Seduces straight milf Krissy Lynn in The Sinful Stepmother

Seduces straight milf Krissy Lynn in The Sinful Stepmother
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"Hi Matt," Sophie smiled. She was naked, and sat on his bed with the equally naked Alexis. "Sophie!" Matt gasped. "How…how the fuck did you get in here?" "Why, I just wished myself in of course," Sophie smiled. "Wished?" Matt asked, confused. "Alexis, I think he needs some proof," she said to her friend. "So I wish Matt was totally naked." "Your wish is my command, Mistress," Alexis grinned.

She snapped her fingers, and Matt's clothes instantly vanished, aside from his rucksack. Both girls giggled. "Come on then, get her out," Sophie said to him. "Get who out?" Matt asked. "Your genie," Sophie replied. "Don't play dumb, I know you've got one." "How?" "Well for starters, there's how I heard there was a new girl in your class who was spending time with you," Sophie told him.

"And then there's how, as I was getting changed for PE today, all the other girls got ultra horny, before you and your friends walked in to take advantage of it. Then after we'd done fucking, and I brought your stuff to you, and put that duvet over you, I looked in your bag and found the lamp.

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So let's see her." "Fine then…" Matt relented. He took his bag off his shoulders, and pulled out the lamp. He rubbed it, and Lumiosa appeared in a puff of smoke. "What do you wish for, Master?" She asked him. "Lumiosa?" Alexis asked. The two genies looked at each-other, and smiled. "Alexis!" Lumiosa exclaimed gleefully, and ran to give her friend a hug. "I've not seen you in millennia!" Alexis said. "Where've you been?" "I do not know," Lumiosa said.

"I don't know what happened between my last Master dying and Master Matt releasing me." "Well I'll make sure when your Master dies, you won't be forgotten about for another few thousand years." "It is a little weird she's got clothes on though," Sophie said. "I wish she was naked." "Yes Mistress," Alexis said, making Lumiosa's clothes disappear.

"Hey, she's my genie, not yours!" Matt protested. "And anyway, I thought you couldn't use wishes on other people with genies?" "Well technically, Matt," Alexis explained.

"I was using my powers on your clothes, not you, so it was allowed. I still couldn't use my powers on you, just like you couldn't use Lumiosa's on Mistress Sophie and I earlier." "We just pretended that you'd made us super-horny," Sophie told him.

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"We wanted to root you out, and anyway, it was fun. I enjoyed fucking you." "Yeah…I liked fucking you…" Matt blushed. "You need to be more careful though," Sophie said. "For starters, if you're going to go around fucking every girl you meet, you'll need to make it so you can't get anyone pregnant.

I had Alexis check all the girls when you were done, and until I wished it away for you, you'd knocked Megan Proctor up." "Damn…alright, I'd better do that," Matt agreed.

"Lumiosa, I wish that no girl I have sex with will get pregnant." "Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa said, granting the wish. "Good boy," Sophie smiled. "Stopping myself getting pregnant was one of the first things I got Alexis to do to me after I got her." "When did you get her?" Matt asked.

"When I was 15, so like 3 years ago," she replied. "Remember that Spring Break where I went away pre-pubescent and came back with a body to die for?" Matt nodded. "Yeah, I remember," Matt said, thinking back to all the times he'd masturbated to thoughts of her perfect body.

"Come to mention it, that's also about when Alexis joined the school, right?" "Yeah, that's the power of wishing," Sophie explained. "It's actually a weird story of how I got Alexis. I was walking home one day, when I passed a big mansion. Suddenly, I felt as though I absolutely HAD to go inside. I walked in, and upstairs to the bedroom. On the bed I saw two naked people. One of them was a gorgeous, naked girl, Alexis, and the other was a guy who didn't look any older than his early 20s, but he looked weak.

"Hello Sophie," the man said to me. "Uh…how do you know my name?" I asked him, quite nervous. "Oh, I have my ways," the man said. "Come and sit with me." I obeyed, unable to resist this man's commands. "I'm not going to hurt you, in fact, I'm going to give you the greatest gift I can.

You see Sophie, Alexis here is a genie, my genie.


But I'm dying, so I can't keep her. That's why I'm passing her on to you. And so Alexis, I wish to die." "Yes Master, and can I say what an honour it has been to serve you," Alexis replied. She snapped her fingers, and the man dropped dead, and Alexis vanished into her lamp. No prizes for guessing what I did next." "Wow, that's pretty cool," Matt said. "My story's less interesting. Lumiosa's lamp just arrived in a mysterious parcel yesterday.

It wasn't even addressed to anyone." "That's pretty weird," Alexis said. "I wonder if they knew what it was they were giving away?" "I doubt it," Matt said. "With the fun I've had with her powers, I don't plan on getting rid of Lumiosa any time soon." "If you have as much fun as Sophie and I, I'm not surprised," Alexis smiled, before looking at her Mistress.

