Hot Solo Girl Teasing insdie bathtub

Hot Solo Girl Teasing insdie bathtub
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Vacations over moms blackmailed We arrived home after the best six days of sex I've ever had. My brother and I were passed between my sister and mom every day. We came at least three times a day, so by the time we arrived home we were both drained. The car service dropped us off and as we walked into the house dad was there. "Well did you guys have a good time in Vegas"? All four of us gave a resounding thumb up and headed to our rooms to unpack. Billie and I wanted to download our pictures of the sex to our computer.

It took a couple of hours to unpack and get the computer downloaded with the pictures. Barbara waked in and sat on the bed. "Did you get the pictures in the computer already Tony"? "Sure did sis want to see"?

"Sure I'd like to see how look covered in cum".

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We sat there staring at the slide show the computer was displaying of our sex escapades when we heard mom and dad voices. They weren't fighting just arguing about something. The three of us crept out of the room down the hall so we could hear what was going on. We heard dad say "Look Ruth it will only be for a couple of months and then the whole thing will be concluded". "Bill it's just not fair, why can't someone else do it"? "They need me to do it because its part of my job description to know how the entire infrastructure works, that's why".

"They ruined your vacation now they are taking four months from our lives". "Well the up side is I'm sure there will be a promotion for me and a executive position with the new company". We concluded dad was going on an extended business trip and the three of us would be alone for several months. This was becoming an interesting circumstance. Once back in the bedroom Barbara looked at her brothers with a smile. "I guess you two will be getting your cocks drained every night".

Both brothers had big silly grins, as Billie asked "Sis why not stay home with us"? Barbara knew she had too finish the semester but there would still be plenty of time as she assumed from hearing her parents that there father would be gone for at least 120 days. She only had two months of school left. At dinner there was a formal announcement from dad about his trip and how the boys were going to have to handle the household till he returned.

Both brothers smiled and told dad they would take very good care of mom. There mom sat there with a funny look as she contemplated the new arrangements. Two days later Barbara left for school and there dad left for his trip. They headed off to school as there mom explained, "When you two get home we have to discuss a few things". The brothers had a few ideas of how things would work out. They discussed they could both sleep in mom's bed every night.

They could get morning blow jobs before school. They could take turns fucking her at night, this was a dream come true. At three thirty they walked in the kitchen, there mom was sitting at the table. They each got a soda and sat to discuss the fucking arrangements. Mom started the conversation in a strange way "Boys as you know we agreed to keep what happened in Vegas in Vegas right"?

The brothers looked at there mom with blank stairs. Tony reacted first "Mom are you saying were not going to continue our having sex now as dad's out of town"? "That's absolutely correct". "We had a great time but it can't go on, it's wrong".

Billie looked at her and asked "Why"? "Well its incest". Now Billie's voice got a little louder and he said "So what, all the while we were doing it in Vegas it was ok and now in Chicago it's not"?


"That's correct now go do your homework". In Tony's room they sat discussing the problem. They just couldn't understand why or how things had changed so completely in a few days. They knew they had Barbara but she would not be home until late April and it was only February. Telling Barbara might jeopardize the Barbara situation as well. Billie looked at his brother, "Is there anything we can do to make her change her mind"? Tony was looking off into space, he faced his brother "I think there may in fact be a way".

"Let me work on this and I'll fill you in once I've got it together". Standing with his books under his arm he headed for his room. They all ate dinner in silence and after the dished the brothers went upstairs to Tony's room.

Tony closed his door turned to his brother, smiling he said "Here's the plan". "Tomorrow I'll leave my computer on with the screen minimized". "I'll have an email draft to dad telling him about the Vegas vacation with a few pictures attached". "When we get home tomorrow we'll see how she reacts".

"Will it work Tony"? "Let's see what happens tomorrow". Tuesday morning they left for school knowing the bait had been planted.

Ruth went about her normal house work until she got to Tony's room. She realized the screen had been left on so she opened it. She sat there horrified at what she read and the pictures she was looking at. Flushed with anger she deleted the entire thing.

She stomped off cursing at her sons and herself. By noon she was contemplating her dilemma. There must be other pictures, where would they be?

She raced back upstairs to the computer. Checking the icons she saw one marked personal LV. That had to be it, she clicked the icon and was prompted for a password, for the next two hours she tried every word she could think of, no good. She knew they would be home in less then half an hour. She had no idea what to do. They came in the kitchen; she looked at both of them deciding not to loose her temper.

