Russian girl gives messy deepthroat with a lot of spit

Russian girl gives messy deepthroat with a lot of spit
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He didn't know the how or why but two weeks ago he had woken up and discovered he could take over another person's mind or influence them to do things they wouldn't normally do. His name is Tom and used his new abilities sparingly but still managed to have some fun. He had English class with Mrs. Tolson she was an attractive petite young woman.

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She was twenty four years old just out of school and stood five foot two inches and about ninety pounds. She had small feetlong cultish legsflat stomachfirm b-cup breasts long neckher skin was smoothsoftand light copper in color.

It all happened on a Friday sitting in class Tom influenced Mrs. Tolson to start making a larger girl who was captain of the girls wrestling team.

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Alyssa became more and more aggravated with Mrs. Tolson and under Tom's influence slapped Alyssa. Alyssa stood up grabbed Lisa Tolson by her blouse which ripped open exposing her lacy red bra.

Lisa shouted bitch and grabbed her blouse with both hand tearing it open. Alyssa saidyou will pay for that and grabbed her teacher tossing her onto the floor face down.

She told a student by the door to shut and lock it which he did. Alyssa started ripping the clothes off of Lisa's body starting with her blouse then her skirt and boots. Lisa started begging her to stopplease no don't do this I'm married I'm your teacher. Oh believe me bitch your going to be teaching us things as she stripped her down to her bra and panties. The Alyssa flipped her over onto her back and tore the bra and panties off of her showing Lisa's nipples already standing up and hard and her cunt showing signs of moisture.

Look at that Tom snickered this is turning her onwell it's about to get better as she stuffed Lisa's panties into her mouth. Pointing at four students told the hold her down and spread eagled they each grabbed a limb and spread her body out on the floor.

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Patting Lisa's aroused vagina Alyssa saidyou have been begging for this for awhile now as she pulled out a long wooden pointer. It's one end was rounded and three inches around she shoved it into Lisa's pussy and started masturbating her teacher in front of her class pounding it into Lisa with unmerciful speed and force bringing Lisa to climax.


Please lisa begged stop I've learned my lesson. Not yet but you will as she switched to her assholeLisa screamed her anus was stretched to its limit and tore in places bleeding slightly.


Lisa sobbed as her student surrounded her naked body and they began to fuck her going at her three at a time. What made her really cry was the guilt she felt as her body responded to her rape orgasming uncontrollably as she felt young dicks of various shapes and sizes invade her body bringing her great pleasure. Alyssa smiled as she watched her bitch of a teacher get taken off her high horse.

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The video of her rape was released later that week it caused Lisa's husband to divorce her and she lost her job. Lisa became the students whore they paid her money in exchange for sexual favors.

She was known to service grades seven to twelve and accepted seventy five or more for various acts. The thing that pushed her over the edge was when Tom four years later she was hired to perform at a party and a she was blindfolded and the fourteen year old birthday boy was brought to her and as they fucked she climaxed and he ejaculated her blindfold was ripped off of her and she saw her own son gagged and bouncing up and down on her.

After that night she was taken and used by people she would have sex with anyone or anything for money. Her highest paid job was a video showing her having sex with a large snake and enjoying it.

Tom found that use of his abilities vary satisfying but not his only success. Not long after the classroom rape of Lisa he was out in Hollywood and took over a beautiful young actress just making a name for herself. He made her go to a pet store and by a young large male mastiff took him home and trained him in private to perform all kinds of things.

Once she had him trained she took him to a mall where after she masturbated herself to arousal and produce juices she dressed in a short skirt and no underwear they walked the mall until the dog got a whiff of her arousal and forced his head under her skirt and started licking her pussy.

The crowd started recording his attack on her as he pushed her down and tore off her skirt and ripped her blouse to shreds. They cheered as she got onto her hands and knees which allowed him to mount her. His large red engorged cock slammed Into her vagina piercing her hymen and taking her cherry. Jenna screamed as the dog started pumping g her cunt like a jackhammer. This continued until they both experienced a climax she lay on the floor his cum running freely from her abused sex and he moved to a corner and lay down licking himself clean.

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After the video of her rape hit the net her career ended at least in Hollywood shows. She made it big in animal porn of all types. Jenna's big porn movie was stuffed in the middle where she had sex between a pony and a snake. The pony went up her anus and the snake up her pussy.

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The snake scared the pony into running with her strapped beneath the pony and his dick sliding into her anus. They got fantastic shots of his three foot three inch cock making impressions up and down her abdomen as she bounced along under his barrel. Lisa left a trail of her orgasmic juices along the path the pony chose to run.