"You are permitted to call your Mistress by her name?" Lumiosa asked her fellow genie, surprised at this fact. "Of course," Alexis replied. "The bit about us being BFFs wasn't a lie." "My family just think she's my best friend who lives with us, thanks to a well-granted wish," Sophie explained. "Anyway Matt, I'm curious," Sophie said. "Aside from starting an orgy in the girls' locker room, what else have you done with Lumiosa's powers?" "Not much really," Matt admitted.

"She gave me a blowjob, I got Lucy and Laura Simmons to fuck Max and Sam, and then I fucked her." "Typical guy, but then, that's basically how I used Alexis' powers at first," Sophie said seductively, before crawling over to Matt. "Something I wished for was to be the world's greatest blowjob master. Wanna see?" "Uh&hellip.okay…" Matt nodded, and Sophie engulfed his penis with her mouth. "Oh wow…that's good…" Sophie moaned into Matt's cock, as she sucked him.

Matt looked over at the genies, and saw that Alexis was masturbating, with Lumiosa looking on with a mixture of confusion and jealousy. "Oh God…" Matt moaned. "Lumiosa, masturbate too." "As you wish, Master," Lumiosa nodded. She reached down to her vagina, and started rubbing it. "Oh honestly Lumiosa, you've never been one for this sort of thing, have you?" Alexis said, before rubbing her fellow genie's vagina. "Alexis…" Lumiosa moaned.

"Master, are you sure this is alright?" "Oh yes…" Matt moaned, partly in response to Lumiosa, and partly in response to the amazing blowjob Sophie was giving him. "Just do whatever Alexis tells you…" "Yes Master…" Lumiosa moaned as Alexis fingered her. "Well then Lumiosa, looks like Matt's given us permission to have some fun," Alexis grinned. She then stopped fingering Lumiosa, and moved her head down to her groin.

"And I intend to have lots of fun. Let me show you why Sophie likes me so much." Alexis stuck her tongue out, and licked Lumiosa's entrance, causing the other genie to moan. "Alexis…that feels…" "I've wanted to do this to you for so long." Alexis then split her tongue in two, and extended it, so that she could properly tongue-fuck her, sliding it deep into her vagina. "Oh wow, that's so hot…" Matt moaned, running his hands through Sophie's hair. "And you're so hot…God, I love this…" Matt couldn't hold out much longer, and before long, he was firing his cum down Sophie's throat.

Sophie licked his length sensually, gobbling up all his cum. She pulled off his dick, and kissed the tip, before looking at his face. "That was yummy," She smiled, before she grabbed his penis and stroked it. "And looks like your little guy's still hard. Lemme guess, you wished for unlimited sexual stamina?" Matt nodded. "Good, because that way, we can 69." "69?" Matt asked, still laid down on the bed.


"You mean, like, we eat each-other out?" "Yeah, I'm guessing you've never done it before," Sophie said. She climbed on top of Matt, putting her groin near his head, and her head near his groin. "In fact, have you ever eaten a girl out before?" "No," Matt replied, a little nervous at having a vagina so close to his face.

"Well in that case, wish yourself good at it," Sophie ordered him. "It's only fair." "Alright then," Matt agreed. "Lumiosa, I wish to be the world's greatest pussy eater." "Y-Your wish is my&hellip.c-commmand…" Lumiosa moaned, before she cried out in orgasm, from the feeling of Alexis devouring her pussy. When she came down from her orgasm, she fell back in post-orgasmic bliss, and snapped her fingers to grant Matt's wish.

Matt, in response, used the knowledge he felt flooding into his mind to get to work on pleasuring Sophie. "Oh yeah!" Sophie cried out.

"That's the stuff!" She then put Matt's dick back into her mouth, and got to work on sucking on it. Matt had a moment of stopping licking Sophie, before he got back to work, when he summoned the strength to both pleasure and be pleasured at the same time. Meanwhile, Alexis was laid on her back, with Lumiosa eating her out. "Lumiosa…" she moaned. "That's real nice…" Orgasms came hard and strong. Matt and Sophie both came before long, but they kept on going, both having unlimited sexual stamina from their wishes.

Alexis and Lumiosa meanwhile kissed and cuddled, watching their Masters pleasure one-another. "Hey bro, dinner's ready!" Said Becky, as she knocked on the door.

"Fuck…Uh, okay sis, I'll be right there!" Matt shouted. "Looks like the fun's over," Alexis said, slightly sad. Sophie climbed off of Matt, and gave him a kiss. "Well, it doesn't have to be over yet," Matt said. "You girls wanna stay for dinner?" "With your family? No thanks," Sophie replied. "No, up here with me," Matt said. "Lumiosa, I wish for you to teleport my dinner up here, along with portions for yourself, Sophie and Alexis.

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And I wish that my family won't mind that I'm eating in my room." "Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa said, and instantly, there were 4 plates of Spaghetti Bolognese. "A table, some chairs and some cutlery would be nice," Sophie said. "How about it, Alexis?" "You got it," Alexis winked, and the food was instantly on a round table, surrounded by four chairs. They all sat down around it. "What is this food?" Lumiosa asked. "Wow, you've really been gone a long time," Alexis said.