They acted as if nothing was going on. It took less then a minute for Ruth to scream at them. "You two shit bags have written an email about fucking me and your sister in Vegas and added pictures" "It was addressed to dad, just what the hell do you think your doing"? Tony looked straight at her. "Well we've decided we weren't ready to stop fucking you".

"We have four months before dad gets home". "If you don't want to fuck that's ok I'm sure dad will like the pictures". "You little bastard, give me the pictures or else"!! Now Tony and Billie were both standing look her in the face. "Or else what"??

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She looked baffled. The brother sat down a little calmer then a moment before. Tony spoke, "Mom, we not only want to fuck you but we'd like to fuck a couple of your friends as well". Both brother stood up and went to Tony's room. She sat there thinking now what the fuck do I do? An hour later Ruth walked into the bedroom.

They were doing home work. "OK if I agree I want all the pictures". No fucken way they said in unison. Tony spoke to her, "You will do what we want, when we want period, do you agree"? Ruth stood there thinking about it for a long minute. "I guess, yes". Billie snickering "Go put on the pink panties and high heels and get back in here". She nodded her head and left the room.

She changed put on makeup and was back in the room in twenty minutes. The brothers were sitting naked with there cocks half hard. Ruth entered the room, almost instantly both brothers' cocks got rock hard.

"Mom I really need a blow job", said Billie. Ruth waked over to him dropped to her knees took the rock hard cock in her hand. She swirling her tongue around the head a couple of times before she put the head in her mouth slowly she started sucking. Tony knelt beside her and started rubbing her clit. She spread he legs a little wider for him as the stimulation was already getting her aroused and wet. Tony spoke to her "Mom get on the bed, I'm going to fuck you".

Ruth took the cock out of her mouth but never let it go, the three got on the bed. Billie got on her chest and his cock was back in her mouth instantly. Tony removed her panties; he positioned himself between her legs as her moist pussy glisten from the wetness which had now formed on her swollen pussy lips and clit. Putting his cock head at the entrance to her lips he gave a push and his cock went deep into her wet pussy. She gave a deep moan as his cock bottomed out deep in her womb.

Spreading her legs as wide as possible she bucked her hips to meet every downward thrust. She moaned deeply with every thrust. The rhythm had increased now as both cocks worked her to a frenzy of lust. Billie pushed deep into her throat and cum shot down her throat, she gagged but kept swallowing. A jolt of electricity shot from her pussy as she felt her pussy clamp onto the plunging cock and pump it tightly as she had a hard orgasm.

Tony felt her climaxing, pushing as deep as he could cum exploded form his cock. Three, four, five spurts of cum flowed into her pussy.


Both brothers rolled off and the three laid there waiting for there breathing to return to normal. Tony looked at her "Thanks mom I thing we all needed that". Ruth looked at them, she was torn between how good her sloppy dripping cunt felt and the thought that she was being blackmailed by her kids into incest for who knows how long.

"Well I was happy to relieve the tension for you two". Ruth knew both boys would be sleeping in her bed and fucking her from this point forward. "Guys, do you think you could get some rubbers"? "I still could get pregnant".

Billie snickered "No way mom your pussy feels too great to cover my prick with a rubber to fuck you".

Ruth sighed. Later that night in bed after giving both of them blow jobs Tony explained there plan for next weekend. It was simple; Ruth was to get her girlfriend Kim to spend the night at her house. Get her drunk, stoned or drugged so her sons could fuck her brains out. Kim was a big red head, 5'9" 165lbs with a good 20 pounds of that being tits, she had at least 42dds. She had a bubble butt and was really foul mouthed.

Ruth had told Kim on several occasions to come over spend the night, as her husband traveled for business very often. Wednesday mid morning she called Kim and they chatted about the vacation, Ruth let it slip that after her husband Bill had left she got laid. That was all Kim needed to tell her come over for lunch so you can fill me in on the details.

At 12:30 Ruth pulled into Kim's driveway. As she was greeted at the front door Kim was puffing on a rather fat joint, he eyes were already glazed and she really wanted to her the juicy details. For the next two hours she told Kim about the five day fuck secession. The only detail she omitted was the fact that the guys were her sons. Kim was so excited she told Ruth she was moist, they both chuckled.

