actions.

I didn't cum again then, but I still had a lot of fun with them. When we moved up to the ticket box again, Sally was there as usual and remarked, "Twin nieces this time, huh?" So, I passed on the letter for the twins with the phone number on it and Sally did her duty and everything was okayed for me to proceed into the theater with these two sixteen year old sexual tyros.

Sally waved at me again as I turned to leave with them. After we got our goodies, we took up our seats and there were more people this time in the theater, so we would have to be a little more careful. But, they all settled in down over twenty seats below us, so I had little concern over it.

And it was a loud and visually stunning movie, too. So that would help a lot, also. We settled in with their blouses lifted up to bare their breasts and their hems up to bare their pussies. I consoled myself by just fingering them for a bit, and they really got into that.

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But, after the flashlight girl again, I moved to my knees and had the two girls sit side by side, with their nearest legs interlocked as I moved back and forth between their two pussies to suck them. As I did this, they alternated in suckling on each other's titties, and kissing each other. When we three were all heated up, #2( yellow bow) moved up on to my lap to engage my dick up into her pussy.

#1 moved down to on her knees and licked her sister's clit and my ass in between plunging and raising of #2's pretty little ass on me. When #2 came, she traded places with #1 and things continues as before, with the two partners reversed. In another ten minutes, #1 came on me and we all separated to come back to our senses. The two girls then cuddled up to me on each side and kissed and played with my dick for the remainder of our stay at the movie.

On the way home, #2 moved her hip up to the console with her pointed away from me, and I was allowed to push up to three fingers up her ass with the lube installed. While I did this, #1 was back in the foot space of the passenger seat and busy kissing and tonguing her sister that was having her ass played with by me. On our next occasion, I again showed the permission letter to Sally, and she turned off the speaker system and addressed me directly.

She told me that they had the smallest theater room listed as under construction, and it was being used by the staff to watch movies that couldn't be shown in public. She said that she could print tickets to it for more privacy for me and the twins, since it could be locked from the inside.

And no red light ever entered there. We would only be able to stay for a maximum of ninety minutes, but the movie would be stunning and she would like to join us for up to forty minutes if it was okay with them. I looked down to the short and slim girls and them nodded okay, so I said yes to Sally and we got our tickets and moved in.

We skipped the goodies this time, since we didn't have much time to even touch them the time before. Both of the girls, simply doffed their sun dresses and were totally naked and playing with each other as Sally came in. She asked the twins to continue to play with each other and Sally wasted no time in getting herself installed on my dick.

She was a very quick cum and then moved over to the girls to play with them. She nuzzled up into their pussies as they played with each other and I mounted up to her rear in the meantime. As I boffed her up the ass, she was boffing the twins in turn up their asses with her tongue.

After I came again in her, she excused herself to return to her duties, with a smile. Then I rested up and took each of the twins in turn laid back on the seats with a foot on the floor. They each came quite quickly with the stirring up of them by each other and Sally.

We then left within an hour and lightly played on the way back home.


They later let me know that they had totally enjoyed the fun that we had and their mother appreciated the help, but they wanted to move on with lads their ages from then on. I smiled at them whenever I saw them, and they seemed relaxed at my acceptance of their future desires.

I think that I could have had their mother if I wanted, but I was not in the mood for her at that time. When I was at the mailbox again the next Monday, #1 walked up to me and let me know that their unidentical twin cousins wanted in on the fun and their aunt was okay with it and would give me a permission slip for them, but had no desire to meet me in person. So, I told them to meet me as usual down the street and to bring permission slips for them, signed by their mother.

Also, to discuss things with whoever had clued her and her twin sister in to what was expected of them.

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She smiled at that and said, "You Bet!" So, on the next Friday, as he idled his engine, he saw the two young teens run up and jump in to the 'sub.' The girl took the seat to start the tip and the boy took the foot space. After we got moving, she without any instructions from me, laid over the console and unzipped me. As she first saw my modest sized dick, she exclaimed at its size, though it wasn't even raised up yet.