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"It's Spaghetti Bolognese. You eat it like this." Alexis started spooling the pasta on her fork, and eating it. "I see…" Lumiosa said, watching her fellow genie eat.

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She started imitating her method of eating. "Like this?" "Mostly," Sophie smiled, before she also started eating. "So Alexis, I assume you've had more Masters than Lumiosa?" Matt asked her. "Well from the sounds of things, Lumiosa's been trapped in her lamp for at least two millennia, so I'm gonna go for yes," Alexis replied through her eating.

"I've never gone more than a couple of decades without a Master, so I've probably had way more than her. It's why I'm much more socially adept than Lumiosa.


I mean, you've known me like 3 years at school, and at any point did you suspect I wasn't human?" "Not once," Matt replied. "Exactly, yet from what I hear, Lumiosa didn't exactly give off the vibe of a "normal teenage girl" in class today. She doesn't know what the modern world's like, and even if she did, she's too stuck on "obedient slave girl" to act like a normal person." "I try my best…" Lumiosa frowned.

"I want to make my Master happy." "So do I, but you need to think for yourself sometimes," Alexis told her. "Life's much more fun that way. One of my Master's about 15,000 years ago taught me that, and I've been so much happier since then." "Wait, 15,000 years!?" Matt exclaimed. "Just how old are you!?" "Naughty boy, asking a girl her age," Alexis giggled. "But if you must know, genies have been around since the dawn of the human race, granting the wishes of those lucky enough to obtain our lamps.

I don't know where we come from. My earliest memory is of waking up in my lamp, knowing only my name, and my job. Not long later, my first Master summoned me, and my life as a genie began." "That's so interesting, but so sad," Matt said.

"Don't you ever want to find out where you came from?" "Not really, I've just accepted my life," Alexis replied. "I've had the pleasure of plenty of good Masters in my time, and seen many wonderful places and things." "It sounds like a wonderful life, but I'm fine how I am," Sophie said, finishing her food.

"I am also satisfied with my life," Lumiosa smiled. "I enjoy serving my Masters." "One of these days Lumiosa, I'm gonna teach you how to be a proper person," Alexis said to her. "One who can think for herself." "I'd like that Alexis," Matt said. "Have I displeased you, Master?" Lumiosa asked Matt, tears starting to form. "Oh grow up Lumiosa, it's not the end of the world if you do something wrong!" Alexis shouted. "You just put it right!" "Anyway you guys, sorry to change the subject, but I feel like a sleepover," Sophie said, standing up.

"Matt, wanna sleep at my place tonight?" "Me…uh…" Matt stuttered. "What's the matter, nervous about sleeping with a girl?" Sophie teased. "Well, I've never done it before, okay!" Matt shouted. "It'll be fun, I promise," Sophie smiled, before turning to the genies. "You two, teleport us to my bedroom, and then go into your lamps for a bit. And I wish Matt's family won't notice he's gone." "Master, do you wish for this?" Lumiosa asked, and Matt nodded.

"Then your wish is my command," she smiled, snapping her fingers. "Mine too," Alexis said. She snapped her fingers too, and the two of them were instantly stood in Sophie's bedroom.

"Wow, there's a lot of pink in here," Matt observed. "I like pink," Sophie said, laying down on the bed. "Now come and cuddle me." Matt got on the bed, and Sophie wrapped her arms around him. "So you've never had a girlfriend before?" "No, never. Until yesterday, I was a virgin. I'd never even kissed anyone before." "Well, you wanna be boyfriend and girlfriend then?" Sophie asked, kissing him. "Don't worry, we can still fuck other people. I do it all the time. It's just nice having someone else who's got a genie.

Someone I can talk to about it. I've never actually told anyone about what Alexis is. Not even my friends." "My friends know, but that's mostly because they caught me getting a blowjob from her. I didn't get much choice." "I figure the more people who know, the more people you get asking you for favours, and the more you get questioning you." "I've been questioning myself a lot. Is it really right for us to use these powers?" "I had this discussion with Alexis not long after I used her powers to lose my virginity.

She assured me she'd support me in anything I did, and that she trusted me to not be evil.

And I trust you, Matt, to not be evil either." Sophie kissed him again. "So what do you say? Wanna be my boyfriend?" "I guess I'd like that," Matt smiled. "Good," Sophie smiled back, before laying down on her back, her legs spread. "So then, I think it's your turn to be on top?" "Sex?" Matt asked. "Duh. Still nervous about getting laid? We need to get that out of you. Just climb on and climb in." Matt nodded, and climbed on top of Sophie.

They kissed, and Matt slid into Sophie's vagina. "Oooh yeah&hellip." Sophie moaned, before wrapped her legs around Matt. Matt started thrusting, and the new couple fucked the night away.