Now Ruth decided to go for it. "I tell you this Kim, it's nice to get home and continue to get fucked hard and regularly". Kim's eyes opened wide "You're still getting fucked"? "Sure am". "How"? Now Ruth explained it, Kim sat there speechless for a good five minutes before she asked "Ruth do you think they would like to fuck me"? "My husband is going out of town Thursday night and will not be back till Sunday".

"I'm totally open for Friday and or Saturday night". Ruth smiled "I'll call you later if we can work it out. Half an hour later she left, She stopped at the mall to get a sexy outfit or two then got home at five, in time to start dinner.

As they ate she told her sons about the lunch conversation and Kim's request. Ruth explained she was smoking pot at the time so after dinner she would call her and if she was still up for it set it up. Tony told her "When you call put her on speaker, if she wants to fuck she can come over here Friday and stay until Sunday noon. After the dished she called Kim. Hitting the speaker button she said "Hi Kim its Ruth".

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"Ruth I've been thinking about our conversation and since Larry is going out of town Friday morning would you like to spend Friday together"? Ruth laughed, "Sure why don't you come over her as my sons need to be feed". "Oh that's right your kids are still home". "They need to eat to keep their strength up". "Yes they can and will keep it up for you". "I really hope they will". "OK I'll see you Friday".


"I'll call you Friday morning". The brothers sat grinning; Ruth looked at the two of them and headed for a shower. Friday morning before they left Tony asked please get a new outfit for tonight mom. Before she could respond they were both out the door. Kim called at 10 and asked what she should bring for the next two days. "I would suggest a sexy outfit, a couple pair of sexy panties, heels and I can't think of anything else".

Kim said see you in a couple of hours and hung up. At one her door bell rang, upon opening it there was Kim with bags in each hand. "Hi I'm here and read for a weekend fuck fest". "Well my dear you are definitely going to get fucked this weekend". "Great my pussy need man cream badly". They went to Ruth's room and Kim showed her the outfits and panties she had gotten.

"These are going to look great on you Kim, want a drink"? They went into the den, Ruth made martinis. Half way through her drink Kim took a joint from her purse and lit up. By four thirty both women were stoned.

The phone rang, it was Tony, Ruth answered "Hi honey where are you"? "Billie and I will be home in about an hour, got hung up with football practice". "OK, you guys want pizza"? "Great, see you later". Ruth told Kim what was going on and an hour later they were all in the den finishing there food when the doorbell rang. Tony jumped up "I'll get it". Several minutes later he entered the den with two big guys, they looked Mexican or some Latin extract.

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Another half hour passed, the new guys were Hector and Juan, and they played football with the brothers and were also brothers. Tony and Billie were having a conversation with Kim over by the bar while Ruth danced with Hector the older brother. He pushed he semi hard cock against her pelvic area which was starting to excite her.

He turned her around and she had a clear view of Kim and her boys. Tony was rubbing Kim's crotch while Billie mauled her half exposed tits.

Kim had skin tight jeans and booths on were as Ruth had shorts and a loose fitting scoop neck blouse which revealed her ample breasts. Kim smiled at Ruth "We'll see you people much later", and headed for the guestroom with the two brothers.

Hector and Juan sat her on the sofa and sat down beside her; Hector gave her a full open mouth tongue kiss and started rubbing her left tit.

She felt Juan's hands on the right tit. He pushed it out of her bra and started twisting her large nipple as it hardened instantly to the stimulation.

The brother switched as Juan's tongue was in her mouth and Hector got the other tit out. Juan pulled back and they both grabbed the blouse and with one motion pulled it over her head.

She sat there tits out of her bra nipples hard as stones with two boys groping her. Juan unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor. Hector had started rubbing her clit through her shorts. Her hips made small upward movements as he passed his fingers over her hard clit. She had her hand in Juan's lap and was rubbing his swelling cock.

She realized the thing was gigantic. Breathing quickly she asked "Guys don't you think we would be a lot more comfortable upstairs"?

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Both brothers shook their heads yes. As they stood up Hector put his thumbs in the elastic of her shorts and pulled them down with one swift movement. There she stood in yellow tight low cut boy short. The three looked down at her crotch as she had a sizeable wet spot and the panties were so tight you could see the outline of her pussy lips and swollen clit. She saw the look on their faces, "I assume by the look you both like what you see, correct"?

They both smiled and in unison replied yes! In her bedroom with the door closed the brothers got undressed. Ruth stood there eyes and mouth open gawking at the size of there cocks. Juan's had to be ten inches and Hectors was even bigger. The brothers pulled her panties off and sat her on the bed.