But, she licked up her lips and then moved down on the console with her mouth completely over my dick. She got her mouth all slavered up very quickly and began the process of bringing me to completion. While this was going on, her brother lifted her dress up and installed his face under it, to lick up her private area. I couldn't reach it, so satisfied myself to play with her tits, which were laying down under her, but still barely available to me.

It only took a few blocks and I came up into her mouth fully. She raised up and turned around and shared the bounty with her brother. And I got to play with her butt with her laying the opposite way all the way to the theater. When we got to the theater, Sally did her duty again and then directed us to the special small theater for our privacy.

She also asked to be with us for about an hour that day, and the two teens nodded 'Hell Yes!" to that. This time when she came in, the two kids were in sixty-nine and I was sucking up the girl's cum. Sally doffed her clothing and moved up to me to engage my dick into her mouth.

After she got me up high, she shouted over to the two kids to finish each other off while she did me. And they laughed at that and then changed positions to do exactly that. In the meantime, Sally had me lay on my back over four seats and she rose over me and settled down on my dick for some serious fucking.

I didn't' cum this time, but she did and then she sent me over to the teen girl and asked the teen guy to come over to her. I quickly entered the girl with her on her back, and she simply melted up into my arms in sexual lust. This time I did cum and she accompanied me in that and we settled down to comforting each other in our post climax emotional release. Sally brought the other teen, the boy, to a glorious climax, at least that is what he said, and then all four of us melted together with hands and lips everywhere.

After that she had to leave and the girl stayed in the front seat with her ass back towards me and invited me up into her ass with up to three fingers, just like the other twin. Her brother stayed in the back seat and reached over the side nearest to the door to hold her hand and coo his love for her as I penetrated her behind with the three full fingers deeply up her. When we got to the space down the street, I passed the envelope over like usual and they with tears in their eyes accepted it and passed it all on to their dear mother.

With that she was caught up on the rent and with her more careful efforts at budgeting never needed my help again. The twins were like the others always very friendly to me, but just not interested again. So, I was reduced to going to the movies alone again, but the first time I did so Sally invited herself to play with me in the small theater room again. But, this time we didn't delay anything but as soon as she arrived to be with me, she lowered her clerk pants, lifted her shirt for her breasts and then laid down for me to immediately enter her and bring us both to a simultaneous 'dream land,' together.

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It worked too, and I consoled myself by nursing on her tits afterwards, only a dribble of mamma's milk, but it was the thought that counted anyway. After we had rested for a bit, she invited me to her place to have more fun together and talk about what the future might hold for us.

This was about a bit too soon for me, so I demurred for the present. But, after a couple more encounters with her at the theater, I gave in and visited her home. She informed me that her oldest girl, Teena had disappeared to parts unknown, but had emailed her that she was fine in good hands to care for her.

She regularly emailed her mother to ease her worries for some time. The youngest girl was at her father's this weekend, and the two middle girls were unattached for the present. Sally also had budgetary problems and her two daughters helped out with this as they were now fifteen and sixteen years of age. As I sat on the couch the two of them took up each side of me and began to play with me. I looked up to Sally and she just nodded and so the girls continued until each of them had a turn on my dick up their pussies.

The girls came, but I didn't. And then when the goodies were ready and brought in, Sally sat facing the T.V. on my lap and I soon came up into her deeply. When the dinner was finished she prevailed upon me to stay the night. And in the ensuing discussions, I agreed to produce five hundred a month for her support if she would take care of me.

And that is how it worked out. A few years later when all of her girls were gone to various parts well away from her, she sold her home and moved in with me till a couple of the units could be combined for us. She did this to join ourselves together more firmly, but also because her parents and her baby-father's family cut off all aid to her with the girls leaving.

When the new unit was done, we each contributed half of the down payment and shared the expenses fifty-fifty from then on. We lived as man and wife, but never married to not disturb each ones money provisions. Before her moving in with me, she substantially changed her looks and took back her original name, Suzy. No one in our lives ever connected her with her previous name and life after that.

Not even the guy who had written her life story. And except for her yearly cruises with another older guy, she was only mine from then on and I was only hers, except for some ebony and Native-American escorts during her cruise absences.

We got along very well over the years, happy with each other.