Hector got between her legs and started licking her hard swollen clit. She once again moaned with the fire building between her legs. Juan pushed her down and Hector stood up and placed the head of the huge cock at the entrance to her wet pussy and with one quick thrust pushed it half way in. "Oh she moaned as she bucked her hips up to meet the huge cock in her. Juan put the head of his cock on her lips, she turned her head opened her mouth and started sucking.

Suddenly she felt a pressure in her pussy as Hector shoved another three inches of cock in her, it felt wonderful but she didn't think she could take any more. She let the cock slip out of her mouth and said "Baby your cock feels great but I can't take any more".

Hector now gave one final lunge and he was balls deep in her. She felt the pain as the head pushed past her cervix deeper into her womb then anyone had ever been. He held it balls deep as her pussy attempted to adjust to the size of the love stick in her. She started moaning, crying and gagging as he started a slow deep rhythm pumping her pussy while Juan's cock was deep in her throat.

The giant cock deep in her was causing pain with each downward thrust but the shocks coming from deep in her pussy were the beginning of a tremendous orgasm. She thrashed her butt up to meet every downward push Juan removed his cock from her mouth as she exploded in multiple orgasm.

Hector stiffened and she felt a torrent of hot cum soaking the depths of her pussy. A scream of pleasure escaped from her lips as yet another orgasm rocked her. Hector rolled off and Juan got between her legs, he cock was almost as large as his brothers but her pussy was leaking cum and pussy juice so he plunged into her with the first push.

He was in her as deep as he could go. The new hard cock caused her to orgasm yet again. Pussy juice coated his pumping cock and her kept pounding her for only a few minutes until she felt another giant load of cum flood her pussy depths. Another orgasm overtook her and she lost consciousness for a couple of seconds. Hector grabbed her panties, pulled them on and then rolled her over on her stomach.

She was still semi conscious but felt Hectors cock at her butt hole. "No baby please you cock is way too big for me there". Too late the giant cock went half way in on the first push. From the pain she started crying but Juan took a battery operated clit stimulator they had brought and placed it on her swollen wet hard clit.

The sock of the stimulation to her clit caused her to start to shiver as she felt an orgasm coming. Hector grunted and pushed his cock all the way in. Looking at his brother he smiled "She is really tight you will love her ass". Now he was pumping her deep and hard. She cried, moaned and started pushed her ass to meet the deep pounding cock. He grabbed her hips and she felt a flood of hot cum covering her bowels completely.

She started to shake as she had such a violent orgasm she passed out again. Regaining consciousness she realized Hectors cock had been replace by Juan's who was deep in her bowels. She still felt the pain but the stimulator was still on so she continued to shake and quiver as jolts of orgasm swept over her until he pushed down hard and blew a large volume of cum deep in her bowels.

They laid on the bed waiting for there breathing to return to normal. She saw the computer on the dresser and didn't give it a second thought. As her brain began to clear she realized the stimulator had been turned off the brothers were just looking at her bottom half. She looked up into there faces, Juan told her "You are leaking our cum from both of your holes, how do they feel"? Ruth thought about it for a couple of second and decided to tell the truth.

"I never thought I would tell any man this but both my holes feel terrific, I never thought I'd be able to get your cocks in me but not only did I get them in and take every inch but they felt wonderful".

"All I can say is I hope you enjoy me as much as do you". Cum was pooling from her ass and pussy and creating a huge wet stain on the bed. They helper her up, both brothers were giggling at her. "What are you two giggling about"? "Look at your panties", said Hector. Looking down she realized cum was running out the sides of her panties down her legs.

Ruth smiled "Wow I'm leaking like a faucet and I'm going to be walking funny for a while, but it was worth it" Let's see how the guys made out asked Juan. The three come out of the bedroom, as Ruth walked she was making a squishing noise from her pussy and ass as cum continued to leak out. "Would you guys like me to put on fresh panties"? Hector looked into her eyes, "Not until your sons see our mess.

They open the bedroom door; Kim was standing looking at her new lovers she was covered in cum. She was leaking much like Ruth only she had cum on her face, tits, and in her hair. The two women looked at each other grinning Kim spoke. "Well from the look on your face your pussy and ass feel as good as mine does".

"I guess I could get very use to this, if it's OK with your sons"? Tony looked at his mom then turned to Kim and said "This is going to be a great weekend and a wonderful time for a very long time".